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How To Draw A Realistic Butterfly

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Learn How To Draw A Butterfly And You Have The Perfect Place To Practice Your Symmetrical Drawing Break It Into Simple Steps To Keep It Fun And Easy

How to Draw a Realistic Butterfly

Its not too hard to understand why so many children AND adults are fascinated with butterflies. Their color and delicate beauty make them endlessly fun to look at.

Many internet tutorials for learning how to draw them, however, I found to be overly simple or overly complex .

This project is intended to land in the middle. The outline of the wings land on the center guides, to help students get started, and there are just enough shapes inside to give a realistic look, without getting forever lost in them.

TIP: Try challenging your students to layer crayon color to jazz up their background. You dont have to use oil pastels to do it, pressing hard with crayons and laying down lots of waxy color can look amazing too! Scroll down to see this lovely purple coloring option.

How To Draw A Butterfly: Finished Drawing

How to draw a butterfly: finished outline drawing

And here is the complete butterfly drawing. While this is a fairly simple way how to draw a butterfly, it is not far from what real butterflies look like.

How to draw a butterfly: finished drawing coloured-in

As usual, lets finish our drawing by colouring it in. There are some really colourful butterflies so feel free to choose any colours you like.

Here we have decided to continue with the simple theme, and coloured our butterfly in a nice soft pink, with purple and red accents and a simple grey for the body.

List Of Materials And Supplies Needed To Do Your Own Pencil Or Pen Butterfly Drawing Or Butterfly Watercolor Painting

Kneadable Eraser

Scrap piece of paper for testing colors

300gsm Watercolor Paper: If you want to add a wash to your drawing you should definitely do your drawing on a good-quality, heavy paper that doesnt buckle.

Soft Bristle Round or Filbert Brush

Watercolor pans or tubes. I am currently using the Windsor and Newton Watercolor Pan. The colors are rich and the tray itself is portable and easy to use.

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Drawing A Butterfly: Step 4

Once you have completed the markings on the first two wings you are faced with a choice of drawing techniques:

Technique 1: As butterfly wings appear symmetrical, you can ‘trace and transfer’ the wings across to the other side of the body in order to form the second set of wings. The advantage of this technique lies not only in its speed, but also in its capacity to create a well balanced drawing, particularly if you have made the odd mistake in the first set of wings. When you trace and transfer your drawing, your so-called ‘mistakes’ are also duplicated. However, they are symmetrically balanced by this technique, making them look deliberate. Consequently they are less likely to be read as errors.

Technique 2: By following the same path you simply continue with your observational drawing for the second set of wings. As the wings are not exactly symmetrical this is the more difficult choice because it demands greater concentration to capture the slight variations of shape and color between each side. It is this path that we followed in this drawing as you can see by comparing the markings on each wing.

Drawing A Butterfly: Step 2

How to Draw a Realistic Butterfly: Time Lapse

Now you should try to establish any details of the skeletal structure in the wings.

Although these lines are often difficult to see, any information of this type will help you to arrange the colours and patterns of the wing markings.

At this early stage of the drawing keep your lines as light as possible so that you can rub out any mistakes. You can erase color pencil if it is drawn lightly but it becomes more of a problem if your line is too heavy.

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Patterns On The Wings

Next on the painting is constructing the textures on the wings. You can make circles and large ovals on the front-facing of the wings. Focusing on the detailing of the patterns is very essential. You have to draw the same pattern or choose any distinctive patterns to draw on all the three wings of the butterfly. Furthermore, you can color the patterns too with dark colorful shades. This would give a realistic look at the butterfly drawing.

Followingthese easy steps to draw a butterfly can give rise to a perfectly made picture.You can frame it and hang it on your wall. It will make your house look marvelous.

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Start Adding Butterfly Wing Patterns

Were going to map out some markings now. Look at your bowtie and find the upper corner. We want where we outline the markings to be wider here and thinner at the bottom edge. Make an arc from the bottom of the bowtie shape to the top, but bring the end of your arc in towards the head. On the bottom wings make your arcs so the back of the wings has a crescent moon kind of shape!

Draw A Butterfly Option 2

How to draw a realistic Butterfly – Time Lapse

Butterflies are undoubtedly something that many people want to be able to draw, but they arent particularly easy. Their wings are awkward shapes and overlap in unintuitive ways and their bodies often come out looking lumpy and clumsy, rather than sleek and graceful.

If youre looking for how to draw a butterfly in easy steps, weve compiled some of the best techniques to get your butterfly looking beautiful, symmetrical, and well-proportioned.

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How To Draw A Realistic Butterfly Flying

Below it draw 2. Draw in such a way in which one wing of butterfly overlapping another wing.

Butterfly Pencil Drawings08 Jpg Jpeg Image 1040×1357 Pixels Sketches Drawings Nature Drawing

You can either draw straight lines or make it a little tilted to show the flying position of the butterfly.

How to draw a realistic butterfly flying. How To Draw Butterflies Plus New Royalty Free Background With A. How to draw a realistic Butterfly. 192010 Find out how to draw all of the butterflies below.

These sections will become the head abdomen and thorax of your butterfly. Butterfly Drawing Lesson 1 Step 1. We are starting to draw a butterfly by outlining both forewings symmetrically.

The smallest at the top the middle section a little longer and the bottom section is the longest. Next draw a stick like line from that very shape for the body and then draw the top slightly curved wings. Make tilt image of butterfly.

In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a butterfly in just a few quick steps but first Every butterfly species is unique. To draw an image showing butterfly flying. Draw an interesting line in between these 2 lines.

How to Draw a Butterfly Flying. Easy enough so far. This butterfly will be rather easy to draw.

5172017 Butterflies are a wonderful drawing subjecttheir wings have a certain pattern that can be reduced to a few rules. 3212012 To start our butterfly drawing you will need to draw a skinny oval that will become your butterflys body. Now draw a.

How To Draw A Butterfly

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Butterflies are beautiful, fascinating insects. Drawing butterflies can be intimidating because of their colorful, complex wings and segmented bodies. Fortunately, drawing a butterfly doesnt have to be that hard if you break it down into smaller, easier steps. Whether youre looking to draw a cartoon butterfly or a realistic butterfly, the key is to focus on one part of the butterflys body at a time.

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Go Over The Pencil Marks In Pen

Once you have pencil sketched the general shapes of the butterfly and have a good idea of how it is positioned, then you can start going over your pencil lines with pen.

Because I am going to complete this illustration with watercolor washes, I have chosen a fine liner pen that is both permanent and waterproof. I like to use either the Faber Castell Pitt Pen XS to begin and then I move onto a size S nib later on when my shapes are more defined.

As you can see, I decided to start off by inking the outline of the butterfly wings, the outline of the body, and then working my way onto the lines and patterns within the wings.

You will also see that when I start out drawing with my pen I sketch with it. I like to have loose lines when I begin and as the drawing progresses the lines become more solid in certain areas.

Paint Washes Of Your Lightest Color

HOW TO DRAW A BUTTERFLY Step by Step Drawing Tutorial. Draw a Realistic Flying Monarch Butterfly

As you begin painting with watercolor you will be using a technique called wet-on-dry. Essentially that means you are putting paint on your paintbrush and then painting directly onto the dry surface of the page. This is a good way to start because you have more control over the areas you are painting color.

Once you have defined your shapes using your initial color you can then work into them using a technique called wet-on-wet.

Wet-on-wet is where you paint you paint your watercolor paint onto a watery surface. The color then blooms and bleeds and creates interesting washes of color. This is less controlled than wet-on-dry, but I love watching how the watercolor pigment creates gorgeous textures and patterns as it dries.

I started by painting very soft washes of yellow into the shapes of the butterfly wings.

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How To Draw A Butterfly: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the butterfly body

We start drawing our butterfly with a simple, but fairly realistic body outline.

Draw a small flat oval for the head. Then add a wider barrel shaped part of the body this is called a thorax. Oh, here we have an awesome bowling pin!

Lets add another part, to make a butterfly body out of the bowling pin. Draw a narrow pill shape down from the pin bottom. This part of the butterflys body is called the abdomen.

Step 2: Sketch the edge lines for wings

The next step is very simple just six straight lines. These will mark the edges of the butterflys wings.

We have two lines going up from around where our bowling pin would have shoulders.

Two more lines, slightly tilted down from the lower part of the thorax the barrel part of the body.

Finally, we add two more lines pointing down for the lower edge of wings starting at the upper part of the abdomen that is the pill-shaped part of the butterfly body.

Step 3: Sketch the wing outlines

Another easy step draw four vertical lines to complete the butterfly wings.

Join the two ends of the two upper lines on each side these are the larger wings. They are called fore wings they are forward when the butterfly flies.

The lines for the smaller lower wings go from the end of the bottom lines to about the middle of the large wings. And to continue our biology lesson, the smaller wings are called hind wings.

Step 4: Round off the wings

Step 5: Complete the butterfly wings

Remember The Following When Drawing

Make sure to stand back regularly to observe how your drawing is developing. It is also important that you give yourself mental and visual breaks so that you can continue to draw accurately.

Remember to keep your pencil sharp. This is important because often we get so engrossed in our drawing that we forget that a sharp pencil helps with fine lines and details.

It is a good idea to always have a scrap piece of paper nearby, in order to test out your shapes and shading techniques!

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How To Draw A Butterfly: Easy Beautiful Butterfly Drawing

Today we will learn how to draw a butterfly with a simplified, but still fairly realistic body and common, yet very easy to draw round butterfly wings. This expands our insect collection containing the ladybug, bee, bumblebee and spider.

Next, we improve our easy butterfly drawing by adding an intricate pattern to the wings. The butterfly wings drawing pattern is inspired by the real butterfly wing structure but simplified into easy oval shapes.

How To Draw A Butterfly Step By Step Easy And Fast

How To Draw Butterfly Emoji Realistic (Blue Morpho) ð¦

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Before figuring out how to draw a butterfly lets learn just a little about these beautiful flying insects.

Like all insects, they have a segmented exoskeleton, three-part body , three pairs of jointed legs, and compound eyes. They also have two antennae and two pairs of scaly wings. The wings of butterflies are the most beautiful part of their bodies that most of the people would like to draw and color.

If you dont want to follow butterfly drawing steps on this page and prefer practicing on paper, then you may How to draw a butterfly easy and fast printable step-by-step guide here.

As we have mentioned before, a butterflys most dramatic and beautiful anatomical features are its wings. The wings are made of an extremely thin, semi-transparent material called chitin stretched between vein-like structures.

The colors and patterns come from layers of tiny scales. You may think that they are similar to fish scales, but theyre structured more like short, tiny hairs. These scales protect the wings and provide insulation.

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Add Marker Or Fineliner

Once youre happy with your butterfly, its time to finish it with a black marker pen or a fineliner. You dont have to do this, but it will give your butterfly more definition and confidence than a pencil outline.

The trick here is to work slowly, going carefully around the edges of each part, and working from the top down so that you dont smudge your work. If necessary, pause to let the ink dry before you go back over a bit you dont want to ruin your hard work at this point.

If youre going to color your butterfly, you may not want to outline the patterns you have drawn on the wings, but if youre leaving it in black and white, this can look effective.

Drawing A Butterfly: Step 1

Our butterfly drawing begins with a simple line sketch of the insect’s body. This has three main sections: the head and antennae the thorax and the abdomen .

Next draw a forewing and a hindwing paying particular attention to:

  • the difference in shape between the forewing and hindwing.

  • their proportion in relation to the size of the body.

  • the points where they attach to the side of the body.

Color pencil pigment is transparent and our butterfly drawing technique takes advantage of this quality by gradually building up the image with layers of color. Consequently the underlying sketch was begun using a purple pencil as other colours can be shaded over this without losing their vitality. If you start your underlying sketch with a graphite pencil, your colors will become soiled as you blend them.

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How To Draw A Butterfly Step By Step

Butterflies are a wonderful drawing subjecttheir wings have a certain pattern that can be reduced to a few rules. Once you know the rules, you can draw a realistic-looking butterfly without any special drawing skills.

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a monarch butterfly step by step, right from scratch. You can also modify my method to draw any other butterfly!

Drawing A Butterfly: Step 9

How to draw a Monarch Butterfly Real Easy

While adding another layer of orange and red to further intensify our color, we applied some light tints of turquoise blue and green for the lower sections of the hindwings.

Note: You do not add white to create tints in color pencil drawing. You create tints by shading lightly and letting the white of the paper shine through the transparent pigment.

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Drawing Butterfly Wing Patterns: Step By Step

Step 1: How to draw a butterfly wing patterns

Lets improve our easy butterfly drawing. Start by drawing the base pattern on the larger fore wings. First, draw the prolonged oval at the top of the wing that will be our base wing cell.

Then add few cells coming down off the main cell in our drawing, we fitted three on each side. You might draw more or less, depending on the size of your butterflys wings and the size of the cells you draw.

Step 2: Add the base cell pattern to the hind wings

Now we draw similar prolonged tear-shaped cells on the lower small wings the hind wings. We have fitted three to the size of our wing. They all touch the spot in the middle of the wing.

Step 3: Fill in the small cells

In this step, we fill the remaining blank space on the wing with small ovals. Notice they are all following the outer shape of the wings and we draw as many as we can fit in.

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