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How To Draw A Person Face

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Try New Facial Expressions

How to Draw Faces

Grab every opportunity to experiment with the expressions. Try to push what youre used to drawing, and look at yourself in the mirror to see how the face can move. Try and be whacky with the different facial expressions, but be careful not to hold your breath for too long!

Squint To Better See Tonal Shapes

When keying the drawing its important that the shapes of the tonal areas are captured accurately.

In other words, if the highlight on the forehead is angular, drawing it with rounded edges wouldnt properly capture the form.

This sounds obvious, but again, your brain and visual system can play tricks on you. Your brain is attempting to see a face , and not just tonal blobs.

In fact, this psychological problem of misinterpreting faces is so common, there are entire drawing systems designed to combat these problems.

Side note: Heres a video of Derren Brown, the subject of my portrait, when he used to have hair, experimenting with some of these alternative methods of painting. Its a pretty cool trick..

In order to accurately see tonal shapes, and avoid psychological errors, Ive found one method to be surprisingly successful: squinting.

Basically, you look at the area you want to draw, squint your eyes , and identify the tonal shapes you see through your eyelashes. This works super well. .

How To Draw Anime Faces Side View Step By Step / How To Draw Glasses On A Person’s Face From All Angles Side Profile Front And Side Views

With the view from the side, the ear will lie back to the back of the head. I’ll also show you how to draw manga eyes, nose, . Learn what you need to know do draw basic anime faces. Draw the eyes below the guideline you drew in step three. Only learn how to draw it from the front view but also from the side and from .

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Movement Of The Mouth

The lips are surrounded by multiple groups of muscles, giving them an endless arrange of shapes. This allows us not only to express emotions but also let us make a variety of sounds. Below you will find just a few examples typical for expressing joy, fear, and anger. While drawing the mouth, be aware that when the teeth are separated, the chin must be lowered. The top lip can roll up and show the teeth with a delicate curve, like in smile S2 and S3, or with a more aggressive line to express anger and disgust .

Ever wondered why the corners of the mouth are suggested with a small curved line? The corner of the mouth includes a node to which a lot of muscles are attached. See the S1 diagram. The node is a spherical shape creating a small curve at the corner of the mouth.

Mouth muscles can work unsymmetrically. You can smile with just one corner of your mouth. Observe in the mirror how many faces you can make!

Movement Of The Eye And Eyebrow

How I Draw Faces | Updated Tutorial

People often call the eyes the windows to the soul. It is true, eyes are extremely an expressive feature of the face. Just eyes by themselves can tell you if a person is smiling, scared, or angry! There are many groups of muscles surrounding the eye. The eyelids can be pulled wide to show whole the iris, or area around eyes can be contracted to squint eyes and create wrinkles. The eyebrows on their own have separate groups of muscles to pull the outer and inner ends that is why eyebrows can curve up and down and create a wave shape! Additional special muscles can pull both eyebrows together above the bridge of the nose.

Observe the image above. Those are just a few examples of possible eye expressions associated with emotions. J1, J2, and J3 show expressions of joy. The eyebrow is neutral or slightly pulled up. Most importantly, the outer eye corners are squinted and elevated by the cheeks when we smile. The squint makes a real difference between an honest or faked smile.

A1, A2, and A3 are expressions of anger or disgust. The muscles above the bridge of the nose do heavy work here. They pull the eyebrows down and together, creating many wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose.

F1, F2, and F3 express shock and fear. This is the only expression when you want to show the full iris not overlapped by eyelids. Different eyebrow shapes make wide-open eyes express different emotions, from surprised to horrified.

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How To Draw A Human Face The Basics From The Biowars Art Academy

When you first start out with drawing, there are a few specific areas that are known to be difficult for amateur artists.

Perhaps one of the hardest challenges that novice artists face is figuring out how to draw a human face.

Truthfully, even the experts struggle from time to time with everything from drawing hands or feet to sketching faces or getting the proper perspective on their illustrations.

As a comic book fan and budding artist, you already know that most comic book art bounces back and forth between realistic and unrealistic.

This is actually to your advantage, because it gives you a lot more freedom when developing the look of a comic book character for your upcoming comic book.

Maybe youre going totally original and creating a superhuman alien race, But if youre aiming for a human comic book character, or at least one that looks human, you can achieve a realistic human face with a few simple steps.

Before we start, just keep in mind dont expect to become a great comic book artist overnight it really does take practice. But here are some tips to help you make the evolution from amateur to expert a whole lot easier.

Final Artwork Of The Hair

Once your hand gets used to the fast movements, lines, and curves of the hair strokes, it is much easier to define a clear, sweeping hairstyle. For the final drawing of the hair, it is recommended to use a separate layer again. Here we can orientate ourselves on the pre drawn hairstyle and later, as already mentioned, simply hide it. If necessary, we can also erase hair that is too long and protrudes into the face without erasing the face itself. It’s worth experimenting with different line widths and degrees of coverage when drawing the hairstyle. In our picture I have emphasized the individual strands with a darker line, while within the strands the indicated subdivision lines are much lighter and less prominent. The most important thing when drawing hair is still the line speed. And fortunately, in digital drawing, any imperfect stroke can be undone until it fits.

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Finding The Top And Bottom Of The Head

I started by arbitrarily drawing two lines on the page to indicate the level of the top of the head and the level of the bottom of the head.

Then, I arbitrarily marked, on the top level, the highest point of the head, and then used the angle between this point and the bottom of the chin, to locate the bottom of the chin on the page.

I also drew in the level of the notch of the neck. The first time, I drew it too low, so I moved it up. I gauged this distances as a proposition of the head length.

Summing Up The Andrew Loomis Approach To Drawing A Face

How to Draw a Man Face with Pencil – How to Draw a Person | CC

Andrew Loomis is revered for his step by step approach to drawing heads. As we covered above, his approach divides the head into manageable geometric shapes. Each feature on the face has a specific location relative to the geometric configuration set up in the early stages of the drawing process. Because this method is so accurate, it’s great to use for drawing a head from imagination.

But this approach is not limited to drawing faces from imagination. It also works when drawing a face from observation. We just have to keep in mind that every person is different and variations of these specific proportions will be noticed.

Here’s a look at a face and head drawn from imagination using the Loomis approach combined with a simpler approach which we discuss a little further down this page. All of the relationships and proportions are identified with the guidelines discussed.

For more on the Loomis method for drawing heads, check out Module 4 from the “Portrait Drawing The Smart Way” course or you can check out his book here.

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Always Start With The Eyes

Now that youve got your basic layout, its time to start filling in the features of your comic book character.

Lets start from the top of the head down, to make things easier.

The proper proportion for a persons eyes, in most cases, is an eyes distance away from each other.

Begin by drawing your eye as a sideways oval, midway between the side of the head and the vertical line you drew earlier.

As you draw the second eye, make sure the distance between them is roughly the same width as the eyes themselves. This gives you an ideal space for adding your characters nose.

Establish The Landmarks Of A Human Face

When you observe a human face, you can see that its divided roughly into thirds from the hairline to the brow, the brow to the bottom of the nose , and the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the jaw. You can measure these distances on your own face and you will find them to be surprisingly similar. Dividing the face into these thirds is a great place to begin portrait drawing.

Remember, the hairline is not the top of the head. The very top of the cranium sits a little higher than the hairline. Also notice that, from the profile or side view, the ear begins at about the halfway point between the front of the forehead and the back of the head. A common mistake is to draw ears too far forward on the head. If you view them looking at the side of the head, youll see ears start halfway back and continue moving backward from there.

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Draw The Eyes Below The Guideline You Drew In Step Three

8 hours ago how to draw side view of anime face. Steps of drawing male head and face anime characters. Pull out your pencil and paper and. This post includes drawing anime and manga male and female head and face,. This outlines the front of the face and the chin. Only learn how to draw it from the front view but also from the side and from . I’ll also show you how to draw manga eyes, nose, . On the lower, right side of the circle, draw an angled line for the lower half of the head.start with short, curved line that slopes to . Learn what you need to know do draw basic anime faces. Draw two half ovals on either side of the face with small, curved lines . Draw the eyes below the guideline you drew in step three. This tutorial shows the sketching and drawing steps from . In this tutorial, i will show you how to draw an anime head in various views, step by step.

How To Draw Anime Faces Side View Step By Step / How to Draw Glasses on a Person’s Face from All Angles (Side Profile, Front, and Side Views. Draw two half ovals on either side of the face with small, curved lines . How to draw from side angle violet evergardenpaper : In this tutorial, i will show you how to draw an anime head in various views, step by step. Draw the eyes below the guideline you drew in step three. Only learn how to draw it from the front view but also from the side and from .

Steps of drawing male head and face anime characters.

Learn what you need to know do draw basic anime faces.

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Draw Guidelines On The Face

There are 2 ways to do this step: Ruler or no ruler. I highly recommend using the ruler method for the first couple of faces you draw. Why? Because doing this step without it can throw your proportions off like crazy. Especially if you have trouble locating the center of an object with your eyes. The no ruler method requires you to split multiple sections of the face in half and then in half again.

Ruler Method: Make a ruler beside your drawing that is the same height. The ruler should be marked so there are 8 equal spaces. Always start with the center line.Draw faint lines through the face on the markings labelled CENTER LINE, 2, 3, A, and C. As you get used to this, you wont need to draw the ruler on the side.

No Ruler Method: Without the ruler, I draw lines in this order: CENTER LINE, 2, 3, B, A, C . This is the method I use to draw heads all the time.

Super SIMPLE Method: If its still a little confusing, check out my simple method here. Its also paired with a video so you can see how I do it!

You Dont Approach Faces As 3d Objects

The fourth reason is a very important one:

Your facial drawings might look bad because you are not treating them as three-dimensional objects.

Thats the most frustrating part of it all: You probably start out drawing faces from the front, like I did . This way you can get the basics down relatively fast.

But once you start turning the face just a little bit upwards or sideways, it changes the look of the features a lot:

Dont worry, all of your practice drawing faces from the front wasnt for nothing but its a whole new challenge to draw a face from an angle.

It requires you to understand the form of the head as a whole and do further practice sessions drawing heads from various angles.

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Finishing Your Side Profile

Above the eye, add a curved eyebrow and begin adding in the details for the ear. With your pencil, go back over some of the features that youve already added so that theyre darker and more prominent. From here, youll be adding the final touchthe hair.

Draw swooping lines over the top of the face circle and along the left side. For a ponytail, add a half-oval or knot shape with wispy lines coming from this as individual hair strands.

Adding in simple pencil strokes for the hair is the final step in finishing your drawing!

Once youve added the final touches to the hair, your profile drawing is complete!

Start With The Most Extreme Values And Then Meet In The Middle

How to Draw a Face of a Man: Narrated

The human eye is really bad at assessing tonal values in isolation which is why your brain thinks squares A and B below are very different colors, when, in fact, they are the same.

Thus, instead of relying on visual inferences, tonal values can be better approximated through a simple, not-so-interpretative procedure.

Heres how it works:

Start by identifying the absolute darkest and absolute lightest areas of the drawing. For the darkest areas, shade them as dark as you can/want. For the lightest areas, highlight them as light as you can/want.

This establishes the entire tonal range of the drawing, which is called the key of the drawing.

Establishing the key is straightforward, and doesnt require much visual interpretation .

Once the key is established, and the lightest and darkest values are in place, the intermediate values need to be introduced. Again, this can be done procedurally, by identifying and shading/highlighting the areas which are slightly lighter than the darkest darks and slightly darker than the lightest lights. Continuing recursively in this way, the tonal values eventually meet in the middle, and the drawing is complete.

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Add Hair To Your Face Drawing

Finally, draw individual curved lines from the center of the top of the head that curve down around the side of the face. The lines should be darker in the middle and become gradually lighter, before darkening again along the left side of the face.

Hair can be as simple or as complicated as youd like it to be. Take your time and dont worry about being perfect.

Youll repeat this on the right side of the face with lighter shading, bringing the lines around the edges of the shoulders and face to complete your drawing.

Your realistic portrait is complete!

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