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How To Draw A Potion Bottle

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How To Cut Up Pill Bottles

How to Draw a Spooky Potion Bottle

Some pill bottle crafts involve cutting the orange plastic into smaller pieces to create unique jewelry or embellishments for other projects.

Try any of the following ways to safely cut plastic:

1. Use tin snips. These come in a variety of sizes and are great for cutting through thick plastic.

2. Use a hot knife or heated blade. You will want to do this outside or in a well-ventilated place as the fumes emitted by the hot plastic could be dangerous.

3. Use a Dremel rotary tool. This will be a more expensive tool but the quickest and easiest way to cleanly cut the plastic.

Avoid cutting plastic bottles with:

1. Scissors. This may be a fine option if you’re only cutting one bottle, but after a few your hand will begin hurting.

2. Craft knife: the thin blade means a slow process for cutting plastic bottles, and your hand may slip more easily than with some of the other blades mentioned above.

Creepy Halloween Potion Bottles Tutorial

Halloween potion bottles are a great Halloween or Harry Potter party decoration. Print up these free, printable Halloween potion bottle labels, stick them on some jars, and fill and you’ll have a fabulous, spooky, EASY Halloween display.

I’m going to show you how to make these eerie Halloween potion bottles, and I’m even linking up free printables of the labels I made so it’ll be even easier for you!

Because really, who doesn’t need a potion bottle full of Freshly Squeezed Toad Juice at Halloween-time?

Or perhaps some Spiderweb Slurry.

Diy Potion Bottles For Halloween

This is not a lazy man’s job. Unlike others where you have free printable labels. Here, you have to design the labels using adobe, then print out the design and prepare a dark tea. Pour all the tea into the label design and allow the paper to absorb it and dry up. Once it’s dried, wrinkle the paper and rip each design apart. Fix each of the bottles with a mod podge.

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How To Remove Labels

There are several products you can use to remove labels. Often you want to begin by pulling off the label to the best of your ability.

Try removing labels by doing any of the following:

1. Soak the label in warm, soapy water.

2. Remove the sticker by scrubbing with any of the following: rubbing alcohol, a degreasing agent like WD40, lacquer thinner, nail polish remover, or oils from cooking oil, vegetable oil, or even peanut butter or mayonnaise!

3. Remove goo using a warm water and baking soda combination. You can learn more about this method by visiting our article on How to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles: 2 Solutions. You can also use products like Goo Gone to remove adhesive.

If you’d like to remove the sticker in one clean piece, you can try the following:

1. Fill the pill bottle with boiling water. Screw the lid back on and wait 5 minutes. The sticker should peel off.

2. Use a hairdryer to heat the sticker for a few minutes, then peel off.

Halloween Potion Bottle Labels

How to draw a Potion Bottle using Aseprite and Pixel Art

Next up, you need labels. I designed these free printable Halloween potion labels for this project, and love how they turned out.

I’m not usually a graphics person–that’s just not my forte, and I know it. But every once in a while I manage to make something I like, and when I do, I’m happy to share it!

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Diy Harry Potter Potion Bottles

I was running out of time and had decided I wasnt going to make any more props for our party. Until of course, my son asked if he was going to have any potion bottles to go with his Professor Snape costume. Literally, the night before. Fortunately, I had just finished making all the Hogwarts Scarves for the kids, so I had a few minutes to throw something together.

Luckily, all I had to do was a quick google search and I landed on the awesome post by Over the Big Moon. She had Free printable labels! I usually create my own stationery, but I was in a pinch. I quickly got started and printed and cut the smallest labels to fit on my craft bottles from Oriental Trading Company.


Let’s Start Painting The Bottle

We create a new layer > > Fit to bottom layer. We fill it with a dark color.Right click > > Layer mask > > Mask external part to the selected area.

Once located in the indicated layer, we are going to use the Airbrush > > soft and selecting the white color, we mark the “shadows”, I recommend that they be guided better by the cork and the label, the light and shadow work differently in Glass. Do not make them very marked either.

We create a new layer, we name it “CORK 2”> > Fit to bottom layer.You can give the texture you want here to the accessories of your bottle, for this I used: Brush > > Watercolor > > Dense watercolor and Soft watercolor, alternating the use of these to give it the desired effect.

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How To Draw A Pill Bottle

Billions of prescriptions are filled every year, and those prescriptions come in those little orange plastic bottles we’re all familiar with. What you might not know about these bottles is that only some recycling centers and initiatives take them.

These orange plastic bottles are made from #5 plastic, polypropylene, which is not accepted by many curbside recyclers. One program, Gimme 5, is an opportunity to recycle #5 plastic including these containers. Here you can learn more about them Gimme 5 Recycling.

One other way to keep those pill bottles out of the trash is by recycling them into pill bottle crafts! Learn all about crafting with pill bottles in the article below.

Did you know that the bottles are tinted because light can damage some medications? That tint can come in handy with some of the excellent pill bottle crafts below. Learn how to paint, decoupage, create miniature storage, and more with pill bottle projects.

Learn what else you can make out of plastic bottles with our collection of42 Easy Water Bottle Crafts

Easy Diy Potion Bottles

How to make basic potion bottles | LARPtasia

This was made from Tombow blending palette that has been used over and over. The creator follows the technique of Mason Jar Queen and he indeed adds a potion of his creativity to it as well.

The first step is to smudge the bottle with Tombow Mono Aquatic Liquid glue and you can add texture by patting some area with paper towels.

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How To Make Witch Potion Bottles For Halloween

August 21, 2021 By: Katie

Make your own set of spooky potion bottles to add to your Halloween decor. Below is the step-by-step tutorial and free printable.

A pinch of Warlock Root, 5 Centipede Hairs, and a scoop of Dragon Bone.

Boil in a caldron of Deadly Night Shade for a fortnight.

When mixed correctly you will have a potion that when either drank or inhaled, will cure hiccups.

Seriously, it works you should try it!

Whats Halloween without some fun and scary props and decor? These Potion Bottles are fun to make and are going to look awesome with your Halloween decor.

Diy Magic Potion Bottles

Halloween is my favorite time of year. There are so many ways to get creative and make something spooky and fun. I decided to try making my own lava lamps, but instead label them as magic potion for Halloween!

If youve never tried making a lava lamp before, its very easy and requires only a few ingredients. This would be a great project to make or give to your kids and teach them about how water and oil do not mix!

  • A tall bottle
  • Funnel
  • The first step is to use a funnel to fill your bottle ¾ way full with vegetable oil. Then fill it the rest of the way up with water, leaving about an inch of room at the top.
  • Then add in drops of food coloring . And thats it!
  • To make your magic potion bubble, simply break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into quarters and drop it into the bottle.
  • Your potion will brew and bubble just like magic!
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    Adding Color To The Glass Bottles:

    Adding color to the bottles can make them look like they had something in them at some time a long time ago.

    In a separate bowl, mix a couple drops of food coloring and a scoop of Mod Podge.

    For a black, use the black ink in a scoop of Mod Podge.

    Paint one coat of the colored Mod Podge mixture onto each jar with a foam brush and set them aside to dry.

    They look awesome even without their labels!

    To add the labels put a thick coat of Mod Podge on the back of the label.

    Place the label on the jar and apply a layer of Modge Podge over the top of the label.

    The final result ooohhhh creepy!

    Diy Harry Potter Potion Bottle

    HOW TO DRAW a LOVE POTION â? Digital Art Tutorial

    I think I need a calming draught! This potion bottle contains a potion that calms people down after a shock or something related to it. A long glass bottle with a rubber stopper is needed to allow the potion to flow. However, because the calming draught is blue, different shades of blue glitters are used in the potion.

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    Create The Potion Bottle Contents

    And now the fun stuff: the content of your potion bottle. Create a third layer using the layer view and place it in the middle, between your base layer and shadow layer. Draw up the content of your bottle. It can be anything. In this example it’s some colored fluid, but you could also make it more transparent, or maybe thicker. To make it look realistic make sure the content exactly follows the curves of the bottle. And leave some space for the thickness of the glass. You can add blobs and different shades of color to make it more dynamic. Try out different colors for different types of potions.

    Pretty Pill Bottle Kit

    When asked what to do with all those empty pill bottles, crafter Maria Nerius suggested turning them into a mini kit of some sort! This can be for storage or for a gift. One example she gives is a souvenir “Island Survival” kit: a small pill bottle containing 2 aspirin, one fish hook, and a match. In her tutorial, she explains how to decorate such a pill bottle.

    “You could make all kits of fun kits with your pill bottles. A sewing kit with a little white thread, a sewing needle, a button, and a thimble. A sweet tooth kit with some candies. An on the road emergency kit with some change, a handy wipe, a list of tow trucking companies. Have fun with it.” -Maria,

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    Stunningly Beautiful Pill Bottle Lamp

    Can youbelieve you can make this lamp out of pill bottles? If you have a serious stash, this is the perfect project to make. Upcycle that old, torn lampshade for something trendy and beautiful.

    Designer Emily Seilhamer says, “The shadows when I turned on the lamp were such a happy accident!”

    Image Credit:

    How To Make Harry Potter Potion Bottles

    How to Make a Potion Bottle Pop-Up | Wizard Week

    Out of all the decorations I created for our Harry Potter Halloween party, my favorites were definitely the bottles and brews for the Potions Classroom.

    My Polyjuice Potion was served out of a cauldron to our guests as a cocktail punch, but the rest of the spooky draughts were created with craft supplies. I found ingredients at the dollar store and spent the weeks leading up to our party carefully putting the finishing touches on each spooky detail. Here is my step-by-step guide for making your own DIY Harry Potter potion bottles.

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    How To Age Paper For Halloween Potion Bottles

    Go ahead and print out the labels on plain printer paper. I actually wanted thin, flimsy paper, not cardstock, for this project. It’s easier to bend on curved jars, and looks more like authentic old labels.

    To create the mottled, browned look of aged paper, I used the classic technique of tea staining. But rather than dipping my paper in tea, I used a wet tea bag to blot the paper. That gave me the perfect aged, blotchy look I was after, and also didn’t take as long to dry!

    Already looking awesome, right? Just the finishing touches are left now.

    Pill Bottle Piggy Bank

    Make a miniature piggy bank out of your pill bottle using clay! Learn how to make the basic shapes of the body and face to make the pig stand up. This darling project is great for kids and adults alike. You can even add elements like decoupaging pink paper to the bottle or spray painting it pink to complete the look.

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    More Halloween Craft Tutorials:

    Halloween is such a fun time to craft! Whether you go spooky or fun, the possibilities are endless. We love Halloween and have several different tutorials we want to share with you. Like these Frankenstein Goodie Bags, these Halloween Candy Bar Covers, and this Scary Hand Sanitizer.

    Be sure to look around the blog for more fun craft tutorials!

    Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Daily Drawing #1 – How to draw a magic potion bottle from a tutorial

    One of the most innovative tutorials out there for reusing pill bottles is making them into blue light blocking glasses! Several folks here at the FaveCrafts office wear glasses with a yellow filter for computer light. Great for office settings or for looking at the phone before bed so the blue light doesn’t keep you awake, this tutorial is truly one of a kind.

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    Draw Shadows And Highlights

    Now it’s time for the part that will make this bottle come to life. It looks totally flat now, but you are going to fix that with shadows and highlights that emulate a light source. But first make sure you create a new layer. Place it on top of you previous work. You can view Layers from the menu or press Shift+Ctrl+L to open up the layer view. In there you can create layers and rearrange them.

    With your new layer selected, draw a shadow shape over the bottle. Use a transparent black to overlay about one third of the bottle on the right. Curve the shadow to make it appear as if the glass is round. The shape doesn’t have to be perfect. You can rearrange it again by double clicking or opening up the Node Tool .

    Use a transparent white to create the highlights. Create a small rounded square to the left and a smaller one on the neck of the bottle. This is where the light is coming from. Your bottle is now starting to look less flat and more like an actual bottle.

    Diy Potion Bottles: How To Make A Potion Bottle Like A Pro

    Published: Jul 23, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

    Have you ever seen amazingly outstanding potion bottles in movies and wished you had one of those on your shelf? Worry no further, after days of research we have been able to come up with some amazing projects that you can DIY.

    In this article, I have put together 25 DIY potion bottles that you can DIY from the comfort of your home, you will only need a few materials to customize the bottles. Are you ready to make something amazing? Lets begin.

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    Halloween Potion Bottles Filled With Food Coloring

    Most of the potion bottles were filled with just food coloring and water. This method works brilliantly, and is dead easy.

    IMPORTANT TIP: Be aware that most red and pink colors are very unstable in sunlight, so if you want a potion in the red family, keep it out of direct sunlight. It will fade to clear shockingly quickly.

    You can use liquid, gel, or paste food coloring to color the water for your potion bottles.

    I used liquid food coloring designed for airbrushes for the black potions, and it looked seriously cool distributing into the water in the bottle! I wish I could have suspended it like that somehow!

    Within a few minutes, the color had pretty evenly spread through the water. Still cool.

    You can see that a few drops didn’t make a pure black–more of a desperately deep brown. Very spooky and awesome.

    Upcycled Faux Bamboo Vase

    DIY Potion Bottle Tutorial – Create Your Own Magic Potion Bottle

    Can you even believe this is made from pill bottles? This classy upcycling project is the perfect simple centerpiece. I love the way the light pulls through the bottles when they’re on the windowsill like they are in this photo!

    Michelle from Mich L. in L.A. has several great tips for working with pill bottles, including:

    1. Use sandpaper to erase the printed logo from the bottle cap. Unlike alcohol, sanding also leaves the cap with a roughened surface that is better to paint or draw on.

    2. When drilling a hole in the bottom of a pill bottle, make sure it’s got support, because sometimes the brittle plastic can shatter. If you have a long drill bit, drill down through the inside of the bottle. If not, turn the bottle upside down over a wooden dowel to drill the hole.

    Image Credit:

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