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How To Draw A Racoon Easy

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How To Draw A Raccoon

How to Draw a Cartoon Raccoon – Easy for Beginners

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Raccoon in 7 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Raccoon.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

Interesting Facts About Racoons

The raccoon belongs to the Procyonidae family of mammals, along with kinkajous, cacomistles, ringtails, and other species, which are native to North America.

Fossils of raccoons date back about 20 million years and during the mid-20th century were distributed to various Asian and European countries.

Did you know?

  • Raccoons have an exceptional sense of touch, with hyper sensitive front paws.
  • Raccoons are recognized by the black band of fur around their eyes, which look like a bandits mask.
  • Several studies have shown that raccoons are able to manipulate locks, remember solutions to tasks for several years and distinguish number of items.
  • Raccoons usually come out at night to forage for food, which can include plants, meat, and insects.
  • Baby raccoons are called kits and are born in the spring.
  • Raccoons cannot run very fast or jump very far, but they can stand upright on their hind legs to explore things with their front paws.

Raccoons have long been hunted for their furs, which are used for coats and caps. Although they have been depicted in mythology, art and literature, raccoons are known as pests; getting into garbage and raiding fruit trees.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon Easy Step By Step For Kids

November 20, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Wild Animals

This is a cute little raccoon, standing and waving its little claws, making himself look fierce. It’s so interesting.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw it out, very simple. If kids like this raccoon, let them follow the steps below to try it out!


Preschoolers and kids of all ages



How to draw a raccoon

1.Draw an arc, leave a gap in the middle, and draw hair at the gap. Then draw a pair of ears.

2.Draw the outline of the head of the raccoon, and then draw two ovals.

3. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth, and draw two small ovals above the eyes.

4.Draw the arms and hands, as shown.

5. Draw your body, legs and feet.

6.Draw a big tail on the right side of your body, and draw some lines on the tail.

7.Finally, color it carefully, and the cute cartoon raccoon is done!

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Your Raccoon Drawing Is Complete

We hope you had a good time drawing a raccoon with this step-by-step drawing tutorial! Now that you can draw a raccoon, why not try drawing a raccoon clinging on a branch of a tree next time?

Check out our tree drawing tutorial from our catalog if youre interested!

Drawing a raccoon is an achievement, so you should feel proud of yourself for completing a masterpiece!

Were excited to see your charming raccoon drawing!

When You Learn How To Draw A Raccoon In Profile So You Can See His Face Chubby Body And Fluffy Striped Tail All At Once

How to Draw a Raccoon – Cute Art – Easy Pictures to Draw

The best animal drawing tutorials are the ones that show students a clear view of the face, and include a side view of the body. That way the shape of the back, legs and tail all come into view at once for a very complete picture.

This raccoon tutorial checks all those boxes, and is made from some fairly simple shapes. Hopefully he or she will make a great companion to some future reports on these pretty cool looking animals. TIP: Dont forget to make a nocturnal background when it comes to coloring.

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By Step Instructions For Drawing A Raccoon

How to Draw a Pony

8.Draw the arms using a pair of curved lines. Complete the hands using “U” shaped lines to form the fingers. Indicate toes on the feet using short, curved lines. Finally, draw the tail using a pair of long, curved lines that meet in a point. Notice how the lines curve outward to give the tail a fluffy appearance. Then, band the tail with pairs of parallel curved lines.

9.Draw the raccoon’s face. For each ear, enclose a curved triangle within a larger curved triangle. Draw curved lines across the face to form the raccoon’s mask. For each eye, draw three successively smaller ovals. Finally, use a curved line to form the raccoon’s smile.

10. Color your raccoon.

Are you wild about forest animals? Use our drawing guides to draw a forest and all its woodland creatures.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Learn how to draw a simple raccoon clip art that looks cute and adorable in this four steps drawing lesson. This cute cartoon animal is easily recognizable with all the stripes on the tail and large patches around the eyes. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create this amazing character quickly and easily using basic shapes, lines and colors. Drawing a fun cartoon raccoon has never been easier! 🙂

Using a short video to begin with

Do you want to see how this wild animal was created in real-time? Great! Simply take a look at the short video located below to see it all in action. If you still need a few tips or prefer to use a more traditional technique, then simply scroll down a little for the written version of this tutorial.

How to draw this raccoon clip art in four easy steps

First, we need to create a simple template mostly made from long curved lines. Let’s use a basic gray color to make these sketches subtle. The head is done using an oval shape that this round on top and flat near the bottom. Two large triangles are added on top to represent the ears. Smaller triangles are added near the cheeks to illustrate hair. The body is made from two long lines and paws are done using more oval shapes. Finally, you can draw the tail using two long curved lines as shown below.

Have Fun Drawing More Cool Cartoon Raccoons!

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How Do You Draw A Cute Raccoon Easy

Draw a Cute Raccoonracoon’sdrawDraw

How to Draw a Raccoon

  • Step 1: Draw an oval on the left side of the paper as a guide for the raccoon’s head.
  • Step 2: Draw two intersecting lines inside the head to help you place the raccoon’s facial features later on.
  • Step 3: Draw a small oval on the lower half of the raccoon’s head as a guide for the muzzle.
  • how do you draw dear? 1.How to Sketch a Deer

  • Draw a rectangle.
  • Measure the distance to the ground.
  • Find the points where the limbs start.
  • Sketch the limbs.
  • To add a realistic form of the chest, add a circle to the lower left corner of the rectangle.
  • Add an oval to the front of the rectangle.
  • Sketch the neck.
  • Add the head on top of the neck.
  • Similarly, how do you draw a dolphin?


  • Start by drawing the dolphin’s snout.
  • Draw a large C for the dolphin’s back.
  • Add eyes and a smile to the face.
  • Create a short line under the face.
  • Draw a long V-shaped fin.
  • Create the stomach by drawing another curved line in the same direction as the back.
  • Add in the tail, back, and side fins.
  • How do you draw a bunny?


  • Draw two intersecting circles. Add a big oblong shape on one side.
  • Draw a curved line on the side of the top circle to represent the bunny’s nose.
  • Add almond shapes over the head for the ears.
  • Add the eyes and whiskers.
  • Do the same furry effect on the sketched outline of the bunny’s body.
  • Color the drawing.
  • Learn How To Draw A Raccoon For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    How To Draw A Cute Raccoon

    Hello everybody! In this lesson, you can learn how to draw a raccoon for kids step by step. The raccoon is a member of the raccoon family. Basically, all the inhabitants of this species live in America. Using this raccoon drawing tutorial, you can easily draw an animal in just a few steps. The main thing is not to rush, carefully follow the step-by-step drawings and descriptions.

    Raccoons have a very attractive appearance: a pretty face, a beautiful color, and a lush tail. Usually, these fluffy animals live near the water. Very curious and cute animals are actually very good predators and food hunters. These animals come in different colors, but we tried to draw a raccoon in the most classic form. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will definitely get a cute drawing.

    Time needed:;20 minutes.

    How to Draw a Raccoon for Kids

  • Draw a raccoon head.

    The raccoons head is oval, slightly flattened.

  • Draw the ears and spots.

    On the head, draw 2 small ears in the form of rounded triangles. Next, depict the spots on the face in the form of open ovals.

  • Draw the eyes and nose.

    Draw two eyes as small circles and black pupils inside. Draw a small nose in the shape of a triangle.

  • Draw the body of the raccoon.

    Draw an oval body under the raccoons head.

  • Draw a spot on the belly.

    Raccoons have a beautiful color, so the next step is to draw a large spot on the belly.

  • Draw the hind legs.

    At the bottom, draw two legs that fit snugly together. Draw them as shown in the instructions.

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    Draw A Construction Line Shape Of The Raccoons Head

    Before drawing any animal its a good idea to take a look at their most defining feature. A raccoons face has a very characteristic pattern with dark fur around the eyes that transitions towards the fur on their cheeks. Raccoons also have a fairly pointy snout, fluffy fur and ears that point upwards and slightly to the sides.

    Start the drawing with a highly simplified construction line sketch as in the above example. Be sure to draw very light lines that you can easily erase later.

    The goal is to create a sort of framework within which you will then draw and shade.

    The very first line you will want to draw is the center line that will help make sure that both halves of the raccoons face are relatively even in width . Next draw the outer curve of the head followed by the shapes of the ears and the inner shapes.

    Now Draw The Raccoons Facial Features

    Draw two small circles with a smaller circle inside on the upper portion of the raccoons face. This forms the pair of eyes of the raccoon.

    Afterwards, shade the entire eyes while leaving out the tiny circles inside unshaded to create a dramatic sparkling eyes effect.

    After drawing the raccoons facial features, well move on to the distinct patterns on its face. Proceed by drawing two curved lines that connect in the middle on the forehead of the raccoon.

    Then, draw two curved figures surrounding each eye. This is usually the part of the raccoon with a darker fur color.

    There you have ityou have successfully drawn a raccoon! Now, its finally time for the part weve all been waiting for, which is coloring the raccoon!

    Depending on its place of origin, the fur of racoons varies from grey to blackish with brown overtones to silver.

    You can opt to color the raccoon using its original colors or use a unique set of colors. Either way, were sure the colors will turn out beautifully!

    The colors of your drawing is entirely up to you! After all, its your work of art! Have fun playing with colors!

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    Learn How To Draw An Easy Raccoon With A Masked Face And Fluffy Striped Tail Sometimes The Extra Simple Projects Are The Ones That Turn Out Extra Cute

    When it comes to drawing cute and interesting animals, raccoons have a lot to offer. They live all over the;US in;forests;and woodlands, near farms and;cities and have been known to eat almost anything. This includes clams,;fish, nuts,;fruit, lizards,;insects;and the occasional;squirrel;or;mouse.

    Though it was once believed that raccoons liked to wash their food before they eat it, today scientists think thats not necessarily true and may just like the feel of water on their hands.

    The coloring of a raccoon makes them especially fun to draw, with the bandit looking eyes, light belly and striped tail. To make sure that the eyes can still be seen in the middle of the black crayon mask, try filling them in with a the black marker.

    Optional Step Adding The Whiskers

    How to Draw a Cartoon Raccoon Cute and Easy step by step

    One thing that you may notice is missing form the first drawing are the whiskers. The reason for that is that raccoons have white whiskers making it very difficult to add them in a pencil drawing.

    You could try and leave the area white but that would make shading the surrounding area very difficult and even more time consuming as you would have to very carefully shade around them.

    A better option is to add the whiskers in after you finish shading either using white paint or certain types of pencil crayons. You can also scan your drawing and add them in digitally if thats an option thats available to you. Alternatively you can leave them out all together.

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    How To Draw Rocket Raccoon

    • Well draw: Rocket Raccoon;
    • From: Marvel Comics, Guardians of the Galaxy;
    • Steps: 16.

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    Draw All Four Limbs Of The Raccoon

    Draw a curved elongated figure with claws on the right side of the raccoons chest to form its right front leg. Then, draw the visible claws of the left front leg on the opposite side.

    Afterwards, draw a wider curved figure with a foot to structure the right hind leg. Bear in mind that the hind leg of the raccoon should be a bit thicker than its front legs.

    Since the raccoon is facing towards the left side, its left leg isnt visible, as seen in the illustration above.

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Baby Raccoon

    September 14, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Wild Animals

    Raccoons like to live in damp woodland. Their hands are very flexible and can catch flying bugs! Learn to draw such a cartoon little raccoon is a very fun thing, suitable for elementary school students.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this happy raccoon. If you like it, pick up a pen and follow the steps below.


    How to draw a cartoon little raccoon

    1. Draw the outline of the head, including the mouth.

    2.Draw two big eyes. Then draw an oval to get the nose.

    3. Draw ears on top of your head.

    4. Draw a T-shirt at the bottom of the head.

    5. Draw an arm and a hand.

    6. Draw the other arm and hand.

    7. Draw pants. Then draw the legs and feet.

    8. Draw a big tail. Then draw some curves on the tail.

    9. Finally, color it carefully. This cute cartoon raccoon is finished!

    Afterwards Draw The Snout Of The Raccoon

    How to draw a raccoon | Easy drawings

    Draw a curved line on the lower middle part of the head of the raccoon. Then, draw a small sideways oval shape at the bottom of the curve. This forms the snout and the nose of the raccoon.

    Make sure that the snout is slightly pointed towards the endits one of the raccoons most distinct features!

    Dont forget to remove the part of the outline that overlaps with the snout!

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    How To Draw A Raccoon Created From Adorable Shapes

    This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a raccoon easily! This urban animal is known for being able to clean properly the trash you are leaving on the street!;

    Might not be the best thing to do, but this adorable animal is really good at it! Now let’s see if we can learn to draw this particular character!

    Enjoy a license to use this illustrationhere!

    Step 1

    Draw the eyes of your raccoon. Just sketch two circles for the eyes and two others, behind the first ones, for the patches.

    Step 2

    Illustrate the jaw by drawing an oval shape. You can also add a small circle above the eyes to create the forehead. The body will be represented by a long and narrow rectangle.;

    Step 3

    Add two circles on top of the head. They will be used later to form the ears. Once you are done, draw the back legs with an oval shape and a small rectangle like shown above.

    Step 4

    Finally, complete your first draft by adding the tail using a big oval shape. The legs on the front can be represented with two small rectangles each.

    Step 5

    Now work on the outline of the head of your raccoon. Notice the small fur on both sides of the cheeks. You can also refine the ears.

    Step 6

    The front legs of the raccoon can be drawn like human hands. The body is still created by a rectangle shape. Also, make sure that the back legs are drawn with one line only.

    Step 7

    The tail should be pointed and filled with stripes.

    Step 8

    Finish your work by adding details like the nose and the mouth.

    Step 9

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