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How To Draw A Parrot Step By Step

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How To Draw A Parrot:

How To Draw A Parrot | Step By Step

Step 1: Just like other bird drawings start with the head part, draw round to begin.

Step 2: From the lower side of the oval draw a long curved line downward to the oval. Start another line from the opposite side getting into the big rounded curve. Then a curved long line joining the first one.

Step 3: Firstly, erase the middle line from the body and the head. Draw a small curve above the head. Draw an upside-down teardrop using the sidewall of the parrots body. This will form the outline of wings.

Step 4: Use 3 short curved lines enclose in a triangular shape overlapping the face. Draw another small curve below this and the beak along with the lower jaw is formed.

Step 5: In the teardrop shape drawn for wings, draw many small curved lines in 3 layers. And then draw long lines for the wings. Draw the same pattern of wings indicating flight feathers. learn how to draw a wing

Step 6: Erase the overlapped face and beak lines. Draw a set of bumpy, wavy, parallel lines going from the below part of the tail and form a tree branch on which the bird is perching. Erase guidelines where it is required.

Step 7: Drawing a small triangular tuft on the head, an oval within the head to draw the eye. Draw a dark shaded spot inside eyes and curved eyebrows. Draw a set of pointed curved triangular shapes and draw feet. Add a feather to the chest in V shape with very small curved lines.

How Do You Draw A Peacock Step By Step

How to Draw a Peacock Lets get started! Begin by sketching a perfect circle just slightly above the middle of your paper. Step 2 Outline the Peacocks Head and Body. Step 3 Next, Draw Both Legs of the Peacock. Step 4 Then, Draw the Wings of the Peacock. Step 5 Afterwards, Draw Half of the Feathers.

Drawing A Branch Of A Tree

In this fifth step, we are going to draw a branch of a tree in which the parrot is sitting.

  • For a branch of tree draw the lines with your freely hand as shown in the image in black color
  • While drawing make sure to draw that line passing through the toes of the leg. So that, it will look like a parrot is sitting on the branch as shown.

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Why Is Parrot Green

The color most people think about when they think of parrots is green. Actually, the green color you see is due to the effect of light scattering, reflecting off the feather structure. This is called the Tyndall Effect, and it creates the illusion of certain colors. Parrots also do have pigment in their feathers.

How To Draw A Bird: Finished Parrot Drawing

How to Draw a Parrot

How to draw a bird: finished parrot outline drawing

Here is the completed pencil outline of our parrot bird drawing, after we clean up the sketch lines with an eraser.

How to draw a bird: finished parrot drawing coloured-in as macaw

As usual, we like to finish our drawing in colour. The first colour variant is inspired by the scarlet macaw parrot, living in the tropical rainforests of Amazon basin in South America. These colourful birds have a bright red body, with blue, yellow and green feathers on the wings.

Strictly speaking, macaws do not have that “hairdo” on the top of their head – so leave that out, if you want a more believable macaw. But this is a cartoon style bird – we can have anything that we like.

How to draw a bird: finished parrot drawing coloured-in as sulphur-crested cockatoo

For our second variant, we have used a much simpler colour scheme – just a bit of yellow for the “hairdo” and middle of the wings, with some light blue to shade otherwise white feathers.

Just by changing the colours, we have a very different parrot from a very different part of the world – this is an Australian sulphur-crested cockatoo.

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How To Draw A Bird

Get started with our quick and easy to follow method so that you can draw any bird. This is a step by step guide for beginner artists. A simple lesson on using construction lines so that your drawings are accurate.


Everything about a birds body has been adapted for flight, the leading edges of the wings being thicker and tapering to a narrow point at the back, covered in feathers. Aeroplane wings have been inspired by the same mechanism.

The main arm bone, the humerus, is hollow, its lightweight ideal for flight. Robust flight muscles of the shoulder attach to the keel. This special bone runs down the centre of the sternum. It acts as an anchor to which the birds wing muscles attach, giving it leverage for flight.

The tail is built for stability and control, giving a bird the ability to steer, balance, twist and turn mid-flight.

Some birds can even jump, run and swim. Unusual birds like the penguin and emu cannot fly but have retained their wings.

I have created this tutorial to help you understand the structure and mechanics of how a bird can fly so that you can go on to create any bird while understanding the shapes and forms that you see.

Can I Kiss My Pet Bird

Psittacosis or parrot fever is caused by a dangerous bacteria called Chalmydia psittaci, which is found in both wild and captive birds. Thats why youve got to be careful handling birds. Certainly kissing them is not a good idea, and youve got to be a little bit careful having them around your mouth.Jul 22, 2020.

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How Do You Draw A Simple Parrot Step By Step

Step 1: Draw an oval and a circle as guides for the parrots body and head. Step 2: Connect them with curved lines. Step 3: Make a tapering guide for the tail. Step 4: Sketch the guides for the feet of the parrot. Step 5: Make the curved beak. Step 6: Detail the head and neck portions. Step 7: Make the front wing.

How Do You Draw A Simple Rose For Kids

HOW TO DRAW A PARROT | Easy step-by-step tutorial

Directions for Rose Drawing Step by Step Draw the large right petal. Add the left petal behind the right. Draw the top of two more petals. Add the stem below the petals. Start the left leaves with the stem. Draw the leaves at each end, Start the right leaves with the stem. Draw the leaves at each end.

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Can You Rename A Parrot

It is completely understandable that one might want to rename a rehomed bird, and it can be done successfully over a period of time. Your bird needs to be called by name, whatever it is you call him. The easiest and quickest way to change a birds name is by giving a new one that sounds similar to the old one.

How To Draw A Cute Parrot Easy Step By Step For Kids

November 27, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Birds

This is a beautiful parrot, with bright feathers and big eyes, looks very smart. It is watching us seriously, as if preparing to learn to speak.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cartoon parrot out, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

1.First draw the top of your head, then draw the top half of your mouth.

2.Complete the mouth, and draw the outline of the head.

3.Draw an eye on your head. It’s big and beautiful.

4.Under the head, draw a small wing.

5. Draw the outline of the body and the other wing, as shown above.

6. Draw legs and feet on the bottom, then tail on the left side of your body.

7.Finally, simply color it, and the clever parrot is done!

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How To Draw Parrot

Draw parrots are famous birds among children because they find it interesting whenever they communicate and repeat whatever you say in the dialogue. So Im here to show you how to draw parrots. Its something youll be able to do even if well remind you how to draw parrots form out of common elements, words, and quantities. As a response, children, teenagers, and professionals will all be ready to fulfill the top of this visual art of the solution.

Assume this fantastic parrot sitting on the branch of the tree, trying to imitate your single word. It might seem challenging to draw, but these guidelines make it much easier to draw ideas. Well teach you excellently how to draw the parrot in this chapter. To get a better look at each move, either draw it freehand while looking at your computer screen or print out the whole page. To start understanding what else to draw across each activity, follow the dotted lines in each example. The allocating tasks in the earlier stages are greyed out. Each step should demonstrate first, followed by an explanation of how to draw it.

Trying to draw a parrot is simple and only involves the use of a few basic shapes. The central focus of this drawing practice is the birds rounded form. The birds angled beak is quite lovely. Well learn to develop a parrot balanced on a piece of wood throughout this drawing activity.

How To Draw A Bird: 2 Birds From One Easy Sketch

How to Draw a BIRD step by step â? [METHOD]

Today we will learn how to draw a bird. As usual, we start with a few simple basic shapes to build the base sketch and add more details to draw a fancy bird. This one turned out to be a lovely parrot.

For our second bird, we will use exactly the same simple sketch, just with different proportions. By simply tweaking the size of head, body and the shape of the wings we get a very different bird – a small, chubby wren.

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How Do You Draw A Realistic Parrot Step By Step

Step 1: Draw an oval and a circle as guides for the parrots body and head. Step 2: Connect them with curved lines. Step 3: Make a tapering guide for the tail. Step 4: Sketch the guides for the feet of the parrot. Step 5: Make the curved beak. Step 6: Detail the head and neck portions. Step 7: Make the front wing.

How To Draw A Bird: Finished Wren Drawing

How to draw a bird: finished outline wren drawing

Moving fast: here is the completely outlined wren. We have again used the same tricks as for drawing the parrot above, including the zig-zag lines for feathers.

How to draw a bird: finished wren drawing coloured-in

And finally, a completed, coloured in wren. Even the colours are very different from the parrot – just simple hues of brown, with a dark yellow beak and feet to bring in some contrast.

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How To Draw A Bird: Modify The Sketch To Draw A Very Different Bird

Step 1: Sketch a wider body and head

We are now going to use the same shapes, just with different proportions, to draw a very different type of bird. We will move at a faster pace – go back to the tutorial above if you need to brush up on the details.

Here are both base body sketches overlayed, so you can see the differences: To draw a wren, the head is almost a circle, and the body, while using the same two curves, is also much wider. The wings are shorter, and again wider, almost quarter circles. Finally, the tail, while again the same rectangular shape, is smaller and shorter.

Step 2: Sketch the wren’s body

Here is the updated bird’s body sketch on its own, to which we have added the bird’s face and feet. As you see, the feet are again the same, just a touch smaller. The top part of the beak is straight, not bent, but apart from that, it’s the same as the parrot.

Now, this is a very different bird to a parrot already – we are drawing a small wren!

How To Draw A Bird: Base Sketch Step By Step

How to draw a parrot.Step by step(easy draw)

Step 1: Sketch the head and body shapes

Start the bird drawing by sketching a prolonged oval for the head. Then add two curves, one from each side, to draw another oval-like shape with a sharp point. This looks very much like our basic fish body.

As we will see in the second part of this tutorial, you can draw very different birds by simply changing the proportions of these two shapes. For our parrot, these are both fairly slim and elongated ovals.

Step 2: Sketch the bird’s wings and tail

In this step, we add the bird’s wings: these are drawn as two curves meeting at the wing tip on each side. We end up with a shape that looks like a crescent moon, partially hidden behind the bird’s body.

Next, draw a simple rectangle for the bird’s tail. We will improve on both the wings and tail sketches shortly.

Step 3: Draw the feathers on the wings

Let’s add some nice feathers to the wings. Start drawing near the body, and overlap one feather over the next. Draw the wing feathers as a curved line for the bottom, and a blunt and rounded off feather tip that folds back with a flat line on the top.

Step 4: Draw the bird’s beak and feet

Let’s keep adding more details. Draw a face cross on the head, which will help us place the beak. Draw the upper part of the parrot’s beak as a triangle, centred on the face cross. Then draw two curves for the lower curved part of the beak. These again meet at the centreline.

Step 5: Finish the bird’s beak and feet, add eyes

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How To Draw A Bird: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the bird’s face and hair

Let’s start outlining our sketch: Draw out the “hair” first, then draw the face. Notice we have a added a short middle line to the top of the beak and filled in the tongue, that small triangle, in the lower part of the beak.

Step 2: Outline the head and feet

Next, we outline the head. But instead of drawing straight from the sketch, use a zig-zag line to suggest some small feathers – similar to what we used for drawing the dog or monkey’s fur.

Next, outline the bird’s feet.

Step 3: Draw the bird’s feathered wings

Now it is time to draw the feathers on the wings. Again, start from the bottom near the body, and build up and layer the feathers all the way up to the wingtips.

When outlining the top wing line, notice we have drawn it with a slight “S” curve, compared to the original sketch, to better suggest the stronger shoulder muscles that move the bird’s wings.

Step 4: Draw the bird’s tail

The final step to complete our bird drawing is to outline the tail feathers and finish the body outline. Again, use some zig-zag lines to draw the lower part of the body under the bird’s feet, to suggest some short feathers.

Step 5: Add a few final details

While the bird drawing is complete now, we can, as usual, improve it with a few extra details. Here we are adding two “S” curves to the wings, to suggest the strong upper wing muscle. Finally, draw a few small “V” lines to suggest the feathers on the parrot’s chest.

Interesting Facts About Parrots

Parrots belong to the Psittaciformes family of birds, also called psittacines that live in sub-tropical and tropical regions of the world.

Ancestors of the parrot are believed to have lived about 65 million years ago, with about 372 living species divided into three super families New Zealand Parrots, Cockatoos and True Parrots.

Did you know?

  • Parrots eat fruit, seeds, flower nectar, buds and pollen, and sometimes insects, spiders and other small animal prey.
  • Parrots will mate and remain together for as long as they both live, even if they join a flock of other parrots.
  • Parrots do not have vocal chords, but are able to mimic human speech and some are able to associate words with their meanings and talk in simple sentences.
  • Aside from their ability to mimic speech, parrots their bright colors, sociable, intelligent and affectionate nature, makes them popular as pets.
  • As pets, parrots require a lot of care, intellectual stimulation and attention to thrive happily and remain healthy.

Over thousands of years, parrots have been considered sacred and the subject of stories, art, religion, and music. Parrot feathers have been used for decoration and in ceremonies.

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How Do You Draw A Beautiful Parrot Step By Step

How To Draw a Parrot Step 1: Draw an oval and a circle as guides for the parrots body and head. Step 2: Connect them with curved lines. Step 3: Make a tapering guide for the tail. Step 4: Sketch the guides for the feet of the parrot. Step 5: Make the curved beak. Step 6: Detail the head and neck portions.

How To Draw A Parrot For Kids:

How to Draw Parrot Step by Step for Kids Easy Bird drawing Tutorial

Step 1: Before drawing the parrot mark the height and width for it. Draw a small oval and then a long sleek oval for the body at the angeled position from the head. Also, draw a line for the position of the beak and a line for the perch.

Step 2: Draw 2 lines and join the head with the body forming the neck. At the back draw a long line as an outline for the tail. Draw another parallel line with the line drawn for perch.

Step 3: Define the places by outlining the places for wings, legs, and lower line of the beak. Follow the given image for any reference.

Step 4: Using the outlines drawn in last step shape the wings lying in the downward direction. Shape up the legs with simple lines and claws with a curve line. Draw a curved line at the back of the beak.

Step 5: Draw a long line for the tail and join it with the other one below. Add lines in toes and draw fingers, draw the round eyes.

Step 6: Add curves in the wings and the tails, define claws with pointed nails. Define eyes, head, and other parts with attention.

Step 7: Draw feathers around the neck, legs, wings. Contour claws and other parts, refer to the image given below.

Step 8: Erase guidelines, define the depth and thickness, draw the proper outline. You are done with parrot drawing.

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