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How To Draw A Paper Bag

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Paper Bag Butterfly Kids Craft

How to Make a Paper Bag with Newspaper Paper Bag Making Tutorial (Very Easy)

byCarolineJanuary 22, 2018, 12:00 PM

I have another fun Paper Bag craft to share with you today. This time we made a colorful paper bag butterfly kids craft, a perfect afternoon craft for spring time. Do-A-Dot markers makes this craft extra fun for little ones since they can easily personalize their butterfly with whatever colors they choose.

How To Make A Paper Bag Butterfly Kids Craft

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Watch the full tutorial of us making this paper bag butterfly kids craft before you get started. Dont forget to so you never miss a new video!


1. Start by painting your paper bag. Let it dry completely.

2. While your bag dries, use your Do-A-Dot markers to decorate your heart doilies.

3. Fold over the end of your heart doily about an inch and glue it down to make a straight edge. Glue the doilies to the front of the inside flaps on the sides of the paper bag.

4. Glue googly eyes onto your butterfly and draw a smile with your black marker.

5. Curl the pipe cleaner halves around your finger and then tape them to the back of your paper bag to make antennae.

My daughter and I had a play date with some good friends the other day and we made the butterflies with our preschoolers. Look how cute my 4 year olds butterfly turned out.

Looking for more lovely paper bag crafts like this paper bag butterfly kids craft?

Check out these 20 awesome paper bag animal crafts for more paper bag craft inspiration. Your kids might also enjoy this paper bag ninja craft or these paper bag mermaids.

Kids Books about Butterflies:

Have Fun With Your Real Treasure Map

Now, what are you going to do with your map? This is great for a birthday themed party, or just an afternoon on the beach

Check out what we did, in my article: Pirates of Kentucky Lake. And for more swashbuckling fun with kids, learn how to Travel Like Pirates on road trips!

Have fun and happy treasure hunting! Arrrrrr!!

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Glue The Eyes And Add Teeth

Help your child glue the googly eyes to the front of the bag, and then assist them in cutting two sharp teeth out of a white card. These want to be stuck to the front of the bats face. If youre feeling particularly spooky, get your child to add some little drops of blood to the tips to turn it into a vampire bat.

Make Sailor Caps From White Paper Bakery Bags

How to make a Paper Gift Bag – Version 2

To make this sailor hat, you will need 1 rubberband, 1 white bakery bag that is 6″ wide when folded, scissors, and a pen or pencil. Fold open edge of bag back 2 1/2″, then fold it again to make a brim 2 1/2″ wide . Cut off bottom of bag. Gather cut end together and pull down through folded brim . Put a rubber band tightly around gathered end about 6″ from last fold. Cut off excess paper below rubber band. Push gathered ends back through folded brim to form top of hat . Now you can pretend like you are a Navy or Marine sailor.

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Assembling Your Paper Bag

  • 1Place the cut out paper in front of you on a flat surface. Make sure to place it in landscape orientation or long sides up and down, short sides to the left and right.
  • If you have decorated your paper, make sure the decorations are dry and faced down.
  • 2Fold the bottom edge of the paper up 2 inches and sharply crease the fold. When youre done, unfold. This end will later become the bottom of the bag.
  • 3Locate the center points of the top and bottom edges. To do this, you can either calculate the center points with a ruler or fold your paper to find its center. There are three points you will have to mark:
  • Maintaining a landscape orientation, bring the short sides together as though you were folding the whole thing in half, and pinch the top and bottom of the would-be fold to mark where the center of each long side is. Lightly mark these spots with a pencil.
  • 4Fold the sides of the bag into place. Be sure to maintain the landscape orientation as you work to fold the sides as follows:
  • Bring the right edge of the paper to the center pencil line and fold. Once the fold is properly creased, unfold. Repeat the inverse on the opposite side.
  • Flip the paper over, re-fold the left and right sides downward toward the center, and glue them where they overlap. Be sure to fold along the same lines as before . Let the glue dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • Fold the bag 4 inches up from the bottom and crease it along this line.
  • You Can Organize Events Such As A Raffle Or Secret Friend With

    I learned this trick from mark wibrow, see e.g. Students will construct a still life using the three paper bags. Drawing was explored by using different materials and media such as inks, fine liners, dry pastels, collage on . The investigation of an art form: How to draw paper bag from among us step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults.

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    Glue The Eyes To The Front

    Help your child choose a selection of eyes in different sizes and colors, and glue them to the front of the bag. You can do any order or layout, and if youre making multiple spiders, vary it.

    Next, cut some little curvy fangs out of a white card, and then glue these to the front of the spiders face. Add a fleck of green paint to represent the spiders venom. You can also add a black line along the spiders back for extra decoration.

    How To Make A Paper Bag

    How to Draw a Paper Bag (4K video) | Alex Olson

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    Want to make a paper bag that’s different from the regular brown paper bag? You can always make your own paper bag with some old magazines, newspapers, or craft paper lying around. You can make one that is a little more sturdy or one that is decorative for a gift, an art piece, or as a fun activity.

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    Paper Bag Crafts You And Your Kids Will Love

    While you might not give a second thought to paper bags, they’re actually quite a thrifty and versatile crafting material. Below, you can check out all the ways that we’ve rounded up for transforming an ordinary brown paper bag into something much more fun.

  • 01 of 21 A Fanciful Twist

    Let’s have some fun pretending to be a king or queen. Children will love this paper crown made from a Trader Joe’s grocery bag. These bags come with clip art already printed on them, so all you have to do is cut the bag into the shape of a crown and add bling to make it sparkle.

  • Lovely Indeed

    Transform a boring brown paper bag into a bold, colorful party piñata. This is so much more fun and less expensive than buying a piñata at the store. You almost don’t want to bust it open. This craft is especially easy to make because it does not require papier mache, so there is no mess when you make it.

  • Craftstylish

    Dress up your child’s simple paper lunch bag with a paper punch and leftover ribbon. You can quickly transform the plain Jane lunch bag into a fancy-schmancy container for your kid’s lunch. Don’t forget to throw in a note as well.

  • Cover The Bag In Tissue Bandages

    Next, get your child to tear off strips of white tissue to wrap around the bag, and glue these in place. The effect can be as haphazard and lopsided as you like, and you can leave bits dangling to show your mummy unraveling.

    Youre done! This bag is very simple so you can make a whole pile of them if youre expecting lots of little guests.

    You now have a whole host of different craft ideas to do with paper bags for Halloween, and whether you want decorations to hand out to your guests or youre looking to decorate your living space for a wonderful Halloween party, there are great, simple projects you can do with your child.

    Happy Halloween!

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    Paper Bag Crafts For Kids: Ideas For Arts & Crafts Projects & Activities With Brown Paper Bags For Children Teens And Preschoolers

    There are paper bags everywhere….kids use them to bring their lunch to school. When your parents buy dinner from a take-out restaurant, the food comes in a paper bag. When you buy food from the grocery store, your food sometimes comes in a brown paper bag. So if you are interested in upcycling & repurposing some of these paper bags, you might be interested in some unique crafts ideas for them. Below you will find some inspiration for paper bag crafts. Have fun crafting!

    + Cool Paper Bag Crafts For Kids

    How to make a Paper Bag

      Here, youll find over 35 fun paper bag crafts for kids to make! Pick up a package of paper bags and keep them stashed in your craft room! Your kids can make so many cool things with them!

      Bet you never knew there were so many cool things you could make with a paper bag! In this collection youll find paper bag crafts for all seasons and for all ages. Yep, there are even some classy ways for you to use a paper bag, Mom!

      As you know, we love to craft with recyclables here in my home daycare. It keeps our crafting costs down, and its better for the environment when we craft with items that would be thrown in the trash otherwise. It also makes it very easy to pull a craft together when you dont have to run to the craft store to buy your materials.

      Today, Im going to show you a ton of crafts that you can make grocery bags, lunch bags or whatever paper bag you happen to have on hand.

      In my stash of craft supplies, I always have a variety of paper bags because theyre so versatile when crafting. Theyre strong and sturdy, you can paint them and colour them, and best of all, you can scrunch and twist them into just about any shape you want.

      So without further ado, I bring you

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      How To Make Flashlight Faces

      Obtain an unused brown paper lunch bag . Bulb end of flashlight is inserted two inches in open end of bag. Draw open end of bag together around flashlight and tape with masking tape or tie with string. Bag may be decorated by using tempera paints and/or construction paper. If tempera paints are used the design is drawn and painted directly on at least one of the faces of the bag . If construction paper is used, the desired portions of the designs are cut out of this paper and pasted to one or more faces of the bag. While the picture on the paper bag is being designed the flashlight can be lighted in a darkened area to obtain the desired effect. Combinations of two or more faces can be used for dramatic skits. These are perfect for Halloween, you can make the flashlight a character that is a smaller version of you.

      Brown Paper Bags Costume Masks

      A really simple way to make a mask … especially if you are just playing around the house is to use a brown paper grocery bag. Draw the face on the bag, and then cut out the eyes and mouth with a scissor. You can make it fancy, if you want, by using yarn for the hair, mustache, beard, etc. You can paint it or just color it in with markers. Don’t wear These Near Streets because Always be safe by roads.

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      How To Bag Groceries

      This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 100% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 153,868 times.Learn more…

      Bagging groceries is an essential skill to have whether youre a cashier or a shopper. Knowing what kind of bags you want to use, how to bag heavy items, soft food, glass, and chemicals will allow you to get your groceries home in one piece. If youre sick of squashed loaves of bread, broken eggs, or leaking liquids, then mastering the art of bagging groceries will put an end to this.

      Recycle Paper Bags Into A Pretty Fall Wreath

      DIY Paper Treat Bag Tutorial – How Make a Paper Treat Bag with a Bow

      Wrap a foam wreath with crinkled strips of brown paper to get a beautiful organic paper wreath. Add some orange and golden silk flowers to the wreath for a gorgeous autumn-themed home decor craft.

      Recycle Paper Bags Into a Pretty Fall Wreath fromPopsugar

    • 19 of 21 Premeditated Leftovers

      It seems that every summer after a couple of weeks of freedom from school, children will complain that they are bored. When this happens, pull out some leftover grocery bags and get crafting. Have your kids make books out of the bags, and then fill the pages with summer memories.

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      How To Make Kites With Brown Paper Bags

      These are the easiest types of kites to make. This is a great way to get younger kids, such as toddlers, preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and other younger kids to build their own kites. Decorate a grocery store brown paper bag…you can do this with crayons, stickers, paint, markers, etc. Then just fold down the top of the brown bag twice to make an inch wide band along the bottom of the bag. Now you can just attach a string through this bottom band. Now you can just run around outside while holding the string and the wind will catch the bag and it will start flying sky high…Have fun.

      Green Paper Bag Spider

      Halloween wouldnt be Halloween without a spider or two, and paper bag spiders are both simple and very effective. Use them as decorations, or just have fun crafting them with your kids. Again, these are great to hang up where they can just brush peoples heads and give them a fright!

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      Keep The Bottom Flap Facing Up

      You can organize events such as a raffle or secret friend with . Point the opening toward you. The teacher should encourage the students to . Download drawing paper bags stock photos. This application can help you make draws with animated images, like a movie. I learned this trick from mark wibrow, see e.g. Lay the paper bag on its smooth side. How to draw paper bag from among us step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. You can decorate just some stretch of a full path that gets filled (or clipped . This application can help you make draws with animated images, like a movie. Students will receive three brown paper bags. Drawing was explored by using different materials and media such as inks, fine liners, dry pastels, collage on .

      How To Draw A Paper Bag : Hot Air Balloon Decoration | ThriftyFun – Draw the upper lip on the flap, along its .. You can organize events such as a raffle or secret friend with this app, . I learned this trick from mark wibrow, see e.g. Students will receive three brown paper bags. Draw the upper lip on the flap, along its . Point the opening toward you.

      Students will construct a still life using the three paper bags. You can organize events such as a raffle or secret friend with . I was really chuffed when i was given my .

      Next Draw The Images On Your Map


      Use a sharpie permanent marker to draw islands, main land, a few trees, some rocks. On the ocean parts add some curvy lines for waves, a sea dragon, birds, a porpoise, and even a ship.

      Next, add a compass rose to show North, South, East and West. Do a search for compass rose to find an example of one you would like to draw, or use this one that I have posted here, by clicking the image and printing it.

      Somewhere on the map draw a big fat red X to mark the spot for the treasure using a red sharpie permanent pen. Draw a dotted line leading to the X. Make sure to write Treasure Map on the map using some fancy lettering for the first letter of each word. Use your imagination and see my example below.

      Dont worry about being super neat or making mistakes. Remember, its a pirate map. Pirates rarely have good handwriting!

      Our map had a special secret to it! If you folded it just right, the two islands became one island, which made the location of our treasure even more secret! .

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