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How To Draw A Nose Easy Step By Step

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Drawing Male And Female Mouths / Lips

Drawing a mouth can be a challenge, but you can draw realistic lips when you break the process into simple steps. Follow along to create a full, realistic mouth and avoid making simple mistakes, like defining hard edges, that beginning artists tend to make.

When studying the mouth, you will notice the upper lip is usually smaller and will appear darker than the bottom lip. It creates an M shape.

There are differences between male and female lips. Female mouths are much more defined and seem fuller and shinier. The edges of male lips are more subtle and are described by the shadows around them more than the edges themselves.

Drawing Lips | Female

1. Create a Line Drawing

Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of female lips.

2. Apply the Dark Patterns

When you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser. Apply the dark patterns of the lips with a pencil.

Make the upper lip darker than the bottom one. This is because the upper lip angles in, and the bottom lip angles out.

3. Blend Tones and Light Highlights

Blend the tones smooth with a tortillion. Be sure to create the tones of the skin around the lips so that they look realistic. Use a kneaded eraser to lift the bright highlights of the lower lip to make them look moist and shiny.

Drawing Lips | Male

1. Create a Line Drawing

Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of male lips.

2. Add Dark Tones

3. Blend and Lift

Step 2: Begin Adding Facial Details

From the bottom left curve of the circle, draw a light line down for the back of the neck and another line underneath your chin curve on the right. About halfway down the circle on the right, draw a line outwards that then curves back in towards the circle. This will form the nose.

Adding in the nose and mouth first helps you to figure out where the eyes should be positioned, as shown by Skillshare teacher Gad Ounelfe.

Just underneath the tip of the nose, draw a short line inwards with a short line above and below to form a sideways M shape for the lips. Moving back up to the top of your T-shaped guidelines, draw a sideways V with dark shading at the widest end for the eye. The front of the eye should be roughly in line with the back of the nose and lips to ensure that everything is proportioned correctly.

Make sure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are all aligned to keep your profile in proportion.

Step #2: Draw Another Circle Adjacent To The First One

The second circle is for the ala of the nose . The size and position of the circle decide the shape of the nose that we are going to draw.

Here we have drawn the circle near and horizontal to the first one.

The position and size of the circle can be varied. You can check some photos at the end of this tutorial.

How To Draw An Anime Nose:

Step 1: To start your nose draw a straight line as the center of the nose.

Step 2: On the bottom part of the line draw a flat vertical line.

Step 3: On the upper part draw 2 curves on both sides of the line.

Step 4: At the intersection of both straight-line draw small circles.

Step 5: Both sides of the circle draw 2 small arcs on the side of the circle.

Step 6: Now erase the outlines and you will get the image like below.

Step 7: Draw a small curve on the right side of the nose forming wing.

Step 8: On another side also draw the same curve and both sides of the nose will become the same.

Step 9: Finish your nose with your observation.

Step 10: Color it with skin color.


How To Draw A Joker Step By Step

Pencil Sketch

Start drawing the Joker with a pencil sketch. In the early phases, dont push down too hard. Utilize light, smooth strokes for sketching.

The Joker from the DC funnies Batman is one of those super villains who are cool to the point that they are equally famous as their superhuman counterparts. And his popularity went up how to draw How to Draw or Make a Sketch of Batman an indent with his portrayal in the Dark Night Series by the Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. Here, you can attempt a portrait of Ledgers avatar of the Joker. Adhere to the step-by-step directions and see what you can achieve.

To draw the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, start with an oval in the page. You want to know how to draw Goku Cartoon Sketch the oval consummately. This is only a guide for the Jokers head.

How To Draw Different Types Of Nose Side Views

As I told you earlier, the shape of the nose varies according to the position and size of the circles.

Example #1

  • The second circle is larger than the first one
  • The two circles touch each other
  • The two circles are not horizontally aligned
  • Example #2

  • The second circle is smaller than the first one
  • the bottom of the circles are horizontally aligned
  • The tip of the nose is pointed
  • Drawing The Ball Of The Nose

    Create the ball of the nose by drawing a circle

    The next part of learning how to draw a nose is to add is the ball of the nose. You can draw this as a simple circle, but its important to remember this: Even though youre drawing a 2D circle shape, what youre actually representing is a 3D shape with depth and form.

    Step 4 Visualize Drawing The Nose

    Top performers in many fields often say that they visualized success as a means of achieving it. I see this repeated everywhere because it actually works. We will leverage this technique for drawing the nose. Now that you have a simplified form in your mind from looking at reference, look at your canvas and visualize the simplified forms placement, angles, shapes, lines as they will appear on paper. 

    This is probably the most difficult part of this guide. It takes a lot of focus and patience not to start drawing right away. But be patient, and I promise it will pay off in big dividends when you begin to draw. 

    As you look at good reference and at your blank piece of paper, try to redraw the simplified shapes you imagined in the last step. See the nose appear on paper before you start to draw. Map out the basic shapes, and walk your mind through the drawing step by step. . If you feel like you made a mistake, it is much easier to erase in your mind than on paper. 

    Step 3: Finishing Your Side Profile

    Above the eye, add a curved eyebrow and begin adding in the details for the ear. With your pencil, go back over some of the features that youve already added so that theyre darker and more prominent. From here, youll be adding the final touchthe hair.

    Draw swooping lines over the top of the face circle and along the left side. For a ponytail, add a half-oval or knot shape with wispy lines coming from this as individual hair strands.

    Adding in simple pencil strokes for the hair is the final step in finishing your drawing!

    Once youve added the final touches to the hair, your profile drawing is complete!

    Step 2 Draw The Bottom Of The Face

    Going down from the circle that represents the top of the head draw the bottom of the face similar to what is shown in the example. As this is a stylized cartoon character this part of the face will be drawn smaller than in real people with a pointier chin.

    Erase the bottom part of the circle after you are done so that the head looks like the example in the next step.

    Shaded Side View Drawing

    For the side view of the shaded nose you can actually draw it without any shading . As the shadow is used to help define the nose there is no need for it in a view where the silhouette of the nose is already well defined.

    In general the shaded style of anime/manga noses may be more appropriate if you want to create somewhat serious looking artwork but still retain the anime or manga look. Its also sometimes used when showing closeups of characters faces.

    Why Learning How To Draw A Nose Is So Important

    Learning how to draw a nose is one of the most important aspects of creating a portrait or a character design. And, if you follow and practice these simple steps, youll soon be drawing noses with complete confidence.

    In this article, youll learn:

    • How to draw a nose from the front
    • How to draw a nose from the side
    • How to draw the nose in three-quarter view

    And our tutor, Sycra Yasin, will also be showing you how to draw a nose from the bottom view looking up.

    Step 12 Drawing The Eyelashes

    Draw the individual hairs of the eyelashes with slightly different distance between each of them but at the same time try and make the overall distribution fairly even. Eyelashes tend to grow more towards the outer half of the eyes . The hairs of the eyelashes sort of fan out as the follow the curved shape of the eyelids. The eyelashes themselves are also curved but this will be less obvious for the eyelashes that are pointing directly at the viewer.

    How To Draw A Nose

    If you decide to draw a persons face, its important to draw eyes correctly, but not only. There are no trifles in the portrait of a face. All facial features should be drawn accurately and beautifully, and for this, you need to be able to draw the nose correctly. In these tutorials, you can draw a persons nose in the step by step. The nose drawing is made with a simple pencil.

    Each persons nose has unique features, so its impossible to give precise advice on how to draw the nose of a girl, child or man. You can only make an abstract, or as they say, academic nose pattern. It is this version of the nose pattern that I suggest you draw. Hopefully, theres no need to explain how to mark these intersecting lines.

    The human nose consists of wings and nose bridge, and it is these contours that need to be drawn at this step. The segment of the width of the wing in my drawing is almost half the vertical line. To draw a nose you need to carefully and accurately observe its mirror proportions.

    After precise preliminary marking, drawing a nose will no longer be difficult. You see that further drawing is already quite easy. Circle the streamlined shapes of the wings of the nose. Draw two lines from the bridge of the nose and draw the tip of the nose.

    This stage of drawing and the next will consist only in one. It is necessary to apply shadow with a soft simple pencil so that the nose looks voluminous, as in the picture of real artists.

    Easy Way To Draw A Cartoon Nose

    Cartoon noses are various types. You can think of anything and that becomes a cartoon nose. I will showing various kinds of cartoon nose now.

  • Nothing
  • You have to do nothing in the face. Just draw the eyes and mouth. And leave the nose part empty. It also becomes a nose. We have many examples of cartoons where they do not have any marking of a nose.

  • 2 Dots
  • Just draw 2 dots in the face to show the nose. Its as simple as that.

  • J-Nose
  • Draw a simple slanted J to make a nose as depicted in the figure.

  • Reverse 7 Nose
  • Simply draw an upside down view of 7 to make the nose of your cartoon.

  • Mirror C Nose
  • Step 3: Mark Guidelines And Start Drawing The Eyes

    Across the middle horizontal line, draw five light rectangles. Inside the second and fourth rectangles, draw an oval that overlaps the middle line. Within each oval, draw a big circle and a small circle for the eyeballs, and a slightly curved line over each for the top of the eye. At the top of the guideline rectangles, draw in the eyebrows as curved rectangle shapes. Along the bottom of the guiding rectangles, sketch in curved lines to outline the nose with the tip of the nose resting on the bottom of the guideline.

    Guidelines in the middle of the face help you to map out the eyes, nose, and mouth.

    When youre learning how to draw a face, getting the eyes right is one of the most crucial elements in making your drawing more realistic. Start by going over the circle of the eyeballs in a darker pencil to frame them before adding lighter shading on the inside. Once youve shaded the whole eyeball, erase a couple of small spots around the pupil to give the eyes a slightly glassy look. Add in light shading to the corners of the eyes to start building out a more three-dimensional appearance.

    Shading the eyes first will help you to see where you need darker and lighter elements.Shading around the eyes can be time-consuming, but enjoy the process of seeing your art come to life!Short pencil strokes will help you create realistic eyebrows.

    Drawing The Basic Angle Of The Nose

    Think of the nose as a series of flat planes

    To keep things simple, try and think of the nose as a series of flat planes which look different when viewed from different angles.

    In fact, no matter what youre drawing, its always a good idea to break the object down into simple shapes, and then add more detail to these simplified forms as you progress. This is a particularly useful technique to learn if youre just starting out as an artist.

    In this image, you can see the bridge of the nose and the septum. The bridge of the nose is the part which sticks out from your face. The septum is the piece of skin at the bottom of your nose which attaches it to the rest of your face.

    At this stage, its probably a good idea to look into a mirror and take a good look at the bridge of your nose and your septum.

    Do you see how these parts of your nose can be broken down into simple shapes? Good

    As youre no doubt starting to find out, learning how to draw nose really isnt all that scary after all!

    Step#3: Draw Circles For Nostrils

    guidelines for nostrils of the nose shall also be in a circular shape. I would suggest drawing circles that fit the marked points on the horizontal line that we have drawn in step #3.

    It is not always necessary to follow the guidelines as you draw many noses and be comfortable.

    The positions of the three circles that we have drawn decide how the nose looks like.

    If we draw the horizontal line in step #2 a little above the center of the circle, the nose will be a pointed nose.

    Understanding The Planes Of The Nose

    A nose can be simplified into basic planes. You may think of a chiseled form to better understand the planes. Remove the curvature of the nose from your mind and simplify the form into rigid flat planes.

    Recognizing the planes not only helps us to draw the form, but it also helps us to understand where we should add shading. It is the shading, or value range, that ultimately leads to the illusion of a 3-Dimensional form.

    In the image below, you’ll see an example of a nose from a frontal view, simplified into basic planes. As the form changes direction in space, it creates a new plane. There are three planes designated for the top, three for the middle, and three underneath.

    In the beginning stages of the drawing, you may find it helpful to draw these planes first. This way, you can focus on the form before drawing any of the lines for the nostrils or adding tone.

    Step 5: Draw In The Lips

    As you did with the nose, start to go over your light outline that you previously drew for the lips and teeth. Shade between the teeth in the darkest pencil that you have to hand. With your next lightest pencil, start shading from the bottom of the upper lip and move in an upwards direction to the top of the lip, getting slightly lighter with your shading as you go.

    Using different types of pencils will help you to create the realistic look that youre after.

    For the bottom lip, shade with your dark pencil around the outside edges and become gradually lighter as you move towards the middle of the lip. You can use your eraser to help keep the middle lighter. Once the lips are completely shaded, draw short and dark lines from the middle of the lips and move outwards to give the illusion of plump lips.

    Keep an eraser on hand as you draw to lighten shading and erase mistakes.

    Step 1 Draw The Top Of The Head

    Before drawing any parts of the head or face it can be helpful to draw a straight vertical line through the middle of your page/drawing area. This line can act as a guide to help you see if both sides of the head/face are even in width. It can also help you center the drawing on page.

    Towards the upper end of the line draw a circle that will represent the top of the head. Be careful not to draw it too high up though as you will need to leave some room for the hair.

    Step#7: Add More Shade To The Nose

    Add more shade to the nose using a 4B pencil. Try to blend the shades together using the pencil itself. the transition of the tones of pencil shall be as smooth as possible.

    Check the below figures that indicate each intermediate step in the shading process.

    In the last picture, notice that I added more shades and the top of the nose is shaped.

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