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How To Draw A Paint Brush

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Step 2 Next Draw Some More Of The Handle

Youve drawn the wooden part of the handle, and now we will be adding the shorter metallic portion of your paintbrush drawing.

This metallic section will generally connect the handle to the actual bristles of the brush. To draw this part, simply draw some more slightly curved lines that culminate in another one of those small, thin shapes that you drew at the base of the wooden part of the brushs handle.

That will take care of the outline for the handle, and in the next part we will work on the bristles of the brush.

How To Draw A Paint Brush Easy Step By Step For Kids

September 15, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category:

This is an ordinary paint brush, mainly used for brushing paint and glue. It is used when painting walls, furniture, etc.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to paint this brush out, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps to try it out!

1. First draw two long longitudinal curves. Then draw three short curves between them.

2. Draw the front end of this paint brush, as shown above.

3. Draw the handle at the bottom, and draw a small circle on the bottom of it.

4. Draw wavy lines at the top. It’s like paint applied with the brush.

5.Finally, simply color it and the paint brush is finished!

Colorization Options For Scatterart And Pattern Brushes

Thecolors that a scatter, art, or pattern brush paints depend on thecurrent stroke color and the colorization method of the brush. Toset the colorization method, select one of the following optionsin the Brush Options dialog box:


Displays colors as they appear in the brush in the Brushespanel. Choose None to keep a brush the same colors as in the Brushespanel.


Displays the brush stroke in tints of the stroke color. Portionsof the art that are black become the stroke color, portions thatarent black become tints of the stroke color, and white remainswhite. If you use a spot color as the stroke, Tints generates tintsof the spot color. Choose Tints for brushes that are in black and white,or when you want to paint a brush stroke with a spot color.

Tints And Shades

Displays the brush stroke in tints and shades of the stroke color.Tints and Shades maintains black and white, and everything between becomesa blend from black to white through the stroke color. Because blackis added you may not be able to print to a single plate when usingTints and Shades with a spot color. Choose Tints and Shades forbrushes that are in grayscale.

Hue Shift

Forinformation and samples about each choice, click Tips.

Learn How To Draw With Different Brushes Learn How To Use Pens And Brushes


In this article, I would like to introduce each brush of MediBang Paint for beginners who are creating illustrations digitally.

First, lets take a look at the brush list at the bottom left of the MediBang Paint screen.You can switch between brushes on this screen, which is lined with the names of various brushes.

Here you can switch between brushes

I downloaded MediBang Paint, but there are so many different types of pens that I dont know which one to use

If you are a digital beginner, you may be wondering why there are so many brushes to choose from.There is no right answer to which pen to use, but there are pens that work well or poorly depending on your style and work process.Im going to introduce all the brushes that come with MediBang Paint by default, so lets find the pen that suits you best and enrich your digital drawing life!

Table of Contents

Lets Draw Some Window Light

Now lets draw in the window.

Create a new layer and use the window brush to draw a straight line while holding down the Shift key.

Copy and paste the layer and use the move tool to shift it by one level. Now you have two layers of windows.

I copied and pasted the same thing to create a four-level window.

Merge the copied and pasted window layers into a single layer to keep them together.

Paste the window in a free transform to fit the side of the building.

If its not bright enough, copy and paste the layer and change the layer blend to screen, additive or luminous and layer it.

In the same way, lets add window light to the other buildings.

Use The Bristle Brush

To use the Bristle brush do the following:

  • Create a brush definition by clicking the new brush iconor selecting New Brush from the Brushes panel menu.

  • Select the Bristle Brush option and click OK.

    Bristle Brush Options dialog box

  • 0 = 100

  • 1 = 10%

  • 9 = 90

  • In other cases, for example, if youenter 35 in succession, the opacity is set to 35%, and if you enter356 in succession the opacity value is set to 56 .Any string of digits that ends with 00 are set as 100%.


    Stiffness implies the rigidness of the bristles. If you seta low bristle stiffness value, the bristles are flexible. They becomemore rigid when you set a higher value. The bristle stiffness rangesbetween 1% and 100%.

  • With the brush tool selected, and a Bristle brush definitionchosen in the Brushes panel, you can create artwork using the Bristlebrush.

    If you try to print, save, or flatten transparency in a documentwith more than 30 bristle brush strokes, a warning message is displayed.These warnings are displayed when you save, print, and flatten filecontent.

    Lets Draw A Patch Of Grassnow Lets Paint The Grass

    Using the Paint 2 brush that we adjusted earlier, paint the base in dark green.

    Next, create a new layer and apply a clipping mask to the base painted layer.

    Paint the new layer with a lighter green color than the base.

    Create a new layer again and paint a bright green color with a yellowish tint.

    If the color does not blend with the layer below and floats, try lowering the opacity of the layer.In this case, I lowered the opacity to about 80%.

    In addition, create a new layer and place a green color similar to the yellow color we just used.

    Finally, create a new layer and change the layer blend to Multiply.

    Use a low saturated blue to add shadows to the grass and tighten up the image.

    This completes the grassy area.


    Object Drawing And Merged Drawing Modes

    When using Art Brushes, the Drawing Object mode is enabled by default so that each brush stroke is drawn independently and do not merge with the existing strokes causing undesirable stroke intersections. You can see better performance when you use Object drawing mode compared to Merged drawing mode because brush strokes typically contain heavy vector data and merging of shapes may cause Animate to perform slower.

    To convert an already drawn shape to a Drawing Object, select the graphic on stage and click Modify > Combine Objects > Union.

    Using Pressure And Tilt Modifiers

  • Select Paint brush tool and select the    icon from the tool bar to enable pressure sensitivity or select the  icon to enable tilt sensitivity. The default percentage values are 1% and 100% corresponding to the minimum and maximum values of Pressure/Tilt.

  • Use the Paint brush tool to create variable-width strokes based on pressure or tilt applied on the pen.

    With and without pressure sensitivity

  • Your Paintbrush Drawing Is Complete

    We hope that this guide on how to draw a paintbrush was a fun ad rewarding experience for you to take on!

    There are many ways that you can have fun getting creative with some extra details, colors and art mediums.

    We mentioned a few ideas in this guide, but this is your chance to show us how creative you can be with how you finish off the picture!

    Once this guide is complete, we have many more for you to enjoy on our website. We have guides covering a huge variety of topics, and we upload many more often for you to enjoy!

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    Dry Brush Technique A Modern Style Of Oil Painting On Paper Quite Similar To Drawing Portraits In Pencil

    Dry brush technique is a modern style of painting in which oil paint, bristle and synthetic brushes are used on watercolour paper or fabric. A few drops of solvent is used as well and a rubber eraser for highlights and details.



    Why this drawing style so called? Black oil paint is squeezed from the tube onto the palette, only a little bit and if desired, 2-3 drops of domestic sewing machine lubricating oil or diesel fuel is added as solvent. Slightly touch the paint with the paintbrush and rub it on a palette so that the brush is actually almost dry.


    For a black and white portrait about 0.5 cubic centimeter of black oil paint is enough. Then apply a very thin layer of paint on watercolor paper or fabric. The result: the surface is not greasy when you touch it, therefore you can frame it or roll it up for transport without a frame. At first glance this kind of drawing


    is very similar to pencil drawing. In fact, pencil is actually used: some artists depict the picture initially by drawing a pencil sketch and only then do they start using a brush with oil paint; while other artists do not use pencil at all and use this method from start to finish – like some of the artists of Moscow’s Arbat street used to do.


    The most important feature of this drawing style is that it allows reduces time with excellent quality, so a artist can earn much more money this way than using any other method. More information can be found here: How to earn money by drawing









    Round Bristle Brush Marks

    Here are some examples of marks made by round bristle brush. Rounds can create a variety of marks. Like a pencil or marker, they can also go thick to thin. Because the shape resembles a pencil, I like making drawing and hatching marks with round bristles. I almost always start every painting with a round bristle.

    Rigger Or Liner Brush

    2007 Marion Boddy-Evans

    A rigger or liner brush is a thin brush with extremely long bristles. These may come to a sharp point but can have a flat or square tip. Rigger brushes are great for producing fine lines with a consistent width, making them ideal for painting thin branches on trees, boat masts, or cat’s whiskers. They’re also good for signing your name on a painting.

  • 09 of 18 A visual index of the different types of art paint brushesPhoto ©2012 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to, Inc.

    A sword brush is a bit like a rigger or liner brush, but is steeply angled rather than pointed. You can paint an extremely thin line by using only the tip, or a wider line by holding the brush so that more of its hair touches the surfaces. No surprises then that it’s also known as a striper brush.

  • Draw Paths And Apply Brush Strokessimultaneously

  • Select a brush in a brush library or the Brushespanel.
  • Select the Paintbrush tool  .
  • Position the pointer where you want the brush stroketo begin, and drag to draw a path. A dotted line follows the pointeras you drag.
  • Do one of the following:
  • To draw an open path, release the mousebutton when the path is the desired shape.

  • To draw a closed shape, hold down Alt or Option as you drag. The Paintbrush tool displaysa small loop . Releasethe mouse button when you are readyto close the shape.

    Illustrator sets down anchor points asyou draw. The number of anchor points is determined by the lengthand complexity of the path and by the Paintbrush tolerance settings.

    Tip: To adjust the shape of a brushed path after youfinish drawing it, first select the path. Then position the Paintbrushtool on the path, and drag until the path is the desired shape.You can use the technique to extend a brushed path as well as change theshape of the path between the existing end points.

  • How To Make A Brush In Illustrator

    Illustrator BrushesAdobe IllustratorBrush ToolBlob Brush ToolPaint BrushBrush PanelPaintbrush ToolPattern Brush

    As a digital artist, youre constantly looking for new ways of visuallyenhancing your illustrations, one of the most commonly used methods being thatof applying textures through the use of brushes.

    As we speak, there are thousands upon thousands of brush packs out there,but what if you find yourself in the position where you actually need to createone of your own?

    Well, the process of creating custom brushes in Illustrator cansometimes prove to be a real challenge and will requireyou to think outside the box, since there are often multiple methodsof achieving the same result.

    In this tutorial, Im going to sharewith you some of my secret recipes and bring you along as I start buildingthree different brushes from scratch. Then I’ll show you how you can use them to bring your illustration to life.

    Also, don’t forget you can always expand your brush library by heading over to Envato Elements, where you’ll find a great selection of vector brush sets to pick from. Or you can use some of these free Illustrator brushes:

    How to Make a Brush in Illustrator

    How To Draw A Paint Brush In 3 Quick And Easy Steps

      Painting is one of my most favorite pass time activities that Ive recently discovered and never knew Id enjoy so much.

      So, I thought it would be a good idea to draw my paint supplies to remember how special they are to me and if youre also fond of painting, I highly suggest you join me by learning how to draw a paint brush so you too can create a beautiful drawing of all your art supplies.

      It would make an awesome memory of your very first art supplies and its also a fun drawing idea that will only take you a few minutes.

      There are lots of different shapes for the brushes that you can draw as well but for this drawing lesson, well stick with learning how to draw a round brush and a straight head brush.

      To draw a paint brush, all you really need to do is sketch out the handle of the brush, the part that holds the hair and brush together, and then the hair of the brush.

      Sounds easy, right? Lets begin.

      Lets Compare The Different Types Of Brushes And The Atmosphere Of The Illustration

      Finally, I would like to compare the atmosphere of the illustrations drawn using the brushes introduced in this article.

      G Pen/Mapping Pen: Standard atmosphere with strong and weak points.Pencil/Lead Pencil: Light and fluffy.Pen: POP and clean atmosphere.Sumi: Japanese style with strong impression of lines.Sumi 3: Japanese style and characteristic.

      There are many more brushes available for free in Mediban Paint.You can add brushes by clicking the + button in the pen palette, so be sure to try them out!

      How to download brushes

      1) Tap Select to open the brush selection screen.

      2) Tap the + button.

      4) Tap the brush you want to download, and press Save.

      5) The downloaded brush is added to the bottom part of the brush palette.

      Distribute Paint In The Field

      After cutting in along ceilings, baseboards, and other trim, begin applying paint to the “field” of the wall, beginning at one corner near the ceiling. As with the trim brush, load your straight wall brush in the same way: dip it into the paint to about 1/3 of the bristle length, tap the brush on the side of the paint pail, and do not scrape the brush against the pail.

      Holding the paintbrush at about a 45-degree angle, apply paint to a small section of the wall using several diagonal strokes. Again, press the brush against the wall just enough to flex the bristles. It’s okay if the paint goes on a little heavy here.

      Immediately, distribute the paint on the flat area with horizontal strokes of the paintbrush, working from top to bottom.

      Let’s Make An Original Dual Brush With Hatching

      After all, if you make your own brush, it will fit your painting better.If you feel that the brushes distributed here do not fit your painting,Please replace the tip image and hatching material of the distributed brush with the one you drew.It’s a little difficult to make a dual brush, but I think it’s relatively easy because I can use my brush settings this way.Perhaps still, adjusting the brush settings will take some time.It took me about a week to make this brush through trial and error.Please be patient and try various things.Distribution is also OK, so please make a lot and distribute a lot.It would be helpful if you could introduce this TIPS somewhere as a source.It doesn’t seem to be a problem for those who want to make their own brushes.I also want you to distribute it for free as much as possible. This brush is distributed for the purpose of spreading to many people who draw cartoons.It is not possible to force it according to the rules, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

      How to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for manga #3 by

      Adding Art Or Pattern Brushes To Your Document

      From Brush Library

      You can import new Art Brushes that are available in the Brush Library to your document.

    • In the Tools panel, click the icon. The Paint Brush options appear in the Properties panel.
    • Double-click on a brush to add it to your document. The selected brush appears in the Style dropdown of the Paint Brush tool in the Properties Panel as the currently selected stroke style. 
    • From Creative Cloud Library

      You can import new Art Brushes to your Animate document using the CC Libraries in addition to the Art brush presets available by default.

      To add a new Art Brush, open the CC libraries panel and just click on any of the supported brushes. .

    • In the Tools panel, click the icon. Select the Paint Brush or Pattern brush from the Properties panel.
    • Within Brushes, browse through the created and saved brushes within the CC libraries. 
    • Double-click on a brush to add it to your document. The selected brush appears in the Style dropdown of the Paint Brush tool in the Properties Panel as the currently selected stroke style. 
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