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How To Draw A Realistic Bird

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Drawing The Feathers With Colored Pencils

How To Draw A Robin Bird (realistic)

Pick up various bright red colors from your colored pencils collection. You can use light red, intense red, some darker, and even orange.

Draw with the red colors on top of the white lines. Vary the hues depending on the distribution of reds in the reference photo.

Redraw the outline of the cardinal and branch with a dark brown pencil. Draw the eye with white gouache with your size 0 brush.

How To Draw A Bird: The Robin

Now let us take a closer look on how to draw a specific bird like a robin. We look at how big its head is compared to its body and how far apart both shapes are.

Tip: If you have a photo or an illustration as a reference image, you can draw the two circles directly on the picture.

First we connect the head with the body with slightly curved lines. Since robins are very puffed up and roundish, especially in winter, you will not see a real neck at the transition from head to back. The head simply merges into the back.

In the front between head and chest there is no visible neck. The head merges into the chest in a slightly curvy line. The chest and the belly are rounded.

Next you can draw the beak. The robins beak is small, thin and pointy. It is slightly rounded at the top and the tip points downwards.

After the beak draw the eye. In birds this is usually at about the same level as the beak, or a little higher and in the middle of the head. Birds can have elongated or round eyes: The robin has a round eye. This is simply painted black, but we leave one spot white. This is to indicate the reflection of light which is going to make the bird look alive.

The shoulder of the bird starts directly under the head and merges into the wing. Long, stiff feathers grow at the tip of the wing. The feathers become shorter and softer as they grow closer to the body. The tail consists of straight, stiff and not too long rudder feathers.


Apply Washes To The Pupil

The eye is where I want the main focus, so I started with the pupil. First I mixed a small amount of color in this case, black. I took some paint with the brush and then touched the brush to a piece of paper towel to wick off most of the paint. This left me with a dryer brush and a small amount of pigment.

Tip: The key here is not to wet the paper excessively, which might warp it. I used this technique throughout, applying thin washes of transparent colors, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. As the paint in the jars isnt diluted enough, I thinned it with water to increase its transparency.

I completed the iris by adding thin brown washes, mixed from my primary colors, to the bottom half of the iris, and a bluish purple color to represent the reflected sky. I left the white of the paper showing through to evoke clouds.

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Indicate The Layers Of The Wing

The wing comes in three major sections. The scapulars, secondaries, and the primaries. If you look at the feather direction, they are anchored from the structure on the wings. When you break it down further, each section has three layers of wings. When the wing is in a resting position, the feathers will fold and overlap like a fan tucks itself away neatly.

How To Draw And Watercolor A Realistic Bird

How to Draw a Realistic Bird using Coloured Pencils | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

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Contrary to what you may think, you dont need to be very exact in order to create a realistic drawing of a bird. Drawing birds present one challenge in particular, namely how to make the feathers look real. Its almost dizzying trying to capture the various layers of feathers, each layer presenting its own neat pattern. In this video tutorial, I show you an easy process for drawing realistic feathers, using three different tools: A watercolor base, white gouache, and colored pencils.

In the first part of the tutorial, I draw the bird with a pencil, not getting it right at the first attempt. Just like you. You can trace my drawing if you want to skip this step when you create your own artwork. the PDF also has a reference photo and color swatches.

The watercolor base is painted with loose, free brush strokes, only focusing on capturing the basic colors of the bird. I then paint layers of white gouache using a very fine brush to build the feathers, but not trying to copy the feathers blindly. Rather, I paint my impression of the feathers and then draw with colored pencils on top. In between, I use a hairdryer. Its important that the paint is completely dry when you add colored pencils, otherwise, the colors wont take hold.

These are the tools I use, available in any artists supply store:

  • Watercolor tape
  • A smooth piece of wood or custom wood to mount the paper.
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    How To Draw Animals: Birds Their Anatomy And How To Draw Them

    Birds are a very complex topic for an artist. They have wings , all these feathers and they differ a lot among various species. In this tutorial my goal is to convince you that birds aren’t that hard to draw if only you get to know them better. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

    What Is The Key To Becoming Successful In Birds Drawing

    The primary thing that you have to do to boost your bird drawing skill is to start practicing drawing every day. So, by following the steps of our easy drawing tutorials on bird drawing cartoons you can draw a bird. Also, you can share your art with the family and also with your friends. Besides, this would be a handy resource for you to draw a bird and share your art of bird drawing with color.

    If you understand bird composition you can draw the bird in any posture that you see. For instance, how to draw a flying bird would be at your tips to draw. In this regard, we help you to learn the birds anatomy via drawing for beginners step by step. Besides, you are able to learn all the details of draw birds. But, if you want to learn more detail on draw birds you can follow the steps on how to draw a bird on YouTube video.

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    How To Draw A Realistic Bird Portrait In Pencil

    Eagles are some of the most imposing and graceful birds in the skies today, and I always marvel at their dominating presence and serious expressions. For Americans they are held very dear indeed, taking pride as the country’s national bird.

    So for this tutorial, come with me and learn how to draw a striking portrait of this marvellous creature.

    How To Draw A Bird Easy Art Tutorial

    How to Draw a Realistic Bird step by step with Pencil | Pencil Drawing Techniques (Subtitled)

    I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw a bird. Dont forget to experiment with different shapes and sizes for your basic shapes. Play around with how you draw the eyes and the beak. Even the feathers could be drawn in a completely different way.

    You can also experiment with the colors you use for your birds. Have fun and enjoy the entire process. Focus more on the enjoyment that drawing brings to you and dont stress about the outcome. If you put too much pressure on yourself youll end up taking the fun out of drawing.

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    Painting The Watercolor Base

    Watercolor the brown branch, and the birds feet and black mask.

    Paint the rest of the bird with a fresh, red color. The entire red area can be painted with water first so that the red color spreads out nicely. You dont need to consider making interesting shades. A flat, red color will do.

    In the darker areas, add some brown or black color. Let it flow into the red.

    Below, you can see how the color loses some of its intensity once it is dry. The smaller brush in the photo was used for the black and brown areas. Red watercolor was applied with the bigger brush.

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    Learn To Draw Flamingo

    If you want to draw birds whose proportions look realistic, close observation of the head and body is the basis. Just as with the robin, we first look at the head and body.

    How far apart are they? How large is the body compared to the head? Are head and body round in shape, or rather elongated?

    We trace the shape of the head, as well as the shape of the body. We transfer these two shapes onto an empty sheet of paper.

    Next, we connect the head with the body. In the Flamingo, the neck is pronounced and long and has a typical curvy shape, a bit like a inverted S.

    The beak is almost as wide as its head. In the first half it points straight forward, then it makes a downward bend. The tip is blunt. The nostril lies at the beginning of the beak and is elongated. The eye is round and bright with a small black pupil and is located in the upper part of the head near the nostril.

    The feathers of the flamingo are arranged in an unconventional way. A layer grows upwards from the belly. It is covered by another layer of large, soft, long feathers that grow downwards from the wings and back.

    The short tail is as long as the wings. Both are made of large, stiffer wing feathers. Black feathers grow on the edge of the wings. They are partially covered by the large, more voluminous feathers starting from the back.

    The legs are longer than the whole upper body with the neck and the head.

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    How To Color Your Bird Drawing

    HOW TO DRAW A REALISTIC BIRD | Coloured Pencil Drawing Tutorial

    For this example Im going to be using markers. So you can begin by outlining your drawing with a black pen.

    Then use markers to add your color. Use at least two colors for each section to make it look a bit more interesting and less flat.

    You can use a white Gelly Roll pen for the white highlights.

    Thats it. Your super simple bird drawing is finished.

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    Refining Your Drawing2 Lectures 30min

    • Part 1
    • 3 Courses

    Hi! My name is Chena, also known as LechenArt.

    I’m based in Nairobi, Kenya and I’d say I’m pretty much a jack-of-all-trades. My background is in Civil Engineering, but art has always been my passion.

    I wouldn’t say that I am a self-taught artist as I have learned so much through the years from various resources and hours of practice . That’s why I know that my students can be able to learn and improve on their art, no matter their age or background.

    I love exploring different mediums and subjects, so make sure to follow me as we explore and learn together. Never hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, and we can also connect on my Instagram.

    See you in class.

    Drawing A Bird Using Basic Drawing Concepts

    In this lesson, we’ll look at the process of drawing a bird by combining graphite pencil with white charcoal pencil. Several drawing concepts are explored as we break the subject down into basic geometric and organic shapes, develop the contour lines, and build up the value range – developing textures and the illusion of form.

    This drawing is created on gray drawing paper which allows us to push the value range from the center of the value scale. By starting with a surface that is essentially a mid-tone, we can better evaluate the contrast in value as it is developed with the darker graphite pencil and lighter white charcoal pencil.

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    Combining Graphite Pencil With White Charcoal Pencil

    Graphite pencils are comprised of powdered graphite and clay constituents encased within a wooden pencil. Available in wide degrees of softness, graphite pencils are capable of producing darker marks as well as very light ones. Most of us begin our drawing journey with a graphite pencil in hand, making marks on white or very light surfaces. As a result, we become accustomed to developing mostly darker values within a drawing, leaving the “whiteness” of the paper to produce the lighter values.

    Charcoal, on the other hand, is a burnt organic material. When it is combined with a binder, it is referred to as “compressed charcoal” which is the material that we find in charcoal pencils. Traditionally, charcoal is very dark but pigment and other materials can be added to produce a product referred to as “white charcoal”.

    Technically speaking, “white charcoal” isn’t exactly charcoal in the traditional sense. Pigments and possibly clay constituents are added to the material, making it a completely unique medium, similar to pastel pencils.

    The advantage of using graphite and white charcoal in tandem allows us to focus on both the darker and lighter values, leading to a greater chance of developing a full range. This is especially true when we work on a toned surface. We can actively add the highlights, instead of leaving them as we would on a white drawing surface.

    Easy Tricks To Exercise Birds Drawing

    How to Draw a Bird with Pencil Very Easy adn Step by Step

    Here are some easy hacks by which you can draw birds drawing with an amazingly real looking drawing. Through these hacks, you can give natural life to your drawing of birds

    Tip 1 Sit and observe birds jumping, flying, and moving around you.

    Tip 2 Observe their colorful beaks and food, how they eat.

    Tip 3 Grasp their colorful furs and feathers.

    Tip 4 Also notice kinds of feathers, as every birds type different forms of feathers. For instance, some have rough furry feathers while others have smooth bodies.

    Tip 5 Hence, we include all the above hacks in our drawing tutorials for beginners step by step. This makes you able to draw a masterpiece of birds drawing.

    We are waiting for your comments and queries. We love to know whether the above hacks are helpful to you in draw birds. This will magnify our skills to aid you to learn how to draw!

    We love to see you in our comment box!

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    How To Draw A Bird

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 75 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 429,706 times.Learn more…

    Birds are warm-blooded animals which are distinguished for their feathers and forelimbs modified as wings. Birds in action are a favorite sight in nature. Here you will see how to draw these beautiful creatures in a cartoonish style. XResearch sourceXResearch source

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    How To Draw Hollyhocks

    Double load the #3/4 inch brush with citrus and thicket. The tiny leaves that shoot up at the base of the blossoming plant are particularly enticing to flower faeries. Image of Hollyhocks Beautiful flower drawings, Flower This beautiful flower painting is perfect for a sunny living area. How to draw hollyhocks. Using the chisel edge

    Tip #: Make Sure The Your Line Drawing Is Accurate

    How To Draw A Realistic Bird With Pencil Step By Step 2016 – Drawing For Kids

    The first step in the process is an accurate line drawing. Im not talking about drawing every feather.

    Im talking about drawing the big shapes. The bird itself, the edges between colors, as well as shadows and highlights.

    Something like this.

    This is a simple line drawing for me, but it is accurate. Ive clearly drawn the hard edges of the hummingbird, and suggested the softer edges with dotted or dashed lines. I didnt draw every detail, but I drew enough detail to provide a good road map for layering color.

    Every good piece starts with an accurate drawing, so its worth the time and effort to get this step as correct as you can make it.

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    Awesome Work You’re Done

    We should now have an almost complete picture! It is at this point I wouldrecommend you go over your work and check it carefully against our reference tomake sure you have not missed any details.

    To seal your work, you should now spray yourdrawing with artists fixative. Using this will prevent any accidental smudging of your drawing when it is instorage or on display.

    But If You Want To Learn More Detail On Draw Birds You Can Follow The Steps On How To Draw A Bird

    In this regard we help you to learn the birds anatomy via drawing for beginners step by step. Besides you are able to learn all the details of draw birds. But if you want to learn more detail on draw birds you can follow the steps on how to draw a bird. In this regard we help you to learn the birds anatomy via drawing for beginners step by step. For instance how to draw a flying bird would be at your tips to draw.

    Parrot Step By Step Parrot Drawing Parrots Art Bird Drawings Besides you are able to learn all the details of draw birds. But if you want to learn more detail on draw birds you can follow the steps on how to draw a bird. In this regard we help you to learn the birds anatomy via drawing for beginners step by step. Besides you are able to learn all the details of draw birds. For instance how to draw a flying bird would be at your tips to draw.

    How To Draw Birds How Answers Parrot Drawing Bird Drawings Drawings In this regard we help you to learn the birds anatomy via drawing for beginners step by step. For instance how to draw a flying bird would be at your tips to draw. But if you want to learn more detail on draw birds you can follow the steps on how to draw a bird. Besides you are able to learn all the details of draw birds. In this regard we help you to learn the birds anatomy via drawing for beginners step by step.

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