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How To Draw A Rat Easy

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How To Draw A Fun Rat Cartoon In Just A Few Easy Steps

DRAW A RAT EASY | Chinese New Year of the Rat – Step by Step Drawing

Learn how to draw a funny rat cartoon using a vector software! Even if rats are not the most popular animals on earth, they do have some exposure in movies and television. Indeed, many great movies and television series are featuring this simple cartoon animal.

In this drawing lesson, I will show you how to draw a cute cartoon rat using a vector software. I will also show you how to add nice shadows and reflections to enhance this funny little character. Don’t hesitate to create your own rat and feel free to experiment with your software.

Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline.

On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step.

Illustrations from this site can be yours now!Learn how

Step 1

First, create the outline of your character using black lines. As you can see, the back legs are not visible for now. They will be created later using shadows. Once you are finished, apply a few basic colors to your illustration.

Step 2

Move on to the next step and select all the shapes of your rat cartoon. Select the gradient tool and apply some shadows on your illustration. Make sure that all shapes on the bottom are darker.

Step 3

Work on the eyes and add a few circles to create reflections on the eyes and the pupils. You can also create round patches behind the eyes to make them easier to read.

Step 4

Step 5

First Step A Framework To Draw Your Rat

A neat way to go about drawing this rodent is to have it standing just about upright. And this can be done by mapping out a simple structure before-hand, just like the one you see below

The structure

Be sure to keep your lines nice and light if you do go this route. You can erase them with a kneaded eraser when youre all finished revealing your permanent black inked lines of the final drawing.

On to the drawing part

How To Draw Rat

Today we will learn how to draw rat that is easy and enjoyable. This would be a very simple rat drawing that can be used as a learning stage to draw a professional sketch. Your biggest limitation is your creativity. Start with this simple rat diagram and work your way up to see what other ideas you can come up with. Lets begin by taking a look at some of the simple art supplies well be using today.

Materials required:

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How To Draw A Rat

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Rat in 5 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Rat.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

How to Draw a Rat Easy drawing for kids | YZArts

Step 1

Begin by drawing a circle on the middle right of your paper.

Step 2

Next, draw a rounded triangle protruding from the right side of the circle. The triangle and circle will overlap.

Step 3

Connect the triangle and circle with short, straight, lines.

Step 4

Erase the overlapping areas of the circle and triangle.

Step 5

Draw another, slightly larger circle to the left of the first circle. The two circles should overlap.

Step 6

Draw another, larger circle to the left of the second circle. These circles do not touch.

Step 7

Connect the circles on top and bottom using curved lines.

Step 8

Erase the overlapping lines, allowing a small portion of the top of each circle to remain within your new shape.

Step 9

Next, use curving lines to form the closest front leg. Begin in the middle of the shape, slightly to the right of center. The lines will curve toward each other before coming to a point at the foot. A small line within this shape designates the toes. For the far leg, draw a triangle that does not meet at the tip. Using five curved lines, form three toes that extend to the right and end in a point.

Step 10

Erase the line crossing the nearer leg.

Step 11

Add fur detail using short curved lines that come together in jagged points.

Step 12

Erase guidelines from the near leg and the large circle of the back.

Step 13

Step 14

Erase the curved guide line from the rear leg.

Step 15

Step 16

Step 17

Step 18

Step 19

Step 20

Step 21

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Basic Facts About Rat

Rat is a mammal. Rat is also called a mouse. Rat is a small animal and is found all over the world. They are of different-different colours and sizes. According to Hindu Mythology, Rat is considered as a close one of Lord Ganesha. As per the climate of the place rats colour changes. At cool places, white colour rats are found. At hot locations, rats are found in black colour. Mainly rats are of white and black colour.

How To Draw A Rat With Large Cute Eyes

Yes, rats can be nice! Learn how to draw a rat made from an adorable template filled with cuteness and simplicity. In just six easy steps, you will learn how to create a fun character and impress friends and family with your new drawing abilities.

Below is a colored version of the final cartoon rat. Just read all the steps below and use the illustration on this page to guide you throughout the whole process.

Step 1

Let’s begin this lesson with the creation of a large oval head. The shape must be slightly flat. The body consists of a long and thin rectangle placed below the head. Make sure the head remains the most visible element of the illustration.

Step 2

Cool! It’s now time to draw the front and back legs using the top part of small circles. The back legs are a little bit more complex since a second line is needed to form the feet of the cartoon rat.

Step 3

The ears are made from triangles drawn with curved lines. Make sure the end of each ear is pointed. Don’t forget to draw a long curly tail using a simple straight line.

Step 4

The eyes and the pupils are represented by large circular shapes. The pupils are placed closer to the middle of the illustration. Notice that the pupils are not centered inside the eyes. The nose is illustrated with a small circle.

Step 5

Time to complete this tutorial with the addition of smaller details like a long line inside the ears and some oval shapes in the pupils. You can also draw the mouth using a long curved line with pointed ends.

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Draw The Basic Outline Of The Rat

How to draw a rat. So you learned how to draw a realistic rat side view. You can watch our lessons in a safe distraction-. In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a Brown Rat in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

You will start this step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes to form a frame for the rat. After the main shapes are drawn you can go ahead and add the guidelines for the legs tail and feet. For this step add a circle as a rat snout.

Next draw a large tear drop shape for the rats body. Kids learn how to draw the Rat by following the steps below. Above draw two ears in the form of small circles.

Leave a gap of 1 cm and draw a curved line tilting downwards. Learn how to draw Rodent simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons. Colored Pencils Video Standard Printable Step by Step.

Would you like to be able to draw a cartoon rat. This circle must be at the top of the face. Easy step by step how to draw Rodent drawing tutorials for kids.

First draw a small horizontal oval. Note that the end is tapered on one side. Starting at the top of the snout line draw a curved line back to make the head.

Hey art friends. You will not need any special tools to draw a rat – only a piece. Draw two slightly diagonal lines going vertically.

Unlock AD FREE and PRINTABLE drawing and. Below are the individual steps – you can click on. Link the two lines together with a curve at the bottom.

Rat Drawing Mouse Drawing Animal Drawings Cute Rats

How To Draw Cartoon Rats That Look Cute

How to Draw a Rat – Easy Drawings

Drawing cartoon rats: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • A rat can survive a long period of time without drinking water.
  • Rats are very good swimmers.
  • This is one of the animals that can be found on the Chinese Zodiac.

Step 1

This tutorial will help you learn how to draw cool lovable rats. This feared animal was born with a small pointed snout , some round hairless ears and a long pink tail .

Don’t forget the whiskers , the clawed feet and the big body . They can be black, beige or brown. This is not a very popular animal in big cities like New York!

Step 2

The shapes of this animal can be resumed very easily. A big circle for the body, two small circles for the ears and a long line for the tail. The head is made of an oval shape with one of the edges being more pointed. The feet can be drawn using a circle with four small lines for the toes. Overall, it’s not such a difficult animal to draw.

Step 3

For this example, we will try to draw a unique rat using mostly rectangles. Sketch two rectangles to form the body and the head of your animal. Next, draw two circles for the ears and one line for the tail. Next, work the outline of your rat to make it more smooth.

Then, add three circles to form the eyes and the nose. Finally, add details like the whiskers and the feet. There you have it! A cool original rat!

Step 4

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Best Of All How To Draw A Rat Standing Up

It curves sharply down toward the rump.. Draw another circle within the eye circle. From the bottom of the snout draw a line to make the thin front leg. Draw a nose at the tip of the snout – it should resemble a rounded upside down triangle.

Use six nearly straight lines to draw. Draw the eye just below and to the right of the far ear. Next draw a curved line for the back.

It curves sharply down toward the rump.

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Extra Pro Tips To Improve Rats Drawing

  • Use a sharp pencil whenever you are drawing
  • If you want, you can also use glitter colours to give an excellent look to your drawing.
  • Whenever you are drawing, do it with a pencil so that if there is a mistake, you can rectify it immediately.
  • Always draw on white paper because the picture on white paper looks excellent compared to other papers.
  • Use Only A4 Size paper.

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Second Step How To Draw A Rat

Beginning with its eye and nose go ahead and sketch in the various parts of the animal. One thing I didnt get too crazy with here is the face. Ive given it a fairly bland look no emotion. See if based on things youve learned in the other lessons you can alter the look, to bring out a smile a surprised face etc.

The steps

OK back to the face again. The mouth line that veers right of the nose can be curved further to the right, and upward to the lower right area of its eye. When you do this, youll see giving your rat a nice big smile is quite simple to do!

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!

Interesting Facts About Rats

How to Draw a Rat – Cute Art – Easy Pictures to Draw

Rats belong to the rodent super family Muroidea, along with mice, gerbils and hamsters.

Rats are believed to have evolved about 23 million years ago from hamster-like animals in tropical Asia and can now be found worldwide.

Did you know?

  • The brown rat and black rat are the most commonly known rats.
  • Rats are larger than mice.
  • Wild rats are more likely to bite than domesticated rats.
  • Rats are commonly used in scientific studies, because of their ability to learn and their adaptability.
  • Some types of rats are consumed as food in cultures of India and Southeast Asia, while other cultures consider eating rats as taboo.
  • Rats are easy to train and have an exceptional sense of smell.
  • The term rat is often used to describe a person that has little regard for doing what is right or dishonest.
  • In the Chinese Zodiac, the rat is the first of the 12 animals.

Although rats are known to carry diseases and to damage and steal food supplies and other items, they have been specially bred and kept as pets since the late 19th century. Rats have been depicted in folklore, mythology and literature.

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Some Interesting Facts About Rat:

Here are some interesting facts about rats you may like.

  • Rats red eyes are the result of genetic mutation. Dont afraid of a rat who has red eyes. Its genetically.
  • Rats tail is considered a perfect heat loss organ, it is scientifically proved.
  • Male, female and infants are called bucks, does, and pups respectively.
  • You can see them climbing and tunneling while in their good mood.
  • You found them squeaked when they are frightened or in pain.
  • If due to any reason rat tail injured then the rat will die soon.
  • Fancy rats are being kept as a pet. They are friendly indeed.
  • Rats are very cooperative as they take care of their sick rat.
  • Rats make a happy sound while playing or in a time of joy.
  • They are very intelligent mammals. Consider about
  • They found very alone and depressed when alone
  • These above-mentioned facts are really appealing. For more Easy Drawings you can scroll this platform to get many drawing lessons.
  • Rat Drawing Easy Method

    Im telling you first which potential problems you can face while drawing a rat.

    If you are a beginner, you may have difficulty portraying the rats mouth. In addition, there may be some problems while drawing the rats foot.

    You have to work with this in mind so that you will not be afraid to make further efforts if you fail in the first instance.

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    Learn How To Draw A Rat For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hi guys! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a rat for kids step by step. This rat drawing tutorial is very simple and designed for the youngest artists. Children of all ages, regardless of their drawing skill level, will be able to draw a rat in just 8 easy steps. The main thing is not to rush and follow our recommendations and you will definitely get a beautiful drawing.

    Lets learn a little more about the character in our tutorial. Rats are a species of rodents from the order of mice, and there are about 60 different species of rats in the world. Rodents differ from mice only in their large size. Also, rats are very smart and dexterous animals. As you probably know, thanks to their sharp teeth, they can gnaw through anything. The outline below will help you draw the rodent as efficiently as possible. Since the animal does not have particularly complex elements, drawing a rat can be quick and fairly easy.

    Time needed: 20 minutes.

    How to Draw a Rat for Kids

  • Draw the basic outline of the rat.

    First, draw a small horizontal oval. Note that the end is tapered on one side.

  • Draw the ears.

    Above, draw two ears in the form of small circles.

  • Draw the eyes.

    The easiest step in this lesson. The rats eyes should be drawn in the form of two small filled circles.

  • Draw the nose and mustache.

    Under the eyes, on each side, draw some random lines for the rats whiskers. To indicate the spout, draw a line at the corner of the shape.

  • Draw the tail.
  • Lets Have A Look In The Following Steps:

    How to Draw A Rat || Easy Pencil Drawing

    Step 1:

    In this very first step of drawing a rat, you need to draw a raindrop shape. a bigger raindrop in the reverse position. See the image.

    Step 2:

    For this step, add a circle as a rat snout. This circle must be at the top of the face.

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    To gain a complete command on this step, draw two hollow eyes sketch and then add pupils to it. Great work indeed.

    Step 5:

    Kids, rat easy drawing isnt a hard job. You just trace the right step to achieve your goal. Now draw an oval shape for rat body.

    Step 6:

    This is a very easy step to follow. Draw two small U shapes to cover the rat legs.

    Step 7:

    This is the time to refine your beautiful drawing. Make sure you placed the entire objects in the right place.

    Step 8:

    You are doing great work kids. What do you say, are these step by step drawing lessons easy to understand or not? You can share your opinion in the comment box. Draw a coiled tail for this rat.

    Step 9:

    You have achieved your mission and successfully learn how to draw a rat. Now pick a grey color to fill in the rat body. There are many colors in rats. Even you can find a white rat. Make sure to complete add black outer lining. Pupils are already black. Give some time to make the snout and tail with black shade.

    Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to draw a rat for kids. The secret and revealed and you will get some fun facts about rats.

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