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How To Draw A Pineapple Step By Step

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Create An Outline Sketch

How to Draw Pineapple Step by Step (Very Easy)

Use your guides as references and draw the outline of the pineapple. The fruit doesnt have to be a perfect oval, or symmetrical. Pineapples are quite organic in shape. Youll notice that the bottom of the fruit is fairly flat and the shape looks like a lopsided oval.;

Next, draw the leaves. The leaves are smaller and more curled towards the bottom and they gradually get larger towards the top of the pineapple. Drawing curled leaves can take a bit of practice, so soak in the details of your reference before putting pencil to paper. Notice which way the leaves are pointing for example.;

Drawing Pineapple Realistic Example

A very nice and useful way to draw a pineapple with a pencil is suggested in this sequence. It is somewhat more complicated than the others, but the fruit will be very realistic, like a real one.First, prepare a sketch. It looks like a vertical rectangle, divided into eight parts. The upper half will be the leaves; the lower half will be the pineapple itself. The primary markup is specified as shown in the second figure.

Next, the grassy part is filled with individual leaves, and the fruit takes on a characteristic scaly look. The outline is also contoured accordingly. Auxiliary lines can be removed with an eraser and then correct the main ones.

At the very end, shadows are added using shading.

Now Finish Off Your Pineapple With Some Color

Pineapples are not only a rather unique-looking fruit, but they are also brightly colored and stunning to look at!

With some beautiful greens for the leaves and some yellow and orange for the pineapple itself, this is a picture that would look amazing with some bright color variations.

You could let your imagination run wild and use your favorite colors to color in your pineapple drawing.

Maybe you could even color in each segment with a different color! If I were coloring this picture, I would use some beautiful, bright-colored pens and markers to create a luminescent look.

Thats just one of many options you could choose, however, and anything you use will look incredible!

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Easy Pineapple Drawing Tutorial

This video tutorial describes a basic approach to drawing pineapple. Its described in a manner which is similar to the way they teach you how to draw pineapples in art school or class. Its very easy, and doesnt have that many details. It could use a bit more in terms of the overall structure, as well as the detailing, but I wont complain, given that its a tutorial for beginner level artists.


Start Shading: Increase Contrast

How to draw a pineapple step by step very easy and fast Pineapple Easy Draw Tutorial

Now its time to render the values of the pineapple. The darkest areas are between each smaller fruitlet section on the skin and under the curls on the leaves on the crown. The left hand side of the pineapple is significantly darker than the right hand side. Leave the brightest areas out when shading. If your paper is white, these will be the highlights. If, like me, you are working on a mid tone paper, you could brighten the lightest highlights with white pencil.;

Applying a lot of pressure with pencil, so that none of the paper texture beneath shows through is a technique called burnishing. I use this technique for some of the pineapple skin and leaves. Another thing that helps me whilst drawing, is using one of these Tombow Mono Zero erasers to erase small details. I use it to erase small highlights that Ive shaded over lightly. You can buy them cheaply on Amazon.

I spent a few hours going over sections, increasing the contrast and deepening shadows to achieve a more realistic impression. You can spend as much or as little time as you like working on the shading, it can take some time for the values to look realistic. Drawing and shading really are enjoyable processes that you can get totally lost in! Once you get into the flow of it, time will just disappear.;

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How To Draw A Pineapple Step By Step For Kids

Hello friends, I welcome you all in todays blog post. You all must have eaten pineapple. Today I have provided my blog post Pineapple Fruit Drawing for you. In which I will explain to you all how to draw pineapple step by step on plan paper. Friends, hope you like this article today. This article is especially for kids. because kids love drawing in this way and they can make such easy drawing. Although this drawing is very easy, still the video tutorial of this drawing is given below so that you can make this drawing more easily without any problem. Children, if you want to make this drawing easily and you know how to make this drawing, then you should read this article from the beginning to the end. And do not forget to watch the video tutorial for this drawing.

How To Draw A Pineapple Easy Step By Step For Kids

January 10, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Fruits

Pineapple is native to South America, can be eaten as a fresh fruit, and can also be made into cans, which is very popular.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this pineapple out, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps below to try it out!

1.First draw an oval, this is the outline of the pineapple.

2.Draw a lot of crossed lines inside, to get the texture of the pineapple.

3.Draw the pineapple leaves on the top. It doesn’t have to be precise.

4. Draw short arcs on the intersections, as shown above.

5.Finally, color it carefully, the cute pineapple is finished!

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Add The Segments And Final Details

As we mentioned before in this guide on how to draw a pineapple, pineapples are made up of many smaller segments, and we shall draw those now.

This step is pretty easy, but requires a bit of patience!

To draw them, simply draw rows of curved lines that look a bit like fish gills. These will cover the entirety of the pineapple, and will finish it off nicely!

Before you move on to the final step of this guide, be sure to add any fun details or additions that you would like to your pineapple drawing!

These could be anything from a beach background to some stylish sunglasses for your pineapple to be wearing.

There is plenty you could do to put your own spin on your drawing, so what fun details can you think of to add?

Draw The First Part Of The Pattern

How To Draw A Realistic Pineapple Step By Step For Beginners | Real Looking Pineapple Drawing Easy

To draw the pattern of the pineapple first make one set of lines on an angle across its surface. Be careful to make the lines on an angle similar to the example. If you tilt them too much one way or the other the little rhombuses that are going to be created in the next step can end up looking very distorted.

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Learn How To Draw A Pineapple For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hey! We bring to your attention step-by-step drawing tutorial on how to draw a pineapple for kids of all ages. On our site, there is already a pineapple drawing lesson, but in a more complex version. After you draw a light pig, you can move on to more complex work. With this pineapple drawing guide, you will learn not only how to draw easily, but also get a little familiar with this unusually shaped fruit.

One of the most favorite exotic fruits of children is, of course, pineapple. He not only attracts his attention with the smell but also with his appearance. Especially with its dense and green tops, which are very reminiscent of a palm tree. Previously, such fruit was rarely found on store shelves, since it is brought from distant countries. And now every resident of the city can afford it.

Pineapple has a beautiful color and structure. Its fruit is covered with an unusual skin, similar to scales, like a fish. Therefore, drawing a pineapple is a very interesting process. This activity develops fine motor skills and creative thinking. The more often you paint, the better and better you will get. You will end up with a very beautiful and attractive fruit that will complement your collection of drawings.

Time needed:;20 minutes.

How to Draw a Pineapple for Kids

  • Draw the outline.

    Draw an oval in the middle of the sheet. This will be the base outline of the pineapple.

  • Finish drawing the peel.
  • How To Draw A Pineapple In 5 Steps

    In this tutorial, learn how to draw a pineapple realistically in 5 steps. This drawing involves lots of shading and some detail work to achieve a realistic effect. Pineapples are interesting fruits with leaves and a lot of texture. This makes them quite a complex subject to draw.

    To achieve a realistic drawing, two of most important components are a range in tonal values and accurate proportions.

    At the end of this tutorial, Ive written a supplies guide and Ive added the reference image that Ive put into black and white so you can save it and follow along with the drawing!

    Disclaimer: Fine Art Tutorials is a reader supported site. When you make purchases through links on this site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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    Do You Need Lots Of Different Supplies For Drawing

    You can use any type of drawing materials to draw this pineapple. Use whatever supplies you already have and whatever you prefer drawing with. The only thing I would advise getting is a pencil that gives you a good value range. So for example, if youre using graphite, a softer pencil like 5B, 6B or 8B would allow you to shade darker values. A harder pencil like an F or HB would also be useful for lightly sketching in guides and outlines, that you can erase if you need to.

    As you can see, you dont need lots of fancy materials to draw successfully, but there are some supplies that can make the drawing process feel easier or more enjoyable for some people. If any of these supplies look appealing to you, experiment with them and see if you enjoy using them.

    It took me a while to find that I loved drawing withoil pencils on mid tone paper. I find that drawing on mid tone paper saves time in rendering the mid tones yourself with pencil. You can see from my final drawing that Ive left a lot of the mid tone areas blank, to allow the brown paper to show through. If I was using white paper, I would have spent the time filling in all these areas myself. It allows me to spend time working on the lightest highlights and darkest shadows. So again, this is down to personal preference, but its an awesome type of paper to work with.

    Finished Shaded Pineapple Drawing

    How to Draw a Pineapple: Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids

    To finalize the pineapple drawing darken each individual section around the edges and create gradients that get lighter as they go towards the middle of each little square. The tricky part here is that you still want to respect the overall lighting conditions .

    This shading process can be a little tedious but can also help you get a nice and realistic looking pineapple when done.

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    Sketching You Pineapple In Pen Vs Pencil

    *Disclaimer: Originally, I did this sketch of a pineapple in pencil, and then when I realized that you could hardly see the pencil sketching in my photos, I decided it would be better to go over the pencil with a permanent pen.

    While most people prefer to use pen and ink for drawing a realistic pineapple, if you would instead work solely with pencils, then you can still follow my step-by-step guide to make your drawing come out just as realistically.

    If you are drawing with pencil, you should make sure to add some grading to your pencil shading. A good idea is to practice your shading techniques on a scrap piece of paper before you begin!

    Next Start The Outline Of Your Pineapple

    For the second step of your pineapple drawing, you can start to use a pen for the outline. Youll be using the penciled oval that you drew in step 1 to draw the outline.

    The actual pineapple wont be a perfect oval, so you can try your best to keep to the penciled oval, but its fine if there are some bumps and irregularities.

    Be sure to leave a fairly large gap at the top, as the leaves of the pineapple will be going there in a later step.

    Once youre happy with this outline, you can carefully erase the penciled oval.

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    Find The Light Source

    Look at your reference photo and determine where the light is coming from. This will inform where your light and dark values will be. If youre working from a reference photo when drawing, it helps to edit the photo and put it in black and white. This can help you to determine the value relationships better.

    As you can see, the light source in this photograph is coming from the right hand side. The fruitlet sections and leaves on the right hand side are reflecting more light, while the left hand side is darker in tone. This is a good image to work from, because there is a lot of contrast, so you can exercise your value drawing muscles.;

    Now Start Drawing The Leaves

    how to draw a pineapple easy step by step

    Pineapples have a head of thick, prickly leaves, so we will start to draw some in this part of our guide on how to draw a pineapple.

    Using some curved lines that have a sharp point at the end, you can draw two of the leaves into the left-hand side of the gap that you left in the previous step.

    We will just be drawing two leaves for now, but we will be adding many more in the next few steps!

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    Watch In The Following Video

    source-YouTube/1 Medias Drawing

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    Finish Off The Leaves Of Your Pineapple

    In this part of our guide on how to draw a pineapple, we shall add the final leaves to the pineapple.

    They will fill in the right-hand side of the gap, and you can draw some into any spaces that are left.

    For the leaves, you dont have to replicate the leaves in our drawing exactly, but if you reposition them then the guide will show you what angles that they should be at.

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    How To Draw A Pineapple

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    Pineapples are often thought of as being a fruit of the tropics, and with their somewhat spiny appearance, they can be quite an interesting fruit – especially to draw. Whether you need to draw a pineapple for something important, or you just want to be a little more creative, follow the steps below to draw your perfect pineapple.

    Pineapple Basic Shape Sketch

    How to draw a pineapple step by step for kids

    Start the pineapple drawing with a very simple construction line sketch to help define its shape. In this case the two major parts are the pineapple itself and the crown of leaves at the top.

    Begin the construction line drawing by making a straight vertical line to help you insure that both halves of the pineapple are of relatively even width.

    Draw the bottom portion similar to an oval with a flattened top and bottom. You can draw the leaves as a very rough sketch to just give yourself an idea of their overall shape and size.

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    How To Draw A Pineapple: Supplies List

    • Drawing paper or a sketchbook. Use any kind of drawing paper you want, slightly thicker paper will be able to take more pressure from the pencil. For this tutorial Im using the Strathmore 400 series toned tan paper, as I enjoy working on mid tone paper.
    • Pencils: graphite pencils would work well for this drawing, Im using oil pencils in Burnt Umber and white for highlights. I used a hard F pencil to draw my guides
    • Erasers: any eraser will do! I work with a kneaded gum eraser as it is moldable and can lift colours lightly. I also have a Tombow Mono Zero eraser to erase small details.;
    • Sharpener: again, any sharpener will do. I find these effective as they waste less pencil lead.;
    • Blending stump : smooth out shaded areas to give a more realistic appearance with these paper blending stumps. If you dont want to get these, you could blend with a q-tip.
    • Ruler : If you want to draw guides to help you sketch out the outline of the drawing, a ruler can help you to be more precise.

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