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How To Draw A Profile Face

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Chibi Style Side View Head Guidelines

How to Draw a Face- Profile

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How To Draw A Woman Side Profile

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The female form has been a popular subject of both cartoons and fine art since time immemorial. By some estimates, the models pictured in some of the galleries Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City are 85 percent female. This includes classic statues and paintings from ancient Greece, Rome, China, and medieval Europe.

This drawing tutorial features a woman’s face in profile, as seen from the side. Profile portraits have also long held popularity. For example, profiles have been used on coins and pottery since ancient times. Their beauty is in their simplicity, which relies on the bony structures of the face, namely the forehead, nose, and chin.

Before the invention of the camera, profiles called silhouettes could be easily made to recreate the proportions of the face. Light was cast on the model, and the shadow was sketched. The sketch was usually shaded with no other details filled in. According to the ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder, “the first drawing ever made was by a woman named Dibutades, who traced the silhouette of her lover on a wall.”

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to draw a cartoon female face in profile? This easy, step-by-step woman’s profile drawing guide can show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. Then, you can use the steps you learned to make sketches of friends and family.

Begin Adding Facial Details

From the bottom left curve of the circle, draw a light line down for the back of the neck and another line underneath your chin curve on the right. About halfway down the circle on the right, draw a line outwards that then curves back in towards the circle. This will form the nose.

Adding in the nose and mouth first helps you to figure out where the eyes should be positioned, as shown by Skillshare teacher Gad Ounelfe.

Just underneath the tip of the nose, draw a short line inwards with a short line above and below to form a sideways M shape for the lips. Moving back up to the top of your T-shaped guidelines, draw a sideways V with dark shading at the widest end for the eye. The front of the eye should be roughly in line with the back of the nose and lips to ensure that everything is proportioned correctly.

Make sure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are all aligned to keep your profile in proportion.

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Drawing Noses And Eyes Together

Once you learn the anatomy of the eye and how to draw it realistically, it is important to understand how to put two of them together along with other facial features like the nose. Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • The space between the eyes is one eye width.
  • Both eyes should be directly across from each other.
  • If you draw a vertical line down from the corner of the eye, it will line up with the edge of the nose.
  • Both eyes must be looking in the same direction. The pupil and iris must be the same in both.
  • Place the catch light in the same place on both eyes .

1. Create a Line Drawing

Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of a nose and eyes together. Notice how the vertical line drawn down from the corner of the eyes lines up with the edge of the nose. Place the eyes directly across from one another.

2. Apply Dark Tones, Fill in the Shadow Areas and Eyebrows

When you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser. Apply the darkest tones with a pencil.

The pupils of the eyes are the darkest areas. Fill in the tones of the shadow areas and the eyebrows. The eyebrows should be shaded in as a shape first, before the hairs are applied.

3. Blend and Apply Highlights

Blend with a stump or tortillion. Very little of the paper should be left white, even in the whites of the eyes. Use a kneaded eraser for the small highlights seen in the brows and patterns within the pupils.

Draw The Face Features

How to draw a face profile. Quick sketch. Beginners.

In fashion design sketches the face features are a little exaggerated but we still need to stay true to reality to make the face look attractive.Draw the right eye as usual . The left eyes inner corner is covered by the nose and the outer corner is not visible because of the view angle. This will make it appear smaller. Make sure you have the same pupils and iris size as the other eye!

Divide the mouth ellipse guide into two halves: upper and lower lip. Use the New Centerline to guide you. In How to draw sexy lips tutorial and Drawing the lips Friday tip you will find more tips and tricks.

Pay attention to the shape of the mouth. The right half of it appears shorter because it is in perspective. Use the new Centerline to find the middle point of the mouth.

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  • BeverlyPosted May 17, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Great idea to show skull & line drawing comparisonI found this useful in understanding the underlying form & volumes.

  • BeverlyPosted June 1, 2009 at 3:13 am

    OK, this is extremely clear and direct. I read the tutorial and then I sketched and took notes from the tutorial in my sketch book, this helped a great deal as it confirmed areas I did or did not understand.Next I invented angles to confirm the knowledge. Stan, you did great, the tutorial brought me furthest along than any other reading of this subject to date. Your skill and clarity in communicating this is exceptional.

  • Posted August 5, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    Wow bev, thanks for the warm compliments.

    I like how you took notes and then actually applied the information. Very important to retain what youve learned.

  • RochellePosted September 12, 2009 at 3:23 am

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have many drawing books, including those by Loomis, but none of them explained a clear method for drawing the head at various angles. Without this tutorial I would still be struggling so thanks again for the explanation.

  • tharindu sampathPosted September 20, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    nice work

  • Posted October 13, 2009 at 9:29 am

    I agree with Rochelle ideas,although reading many books which has no assistance to me.

    Your explaination is very concise and easy to learn.

    Good jobs.

  • Posted October 13, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Thanks guys! Keep studying those Loomis books though. Theyre filled with great information.

  • Add The Ears And Hairline

    Draw the upper portion of a circle inside the original curve at the top of your page. This will create a hairline for you to work from later on. From here, draw a light dotted line about a third of the way up from the middle horizontal line to mark a guideline for the tops of the ears.

    Drawing additional guidelines helps to make sure your features are in the right places.

    Take a curved line down each side of the face until approximately halfway down the lower half of the drawing . Inside each of the ears, draw a few ovals and lines to create the inner portion of the ear.

    Skillshare teacher Jasmina Susak shows us how to add in the first features on the face.

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    A Simple Approach To Drawing A Face

    Some may find the Loomis Method a little cumbersome for drawing. Luckily, there is a simpler approach. This approach borrows ideas from the Loomis Method, but simplifies a few of the steps. This formula should be used to help you see and compare. In each stage of the formula, analyze each feature and draw what you see. The result will be a representational portrait of the person you are drawing with all of the features in the right place.

    Drawing a portrait is very much like drawing any other subject matter. You have to closely observe the subject in order to draw it accurately. Of course portrait drawing is especially delicate because the goal is to make the portrait resemble the subject closely.

    If you know the person, the pressure to produce accuracy can be daunting. But every artist, no matter what their skill level, should take heart. Even the most experienced and well-known portrait artists are presented with challenges. Consider these two quotes from one of the best portrait painters of all time, John Singer Sargent…

    âEvery time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend.â

    âA portrait is a painting in which something is wrong with the mouth.â

    Most of us can relate with both of these quotes. Weâve all felt the pressure when drawing or painting a portrait to make it look exactly like our subject – especially when that subject is a friend. For some of us, the pressure is so great, we avoid portraits all together.

    Draw The Neck And The Ear

    How to Draw a Face in Profile Easily – Male and Female

    In fashion design sketches necks are drawn longer and slimmer than real life. It still needs to be in proportion with the whole head so pay special attention to it. A poorly drawn neck can ruin the impression of the beautiful face youve created.Next, add the ear. The shape of it is nor a half-moon it is irregular the top part is wider than the lower.

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    Finishing Your Side Profile

    Above the eye, add a curved eyebrow and begin adding in the details for the ear. With your pencil, go back over some of the features that youve already added so that theyre darker and more prominent. From here, youll be adding the final touchthe hair.

    Draw swooping lines over the top of the face circle and along the left side. For a ponytail, add a half-oval or knot shape with wispy lines coming from this as individual hair strands.

    Adding in simple pencil strokes for the hair is the final step in finishing your drawing!

    Once youve added the final touches to the hair, your profile drawing is complete!

    How To Draw Characters With Different Ethnicities

    We are nearing the end of our cartoon face drawing tutorial. As a last tip, I would encourage you to continue experimenting with facial expressions and, whenever possible, to invest more in studies of the face. Learn how the eyes and mouth behave in different situations. Take a look at different ethnicities and the key features.

    Whenever possible, try to give a little more realism to your characters. Observe the behavior of people in real life. Look at photos, study the style of your favorite artist, or search for inspiration on the Internet. It’s when we look to real life that we can extract quality information for our drawings. But remember: observing the real world does not mean copying! You want your character to be unique and not a copy of reality, right?

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    How To Draw Characters With Different Facial Expressions

    When thinking about cartoon characters to draw, emotions and facial expressions should come to mind. We’re now ready to add more emotions to our dear Lucy . Let’s draw her after receiving the news that the school holidays have come to an end…

    Again, we achieve something totally different just by adding two things: the tears and the new shape of her mouth! Isn’t it amazing?!

    Now let’s get back to Tommy and ask him what he thinks about it:

    Notice that I’ve totally changed his expression just by following the steps below:

    • Making one eyebrow lower than the other
    • Cutting the eyes in half with the eyelashes
    • Adding a smile
    • Moving up the eye pupils to stay under the eyelashes

    And that’s it! We got the expected result with just these few changes. The hair, ears, nose, chin, and the circular shape of the eyes are the same! Simple as that!

    How To Draw Cartoon Hair Help

    How to draw a face profile

    Easy, easy… there’s nothing to fear. You don’t need to be a stylist or fashion designer to make perfect hair. There isn’t a right way to draw hair, so you’ll need to try until you create the ideal haircut you want. Just remember that the hair is responsible for defining the personality of our characters. Oddly enough, the hair can express age, rebellion, conservatism… incredible, isn’t it? Speaking of which… what is your hairstyle?! Oh, never mind…

    An accurate and fast way of drawing cartoon hair is to seek photo references on the web! I do this all the time: grab a fashion magazine or try a Google search. After finding the ideal style, put the image as a reference next to your drawing board and start making a simplified cartoon version of it.

    Well, it seems we’ve completed our character successfully! Congratulations!

    Now let’s play with cartoon drawing ideas and create a completely different character with the same template we used for little Tommy .

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    Determine The Angle Of The Ball

    The angle of the head is established at the very beginning of the drawing with the ball. All three axes must be addressed:

    X Axis -;The up and down tilt is established by the angles of the horizontal and vertical lines in the oval. Also, on extreme up tilts and down tilts, the thirds will be foreshortened because of perspective.

    Y Axis -;The direction the head is turning is established by the width of the oval. As the head turns towards you, you can see more of the front of the face and less of the side, so the oval representing the side will get narrower. Similarly, when the head turns away from you, more of the side plane is revealed and the oval will appear wider.

    Z Axis -;The twist is established by the angle of the center line, the angle of the oval and the;placement of the oval on the ball.

    Drawing Noses Two Ways

    The nose is the least complicated feature and most closely resembles the sphere, as noted. The five elements of shading are easy to see. It is important to learn to draw facial features in different poses.

    These straight-on and profile views of the nose will give you ample practice. Follow the steps to draw a nose in both views.

    Straight-on View

    1. Create a Line Drawing

    Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of a nose in a straight-on view.

    2. Develop the Lights and Darks

    First and foremost, when you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser. Then, develop the patterns of light and dark with a pencil. Be sure to refer to the sphere.

    Second, add reflected light along the edges of the nose and the rim of the nostril. Add a shadow edge under the tip of the nose to make it look rounded. Place cast shadows under the bottom edge of the nose.

    3. Blend

    After you add your light and dark tones, blend them smooth with a stump or tortillion. Very little of the drawing should be left white. Many artists will leave skin tones too light, but only the highlights should be as white as the paper.

    Be sure to blend out from the dark areas into the lighter face area, just like you did in the sphere exercise. This makes it appear real.

    Profile View

    1. Create a Line Drawing

    Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of a nose from a side view.

    2. Develop the Lights and Darks

    3. Blend

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    Discover Online Classes In Drawing

    Character Illustration, sketching tips, ink drawing, pencil portraits, and more.

    When youre starting out as an artist, drawing a face is likely one of the skills youre looking to master. There are plenty of options for how to do this, from cartoon and graphic novel styles to realistic portrait styles used to draw your favorite celebrities or your family and friends.

    Draw An Angry Face With Emotion

    How To Draw A Simple Face(Profile)

    When drawing any kind of expression, the eyebrows can do most of the work. Exaggerating a the curves of your eyebrows can change a lot on the expression of your character. Remember, when sketching up and drawing, to try and;exaggerate the expressions;and your lines, it gives more personality and a different motion to your drawings.

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    How To Draw Human Faces

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 139 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1,896,989 times.Learn more…

    Since the earliest times, humans have spent a great deal of time trying to capture the essence of the human face. This can be enjoyable, but it’s better if you know how. While our bodies add dynamism to artworks, the face is filled with expressionthe very soul of our being. Learning to bring that out starts with learning how to draw a basic human face. Where you take it next will be in your charcoal- or paint-stained fingers.

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