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How To Draw A Penguin Easy

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Second Step Penguin Lines

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Penguin Easy step by step

Alright, now lets go ahead and draw in some very simple lines that will help us to map out the shape of our penguins. Where to start? Much the same as usual with the head.

The penguins head is turned slightly to the side. So dont worry about drawing a cross to keep symmetry. Instead, position the eye a little above the center and then draw a line extending out and to the right to map out the position of your penguins beak.

OK now draw a centerline. Make it slightly off-centered to the right so that you can show that your cartoon penguin is slightly turned to the left.

With the centerline in place, you can then easily position the right and left flippers, along with the feet of your penguin. Do this and remember that the left flipper is slightly hidden by the body and is only partially visible.

Constructing The Penguins Feet

The feet for our penguin are going to sit just on either side of the bottom of the oval. While the flipper on the left side of the penguin started higher up the oval than the one on the right, the opposite is going to happen for the feet. You want the top of the right foot to sit just slightly higher up on the oval. Take a short line down from each point, and then split it off into three toes. Try to make all of your toes point towards the left side of your penguin.

Do not be afraid to draw your feet freely. You do not want them to seem stiff. You can always draw and erase your construction lines as many times as you need to until you are happy.

Constructing The Penguins Head

Now it is time to construct the head of the penguin. Again, we are going to use an oval shape to form the construction basis of the penguins head. We want this oval to be slightly tilted up from horizontal, and to tilt in the opposite direction to the body. The head should be quite a lot smaller than the body, and we want it to hover slightly above the top of the body oval. At the end of this step, you want your penguin drawing to look a little something like this.

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How To Draw Penguin Feet

Now we can start to refine your cartoon penguin drawing and begin adding in all of the details. First we are going to draw in the feet. To do this, make three rounded U-shapes at the end that are all connected.

Optionally, you can leave the feet the way that they are.

Next, add in some details to the flippers by drawing a line that goes from the tip back to the body. Curve your lines so they follow roughly the same contour as the shape of the flippers.

Now you want to go in and clean up the area where the body and the head meet. I decided I didnt like the mask area on the head, so I connected the lines.

In this step I also erased the lines for the circles and rounded out where the two circles meet.

Draw in a few little pieces of hair on the top of his head. I like adding in three pieces of hair, making them various sizes and shapes.

Inking Your Penguin Drawing

How to draw a Cartoon Penguin Real Easy

Now its time to finish up your drawing and turn it into a work of art. The next step is to outline your drawing with a thin black marker. You can make your lines as thick or thin as you like them. I typically prefer a thicker line on my drawings.

Again, this is part of your artistic style. Make your lines the way you like them.

When I inked my penguin drawing, I traced over all of my pencil lines with a medium tip black pen. Then I used a brush tip to fill in any of the larger areas of black.

After that, I went back over all of the outside lines and made them thicker using the medium pen. When the ink was dry, I used a Pink Pearl eraser to get rid of all the pencil lines.

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Interesting Facts About The King Penguin

The king penguin is a type penguin that is the second largest of all penguins, second to the emperor penguin, and can be found in sub-Antarctic waters. These large penguins grow to be around 95cm in total length as adults and a weight of 13kg. Unlike the usual idea of penguins being only black and white, these penguins are more colorful and have a vibrant orange-gold color on the sides of its neck and paler orange at the top of its chest.

Did you know?

  • The chicks of the king penguin are very different looking than the adults, so much so that originally when being seen they were thought to be an entirely different type of penguin
  • The king penguin is known to be a fantastic diver and can dive as deep as 300 meters into the cold waters!
  • Unlike many birds, king penguins dont build nests for their eggs but will incubate them by placing the egg on top of their feet, under their bellies
  • Though they are very graceful swimmers, on land they walk slowly and dont hop
  • The feathers of the king penguin are completely waterproof but they arent born with these feathers, they dont grow until they reach the age of around 13 months

How To Draw A Kawaii Cute Penguin

Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute, lovable, and adorable. Interestingly, the words original meaning described someone who was blushing from embarrassment.

But for todays purpose, well go with cute and lovable. Well, that penguin below may be blushing

One of the things I care most about as an arts educator is encouraging and supporting individual expression and ideas in art making. Prescriptive, how-to tutorials concern me as I worry about children taking them too literally.

This process, however, should be seen as an inspirational foundation or starting point from which to build personal and unique ideas. I gave the sheet to my five-year old tester, and you can see that she took it into completely original territory.

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How To Draw A Baby Penguin

Ive been having a lot of fun drawing different kinds of animecartoon animals. Yesterday when I was drawing live, some members requested that I do a tutorial on how to draw a baby penguin, step by step. So, of course, I have to listen to what the audience wants, and therefore I drew the cute penguin live. That was a fun drawing day because the baby animal came out looking so cuddly and cute. The whole time I was drawing out the little guy, I was thinking of one of my favorite penguins from that movie we all loved to watch a couple of years ago. Ill give you a hint he cant carry a tune, he has a dad named Memphis and a mom named Norma Jean.

Give up? Well if you guessed Mumble form the movie Happy Feet you guessed right. Mumble was such an addictive character because of all the tapping/dancing he did in the movie. Now because Mumble couldnt sing his feet did all the singing for him. The voice cast was great and to this day I can watch the movie with no problem at all. When learning how to draw a baby penguin step by step, you can think about the very character that is just as adorable as Mumble. When you are done drawing out your little guy, you can add some cute little accessories if you like, maybe a scarf, hat, or even an ice cream cone. I will be back again so stay tuned for more upcoming drawing lessons on the way.

How To Draw A Penguin Pdf Download

How to Draw a Penguin-Easy

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for How to Draw a Penguin. The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

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Interesting Facts About Penguins:

Before we look at penguin drawing step by step for kids, lets look at some interesting facts about these chubby birds:

  • There are 17 species of Penguins.
  • All of them are mostly found in the southern hemisphere.
  • The tallest penguins are called Emperor Penguins. Standing 4 feet tall.
  • The smallest is the blue Penguin, which is only 16 inches.
  • Penguins have flippers to help them swim in water.
  • Penguins eat fish and a range of other sea life that they catch underwater.
  • Penguins can drink sea water.
  • Emperor Penguins can stay underwater for as long as 20 minutes.
  • Penguins huddle together to keep warm.
  • The yellow-eyed penguins are endangered penguins they were native to New Zealand.
  • The white and black plumage often serves as camouflage while they swim. The black portion is hard to see from above the water and the white looks like sun reflecting off the surface.
  • There are no penguins in the North Pole.

Creativity is a bridge to learning. Let your kid experiment with art material, give him space to show whats in their mind. Go for a painting/drawing outing with him and have him imitate what you are doing on the paper. Never discourage them in this course of time, it would put their self-esteem down, and they might become more conscious of what they are doing the next time. Let him explore this beautiful world of painting/drawing and embrace his inner creativity.

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Looking For A Penguin Drawing Easy Enough For Kinders To Take On Try This Profile View As It Works With Just Some Very Basic Shapes

When kinder and first graders are first learning how to draw, the shapes need to be really simple, as in draw an upside down U. Or make a large J. In the beginning, its all about mastering shapes.

A helpful tip? Do fold the paper twice to get the center guidelines shown with the dashed lines. They really help students gauge the center of the paper, instead of just guessing.

Easing Penguin Coloring Page

  • Easy Penguin PDF
  • Drawing paper

How to Draw a Penguin

  • Make guidelines. Start the head.
  • Continue the back line.
  • Draw the belly and flipper.
  • Add eye and beak.
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    How To Draw A Penguin Cute Kawaii Style

    Today, lets learn how to draw a penguin in our kawaii art style. This one is super easy to do and can be done with some simple shapes.

    What color do you want your penguin to be? We chose a darker purple and light purple combo but you can do the traditional black & white, or whatever youd like!

    If you like what you see, dont forget to check out our youtube channel and like/subscribe to help show support so we can keep providing more art lessons.

    Grab your pen and paper and lets get started.


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    Penguins: The Birds That Swim

    How to Draw a Cute Penguin for Christmas Easy

    Penguins are one of the most beloved animals in the world! Here are some cool facts about them:

    • Penguins may not fly across the blue sky, but they can swim underwater just like any other sea creatures.
    • Instead of wings, these wonderful birds have flippers that can propel their long body at long distances through the vast sea just to find food small shrimps, fishes, crabs and squids!
    • Penguins are about as tall as a one-year-old child.
    • Their sounds are cackle, hum, and hiss.
    • Baby penguins are called chicks, and a mother penguin can usually bear two chicks at a time.
    • Unlike the majestic white and black plumage that we commonly see in adult penguins, baby penguins are born completely covered in light gray, brown, or white plumage. These colors change as they grow for about one-year-old.
    • There are 17 species of penguins. The pictures above are a few others that live in the southern ocean around Antarctica.
    • A raft is a group of penguins in the water, but a waddle is a group of penguins on land! Rookery, colony, and huddle are other terms for a group of penguins.
    • The ocean at the bottom of the world is home to many penguins. The Southern Ocean is another name for it. Still, most scientists consider it to be a part of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

    April 25th is the World Penguin Day, an annual celebration of the northern migration of Adélie penguins, a species of penguin that is native to Antarctica. It is also a way to raise awareness of these amazing creatures.

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    How To Draw A Penguin Young Chick And An Adult

    Our first penguin is just a young chick. He is fluffy and cute, with a nice round body and head. That makes him an easy start for learning how to draw a penguin.

    Our second penguin drawing is a fully grown adult. His body is more streamlined, and his feathers have the familiar tuxedo pattern. His pose is more dynamic while he is drying his feathers, he looks like he is ready for a dance.

    Learn How To Draw A Penguin For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hello everybody! In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a penguin for kids, you can draw it in just 7 easy steps. Drawing a penguin is quite easy and fun because the drawing turns out to be beautiful.

    Penguins belong to the family of flightless seabirds. They usually live in cold places. The birds feed on plankton, shellfish, and fish. Penguins look very attractive: large body, small legs, slightly elongated muzzle. It will not be difficult to draw a penguin, since the body is mostly round and there are no other complex small elements. Below is a step-by-step instruction that will help you draw a cute bird quickly and very beautifully.

    Time needed: 20 minutes.

    How to Draw a Penguin for Kids

  • Draw the body of the penguin.

    First, draw a large oval to represent the penguins body.

  • Detail the body.

    Next, you need to detail the body. Penguins usually have a dark blue back and white belly. To do this, you must first draw the boundaries of the plumage.

  • Draw the eyes.

    The next step is to draw round eyes. Inside, draw the pupils as small dots.

  • Add a beak.

    Draw the beak as a small triangle.

  • Draw the wings.

    On the sides of the torso, draw the wings pointing out to the sides in the form of triangles.

  • Draw the legs.
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    How To Draw A Penguin Chick

    Our first penguin is just a young chick. He is fluffy and cute, with nice round body and head. That makes him an easy first penguin to draw from a very simple oval shape.

    Despite being cute, our drawing is a semi-realistic emperor penguin chick. What makes him cartoon looking is the exaggerated size of the eyes and a simplified body shape.

    How To Draw A Penguin

    How to Draw a Cute Penguin EASY | Squishy Squooshems

    You can learn how to draw a penguin in 5 steps. This can be done by starting with basic shapes like ovals and small circles. When you start sketching with simple shapes first, youll discover that drawing a penguin is incredibly easy.

    Above all, you can draw this bird in a matter of minutes by following the below the easy step by step drawings to make some penguin art.

    Lets get started!

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    Penguin Drawing Step By Step

    Step 1 – Draw the base of the head

    First you need to sketch the base of the head – for this draw a circle of irregular shape.

    Step 2 – Draw the base of the body

    Draw the base of the torso at the bottom in the form of an oval, intersecting with the circle drawn before.

    Step 3 – Erase the extra lines

    After that, remove additional construction lines using the eraser. This will give you a combined penguin outline of his body and head.

    Step 4 – Draw the belly and face

    Draw a heart-shaped face of a penguin inside the formed figure, and then – his belly. See in the picture how to draw a penguin easy by tracing inside an open oval with a pencil, parallel to the large oval of the body.

    Step 5 – draw the penguin’s wings

    Then draw two rounded acute triangles on the sides of the body – these will be the wings.

    Step 6 – draw the penguin’s legs

    Draw the penguin’s legs under the outer large oval of the body.

    Step 7 – draw the eyes and beak

    At the end, draw a small triangle in the middle of the face and two small circles to complete the sketch. This is how to draw a penguin step by step. The only thing left to do is to color the drawing. You can use this sketch to create a few different colorful penguin drawings.

    Step 8 – Paint the penguin drawing

    A Quick Look At Penguins

    Unless you live in a country that has penguins naturally occurring on the shoreline, you will not have the privilege of seeing these ocean birds very often. This is because they only reside within the southern hemisphere, which means that the entire northern hemisphere is seriously lacking in these very unique, tuxedo-wearing, and slightly dorky animals.

    These wondrous creatures hide from predators by camouflaging themselves against the ice and rocks with their feathers coloring. Few birds cannot fly, and penguins are one of them. However, they are unbelievably good swimmers, using their streamlined bodies to zip in and out of the water, staying wary of sea lions and whales.

    Because penguins have such unique bodies, you might not have realized just how easy penguin drawing can be. Continue reading for our easy step-by-step instructions on how to draw a penguin.

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