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How To Draw A Map Of A City

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One: Think About Geography

How to Draw Your Own D& D City Map!!!

Youâre writing fantasy, which means your world likely contains things that our would does not. Whether itâs dragons, magic, or unusual landscapes where the laws of nature donât seem to apply.

But, for readers to believe in the fantastical elements of your world, you need to get the other fundamentals right. Thatâs because youâre asking the reader to believe in something they know isnât real. And readers are pretty obliging in that sense. Theyâll believe in dragons, theyâll believe in magic, theyâll believe in a canyon where gravity is screwy and mountains float on by, but ONLY if you donât ask them to believe in too much. Once you ask for too much, the entire illusion is broken.

So, with that in mind, make sure you get your geography right. Here are some common fantasy map mistakes that can rip your reader out of the world:

  • mountains that turn corners
  • rivers that connect two oceans
  • rivers that flow towards mountains
  • towns or cities in the middle of nowhere
  • borders that dont make sense

And heres what you can do to make sure you dont make the same mistakes on your map:

Title Subtitle And Axis Labels

A title and a subtitle can be added to the map using the functionggtitle, passing any valid character string as arguments. Axis names are absent by default on a map, but canbe changed to something more suitable ,depending on the map:

ggplot +    geom_sf +    xlab + ylab +    ggtitle), " countries)"))

Building Your Street Grid

The pesky Bezier penYou may find the Bezier tool a little unwieldly at first if you don’t have any graphics drawing experience. But after experimenting for a while, you’ll soon be able to lay out beautiful precise curves the “Edit path nodes” tool can be used to delete or tweak points in the curve.

Create a new layer called Streets and bring that layer to the top .

Use the Bezier pen tool layout the road grid of your map. Roads should be white, so set the stroke colour to ffffffff, and no fill colour.

Set the unit of measurement for the stroke width to mm . The stroke width should be set to an appropriate width for the road you are tracing. You will almost certainly have roads of different widths on your map and it is easier to trace each width together. A good way to keep your streets organized is to combine the paths of the same width into one path. To do so, simply select more than one path, then select “combine” from the “path” menu .

If you wish to show any other transportation routes such as light railways, subway trains or rail lines etc., they should be drawn now and added to a separate layer. Use stroke colours and widths that work best on your map.

To create a black & white dotted rail line , create a solid black line, duplicate it and then set the duplicate line’s fill to white and select dashes from the stroke style box .

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Adding A Marker Point

A custom marker point is a pinpoint that appears on the map. You can use this to add additional descriptions to an area, as well as to point map users to a location or area that isnt specified on the Base Map layer.

To add a new marker point to your map, make sure youve located a suitable area on the Base Map layer. When youre ready, select the Add Marker button in the menu below the search bar in the custom map editor.

Using your mouse or trackpad, click on an area of the map. This will bring up the marker editoradd a suitable name and description and then select Save to add it to your map.

Place The Major Roads

How to Draw a City Map – A Guide to my process

Roads get people where they need to go. In this case, the road needs to take a fairly direct route from the main gate to the castle. Remember that the roads will follow the contours of the terrain. Avoid straight roads in fantasy town maps they tend not to have heavy earth moving machinery so roads need to go around obstacles on the whole. Itll help sell the sense of a naturally evolving town.

Once weve laid in the main thoroughfare, add main roads to the source of food and commerce these will be the high traffic routes. Add in a couple more here I add the second road to the NE through the smaller gate.

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Why Not Just Draw It

If you had to generate something like the image above for a presentation, a website or any other design, how long would it take you? Despite the fact that the illustration is quite simple, many people could easily spend several hours making the initial sketch, scanning it and colorizing in in Photoshop.

Now, imagine that you show the client and he says he wants a rotated view so he can see it from the other side and a top down view. At this point, youre back to square one! Youd have to start the entire process over from scratch and spend several more hours preparing the other versions.

However, if you build the entire project in SketchUp, you can simply rotate the viewing angle and export again. Theres a nearly unlimited set of different angles and views that you could provide to your client within minutes of a request.

Add Grid Title Legend And Scale

Add your grid, title, and scale marker. If you are using a coordinate grid system, remember that you can drag the grid pattern location around from inside the Pattern Overlay effect dialog. This is useful to set your 0,0 point to somewhere deeper in the map.

It is sometimes difficult to place titles, legends, and compasses in a way that does not obscure parts of the maps drawing. You can try resizing these elements if you like, but dont make them too small: they still have to appear strong and visible. If you cant avoid overlapping elements in your map, dont worry: its a problem all cartographers have had. Just do your best Im certain it will end up looking great.

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The Public Was Invited To Draw A Map

Districting is different than most issues that come before the City Council. Instead of being limited to saying you support or oppose a City-prepared ordinance or resolution, you can draw a map yourself!

There are a variety of map-drawing tools available below: 1. Paper-only maps. 2. Paper maps with a Microsoft Excel Supplement Kit and the supplemental interactive view map. 3. Online map-drawing tool.

When drawing a map, what criteria should I use?

Many factors may be considered, but population equality is the most important. Population should be between 14,548 and 16,080 for each District. Other factors include:

  • Communities of interest
  • Have visible boundaries
  • Include respect for past voter selections
  • Plan for future growth

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR MAP WAS NOVEMBER 17, 2017. Thank you to all the residents that submitted maps. NDC is currently reviewing all maps for population balancing, ensuring they are contiguous and not in violation of the Federal or California Voting Rights Act. All maps submitted are NOW posted online – on the Draft District Maps Page

You can continue to use these tools to propose revisions to the various initial draft maps. However, by State Law, maps to be considered by the Council at Public Hearings must be posted online and available at City Hall one week before the hearing.

Saving The Map With Ggsave

How to Draw Your Own D& D Town Map!

The final map now ready, it is very easy to save it using ggsave. Thisfunction allows a graphic to besaved in a variety of formats, including the most common PNG and PDF , with control over the size andresolution of the outcome. For instance here, we save a PDF version ofthe map, which keeps the best quality, and a PNG version of it for webpurposes:

  • Note: Support of sf objects is available since version 3.0.0 ofggplot2, recently released on CRAN.

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    Tutorial: How To Draw A Fantasy Village Map

    Update! This and many more tutorials on fantasy and D& D map making is availible also on my website, together with loads of free-to-download maps, check it out click here!

    Villages and towns are important places in most fantasy roleplaying games. Its a place for the adventurers to stock-up on gear before taking off on wilderness or dungeon expeditions, interact with NPCs, and sometimes the village itself is the main stage of the adventure.

    Following up on my tutorials on how to draw basic dungeons and isometric dungeons, I thought it might be useful with a guide on drawing maps of buildings and settlements.

    How To Design An Illustrated Map In 8 Simple Steps

    by Renee Fleck in Process Mar 27, 2019

    Tom Woolley is a freelance illustrator based in Birmingham, UK who specializes in illustrated maps, 3D diagrams, and vector artwork. Today he takes us through his step-by-step process for illustrating a mapfrom picking out your landmarks, choosing the right colors, and all of the details in between.

    In this tutorial, Im going to describe how I approach creating an illustrated map step-by-step. The examples in this tutorial are taken from a real commission for Wanderer Magazine who asked me to design a map of Hanoi in Vietnam:

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    How To Draw Fantasy Maps

    • 8 October 2019
  • Youre ready to start drawing your fantasy maps
  • If youâve read more than a handful of fantasy books, you can easily deduce that fantasy authors love maps. We assume that fantasy readers love maps too, which is why we keep putting maps in our books. I think itâs a safe assumption but, if it isnât, fantasy maps are here to stay anyway of the top 25 fantasy books, almost half have maps. But, if youre not a professional cartographer, drawing an entire world can be daunting. So Ive put together some hints, tips, ideas and tools that will help the fantasy author, Dungeon Master, or anyone else to draw their own fantasy maps.

    Four: Add Roof Details

    Drawing a City Map

    I use a 0.1 marker to add some texture to the thatched roofs. Start by placing the tip of the pen on the ridge, and then draw a quick line towards the edge of the roof. As you move the pen towards the edge of the roof, apply less pressure to make the line thinner at the end. This might need a little bit of practise, so do that on a separate paper. Alternatively, you can skip this technique and just draw normal lines of varying length that will also look good.

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    How To Design A Fictional Town Or City

    Many writers use actual towns and cities in their fiction, but there are some writers who opt to create their own towns and cities. Stephen King is known for the fictional Maine towns he creates in his fiction. There are various reasons a writer might choose to create a fictional town or city rather than use a real location. The primary reason may be because the content of the story might not be flattering, and the writer, out of respect for the real communities, may create a fictional location to set the story. Fictional settings also require less research. If you’re writing about a real place, readers familiar with that town or city will be critical of details that aren’t exactly right. Creating a fictional town or city allows you a wider range of flexibility. Learn how you can create a fictional town or city that will convince your readers they are visiting a real place.

    Drawing Beautiful Maps Programmatically With R Sf And Ggplot2 Part : Basics

    EDIT: Following a suggestion Adriano Fantini and code from Andy South, we replaced rworlmap by rnaturalearth.

    This tutorial is the first part in a series of three:

    In this part, we will cover the fundamentals of mapping using ggplot2associated to sf, and presents the basics elements and parameters wecan play with to prepare a map.

    Maps are used in a variety of fields to express data in an appealing andinterpretive way. Data can be expressed into simplified patterns, andthis data interpretation is generally lost if the data is only seenthrough a spread sheet. Maps can add vital context by incorporating manyvariables into an easy to read and applicable context. Maps are alsovery important in the information world because they can quickly allowthe public to gain better insight so that they can stay informed. Itscritical to have maps be effective, which means creating maps that canbe easily understood by a given audience. For instance, maps that needto be understood by children would be very different from maps intendedto be shown to geographers.

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    City Or District Street Map

    This is a detailed map of a city area most appropriate for articles created using the small city or district templates. This map type is also often appropriate for articles created with the park article template.

    The map template we use can be downloaded here. Two examples follow of different types of city/district street maps, which you may find helpful as inspiration for the content and final look of your map. Both were created using the same district map template .

    The Dupont Circle map is a detailed street map of a smallish city district. The London Hampstead map covers a much larger district and therefore shows less detail.

    Inkscape Tips And Tricks

    How to Draw an Isometric D& D Town Map!

    Please all map-makers use this section to add useful tips and tricks for using Inkscape.

    • Use the edit path nodes tool for manipulating streets, since this keeps the stroke width constant.
    • To extend a street, select it with edit path nodes tool and then choose the Bezier tool. Any nodes you add will become a part of the same object.
    • Use ALT-cursor keys to ‘nudge’ objects into the right place.
    • Objects can be combined into layers, which can be made visible or invisible by clicking on the “eye” icon. The following layer stack makes it easy to ‘peel part’ various components of a map: background – satellite data – area highlight – street map – area annotations.
    • Locking layers that you are not actively working on can save you a lot of trouble by making it impossible to accidentally move or change objects on the locked layers.
    • Inkscape is not the most stable of programs and is prone to hanging. It has an autosave feature in the latest version, but it’s not 100% reliable remember to save your work regularly.
    • In Inkscape, be warned that grouping items together from different layers will bring them up to the layer of the highest item in the selection.
    • The union, difference, and intersection tools from the path menu are incredibly useful for precise manipulation of objects. It will take a bit of experimentation to master their use, but this is especially worthwhile for handling complex geography, or creating interlocking color fields to display neighborhoods or regions on your map.

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    A Solution Using R And Its Ecosystem Of Packages

    Current solutions for creating maps usually involves GIS software, suchas ArcGIS, QGIS, eSpatial, etc., which allow to visually prepare a map,in the same approach as one would prepare a poster or a document layout.On the other hand, R, a free and open-source software developmentenvironment that is used for computing statistical data andgraphic in a programmable language, has developed advanced spatialcapabilities over the years, and can be used to draw mapsprogrammatically.

    R is a powerful and flexible tool. R can be used from calculating datasets to creating graphs and maps with the same data set. R is also free,which makes it easily accessible to anyone. Some other advantages ofusing R is that it has an interactive language, data structures,graphics availability, a developed community, and the advantage ofadding more functionalities through an entire ecosystem of packages. Ris a scriptable language that allows the user to write out a code inwhich it will execute the commands specified.

    Draw The Terrain And The Major Locations

    Towns adapt to their surroundings. The first thing to do is to draw the terrain the town sits on. In this case Ive picked a peninsula with a larger outcropping at the end. The coast is rocky and broken apart from a low bay on the NE.

    Once youve placed the terrain, use that to inform the locations of the main buildings. Here the castle goes on the highest promontory, with a commanding view of the sea and the land around. The cliffs on the promontory provide natural defences. Any land based threat must come down the peninsula, and the town will want to defend the harbour, so its natural for there to be a wall across the end of the peninsula.

    After placing the major defences, I add a harbour for fishing boats , a market near the docks . I place another couple of large buildings 4,5 and 6 that could be a temple, inn and wizards tower respectively the trifecta of important fantasy town locations.

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    Interactive Public Participation Kit Supplement

    If you want to see exactly where the various Population Unit boundaries are located, or if you have difficulty reading the small print on the 8.5×11 PDF files, you can use this interactive map to zoom in and out on the Population Unit boundaries, and switch back and forth between PopUnit ID number labels and total population labels. It works like Google Maps, except you use check-boxes to choose what layers and labels you want to see on the map.

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