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How To Draw A Nose For Beginners

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How To Draw Anime Nose

The nose is another vital part to learn how to draw anime faces. The right placement and length of the nose are important. For placing the nose, you will first need to draw a horizontal line between the chin and the face. It is drawn such that it partitions the two halves of the face.

Once you have properly drawn the line, you will need to place the nose above it. Where the nose of a real human is drawn higher up on the face, in the case of anime, the nose is drawn farther from the face especially in younger animes with tall and big eyes. So, now you have understood how to draw anime.

Additional Resource for How to Draw Anime:

Defining The Eye Sockets And The Bridge Of The Nose

Defining the edges of the eye sockets helps your nose drawing look more realistic

Youre now ready to start adding some lines to define the eye sockets and the bridge of the nose. Sketch these in lightly, just like in the illustration above. Do you notice how drawing these lines helps to define the shape of the nose and how it sits upon the face?

Use light, diagonal strokes to indicate the line along the bridge of the nose. This will give it a nice, soft effect.

: Blocking Out Spheres

Now we look for shadows, mid-tones and highlights. Dont block in details just yet; were looking for big shapes.

Front view:Lets shade our circles like spheres to create a 3D effect. Choose a base layer, a highlight and a shadow. Use your reference to place it in the correct place.

Side view:Choose a base layer and a shadow. We will add the highlight later.

Angled view:Our reference is a tad darker than the other noses. Choose a base layer, highlight and shadow. Reference your reference picture.

How To Draw A Front View Of The Nose:

Step 1: Draw a straight vertical line, this line will be the center of the face as the nose has symmetry.


Step 2: Mark the height and width of the nose for this on both sides draw marks and use it as the final volume and width for the nose.

Step 3: Start drawing nasal dorsum, and this can vary from person to person, use the guidelines of the last step for the tip and wing of the nose.

Step 4: Use a smoother line and give finishing to the wings and tip. Draw nostril and nasal dorsum similar on both sides.

Step 5: Erase all the guidelines and give your nose a clear and clean look,  draw all lines smother and visible.

Step 6: Start shading the sides of the nose, for this use the hatching technique. Darken one side of the nose and lightly shade the other side and the tips. The area with dark highlights will look more voluminous.

Step 7: Give final touch analyzing it with an image of the nose or the one given below.


How To Draw An Anime Nose

Anime is a very popular form of visual art that has been present for quite a long period of time. This means that there are a lot of different ways of how to draw a nose. The looking that you get depend on age, gender and alignment of the character. In this anime tutorial, you will learn how to draw a nose step by step.

Step 3: Shade Around The Nose Bridge And Tip

Shade around the outer part of the bridge and around the inner part of the circle, making a long U shape. You will notice the shading is thicker at the top of the bridge. That is because the bridge of the nose leads into the brow bones. Dont worry if the guidelines you created earlier didnt blend in with your shading. We will darken the drawing later.

How To Draw A Nose With Easy Steps

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Learn how to draw a nose easy! With a few simple pencil strokes, this tutorial and video will show you how to draw a realistic nose.  Youll learn how to start your nose sketch with 3 basic guidelines and then continue nose drawing step by step.

Drawing facial features can be tricky, but every face definitely needs a nose! I think that you will find this technique helpful in making nose drawing easy. If you are learning how to draw a face be sure to check out how to draw eyes. Practice makes perfect! Also, try your hand at these easy things to draw. I especially love the sunflower and rose, but my niece loves drawing the unicorn.

Why Learning How To Draw A Nose Is So Important

Learning how to draw a nose is one of the most important aspects of creating a portrait or a character design. And, if you follow and practice these simple steps, youll soon be drawing noses with complete confidence.

In this article, youll learn:

  • How to draw a nose from the front
  • How to draw a nose from the side
  • How to draw the nose in three-quarter view

And our tutor, Sycra Yasin, will also be showing you how to draw a nose from the bottom view looking up.

Remembering The Main Parts Of The Nose

For the last part of this lesson on how to draw a nose, lets go back and take a second to memorize the basic parts of the nose. Understanding these key elements will help you draw any type of nose more easily, and youll be able to see the differences between various noses more clearly.

The Main Parts of the Nose are:

  • The Bridge
  • The Ball
  • The Nostrils
  • In our next lesson on how to draw a nose, youre going to learn more about drawing different types of noses in different styles. And, because you now understand the basic construction of the nose thanks to this lesson, we hope youll soon be able to draw endless varieties of noses!

    How To Draw A Girl Nose

    When looking to draw a girl nose you would tend to automatically think it would be done just smaller than a normal female nose. This train of thought would be incorrect. When learning how to draw a female nose you learn it is more developed, with more lines and features which is the exact opposite to a girls nose.

    How To Draw A Nose

    Drawing something from a reference is one thing, but if you want to draw from memory/imagination, you must really understand the topic beforehand. In this tutorial I will tell you everything you need to know about a human nose: how its anatomy can be simplified to forms and lines, and how to draw it in every view and style without a reference.

    Drawing The Basic Angle Of The Nose

    Think of the nose as a series of flat planes

    To keep things simple, try and think of the nose as a series of flat planes which look different when viewed from different angles.

    In fact, no matter what youre drawing, its always a good idea to break the object down into simple shapes, and then add more detail to these simplified forms as you progress. This is a particularly useful technique to learn if youre just starting out as an artist.

    In this image, you can see the bridge of the nose and the septum. The bridge of the nose is the part which sticks out from your face. The septum is the piece of skin at the bottom of your nose which attaches it to the rest of your face.

    At this stage, its probably a good idea to look into a mirror and take a good look at the bridge of your nose and your septum.

    Do you see how these parts of your nose can be broken down into simple shapes? Good

    As youre no doubt starting to find out, learning how to draw nose really isnt all that scary after all!

    How To Draw A Simple Nose

    There really is no such thing as drawing a simple nose. The question that should be asked is how to draw a realistic nose. A simple nose just wont cut it. It must look lifelike and genuine in its features. No one said learning to draw would be easy and simple. You need to train yourself and taking the easy road isnt going to improve your artwork.

    Step 6: Create A Nose Shape

    Shape and contour of bridge and shadow of nose. You can paint shadows around the top of the circle to make the nose look like a pointer or shade the middle of the circle to give it a flatter look. Use the eraser to dot areas that appear too dark, any lines that show through or areas you want to highlight.

    Step 3: Draw The Rest Of The Outlines

    Still with the HB, draw a curved line across the circle, with the highest point being just below halfway in the circle in the middle of the circle. The line then curves down slightly, and ends about 2/3 – 3/4 of the width of the circle out from either edges of the circle. Next, draw two straight lines that go from just outside the centre of the bottom of the circle to the outer point of the curved line on either side. Then draw two straight lines up from this point which go nearly level with the top of the circle. Then draw another two straight lines which connect the end of the last line to the bridge almost another circles height above. )

    How To Draw A Nose Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

    Nose Guidelines Draw these basic shapes and lines lightly with a pencil.

    Step 1 : draw a straight vertical line.

    Step 2 : draw another vertical line parallel to the first.

    Step 3 : draw a third line, at the same distance and parallel to the second.

    Step 4 : draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the three lines.

    Step 5: at the bottom of those guide grid, in the middle , add a circle for the ball of the nose.

    Step 6: add another smaller circle overlapping to the left of the first. It will be the edges of the nostrils.

    Step 7: mirroring the one in step 6, add another small circle to the right side.

    Lets start drawing

    Step 8: at the bottom, trace the middle guide and draw a curved line right in between the space where the small circles meet the bigger one.

    Step 9: add the left nostril along the bottom of the left guide circle, draw a rounded triangle shape that connects to the curved line .

    Step 10: mirroring the nostril created in step 9, draw a second nostril to the right.

    Step 11: add the nose wings along the left circle guide and the left vertical line, draw a curved line.

    Step 12: mirroring the wing created in step 11, draw a second curved line for the right nose wing.

    Step 13: at the top of circle above the nose , draw a curved line to indicate the back of the nose.

    Step 14: mirroring the line added in step 13, draw a second curved line for the bridge of the nose.

    Step 15: erase the guidelines.

      Happy drawing!

      A Tips To Draw A Perfect Anime

      Study Real-Life Anatomy

      To learn how to draw anime characters, first understand that anime characters show similar attributes as real-life human beings. They do all those body movements that a human does. So, by learning the basic anatomy tenets, you can learn how to draw anime.

      Be Ready to Face Failure

      While learning how to draw anime characters, you can fail and make mistakes. It will hone your skills and make you perfect in drawing animes. So, if you want to learn how to draw anime bodies, then embrace failures and learn from them.

      Be Open to Criticism

      Do not feel discouraged during the phase of learning how to draw anime characters. You need critics and their honest feedback to improve your skills. Take peoples criticism positively while you learn how to draw anime step by step.

      Draw Different Kinds of Characters

      Every artist has a certain type of character he/she wants to draw, whether it be a chibi, a pretty boy, or a pretty girl. As you practice your anime drawings, it is important to branch out and start drawing all types of characters and people. This will vastly improve your drawings skills.

      Keep Experimenting

      If you do not try, you will not succeed. This holds true when you are learning how to draw anime girls and how to draw anime boys. Improvisation in planning, design, drawing, etc. comes with experimentation. Try using different styles, clothes, makeup, etc.

      Start With Basic Shapes

      First, try to establish the very basic anatomical shapes of the nose. At this point, dont think about all the intricacies of the shades and highlights. Just focus on basic shapes: triangles, trapezoids and circles.

      If you’re painting, it’s helpful to start by tinting your canvas with burnt umber thinned with odourless thinner this will help you judge the values of the painting better. Then use a small brush to add in your basic shapes.

      Understanding The Nose: Round Shapes

      Once you understand the basic

      structure of the nose, translate those rectangular and flattened elements into curved and spherical shapes. This will gradually begin to resemble the structure of a real nose.





      To easily represent the tip of the nose, draw a bigger sphere in the center, with two small ones on the sides. Sizes can vary depending on how you want the nose to look and feel free to add a rectangular structure to better understand each side of the nose.



      Shaded 3/4 View Drawing

      For the 3/4 view you can again place the nose as described in the first example. Positional it horizontally between the halfway point of the head and the bottom of the chin with the vertical placement based on a line projected from the forehead to the chin.

      Shade the the bottom part of the nose with a shadow that is wider at the base of the nose and narrower at the tip. Draw the upper part of the nose with a simple curve and keep the tip pointy.

      Unlike the basic nose example you can make the the upper curve slightly larger and more defined so that it does not get lost compared to the large shaded area.

      Please note that this nose shading applies to general/common lighting conditions. If you want to shade the nose/face in more unusual lighting see:

      How To Draw Noses Deviantart

      Have you heard of deviantart? From their website you see they are the worlds largest online community of artists and art-lovers! From a quick scroll through it has some great information that would be useful for anyone no matter what age. It is always good to surround yourself with likeminded people no matter what it is in life.

      How To Draw Anime Mouths

      The mouth is another important feature of the anime face that you should learn to draw it perfectly. For this, you will need to draw a horizontal line between the horizontal line that you had used to drawing for the chin and nose.

      A good tip on how to draw anime mouths, you should draw the mouth a little above this line in place of drawing it directly on the line. The sole reason for it is that it will get you the right placement of the bottom lip that is not present in the facial design of a majority of animes.

      How To Draw Cartoon Noses

      Looking for info on how to draw a cartoon nose or more specifically a cartoon nose smelling? There is so much great information available online it is hard to sift through the junk and find the right lessons for you. For beginners I recommend simple and easy to follow lessons that make you feel like you are getting somewhere. If you dont feel like that then best to find another source of information from.

      Step 7: Mix Your Ball

      Next, you want to use a stump to gently blend the skin and give it a softer look. Add some touches and go through your highlighted areas again with a kneading tool. You can try different diamond shapes as well as circles to create more unique nose shapes. Experiment with balls to achieve longer, flatter or more defined noses and such. Click here for my tutorial on how to draw the nose step by step from the side.

      Drawing A Nose From Observation

      Now that you’ve got the basic concept down, it’s time to take your skills to an actual subject. This might be a nose that you draw from life, or one that you draw from a photo reference.  Either way, the process of drawing will heavily depend on observation.

      When you are observing a nose,  look for the “planes” – or simple geometric shapes that represent how the nose exists in space.

      Take the following drawing for example…

      Now look at the planes that can be easily drawn to create the form of the nose…

      Here’s another look at the nose from the side view. 

      Here is the same drawing with the planes highlighted…

      Certain angles of the nose can present challenges…

      But here again, if you break the nose down into geometric planes, this angle is made easier to draw…

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