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How To Draw A Rabbit Easy

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Rabbits For Easy Drawing

How to Draw a Cute Bunny Rabbit Easy

Rabbits for easy drawing are those that can be traced with simple and simple shapes. These drawings of rabbits for coloring are very cute and it is also with rabbits to draw for those who are not very skilled with the pencil. This is because the drawings are very simple. For example in the rabbit above, it is the big eyes that determine the rabbits face. From there it is to copy the different features and thats it.

In this other case, we go that rabbits to draw sometimes are not exactly with the ways we know them. The shape of the head of this drawing rabbit looks more like an onion, but by adding the different elements of the face, the expected results are achieved.

On our website you can find many other themes of drawings to color, but if you want for specific themes, we offer you these:

Adding Highlights With Your Eraser

The highlight is just as important as the shading when it comes to making your simple bunny drawing pop. We have the shading down, so it is time to pay attention to the highlights. For this step, we recommend using the sharp edge of an eraser or the eraser on the end of a pencil.

  • Try to find the brightest areas in your bunny reference photo. In our reference photo, these highlighted areas are around the nose, on the bridge above the eyes, on the tips of the ears, and in the eyes themselves.
  • During the last blending step, you may have dragged some graphite over these precise areas of highlight. You can look at the example drawing to get a better idea of where exactly you may want to erase.
  • The wonderful thing about using a precise eraser is that you can create very thin, hair-like highlights. Adding highlights like this can help make your drawing more realistic.

Simple Bunny Drawing For Coloring

I like this drawing very much. The rabbits face is very funny. He seems to have just broken something and is afraid of being denied. It is a nice drawing for coloring. When you are going to make a rabbit drawing, you must start to handle the art of giving expression to your drawings. In this case the eyes and mouth are the elements that give it a tender image of fearful.

Here, what makes this drawing particular is the almost triangular head of the rabbit. All these are easy drawings of rabbits, so that in addition to painting and coloring them, you are encouraged to learn to draw them.

In this regard, I want to propose something. Whether you make your drawing, or color it to one of those that I put here, I ask you to comment something below, and send us an email with the drawing you have painted. We will hang it on the same article, with your name. That way you can show your friends that you have posted a job on the internet.

This drawing gives the feeling of being a stuffed animal. The bunny is sitting, peeking out a nice belly. The eyes so big, and with a few highlights give it a very interesting personality.

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How To Draw A Bunny That Looks Real

Drawing a bunny that looks real is quite a bit more difficult than drawing a cartoon version and it requires way more step.

However, if you want to learn how to draw a realistic bunny I recommend you try out the excellent tutorial tutsplus that can find by .

I gave it a try myself and here are my results. Im not showing all the steps though, so make sure to check out tutsplus tutorial for that.

Rabbit Vs Hare Anatomy

Beginners how to draw a cartoon bunny rabbit – very easy

Rabbits and hares are of the same family of mammals called leporids. To learn how to draw a bunny we need to understand the differences between the two.

Hares are generally larger than rabbits with a few exceptions. Hares commonly have larger legs and ears than a rabbit. Take notice of the difference in their limbs as their bodies have adapted for different purposes.

Hares run faster than rabbits to escape their predators due to the size of their legs. Rabbits on the other hand are not big runners and tend to hide from their predators. But, do not expect to catch them in an open field. They are very quick despite their small bodies!

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Draw A Body For Your Rabbit

We shall start to draw a body for your rabbit drawing in this fourth step. First, draw a short, curved line underneath the head of your rabbit to make a little chest.

Then, you can extend a line from the back of the head to make the back of your rabbit.

As you can see in the final images, the rabbit will be sitting hunched over, so this line will be rather curved to give that appearance.

Add The Fur & Whiskers To Finalize The Drawing

Finally you can add some whiskers to the upper part of the rabbits mouth area as well as some fur clumps.

Add the fur clumps in the following areas:

  • Around the inner bottom part of the ears as well as a tiny bit towards the outer bottom back area
  • Tiny clumps in back of the the eyelid/around eye area
  • Fanning out around the cheek area
  • The chest area
  • Bottom portion of the upper part of the back leg
  • Back of the tail
  • Back of the head
  • Tiny clumps in some random areas around the large curve of the back

Draw the fur clumps of varying lengths and sizes and with slightly different curves to make the fur look more natural.

You can also completely shade the eye .

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Draw A Bunny Step By Step

For the first step, were going to make a round shape with curved bumps for the cheeks.;

Draw the ears by making a U-shaped line, up and then down on one side of the top of the head and then the same on the other side of the head.

Draw a large curve. This will be the bunny body.

See the picture below.;;

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Putting Together The Sketch

How to draw a rabbit or bunny- in easy steps advanced tutorial

In the first step, we will construct the sketch. When doing this, you can follow the basic processes outlined below:

Tip: When drawing the sketch, use an H or HB pencil and never press too hard. This will allow you to erase guide lines and errors later on.

  • At first glance, a bunnys head can seem quite complicated, but if you break down the motif into geometric shapes, you can easily construct your sketch. Breaking the parts down is the best way to learn how to draw a bunny face.
  • To do this, draw an elongated ellipse in the center of your paper to suggest the bunnys face. Next, draw two more ellipses as ears that start in the upper third of the first ellipse and stick out a bit. Use your printed photo as a guide to get the angle of the ears right.
  • Another ellipse marks the cheeks of the bunny.

Tip: Break down your motif into simple basic shapes to learn how to draw a bunny face. This will help you to get the proportions right. This works for every motif!

  • On my sketch, you can also see that the head is divided by a cross in the middle. The horizontal line shows you exactly where the eyes are and the vertical line shows you where the center of the face is. This will help you later when drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • You can also roughly draw the outline of the body. Follow my sketch.

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How To Draw A Rabbit Using Simple Shapes And Lines

Before learning how to draw a rabbit: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • A rabbit can see behind him without even turning its head!
  • The teeth of a rabbit never stop growing!
  • In winter, a rabbit will not hibernate.

Step 1

How to draw a cartoon rabbit is easy when you know what you should look for in this sweet animal. Of course, the ears are the first part of the rabbit that comes to mind. Look also for the little pink nose , big rear claws , and a puffy tail . The rabbit can be black, white, brown, or a mix of several colors.

Step 2

The rabbit is made mostly of circles. Notice how the lower body is strong and firm. This animal is fast and agile and it’s important to display these elements in our drawings.;

The head is small compare to the rest of the body. It’s not unusual to see a cartoon rabbit with long ears but as you can see, they are not that long after all. The neck is rather large but this only an illusion.

Step 3

For this example, let’s try to sketch something with more style. First, draw the head, the ears and the body using circles and rectangles with round edges. Then, connect those parts using small rectangles.;

Sketch the feet and the legs of our character. Continue with the hands and the arms. Add the details on the face, the feet and the tail. Here you go!

Step 4

Find A Reference Bunny

Quality reference is the best way to draw something youve never drawn before. A reference image gives you a clearly defined set of parameters that will create boundaries for your drawing. And references can also inspire new drawing ideas when the creative well is running dry. Head to Adobe Stock to find hundreds of reference images to choose from. In addition to having a massive supply of images ready for use, Adobe Stock also makes importing images into Adobe Fresco easy. Simply click the heart icon. Try searching for bunny drawing or Easter bunny to see what different types of images come up.

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How To Draw A Bunny: Easy Step

Learning how to draw a bunny is best broken down into simple steps. Start by deciding what kind of bunny you want to createa lifelike creature, an adorable animal, or a rabbit with human-like expressionsthen sketch out the bunnys outline using into simple shapes. Finally, go in and add detail and colors.;

Skillshare instructor Patricia Caldeira does an incredible job of breaking this process down and showing students how to draw a bunny step by step.

Bunny Drawing How To Draw A Bunny

How to Draw a Cartoon Bunny Rabbit Easy

If you are looking for bunny drawing, here we will present several different models. These are easy drawings for children, something to draw that children find simple and make them want to learn to draw. Our drawings of bunnies are basically easy drawings, with which you can have a good time enjoying an activity as healthy as learning to draw.

If instead of drawing, you just want to color rabbit, you can print a rabbit drawing of the ones shown here, and you can paint it any way you want.

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Sketch Your Bunny Step By Step

Fresco makes sketching easy with a powerful suite of drawing tools, but you might be working on paper with the plan to import into a digital space later. Either way, start with the basic shapes of the rabbit and go from there.;

Image by Alex Braun

Lay down the basic proportions.

Especially if youre going for a more realistic bunny, rather than a cartoon one: The easiest way to approach it is to break the animal down into simple shapes. The best way to do that is to look up a ton of photo references and then think, What shapes do I see in this animal? says illustrator Chioma Iloegbunam.

To start, draw two small circles that are slightly wider than they are tall. The first will be the head of your bunny; the second will be the body. Both shapes should be relatively close to one another.

Depending on the perspective of your reference photo, you might need to make the body shape longer than you would for a cartoon bunny. The goal is to sketch the circles, squares, and ovals that you see in your reference, so you can then start working on the pose and perspective of your drawing.

Image by Alex Braun

Give your rabbit a pose and perspective.

Image by Alex Braun

Let Us Make That Shading Darker

This step is pretty much what it says on the tin. Using a softer pencil from your set, preferably a 4B, you want to add to the very darkest areas of your rabbit drawing.

  • At this stage, you can shade in the eyes of your rabbit. When doing this, be sure to leave the highlighted area blank.
  • Softer pencils like the 4B are darker because they have more graphite than an HB pencil. While this darkness is exactly what we want at this stage, it is much harder to erase these pencil marks completely. Take it slowly when adding this darker level of shading, as you may not be able to undo it.

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Draw The Major Shapes Of The Rabbit Body

Start the drawing of the rabbit by first getting the overall shapes of the major parts of its body as in the above example.

Draw the head as a sort of egg shape.

Next draw the body itself which for a rabbit in this position can sort of be broken down into two parts, the smaller front and the larger back. You can pretty much draw the back shape with just one single curve .

Next draw the upper part of the rabbits back leg .

Sketching Out Your Rabbit Drawing

How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit CUTE – Easy | BOBO Cute Art

The first step is learning how to draw a bunny face. Although you will end up erasing much of this initial sketch, it is an essential first step in learning how to draw a rabbit. Our first tip is to use an HB or H pencil when outlining this initial sketch and to try not to press hard. You want to be able to erase these guiding lines completely.

The best way to capture the right proportions in any animal drawing is to break it down into simple shapes. When learning how to draw a bunny face, the best shapes to use are ellipses.

  • Begin with a single, fairly large, and elongated ellipse in the center of your page. This first shape is the main body of your rabbits head.
  • Draw a curving cross within this main ellipse. Ideally, you want the center verticle line to bulge in the same direction that the rabbits head is facing in your composition, and you want the horizontal line to bulge downwards. This cross helps you place the facial features on your bunny.
  • For the ears,you are going to draw the next two elongated ellipses that meet in the top third of the face. It can be helpful to look at your reference photograph to help you get the right angle in the ears.
  • To mark out the chubby bunny cheeks,you can draw another slightly fatter and horizontal ellipse. This ellipse should fit between the bottom of your main face shape and the horizontal cross-section.

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Draw The Details Of The Head

Now add the details such as the the smaller bends and curves of the rabbits head. You can also draw the mouth area, cheek area, nose, eye, and bottom portion of the front ear.

  • Mouth with an egg like shape between the bottom jaw and the nose
  • Cheek a set of two curves one for the bottom portion and one for the area between that and the bottom of the ears
  • Nose just a tiny bump at this stage
  • Eye a sort of lemon like shape
  • Bottom of Ear Front Ear a small curve for the front part and a larger curve for the back part that sort of cuts into the upper shape of the ear

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