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How To Draw A Manatee Easy

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How To Draw A Manatee

How to Draw a Manatee Easy

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Manatees are large aquatic mammals. They are slow swimmers that feed on underwater plants. There are three species of manatee: The West Indian or Florida manatee, the Amazonian manatee, and the West African manatee. Similar species include the extinct Steller’s sea cow and the dugong, which ranges from Australia to Japan to Madagascar.

Manatees can reach lengths of 4 meters and weigh 590 kilograms . It has a flexible, prehensile upper lip, which it uses for communication, social interaction, and to grasp food. Manatees sleep for about half of each day, and they have been known to live up to 60 years. Some studies indicate that they have good memories and are as smart as dolphins. All species except the Amazonian manatee travel between fresh and saltwater.

Did you know? In the South American country of Guyana, manatees have at times been kept in certain canals and waterways to keep them free of seaweed.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to see a manatee? It is possible to swim with manatees in certain parts of Florida. They gather at Florida hot springs to keep warm in the winter.

Would you like to draw a gentle cartoon manatee? This easy, step-by-step cartoon animal drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

Second Step Draw Your Manatee

Working through these steps, youll notice that Im only using the shapes as a reference point. The actually body of the animal takes shape in and around the lines that map out the basic form.

Anyway, heres how to draw a cartoon manatee

So hows your manatee looking up til this point? Its pretty simple to draw, isnt it. Looking at the final phase above, its quite possible that yours could look a little or A LOT different than the one I came up with. If so, I commend you! Thats what its all about. Use these ideas as just that ideas. Yours could have a smaller nose area, longer tail, and bigger eyes who knows! Thats part of the fun when it comes to drawing cartoons!

And with that said youre all finished. Next up, take out your pencil crayons and give your drawing some color!

How To Draw A West Indian Manatee

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a West Indian Manatee in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the West Indian Manatee.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

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Interesting Facts About Manatees

Although manatees live in the ocean, they are not fish. They are mammals. Marine mammals are different from fish because they need oxygen to survive and they nurse their young. Since they need oxygen, manatees live in coastal waters and rivers.

Did You Know?

  • Manatees are also known as sea cows.
  • The closest living relative to the manatee is the elephant.
  • On average, manatees are about 10 feet long. They weigh about 800 to 1200 pounds.
  • Manatees can live to be 60 years old.
  • Manatees typically travel at a pace of 5 miles per hour, but they can move as fast as 15 miles per hour.
  • Manatees usually live alone or in pairs, but they sometimes also live in groups. These groups usually consist of up to 12 manatees.
  • Manatees are endangered of becoming extinct. One species, the Stellars sea cow, became extinct in the 1700s. There are laws that now protect manatees from being hunted for food and other goods.

There are three species of manatee: the Florida manatee, the Amazonian manatee, and the West African manatee. There is debate over whether or not the dwarf manatee is in fact a manatee. Some biologists argue that the dwarf manatee is its own species, while others believe that it is a smaller version of the other three species.

Manatee Drawing Pdf Download

Learn How to Draw a Manatee Cartoon – Easy Step by Step Manatee Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for Manatee Drawing. The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

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First Step Draw A Simple Framework For Your Manatee

First up, and keeping to an arrangement of simple shapes, go ahead and sketch out a framework with your pencil. Very simple indeed, all were dealing with here is a circle, three ovals, and a triangle to mark of the tail.

Like so

And, when youve got your framework drawn, its time to move on to the drawing part. Lets do that now

Interesting Facts About West Indian Manatees

West Indian Manatees are sea creatures that are built to live in the ocean. A West Indian Manatee has a long gray body and a powerful tail. In its front there are 2 short flippers. They eat sea grasses, small fish, and other small animals. Until mating season, a West Indian Manatee is a loner. The males come back long enough to mate, and then leave the female to the rest. West Indian Manatees are an endangered species everywhere, but in some places like South America they are still hunted for their fat and meat.

Did you know?

  • A common cause for Manatee deaths is watercrafts like boats, jet-skis, and other items that use engines to move.
  • There are 2 locations a West Indian Manatee can be found; the Caribbean islands or the coasts of Central America.
  • All Manatees are built for cold temperatures. Their skin is thick blubber that keeps the warm.
  • A grown Manatee is 9-15 feet long and they weigh well over 1,000 pounds!
  • Sometimes called a Sea Cow.

Lesson Plan Note: Many cultures have mythology based around the manatee. The first stories of mermaids were because of this animal. In Africa the manatee is a protector of the sea. Share these stories with your class and have them illustrate the story with crayons, pencils, colored pencils, or markers.

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Details Of How To Draw A Manatee Easy

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Learn How to Draw a cute Manatee aka Sea Cow easy, step by step. Cartoon kawaii marine mammal drawing.How to Draw Aquatic Animals: #drawsocute Draw So Cute Merchandise: SUPPLIES You Might Love : Sharpies:Sketch Pad Mini:Copic Markers:#howtodraw #drawsocuteEasy, simple follow along drawing lessons for beginners. Fun, Cute art . Learn How to Draw the EASY, Step by Step Way while having fun and building skills and confidence. Learning videos for all ages. Great for teachers to share with their students.Drawing Tutorials on everythingYou can learn how to color with markers, color pencils and much more.FUN ART CHALLENGES, DIYs and Coloring Pages and Activities can also be found here!Celebrate Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Valentines, New Years, Birthdays, etc. with Cute drawings just for the occasion!Enjoy Art and have fun being creative and becoming an artist!


Getting Started With Drawing Guides

How to Draw a Manatee – Easy Things to Draw

The best way to get students off to a good start to any drawing lesson is to show them how to use guides as a reference point.

You may have noticed that all of the tutorials on this site have a dashed line running through the center of each step, both in the horizontal and vertical direction. If students make their;own;centered lines on their;own;paper, before drawing, they will have an easy reference to follow.

For instance, as seen in Step 1 below, the tilted oval for the body needs to be sitting near the top of the paper, and a little to the right of center. Its important to draw that shape big enough and high enough on the sheet of paper so that theres room for the head and tail underneath.

When students get their drawing off to a good start, theres a better chance of them feeling successful by the time they are done. Drawing skills are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper, so having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.

So does that mean students need to get out a ruler to draw a big fat line down the center of their paper before they start? Goodness no, please dont! That will most likely be hard to erase and distract from any finished art. No, simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty is that by the time the drawing is done and colored in, the creases will disappear.

And now, on to the manatee drawing project.

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Right Here Youll Discover A Simple Step

Manatees, typically known as sea cows,;are fairly wonderful aquatic mammals. Regardless of solely residing on crops they will reside for as much as 60 or 70 years. Or possibly as a result of they solely eat crops, they will reside that lengthy. Who is aware of, however thats one other dialog.

In the meantime, these fascinating creatures are usually not formally endangered, however theyre on a watch record, which is only one step away. It looks like they deserve some consideration too, so this new tutorial is devoted to them. It tries to simplify their adorably chubby physique so younger artists of all ages can discover ways to draw a extremely good likeness of 1.

Learn How To Draw A Manatee Easy Enough For Beginners Start A Sketch With This Tutorial A Simple Step

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a manatee that looks so cute. Manatees are marine mammals that feed on plants that are underwater. Also, these cute sea animals are called sea cows. Manatees do not pose any danger to other inhabitants of the deep sea, such as fish. And all because manatees feed on vegetation, and not other sea creatures like sharks do.

You can easily illustrate a sketch of this animal because there is nothing complicated in this drawing, you just need to follow the examples from each step and carefully sketch each part of this drawing. That is why even beginners and kids can easily portray this cute animal!

Time needed:;45 minutes.

How to Draw a Manatee

  • Draw the outline of the head.

    First you need to draw the shape of the manatees head.

  • Draw the body.

    Continuing the lines sketch out the full body of the manatee.

  • Draw the tail.

    Draw the tail of the manatee, which visually looks like a paddle.

  • Draw the shape of the face.

    Manatees have a large protruding face, and that is what you need to depict in this step.

  • Draw parts of the face.

    Draw the eyes and the rest of the details shown in the example.

  • Draw a flipper.

    Draw the first fin of the manatee. With the help of these flippers, these marine animals swim underwater.

  • Draw the second fin.
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    Getting Began With Drawing Guides

    One of the best ways to get college students off to a very good begin to any drawing lesson is to point out them learn how to use guides as a reference level.

    You might have seen that the entire tutorials on this web site have a dashed line operating by means of the middle of every step, each within the horizontal and vertical path. If college students make their;personal;centered traces on their;personal;paper, earlier than drawing, they are going to have a simple reference to comply with.

    As an example, as seen in Step 1 beneath, the tilted oval for the physique must be sitting close to the highest of the paper, and a bit to the fitting of middle. Its vital to attract that form large enough and excessive sufficient on the sheet of paper in order that theres room for the pinnacle and tail beneath.

    When college students get their drawing off to a very good begin, theres a greater likelihood of them feeling profitable by the point theyre performed. Drawing abilities are all about getting the dimensions and placement of traces on paper, so having some visible reference level to get began, will at all times assist anybody discover ways to be a bit extra correct.

    And now, on to the manatee drawing mission.

    How To Draw A Manatee Easy Step By Step For Kids

    How to Draw a Manatee – Harptoons

    September 08, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Sea Animals

    This is a cute manatee. It is a marine mammal, shaped like a whale, and feeds on seaweed or other aquatic food.

    Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this manatee, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps below to try it out!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages


    How to draw a manatee

    1. Draw three curves to get the outline of the body.

    2. Draw the head of the manatee on the left, a bit like a crocodile’s head.

    3. Draw an oval on your head as your eye, and a small oval inside it. Then draw a curve on the left side of the eye as the nose, and draw a forelimb on the body.

    4.Draw the belly of the manatee. And draw its tail on the right.

    5.Finally, simply paint it blue, and the manatee is done!

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    How To Draw Manatees

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 39,963 times.Learn more…

    Those big, happy creatures called manatees that you read about in books or see on television can be practically effortless to draw if you use the right technique. Whether you are skilled or not, sketching these gentle giants can be quite relaxing and might even impress your peers!

    How To Draw A Cartoon Manatee

    Drawing a cartoon manatee like this one, is no problem at all. And yes with the help of a simple guideline, its all the more easy.

    Actually, this is my first time ever drawing a manatee. It was mentioned in the Quick Survey form a few times, and so here it is! Something important to mention regarding this animal. Being 100% aquatic, spending much of its time in shallow waters, the manatee is vulnerable to extinction an easy accidental target, being hit by boat motors passing through channels. Its important that we take care when boating in waters where manatees live. No Wake signs are helpful in preventing unnecessary manatee injuries and deaths.

    Alright, lets draw this manatee!

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    Jump To Manatee Coloring Page

    Manatees, sometimes called sea cows,;are pretty amazing aquatic mammals. Despite only living on plants they can live for up to 60 or 70 years. Or maybe because they only eat plants, they can live that long. Who knows, but thats another conversation.

    Meanwhile, these fascinating creatures are not officially endangered, but they are on a watch list, which is just one step away. It seems like they deserve some attention too, so this new tutorial is dedicated to them. It tries to simplify their adorably chubby body so young artists of all ages can learn how to draw a really good likeness of one.

    How Manatees Breath

    How to Draw a Manatee – Animals – Easy Drawing Lessons

    Even though manatees never leave the water, they must breathe air at the surface like all other marine mammals. Manatees usually come up for air every 3-4 minutes.

    When sleeping they can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes. Although manatees can remain underwater for this longer amount of time, they will come up and breathe every few minutes when not sleeping

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    What Manatees Eat

    Manatees are herbivores. Dozens of freshwater plants are eaten by the manatee, including floating hyacinths, alligator weed, water lettuce as well as saltwater plants like sea grasses and marine algae.

    Manatees do not have front teeth, they only have molars which are constantly replaced throughout their life in order to adapt to their rather abrasive vegetarian diet!

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