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How To Draw A Realistic Cat Step By Step

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How To Draw a Realistic Cat with Pencil Step by Step : Drawing the Easy Way

Once you are happy with all your blending, your cat is complete. Great job!

This is a process you can practice several times so that you can draw your cat from memory any time you like. If you would love to learn more about how to draw and shade using professional methods, see my course: Complete Drawing and Shading Course. Next, join me in learning how to draw a unicorn.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

This cat drawing guide is suitable for people of different levels and abilities. Use this table of contents to quickly get to the different sections of this guide.

Feel free to use any tools you wish for this tutorial. I recommend a hard pencil for the sketching phase, and a soft pencil or an ink liner for the final lines.

The red lines are the ones that youre supposed to draw, and the green ones are guide lines that you only need to imaginethey will help you get the proportions right.

Draw The Cat Ears As Two Triangle Shapes

In this step, you will draw two triangles ready for adding curves to draw the ears later.

Start your triangle on one side, by drawing a vertical line directly upwards from the outside of the center of the circle and stop at the full height of the central vertical guideline. Do this on both sides of the cat head circle.

Tip: Keep this line parallel to your center vertical guideline.

Next, you can complete each triangle by drawing a diagonal line down from the tip of the triangle ear shape to meet the circle. Do this on both sides. This will create a triangle on each side of the head for the cat ears.

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Constructing The Cats First Back Leg

This step and the next focus on drawing the first back leg in your drawing of a cat. Begin this back leg just in front of the back of the body oval. Draw a square U shape that faces the back. The cats back legs have a knee joint, so it is easier to draw this leg in two stages. This first construction shape is going to represent the cats thigh.

To complete the bottom of this back leg, draw two lines that are slightly angled towards the back and finish the leg with a rotated uneven circle.

Hopefully you can now see the shape of the back leg, and in the next few steps we will start to flesh it out.

How To Draw Cat Paws

How To Draw A Realistic Cat Easy Step By Step

Cats paws are unique their deadly claws are hidden inside cute balls of fluff. All this fluff, again, makes them quite easy to draw. Let me show you! A typical cat has five fingers but uses only four for walking. The fifth one is called a dew claw, and its positioned like your thumb. It doesnt normally touch the ground. Each finger has a pad beneath, the same you have under your fingertips. Theres also one additional pad called pisiform . You can feel the bone it covers on the outer side of your wristin humans its not covered by any pad.

The hind paws have only four toes, and no pisiform either.

You can sketch the paws while drawing the skeleton. Imagine theyre pieces of wire, and that they must support the cats body.

Draw the basic shape of each paw. Notice that the 3D view is a combined version of two 2D views .

Add the outlines of fingers and toes. Dont forget about the dew claws in the forepaws, placed like your thumbs.

If your cat is short-haired, you can add ovals in the front of fingers and toes to accentuate the shape of the bones beneath. Also, dont forget about the pads, if theyre visible, and the pisiform in the back of the forepaws!

Finally, the outline of the paws. In short-haired breeds the tips of the claws in the hind paws can often be seen, so you can add them as a nice accent.

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Fine Lining The Outline Of Your Cat Drawing

After all these steps using construction lines, it is finally time to put them to use and draw the final outline for your drawing of a cat. The best place to begin drawing your outline is at the head. Using the oval shape to help you, trace the ears and then flatten the top of the head slightly, before dipping down into the oval just a touch. You can then follow the bottom of the head curve, creating a slight bump for the nose. After you have outlined the chin, take the line straight across to meet the main body oval just below the front point.

You can follow the other construction lines pretty closely for the rest of the outline. For the cats tail, outline the construction line on either side. Do not be afraid of not sticking to the construction lines perfectly, a few bumps and curves will add texture and realism to your drawing of a cat.

You can use short hair-like strokes to complete some of the outlining to give the impression of fur. Along the belly in particular, you can make the furry lines a little longer. For added realism, draw a few curved lines to separate the toes in the paws.

Once you are happy with your outline, you can erase all the remaining construction lines.

Constructing The Cats First Front Leg

The next part of the cats body you need to construct is the front leg. The leg we are starting with is the front leg that is furthest away from us. Because of this perspective, you can begin the lines for the leg right on the body oval. At the bottom of the main body oval, just behind the front point, draw two straight lines that extend out toward the front. You want the two lines to get closer together as they get to the bottom.

At the bottom of this leg, draw a small oval angled upwards. You will use this oval to draw the cats paw in later steps.

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Black Cat Drawing Easy

Step 1. First, we draw a circle and parallel lines. Then draw the black cats nose, face and mouth. Then proceed to draw the eyes. First, draw the upper part of the eye in the form of an arc, then the lower part and the pupils in the eyes. From the top of the cats eye, draw three hairs.Step 2. Now we draw the corners of the eyes of the cat and draw the contour of the head.

Step 3. Draw the ears, then draw the body of the black cat. First, draw the folds on the neck, then draw the contour of the back and tail, then the line of the chest in the cat.

Step 4. Draw the cats paws.Step 5. Draw a mustache. So we should get a black cat, in principle, you can finish drawing on this, or you can try the next step.Step 6. In previous lessons in the drawing technique, we drew lines and smeared them , and also learned to understand how to put a shadow on an object, how the shape of the object itself can change due to the shadow. Now we will draw. Differently, we need a soft pencil and erase.

The whole technique is a smooth transition of hatching from dark to light. To achieve darker, we press on the pen firmly, then the pressure all weakens and weaken, and at the end, we barely touch the paper with a pencil. We shade either with a curved, where appropriate or with separate lines close to each other so that they merge.

Step 7. Colour our cat black

Draw Ovals For The 4 Cat Paws

HOW TO DRAW REALISTIC CAT EYES! Step By Step Coloured Pencil Drawing Tutorial

Now you will draw two larger ovals at the base of the circle for the two front leg paws.

Tip: Note that these two ovals are positioned a little distance apart. They are also both positioned at the height of the bottom marker on the vertical line.

Draw two smaller ovals a little bit higher up the page for the two back leg paws. This will make them look like they are a bit further back into the distance than the front ones.

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Does It Take A Lot Of Time To Make A Cat Drawing

Not at all. In fact, it might take you much less time than you would expect. With our in-depth cat drawing tutorial, you can easily and quickly create a realistic cat drawing. If this is your first time drawing animals of any kind, the tutorial may take a little longer, but through this process, you will learn some important drawing skills.

How To Draw A Realistic Cat’s Face

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One of the most adorable pets is the cat. Cats were once worshiped in Egypt as gods. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a realistic cat’s face.

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Blending Shades And Adding The Third Coat Of Color

Using a soft brush, lightly add a third coat of a slightly darker shade of brown. Again, like the grey, you want to focus most of this brown on the upper half of the cat, leaving the lighter brown shades on the bottom.

For a realistic fur effect, you can make this coat a little more patchy. Patches of lighter and darker color help to make your drawing of a cat more realistic.

Focus On Distribution Of Weight

How To Draw A Realistic Cat – Easy Step By Step Narrated | Animal Art Series #3

Since we’re drawing our cat in motion, each leg is performing a different task and carries a different load of weight. The back left and the front right leg are carrying most of the weight and help the cat with its balance. The other two opposing legs are more relaxed.

The front left paw while it still carries a bit of weight is reaching out forwards to establish another step. The back right paw is finishing the previous step and is about to be lifted off the ground completely. Paying attention to details like this is key to creating a lifelike drawing.

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Constructing The Cats Head

In this second step, you are going to use another construction oval to represent the head of your drawing of a cat. The head oval should be much smaller than the body oval you drew in the last step, and it should be more steeply angled down to the right.

You want to place this head oval at the front of the cats body oval, but you do not want the two to touch or overlap.

How To Draw A Realistic Cat’s Face: 11 Steps With Pictures

Step 8: By adding some more finishing to the hair stand and shades will make it more realistic. Thus, your straight hair drawing is completed here. Draw Wavy Hair Step by Step. Step 1: In the same pattern draw outline of the head and the partition. Step 2: Draw 2 s shape curves line both sides of the face. Step 3: In this step draw elevated hair from the scalp covering the face Draw a square for reference for the other shaped part that is just below and to the front of the dirt bike seat, and then bend it in a little. Next, near the intersection of this square-like shape and the long line, draw a half-circle. You’ve completed the third step. Your bike won’t look like a bike yet, but the pieces are coming together

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How To Draw A Cat Step By Step For Kids

Meow Meow Here it comes a very cute cat. Its drawing time! Welcome to kids land. In this step by step easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cat. Moreover, a surprise is waiting for you as far as you complete this. Share your reviews that this drawing is easy for you or not?

Cat is a wondrous pet and kids love to keep them in house and share their bed with cats. Everybody owns a pet in their home but keeping a cat as a pet as long as human birth. You can draw a cat for your fellow beings to get more appreciations. Giving someone a birthday gift along your handmade drawing will be really appreciable. Surely, you can win their hearts!

Lets introduce you to a very simple cat drawing lesson. Dont need to be perfect for this. You are in a learning zone. Keep practicing to get your real work.

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

How to Draw a Cat [Narrated Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Step 1

Start with a circle for the cats face shape and add two circles to the body. Draw two vertical lines at the base for the cats foreleg.

Step 2

Follow the main contours that surround the body and head of the cat. Next, add three small ovals to the cats paws.

Step 3

Draw the front legs. Cats paws must be the same length and thickness. After drawing it, add an initial border for the cats face.

Step 4

Delete all unnecessary lines that you drew in the first stage. To complete the sketch, draw the cats face in detail. Draw the right muzzle thats the most important part.

Step 5

Draw the cats face, as shown in the picture. Draw the cats eyes, nose and mouth, using the sketch drawn in the previous step. Dont forget to draw your cats claws and beard. You can then proceed to the final step to draw a Cat.

Step 6

At this time, work on the cats fur. To do this, apply the small quick pencil strokes on our original lines, as shown in my image here. Now, your cat looks real, you just need to color in your cats drawing. While I simply shaded my drawing with the number 2 pencil, I recommend using colored pencils.

Step 7

In this way, the image of a cat will be more vivid and impressive. Realistic cat drawing is done!

In this video, you will learn how to draw a cat head easily and simply. The lesson of drawing a cats head is done in stages. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and step by step you will be able to draw the cats head accurately and beautifully.

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Adding Texture And Details

Now that you have your outline drawn, you can move onto adding texture and facial details. This step is the first of two detailing stages, and the second will be done with paint.

To create the eye of your cat drawing, begin by drawing a tilted V shape and adding a half-circle inside of it. After you have drawn the circle, color in a smaller circle to create the iris. Use a few very small streaks to create a small eyebrow above the eye, and do the same below the eye for some texture. Add some more small lines to represent the nostrils, and around the nose, you can draw some whiskers.

Throughout the rest of the cats body, use short strokes to create the impression of fur.

You Can Use This Method To Draw Any Cat In Any Position You Like

This method can be used for any pose you like to draw. Just break the pose down in its most basic shapes and work of that.

Here is an example of another cat in a more complex pose.

I first establish the general line of action of the cat. That line roughly follows the spine of the cat.

After that, I added some general shapes like a circle for the head and a few elongated ellipses for the body and the legs of the cat.

To establish the planes and perspective of the cat I drew a few rectangular lines at the belly and at the face of the cat.

After I established the rough forms of the cat I simple erased the unnecessary lines and added some outlines and details to the drawing.

As you can see, this method works in every pose. It is hard to learn in the beginning but as long as you don´t give up you will learn how to draw very fast.

If you want to learn more about drawing and shading you can also have a look at my guides on drawing a realistic tree and drawing mountains with a graphite pen, if you want to.

So don´t give up and keep on drawing!

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Add Finishing Touches To Your Cat Drawing

Were almost done with our cat drawing! Now take a softer, darker pencil, or even an ink liner, and use it to cover your sketch with the final details. In this section we will not use a red color for the new lines, but we will show them in black straight away to make sure the details and the darkness are very clear.

Add The Final Touches

How To Draw Cat With Butterfly | Realistic Pencil Sketch | Step By Step Drawing

If the cat you’re drawing has characteristic patterns on their fur, add these on top. Erase the more prominent sketch lines or turn off the sketch layers .

In this case I decided to draw stripes on my cat. Be careful how dark you draw features like stripes, as they can quickly overpower the whole drawing. Use subtle shading lines, and make sure to follow the forms of the cat’s body. Drawing fur patterns especially stripes can add a lot of depth to your sketch. However, if done incorrectly, it may unintentionally flatten the image.

Try to vary the length, width and shapes of your cats stripes. They usually get thicker on the tail, body and upper limbs and thinner around the head and lower paws. Last but not least add a little shadow under your cat’s paws to indicate the ground and you are done!

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