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How To Draw A Mustang Car

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Another Hubpage, How to draw cars easy, step bystep will provide you with information about using grid reference methods plusother tips and tricks for free.

Finally I would just like to say that I hope you enjoy drawing the cars for your own garage as much as I do and all the very best to your success.

Mustang Shelby Construction Drawing

The Mustang Shelby was drawn onto paper using a 0.5, 3B mechanical pencil it took a long time to draw out the construction drawing for this car and when finished the drawing had damaged the paper through having to erase lines, correcting them for accuracy. This drawing was not the drawing used for the finished car because it was too badly damaged from doing the construction drawing so I traced over the original drawing to get my plan drawing onto less damaged paper.

Please see original enlarged picture with grid lines drawn in below and the finished plan drawing that I used for taking my tracing from.

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Shmee150 Also Raced The Model S Plaid In His Stock Mustang Gt500

Before taking on this 1,200-horsepower Mustang, Brooks raced the standard Mustang GT500 that was driven by Tim, another YouTube sensation known as Shmee popularly. The car is finished in Grabber Lime exterior shade with carbon fiber wheels. It was obviously no match for the Model S Plaid during the game time, but the car was not slow by any means. In its test pass, it took 10.99 seconds to finish the quarter-mile run at 129.68 mph.

The Mustang GT500 was in stock condition, which means it made 760 horses and 625 pound-feet of twist from its supercharged V-8 Predator mill. Brooks gave Shmee a headstart to make the race a little more competitive, but the Plaid being Plaid, it just rocketed past the Ford in no time. The Mustang completed the race in 10.937 seconds at 130.27 mph, whereas the Tesla finished it in 9.309 at 150.56 mph. The second race was no different. This time, the GT500 sprinted the quarter-mile in 10.893 seconds at 130.44 mph and the Model S Plaid in 9.323 seconds at 150.06 mph.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

‘american Autos Of 1960

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Ford Mercury Montego Cyclone Gt Muscle Show Car For Sale: Photos Technical Specifications Description


Mercury Cyclone…Re-pin…Brought to you by #CarInsurance at #HouseofInsurance in Eugene, Oregon

How Did The 1200

Lets get the specs out of the way first. The Mustang GT500 is powered by a 5.2-liter, supercharged V-8 engine that puts out 1,200 horses; almost 450 ponies more than the stock model. Torque figures arent mentioned. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a Tremec-sourced seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The Model S Plaid, on the other hand, features three electric motors that put out 1,020 horses combined. Power is sent to all four wheels. Brooks mentioned that hes now got lighter wheels that reduce the weight by around 40 pounds altogether. They are wrapped in wider Michelin Pilot 4S tires. The car had 67-percent charge before the race began.

In its test pass, the Mustang GT500 ran the quarter-mile in 9.827 seconds at 146.88 mph. The Model S Plaid was quicker and finished its test pass in 9.26 seconds at 151.19 mph.

Coming to the race, the Plaid got the lead right away, thanks to all the torque available instantly. It stayed ahead the whole time and beat American muscle. It recorded a time of 9.384 seconds at 149.05 mph, whereas the Mustang finished the run in 9.864 seconds at 147.97 mph. The second race was pretty much the same, but the difference was even smaller. The Plaid completed the run in 9.472 seconds at 148.33 mph, and the Mustang took 9.827 seconds at 148.40 mph.

Detail The Side Body And Bonnet

Here, look at the picture again and see that slight protrusion on the bonnet. Then closely take a look at the side of the cars body. There are two wheels and a slight protrusion near the handle.

  • Draw the windshield, just a rectangular part.
  • Draw the curves on the bonnet part arising from under the windshield.
  • Make space for wheels, draw two ovals, add the spokes or alloy in the rim of the wheel using short straight lines.
  • Draw a long curve near the handle.
  • Draw a pair of lines near the bottom of the side body.

Detail The Bumper And Lights

Look at the picture again and check the bumper style and headlights. We will draw them now.

  • Make two curves, parallel, curved slightly outwards on the first rectangle.
  • Make a second set of two-curves below that in parallel.
  • Draw the headlights on the first set.
  • Draw the grill and indicator light on the second set.
  • It should start to look like the bumper, grill part of the car now.

How To Draw A Mustang

If you love cars, you surely do love Mustangs.

The ones given to us by Ford in those early years and still produced today are simply beautifulToday we shall learn how to draw one, by following a picture of it and the steps described hereIt is for beginners so do not worry about muchMustangs have been an all-time favorite of many.

So, the first thing would be to find a nice simple picture of a Mustang.

  • Get your own simple picture from the internet.
  • Get a nice pencil, a sharpener, and an eraser.
  • Find some rough papers like the backside of used A4 papers, old notebooks, etc.

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How To Draw A Ford Mustang

Hello, dear artists! In todays drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a Ford Mustang one of the classic muscle cars of USA . By the way, the Ford Mustang came out in the distant 1964 and immediately became a cult model known throughout the world due to its design and considerable power. As you can see we draw a Ford Mustang of 2017, so lets start the tutorial!


How To Draw A Police Car

In this ten-stage drawing tutorial, the team of wants to show you how to draw a police car.

Despite its special status, this car does not look much different from any other . First of all, we can distinguish a police car from any other car by the presence of flashing lights. The second sign of a police car is the characteristic lettering on the body. In addition, various additional lights, bullbars, or other auxiliary devices can often be found on police cars.

But if you do not take this into account, then the police car is drawn in almost the same way as any other car. But so that people understand exactly that you have drawn a police car, we want to build a drawing guide using the example of a Ford Crown Victoria the most popular car in the US police of the past years.


Detail The Roof And Windows

Now that the car looks very well from the side and front, also the bonnet, we have to add details on its windows, the two of them.

  • Add a triangle at the backside for the small window, round the corners.
  • Add a line and make a rhombus for the front window.
  • You can make the steering using a semicircle with two lines from the center towards the rim.
  • Make the rearview mirror using two oval-shaped rectangles.
  • Add the lines around the body that give its a distinct look, the hard lines.


  • If someone ever told you mustangs are green, do not believe them. You can color them as you like.
  • Please try to refrain from using iPad or digital tablets to draw, and use paper and pencil instead.

Light Reflecting Off The Car Paint

I then block out the darker areas of color in this case the darkblue to emphasize the lines and contours of the car body, giving it shape,meaning and definition. It would be niceto be able to blend these marks into the white of the paper to better create theillusion of light reflecting off the car paint but the marker pens I am using donot blend easily into the white of the paper. You can get a wide range ofcolors and tones in maker pens that enable you to be able to blend into thewhite of the paper more easily but as I have said these pens are expensive withfull sets costing hundreds of dollars that I am not prepared to pay.

I block out the darker and lighterareas so that I can use two colors to effectively create the shape, meaning anddefinition. The image below will giveyou a better idea of what I mean by this technique of blocking out areas ofdifferent colors or tones and shows how the cars shape is coming together withonly one color being used.

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