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How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet

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How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet Step By Step For Beginners | Easy Motorcycle Rider Drawing Tutorial

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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw dirt bikes, which are motorcycles designed to run on rough terrain. Enjoy!

How To Polish Your Helmet

After the paint dries, its essential to use a clear-coat spray to ensure that everything stays in place and give your drawing more depth. One of the reasons I wanted to talk about this separately is to stress that you should use a propitiatory respirator while using this spray as it contains urethane, which is very irritant to the lungs.

As you apply more coats, your design will pop up more however, four coats are more than enough to get a satisfying result. Typically, the clear coat takes 12 to 24 hours to dry, after which you can wet sand the surface of the helmet to remove any imperfection. This time, its better to use 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper.

Lastly, use a polishing compound to buff the areas that have been sanded and then reassemble your helmet.

Is It Okay To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

Although some people advise on not painting safety helmets, you can paint a plain helmet without damaging it. The thing is, you cant paint any helmet. Also, in some places, helmet painting is regulated by law. So, the more precise answer is, some helmets you can paint, some you cant.

Check with your local DMV for any laws that prohibit painting safety helmets. Some states regulate this because petroleum-based products damage the protective shell of the helmet. Hence, making it unsafe.

Some helmet manufacturers leave instructions on how to paint their products. The manufacturer should leave the information on what kind of paint can you use. If the helmet cant be painted over, the manufacturer will state that in the manual. To make sure, check with the manufacturer, that is if you are not finding anything on the helmet.

Lastly, you can paint over only plain black and white helmets. You cant really paint over other colors. If you can customize with different colors, go for the colored ones. Remember though, you should not try to scrub off the original paint.

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Finding Accessories That Speak To You

If you want to experiment with different mediums while customizing your motorcycle helmet, dont let convention stop you. There are dozens of accessories that you can add to make it more unique. Some are as simple as a traditional visor, while others are as daring as devil horns or full-on royal crowns.

Your options for a custom design include but are not limited to:

  • Bow ties
  • Crowns, diadems, or laurels of varying complexity
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats

You can also work with a professional or an experienced crafter to integrate LEDs into your motorcycle helmet. Youll ideally want to keep these lights outside of your helmet so as not to compromise your visibility. That said, you can embrace Daft Punks signature look and light up the night with streaks of consistent or changing color along the side of your helmet.

Draw The Rubber Of The Helmet

How to draw a motorcycle helmet

On the lower part of the helmet, draw its rubber. Make sure that the area extends to the outer side of the helmet. Circle a rectangle on the front side of the helmet above its opening. After that, make two curved lines to come up with a strip that passes through the front and the top part of the helmet.

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How To Draw A Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles propelled by an engine. A motorcycle is basically a self-propelled bicycle. The first motorcycle was built in 1884. Motorcycles are also known as motorbikes or mopeds. Categories or types include racing bikes, superbikes, touring bikes, road bikes, trail bikes, and child bikes.

Did you know? Motorcycle races have been held since at least 1907 when the Tourist Trophy motorcycle races were held to test the endurance of bikes produced by different manufacturers. Since then, motorcycle sports has grown to encompass trick riding and motocross, a competition that involves stunts and rough terrain.

Since their conception, motorcycles have been a part of popular culture. Mopeds are often used to represent carefree European holidays. Large bikes like Harley Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with tough biker gangs. Fictional motorcycles include Batman’s Batpod, the Tron light cycle, the biker gangs from the anime film Akira, and the sidecar motorcycle used by Wallace and Gromit.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to draw a cartoon motorcycle? This easy, step-by-step motorcycle drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. you may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Painting A Helmet Using Acrylic Paint And Paintbrushes

This second method on how to paint a motorcycle helmet has easier instructions than the first one. Rather than with spray paint, acrylic paints, markers and paintbrushes will be used. If spray paint is an issue, acrylic paints are an easy option for painting a motorcycle helmet.

The good thing about acrylic paints is they are easily available and thus are cheaper than spray paints. As acrylic paints do not cause any harm to the exterior of the motorcycle helmet, this method is a good way to show off your creativity of arts and crafts.

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Add Details To Draw The Outer Shell

The next step in our guide on how to draw a football helmet, adddetail to outline the outer shell of the helmet.

In this step, work on the big circle to sketch the outershell of your football helmet. Follow the same technique take inspiration fromyour favorite football helmet and sketch out the same design.

Let me give you a pro tip here Work on the face mask to makeit double lined, so it looks more realistic.

Reflective Graphics And Helmet Decals

How To Draw a Motorcycle Helmet / step by step

Motorcycle riders make their helmets more noticeable by sticking reflective graphics or helmet decals onto the helmets.

This is a notable option for a moto-maniac like me if you want to spend less time working and more time riding. Reflective graphics and helmet decals are a cheap and easy way to make your helmet more visible than it is now.

If you want to get creative, you can buy reflective graphics for your riding gear or even for your motorcycle. If you can find some graphics youre excited about, why not?

Matching your bike gear and helmet together with reflective designs is a cost-efficient way to increase both you and your helmets visible range, especially at night, around streetlights, or against the headlights of upcoming traffic.

Eye-grabbing graphics can pull a drivers attention right to your helmet, especially graphics that glow at night.

Not to mention, if youre a motorcyclist of artistic merit, you can draw up some custom designs and have them printed into reflective decals for your helmet from various online print shops. Theyll mail them straight to your garage.

Reflective stickers, graphics, and helmet decals are more effective at night, so go into arranging them on your helmet with the ambition of making your helmet look as big as you can. Put your graphics on the widest or tallest parts of your helmet and then use the tape we mentioned in the section above around the helmets edges to accentuate its reflective footprint.

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Reference And Manual Drawing

First, we need lots of references to understand the helmets shape, proportion, and its reflection. Google Image is a good place to start. You can also search for images from helmet seller in eBay. Take your pencil and paper and then start drawing the helmet shape. Scan the result. We are going to use it as reference inside Illustrator.

How To Draw A Half Face Helmet

Drawing a half-face helmet is a fun way to know how to draw a motorcycle helmet step-by-step easy front view. If you prefer to draw a helmet in a quicker method, here is an easy guide on how to draw a half-face helmet.

Drawing a half-face helmet is easier than drawing an off-road headgear as it only requires a few steps.

To draw a half-face helmet, simply follow the instructions below:

1) Draw a semi-circle that shapes like a half-walnut shell. The semi-circle should shape like a dome.

2) At the right end of the circle, draw a little rectangle to represent the rim of the helmet by drawing a small lip. This represents the holder of the chinstrap.

3) Lastly, draw the chinstrap by drawing the two curved lines. Starting from the bottom of the little rectangle to the near front of the semi-circle.

4) To add the final touch, draw an extra-fine line of the dome-shaped helmet to give the riding effect for motorcycling.

That is it! You have drawn a half-face helmet.

5) To make your drawing stand out, color the half face helmet with color pencils or acrylic paints. To outline your drawing, you can use a black pen or felt tip pens to stand out from the paper.

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Afterwards Draw The Body Of The Motorcycle

Draw two parallel lines connecting the shaft of the motorcycle and the oil tank at the bottom.

Then, draw an angled line connecting the oil tank and the platform above the rear wheel. This structures the body that supports all parts of the motorcycle.

As you can see in the illustration, the motorcycle is nearly complete! Now, all its missing are some details and patterns to complete the drawing!

Do Stickers Weaken A Helmet

How to draw – Bicycle helmet

Theres a distinct difference worth noting between the decals you can put on your helmet and more traditional stickers. Several independent businesses deliberately sell you motorcycle decals that dont have as many toxins in their adhesives as regular stickers. Without these toxins present, you can more confidently trust in the strength of your helmet.

However, if you apply the standard art store stickers to your helmet, you may want to be especially careful while on the road. Again, the adhesive in these stickers can slowly erode your helmets protective shell. Not only will this compromise its appearance, but it will make it less effective while its protecting you on the road.

Does this mean you should forgo stickers entirely? Not necessarily. Instead, do your research ahead of time and try to find stickers or decals that fit your aesthetic preferences without exposing your helmets share to corrosive chemicals.

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What Is A Metal Visor

A visor was an armored covering for the face often used in conjunction with Late Medieval war helmets such as the bascinet or sallet. The visor usually consisted of a hinged piece of steel that contained openings for breathing and vision. Visors protected the face during battle and could be remarkably durable.

Quick Tips About How To Draw A Motorcycle Helmet

By Isabella

Any motorcycle enthusiast understands the importance of owning a helmet. The reason is that everyone wants his brains and other parts of the head to remain safe from injuries in case of an accident. But, have you ever thought of designing your helmet? We all have wild imaginations and everyone can come up with a unique and excellent helmet. If you want to come up with your helmet and design it with design and color that matches your taste, we have listed down a simple guide on how to draw a motorcycle helmet for you. All you need is a pencil, sharpener, rubber, paper, and your hands. Also, do not forget to get some markers, colored pencils, or crayons as well.

The following table shows the easiest and most reliable sources to get those drawing stuff. At any time, before or after reading the drawing process below, you may visit these sources.

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Design Your Helmet Now

Now that you already have a helmet, it is time to color it with your favorite color. With the use of colored pencils, crayons, or markers, you can decorate the helmet as you wish to come up with unique gear.

There you have it! Drawing a motorcycle is not as hard as some people think. As long as you follow the above steps, you will surely create an unique and beautiful helmet.

How To Draw A Football Helmet

How to draw motorbike helmet easy step by step for beginner | Jelly Colors Art

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The football helmet is one of a football player’s most important pieces of equipment. It protects his skull and brain from serious injuries, such as concussions.

Football helmets have four main parts – a hard outer shell, thick interior padding, a metal facemask, and a chinstrap to keep it in place.

Some football helmets also have visors to protect the eyes, radio transmitters for communication, or sensors which record information when impact occurs.

While different forms of football have been around for hundreds of years, the football helmet did not come into use until the 1890s.

Early football helmets were made of leather. Plastic helmets were invented in the 1930s, and became the rule in professional football by the early 1950s.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Around the same time, teams began to display their logos on their helmets. The first team to do so was the Los Angels Rams. Their logo was a ram’s horn. As of 2018, only one NFL team, the Cleveland Browns, abstains from using a helmet logo.

The helmet itself is also a logo, representing professional, college, and high school football.

Fall leaves and football helmets are often pictured together. It is especially prominent on clothing and party supplies during the Super Bowl season in February of each year.

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Option : The Easiest Type Of Motorcycle Helmet Painting


  • Paint with your favourite colour
  • Old big newspaper
  • A raincoat to avoid paint splash over your clothes
  • A sticking-plaster
  • Step 1: Using the sticking-plaster to cover anywhere you do not want to paint, as well as put on the raincoat. Then opening old big newspaper out and on the ground and put your motorcycle helmet on it.

    Step 2: Using painters tape airbrush or paint spray. After that, you have to wait until the paint is dry, about 20 minutes.

    Step 3: When the paint is dry, using markers draw your pictures skeleton which is from your ideas.

    Step 4: Using paintbrushes and water paint to paint your motorcycle helmet based on your skeleton. This is the most difficult step which requires your drawing skill and your caution, because if you make any mistake, your ideas will be blurred. In this step, you have to wait for more, at least,2 or 3 hours until the paint is dry.

    Step 5: After waiting, you must spray transparent paint in order to make your motorcycle helmet surface smooth and shiny. You also have to wait for 20 minutes.

    Step 6: Removing the sticking-plaster, so everything is done, you can wear it immediately.

    Draw A Small Triangle & Quadrilateral

    The next step in our guide on how to draw a football helmetis draw a small triangle followed by quadrilateral.

    Now follow the guidelines carefully, draw a small triangle on the lower corner, just above the drawn oblong in the big circle. After you outline a triangle facing the oblong, draw a quadrilateral adjacent to the triangle and stretch it out till you cross the boundary of the big circle.

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    Avoid Riding In Blind Spots

    Helmet visibility upgrades mean nothing if the driver in front of you cant see you in their rearview mirror. Optimum visibility is achieved by staying away from the known blind spots.

    A blind spot is a spot around a car or truck where the driver cant see you riding. Even motorcycles have blind spots, but the bigger the vehicle, the more significant its blind spot is, and the more imperative it is that they see you riding your motorcycle.

    A driver who fails to check their blind spot could side-swipe your motorcycle while changing lanes, rendering all your helmets visibility upgrades useless.

    Avoid riding your motorcycle in blind spots to keep your helmet in sight of the rear-view mirror in front of you.

    The regular blind spots to look out for are:

    • Directly to your side, between your front windshield/handlebar view and your rearview mirror.
    • In an enclosed vehicle, you cant see any spot on the road because your vehicles body or structure is a known blind spot.
    • In an enclosed vehicle, headrests, window pillars, trailers, and cabs can all be blind spots, and the larger the vehicle, the taller the blind spot.

    Car drivers are responsible for checking their blind spots before merging or changing lanes, but whether they consider that is out of our hands.

    As a motorcyclist, all you can do is keep your helmet in the rearview mirror in front of you by following these simple steps to avoid blind spots:

    Putting Reflective Tape On Your Motorcycle Helmet

    How to Draw a Motorcycle Helmat Step By Step

    Sticking reflective tape on your motorcycle helmet increases its visibility, especially at night or in wet and overcast weather conditions.

    Reflective tape is designed to increase the range of visibility of any object you put it on putting reflective tape on a motorcycle helmet will increase the range in which your motorcycle helmet is visible to nearby drivers.

    Some riders use reflective dots or squares. Others use cross or x-shapes or long strips. Ive even seen some riders get creative with their helmets, strapping the tape on in patterns, spelling words, or forming their reflective tape into designs.

    What makes reflective tape on a motorcycle helmet so effective is that your head is the closest part of you to streetlights, but its also in the range of headlights. The closer the reflective tape is to the light source, the brighter, and therefore, more effective, it is at making your helmet visible.

    Reflective tape doesnt do much to increase helmet visibility during the day, but the good stuff will absorb rough light during the day to qualify it as an independent source of light for the first few hours of darkness.

    And when it wears out, its nice and close to the streetlights to send a quick flick of light to any upcoming drivers.

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