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How To Draw A Penguin Step By Step

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Draw A Step By Step Penguin

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Penguin Easy step by step

Visit this easy tutorial to learn how to draw a Penguin, a unique bird that has wings but uses to swim than flying. They mainly live near the ocean or seashore, mostly in cold and snow. But there are few species founds on warm beaches in New Zealand and Africa. The south pole is full of a number of species of penguin. They vary in size from species to species, a few are so small that you can hold them on hand. Lets start out with a penguin drawing.

How To Draw A Baby Penguin

Ive been having a lot of fun drawing different kinds of animecartoon animals. Yesterday when I was drawing live, some members requested that I do a tutorial on how to draw a baby penguin, step by step. So, of course, I have to listen to what the audience wants, and therefore I drew the cute penguin live. That was a fun drawing day because the baby animal came out looking so cuddly and cute. The whole time I was drawing out the little guy, I was thinking of one of my favorite penguins from that movie we all loved to watch a couple of years ago. Ill give you a hint; he cant carry a tune, he has a dad named Memphis and a mom named Norma Jean.

Give up? Well if you guessed Mumble form the movie Happy Feet you guessed right. Mumble was such an addictive character because of all the tapping/dancing he did in the movie. Now because Mumble couldnt sing his feet did all the singing for him. The voice cast was great and to this day I can watch the movie with no problem at all. When learning how to draw a baby penguin step by step, you can think about the very character that is just as adorable as Mumble. When you are done drawing out your little guy, you can add some cute little accessories if you like, maybe a scarf, hat, or even an ice cream cone. I will be back again so stay tuned for more upcoming drawing lessons on the way.

How To Draw A Penguin

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Penguin in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Penguin.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

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Interesting Facts About Penguins:

Before we look at penguin drawing step by step for kids, lets look at some interesting facts about these chubby birds:

  • There are 17 species of Penguins.
  • All of them are mostly found in the southern hemisphere.
  • The tallest penguins are called Emperor Penguins. Standing 4 feet tall.
  • The smallest is the blue Penguin, which is only 16 inches.
  • Penguins have flippers to help them swim in water.
  • Penguins eat fish and a range of other sea life that they catch underwater.
  • Penguins can drink sea water.
  • Emperor Penguins can stay underwater for as long as 20 minutes.
  • Penguins huddle together to keep warm.
  • The yellow-eyed penguins are endangered penguins; they were native to New Zealand.
  • The white and black plumage often serves as camouflage while they swim. The black portion is hard to see from above the water and the white looks like sun reflecting off the surface.
  • There are no penguins in the North Pole.

Creativity is a bridge to learning. Let your kid experiment with art material, give him space to show whats in their mind. Go for a painting/drawing outing with him and have him imitate what you are doing on the paper. Never discourage them in this course of time, it would put their self-esteem down, and they might become more conscious of what they are doing the next time. Let him explore this beautiful world of painting/drawing and embrace his inner creativity.

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How To Draw A Penguin Body

How To Draw A Penguin (Step by Step)

Now, draw two curved lines along the inside edges of the body. You want your lines to follow the contour of the circle, narrowing at the top and bottom.

Next, rough in your penguins feet. When drawing your feet, make them narrower as they meet the body. We will be adding in more detail later on in the lesson.

The next thing youll want to do is to rough in the shape for his flippers. Make sure to draw them wider where they meet the body, and narrower at the ends.

You can draw them in any position that youd like.

The next step is to draw in the little mask around his eyes. Start your lines from the beak, just next to your vertical guideline. Draw the line up, and around the eye. Do the same thing for the other side, making them symmetrical.

Symmetrical means they mirror each other. If you folded the paper in half, the halves would line up with each other.

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Inking Your Penguin Drawing

Now its time to finish up your drawing and turn it into a work of art. The next step is to outline your drawing with a thin black marker. You can make your lines as thick or thin as you like them. I typically prefer a thicker line on my drawings.

Again, this is part of your artistic style. Make your lines the way you like them.

When I inked my penguin drawing, I traced over all of my pencil lines with a medium tip black pen. Then I used a brush tip to fill in any of the larger areas of black.

After that, I went back over all of the outside lines and made them thicker using the medium pen. When the ink was dry, I used a Pink Pearl eraser to get rid of all the pencil lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Penguin:

Step 1: Draw a round shape using 2 curved lines. Draw the lower curve a little broaden than the upper curve and the shape depicted below will be the result.

Step 2: Below the head of the penguin draw a big bulky oval whose upper part is overlapped with the head.

Step 4: Until now the outline of the body is depicted, now draw 2 wings on both sides.

Step 5: Draw an oval inside the body to differentiate the stomach part. Draw an inverted J shape on the head and a mirror-inverted J shape attached with a square shape a curve below it.

Step 6: Draw 2 round eyes with a little pupil in them. Below the body draw feet, for this draw, a line and the 3 small deep curve and the again join is with a line to the body. Repeat this and draw 2nd feet.

Step 7: Color the partition drawn in step 5 on body and head with white or light yellow shade and use grey color for rest body and your penguin drawing is ready. If you dont have grey add a white color to the black.

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Looking For A Penguin Drawing Easy Enough For Kinders To Take On Try This Profile View As It Works With Just Some Very Basic Shapes

When kinder and first graders are first learning how to draw, the shapes need to be really simple, as in draw an upside down U. Or make a large J. In the beginning, its all about mastering shapes.

A helpful tip? Do fold the paper twice to get the center guidelines shown with the dashed lines. They really help students gauge the center of the paper, instead of just guessing.

Easing Penguin Coloring Page

  • Easy Penguin PDF
  • Drawing paper

How to Draw a Penguin

  • Make guidelines. Start the head.
  • Continue the back line.
  • Draw the belly and flipper.
  • Add eye and beak.
  • How To Draw A Penguin Chick: Base Sketch Step By Step

    How to draw a cute penguin | Step by Step drawing

    Step 1: Draw an egg for the body size

    Baby penguins hatch out of eggs, so lets draw one as our basic body shape.

    This helps us see roughly what size and shape our penguin will be. If you want to draw a penguin that takes up most of your page, make your egg about the size of the page too. If, on the other hand, you want a small penguin, make sure your egg is small!

    Step 2: Define the body shape

    A baby penguin isnt quite the shape of an egg, so lets add a few lines to define the body a bit more.

    We split our egg shape about one third from the top by a curved line this marks the split between the body and the head of the penguin chick.

    Then we tighten the half-circle that is the head a bit, as well as the bottom larger oval for the body, to define the split between the head and body the shoulders, if you will.

    Step 3: Sketch in guidelines for details

    Start sketching in some of the details. Here, we add wings, feet, and the markings for the head.

    Baby penguins are very round and squishy. We show this by using soft curves for a lot of the drawing. This is why curves make up all the shapes we add.

    The wings are like extra bumps on the body, and the feet are half-circles added at the bottom of the body.

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Penguin With Cute Eyes

    Drawing a cartoon penguin can be a fun and easy experience using this simple step-by-step drawing lesson. I will show you how to come up with a basic character made from simple shapes and lines in just six easy steps. Penguins are one of my favorite animals to draw . Maybe it’s because these adorable creatures are easy to create or because you don’t have to add several details to draw a recognizable animal. Let’s see how we can draw this fun illustration now.

    Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

    drawing the head and body

    The first shape we need to create is the head and body. Both parts are done using a single rectangle made from long curved lines. Notice how the top of the shape is slightly narrower. Also, all lines can be pointed and sharp on both ends. It can be the case for all future lines too.

    adding two simple wings

    Penguins do have two short flippers on both sides of the body. They can use these to swim quickly under water. You can use a mix of straight and curved lines to draw these flippers. Once again, all ends of these lines can be sharp and pointed.

    sketching two large feet

    On the bottom of the character, you can draw two large feet using long curved lines. Make sure all shapes are flat on the bottom and rounder on top. Good work! Now let’s proceed to the most important step of all … creating the facial expression of the cartoon penguin.

    drawing a nice face that looks cute and adorable

    Adding one small detail

    Constructing The Beak Of The Penguin

    To draw the construction lines of the beak, draw a horseshoe-shaped line protruding from the heads oval. The beak should be on the right-hand side of the head if the body is leaning to the left, and on the converse side if it is leaning towards the right.

    Once you are finished with this section, you should start to see the resemblance of a penguin through the construction lines.

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    Constructing The Penguins Body

    To start your penguin sketch, it is best to begin with light construction shapes. Be sure to draw these shapes using a light pencil with no heavy lines, as these shapes will be erased or drawn over later on. A penguin has a long body, so we will start with an elongated oval shape that is slightly tilted to the left, meaning that the bottom of the oval will lean more towards the right-hand side of your page.;Take a look at our example below. You can, of course, change which side the penguin leans on by changing the way the oval leans.

    Give Your Penguin Some Wings

    How to Draw a Penguin for Kids Step-By-Step

    Penguins have short little wings that function more like flippers than wings.

    They are short and pointed to help propel them through water, and we will be drawing them in for this step of our guide on how to draw a penguin.

    To give your penguin drawing its wings, you can use two curved lines that end in a point, like the ones in the picture.

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    How To Draw Penguin Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial For Kids

    Every art lover love drawing. But we sometimes see in the faces of many kids that it is very difficult to draw a penguin. Today with the help of this article we will draw a beautiful drawing step by step. Lets all sit down with our own pencil notebook drawing paper and color box and draw a picture of a beautiful penguin.

    Another Tutorial For Drawing A Penguin:

  • Using the same materials as above, draw a huge oval to make the penguins body
  • Draw a small horizontal oval for the feet
  • Draw a small circle for the head and a triangle for the beak
  • Now draw another triangle slightly inside the body for the tail
  • Outline this figure to get the final outline
  • Draw a curve from starting of the body to the end of the flipper
  • Erase all the other connecting lines
  • Color the second half black
  • Add yellow detailing to the face and white to rest of the part
  • A little bit of shading to add detailing
  • Your penguin is ready
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    Easy Steps To Drawing A Simple Penguin

    There is something about their fluffiness that we just cant resist. So its time to show these lovely, flightless, chunky birds some love!;

    Random fact: Did you know that penguins dont fly, they swim? They love swimming really fast in the ice-cold ocean water and dive deep to get food.

    Grab your pencil and lets draw a cute penguin! Dont forget lots of paper for practicing!

    By Step Tutorial Of Painting A Penguin For Kids:

    How to draw a cute cartoon penguin step by step

    You Will Need:

    • A blue color paper, preferably
    • A brush, preferably wide and big
    • Three colors Orange, Black and White

    How To:

  • Now outline the white circle with the black paint.
  • Now draw a slant line little below the center of the black circle
  • It should look like two ears after you finish
  • Now use a smaller paintbrush for the eyes
  • Paint two dots as eyes
  • Use the orange color to draw a triangle upside down. And paint it. This is the mouth
  • Lastly use the orange color to draw the flippers and feet
  • Now use the white color again and draw small dots all over the left paper
  • It should look like snowflakes
  • The secret to this painting is grab two papers, one for your kid and one for you and show him a step by step procedure. Ask him to copy what you are doing.

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    How To Draw A Penguin Step By Step For Kids

    • The first part, have all the easy step by step guides for a penguin drawing.
    • The second part contains all the coloring sections. Find a way to fill colors in beautiful birds.

    You can skip the second part or choose colors for your own. Filling colors is a total liberty task . So dont worry you have a choice at every drawing phase.;


    Lets start your creative work!

    Step 1:

    Start your cartoon penguin with a circle. Make sure to draw this circle in the middle of the paper.

    Step 2:

    Now draw another circle inside the main circle. This circle must have a look the same as a circle we are drawn in step 1.

    Step 3:

    Follow the simple guide and draw a pair of two small circles for penguin eyes.; Make sure that these eyes intersecting the inner circle. See the image.

    Step 4:

    This step is very easy to follow. Draw pupils in penguin eyes to give it authority. A piece of good news, you can also learn How to draw a King and Macaroni Penguins in the same way.;

    Step 5:

    This step is for penguin beak. Draw a reverse triangle shape for the beak. Great look! You can also draw a heart-shaped, a wavy curve or round beak for this purpose. Since this is a cartoon penguin drawing and the choice is yours.; Once you have the ability to work on this. You can draw any type of beak or nose. Cool Idea.

    Step 6:

    For this step of feet sketching you can use two small shapes. Nice work kids! Now you can find this more appealing. Move on to the next step.

    Step 7:

    ;Step 8:

    Step 9:

    Draw Penguins Eyes And Beak

    Friends, now you have to draw face parts of penguin like its eye and beak. First of all, you have to draw its eye, which will be very easily drawn. After that you have to draw a beak.

    So friends, now you have to erase the guidelines that we drew to make this drawing. By the way, while trying to erase the guidelines, no necessary line gets erased and if the erase gets erased then you draw again.

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    Constructing The Penguins Flippers

    We will now flip over to the construction of the penguins flippers! This easy penguin drawing requires two curved lines on either side of the elongated oval for the body. If the bodys oval that you drew is leaning to the left , your curved line for the flipper should be longer on the same side, starting slightly higher than the other flipper. However, if it leans towards the right, it will then be the right flipper that has a longer curved line.

    The curved line should go out from the bodys oval and curve back towards it, being sure to end the tip of the flipper before it touches the body.

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