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How To Draw A Realistic Cat

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How To Draw A Cat Made From Basic Shapes And Lines

How To Draw A Realistic Cat

Before learning how to draw a cat: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • Killing a cat in ancient Egypt could be punished by death!
  • Usually, the heart of a cat will beat twice as fast as the one of a human.
  • In a lifetime, a cat will spend 65% of the time for sleeping.

Step 1

Welcome to this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cat. These animals are very familiar to everyone! They have a very long and thin tail , small ears , a little pink nose and four very agile legs . Surprisingly, they can come in a great variety of colors: black, white, brown, orange and even blue! Cats are divided into 36 different species and you can find many more subspecies.

Step 2

Since the cat is a feline, these little creatures are moving very much like a lion or a tiger would. The head is made of a circle. The ears are made with triangles and the body with a rectangle. The back legs are very strong and the front ones are a little smaller. The tail is made with small rectangles. The eyes and the nose are made with small circles.

Step 3

Start your artwork by sketching a rectangle. Try to make it a little more narrower on top. Draw a line in the middle of your shape. Then, draw the eyes on top of your line. Draw the ears inside your rectangle.

Continue your drawing by adding the legs. The ones on the front should be smaller. Add details like the eyes, the mouth and the whiskers. Here you go! One easy cat drawn in only a couple of minutes!

Step 4

The Cats Out Of The Bag

Theres a reason cat videos dominate the internet: people like cats. From their graceful movements to their adorable faces and sassy attitudes, cats make for interesting subjects. Drawing cats can help you improve your artistic skills and give you fun pieces to add to your portfolio. But before you can jump in and sketch a furry kitty, you need to observe the real thing. Thats right, before you draw cats, you need to watch cats.

Do your research.

Take a look at the anatomy of a cat before you start a drawing. Cats bodies arent proportioned like a dogs, and their muscle groups are different from those of humans. One of the important things to study and understand is the skeleton, especially the spine. Cats are very flexible, but they still have limitations. Its good to study the muscles and how they sit on the bones, says illustrator Jade Merien. You cant see the muscles, but you’re going to need to learn them, because thats going to dictate how the features and fur look. You need to have an understanding of whats going on underneath it all.

Image by Jade Merien

Its all about the gestures.

Get a feel for the character.

How To Draw A Cat: The Step By Step Guide You Need To Create A Realistic Cat Drawing

1. First step: Draw a circle. This will later become your cats head.

2. To help with face placement, draw a grid on the circle.

3. Your eyeballs should rest on the horizontal plane .

4. Next, draw your nose! On cats this is more of a triangleor if youre a musician, a guitar pick.

5. Draw two circles on either side of your nose. This will later become your cats mouth/snout. Think Wilford Brimley.

6. Lets form the bottom of that mouth. Draw a small curve underneath your snout.

7. Next up, get those ears on your kitty.

8. Now, we work on that thicc fur body. Start off with a neck circle. I have chosen a British Shorthair as my breed so there will be a lot more circles ahead. Hey, did you know that theyre one of the most ancient cat breeds that we know of? Interesting stuff!

9. Next, lets get that big chest circle in there.

10. After that, lets draw that nice lil feline booty. Kind of looks like a snowman, right? Thats a good way to think about it!

11. Are you familiar with action figures? You know how some of them have balls where their joints are to help with their limb movability? This is exactly what were doing with this cat. Draw two circles where the front legs start .

12. Now draw a couple thigh balls for their hind legs.

13. Im drawing yet another hind leg ball. My cat is sitting down.

14. Time for those paws! Draw four circles where you think they should be.

16. Draw a skeleton line for your tail.

19. Whiskers!

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Sketch In The Cat’s Facial Features

Now that we have our basic sketch and it looks proportional, we will begin to draw the features of the face.

A 2B pencil is soft enough to sketch things like the eyes and snout and allows us to easily erase and redraw any mistakes. Sometimes drawings don’t turn out great right off the bat it’s a natural part of learning how to draw a realistic cat.

So, remember this in general whenever you are drawing: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and go in with an eraser< . We learn much more from our failures than our successes. This is how we are able to improve and move forward.

Drawing Fur Around The Cats Eyes

How to Draw Realistic Cat for BEGINNERS | Fur Drawing Technique

Shading the eyes is just the first step.

You will want to add the soft fur around the eyes tocomplete the realistic drawing.

Start by studying the direction, color, and length of thefur from your reference image.

Lightly draw the fur with an HB and 2H pencil.

Tombow Mono Zero Refillable Eraser and Prismacolor Kneaded Rubber Eraser.

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Add The Final Touches

If the cat you’re drawing has characteristic patterns on their fur, add these on top. Erase the more prominent sketch lines or turn off the sketch layers .

In this case I decided to draw stripes on my cat. Be careful how dark you draw features like stripes, as they can quickly overpower the whole drawing. Use subtle shading lines, and make sure to follow the forms of the cat’s body. Drawing fur patterns especially stripes can add a lot of depth to your sketch. However, if done incorrectly, it may unintentionally flatten the image.

Try to vary the length, width and shapes of your cats stripes. They usually get thicker on the tail, body and upper limbs and thinner around the head and lower paws. Last but not least add a little shadow under your cat’s paws to indicate the ground and you are done!

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Draw The Shapes For Your Cat Nose Eyes And Mouth

Draw a small upside-down triangle for your cat nose. See how the triangle begins at the top of the large body oval. Its a short horizontal line that is drawn evenly on both sides of the central vertical guideline.

Complete your upside-down triangle cat nose shape by adding two diagonal lines that meet on the central vertical guideline.

Add one angled line on each side of the top of the nose, to travel upwards, and continue these upwards to just above the halfway mark on your circle.

The cat eyes are added just as small circles for now. Space them a little distance apart from one another by using the angles you have just created as a guide to position them.

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Main Differences In Face

I will explain the main differences in the face.First is the outline.Realistic cats are almost round, but loose cats are more horizontal.The size of the ears is larger for realistic cats and smaller for loose cats.

Next is the position of the beard.Real cat beard grows from a position near the nose,The loose cat’s beard grows closer to the outer contour of the face.

Next is the eyes and nose mouth.I think this is the biggest difference.1 eyeReal cats have sharp, big eyes like almonds,A loose cat has small vertical eyes.2 NostrilsReal cats have many lines, but loose cats are drawn only on the mouth.

Comparison of completed drawings.

This is a profile.Pay attention to how you draw your eyes.The front face of a real cat was almond-shaped, while the side face is close to a triangle.Loose cats are drawn in the same shape on both the front and side.The best way to draw the outline of a face is to draw a realistic cat slender and a loose cat plumply.

This concludes the lecture on how to draw a face.Thank you for reading so far!Next time will be a separate drawing of the body.

How to draw realistic and loose cats #1 by kawashita

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

How to Draw a Cat

Step 1

Start with a circle for the cats face shape and add two circles to the body. Draw two vertical lines at the base for the cats foreleg.

Step 2

Follow the main contours that surround the body and head of the cat. Next, add three small ovals to the cats paws.

Step 3

Draw the front legs. Cats paws must be the same length and thickness. After drawing it, add an initial border for the cats face.

Step 4

Delete all unnecessary lines that you drew in the first stage. To complete the sketch, draw the cats face in detail. Draw the right muzzle thats the most important part.

Step 5

Draw the cats face, as shown in the picture. Draw the cats eyes, nose and mouth, using the sketch drawn in the previous step. Dont forget to draw your cats claws and beard. You can then proceed to the final step to draw a Cat.

Step 6

At this time, work on the cats fur. To do this, apply the small quick pencil strokes on our original lines, as shown in my image here. Now, your cat looks real, you just need to color in your cats drawing. While I simply shaded my drawing with the number 2 pencil, I recommend using colored pencils.

Step 7

In this way, the image of a cat will be more vivid and impressive. Realistic cat drawing is done!

In this video, you will learn how to draw a cat head easily and simply. The lesson of drawing a cats head is done in stages. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and step by step you will be able to draw the cats head accurately and beautifully.

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Draw A Large Oval For The Body

Make sure that you sketch all your shapes lightly.

The first shape to draw is a large oval for your cat body. Start the top of your oval at the beginning of the second tab down from the top and end it a little way up from the bottom.

Tip: To draw a nice oval, find halfway between the top and bottom of the oval and draw a horizontal line as a guide for how wide you want your oval to be. Mine was about three inches. You can draw yours the same or by approximating if you like.

Sketch The Eyes Of The Cat

The first step of drawing the cats eyes is to sketch the contour of the eyes lightly on the drawing surface.

There are several different drawing techniques you can use to draw the shape of an eye.

  • Sketch the eyes freehand
  • Trace the eyes with graphite tracing paper
  • Use a lightbox

Drawing the contour of the cats eyes accurately is an essential step in a realistic cat drawing.

You can shade the eyes perfectly, but if the proportions of the eyes are incorrect, the finished drawing will look off.

I use the grid method for all my realism drawings.

I know many artists who trace the subject on the drawing surface or use a projector.

One of the problems I have encountered with tracing the subject is that the line traced on the drawing surface will be difficult to erase. The dark line will create a problem when you start to blend in the values.

If you are not familiar with the grid method you can watch how I use the grid method step by step in a tutorial I have on TableWise of you can purchase the video tutorial.

  • How To Draw Realistic Drawings TableWise

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Refine The Facial Features

Now is the time to draw with thicker, darker and more defined lines. If youre working traditionally, swap to a thicker pencil and use more pressure. If youre working digitally, switch to a new layer while keeping previous layers on a lower opacity.

Refine the shapes of the eyes, mouth and nose . Add pupils to the eyes. Depending on the cat you may choose to sketch the eyes more narrow or more open. Don’t forget about the whiskers they make a huge difference!

How To Draw A Realistic Cat Step

How to draw a cat real easy

Have you ever wanted to draw a realistic-looking cat? Heres an easy step-by-step process to enhance your drawing skills.

This is what your finished drawing might look like.

  • Beginner Level

The ideal drawing course for beginners. Super easy pencil drawing method. Everything explained in detail. | By Cindy Wider

In this step-by-step tutorial, youll learn how to draw a cat in three stages.

  • First, you will sketch a vertical line then add some simple lines and shapes to use as a guide. This is called a construction drawing.
  • Next, you will draw your cat outline by adding curves and lines. Youll also use the shapes as a guide, drawing outside of them or within the inside.
  • Finally, youll complete your cat drawing by adding simple strokes around the outline for fur.

To go a step further, you can use a blending stump to add shading and form. Either way, your cat will look impressive almost like its come to life on the page!

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How To Draw A Realistic Cat’s Face

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One of the most adorable pets is the cat. Cats were once worshiped in Egypt as gods. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a realistic cat’s face.

What Materials Will I Need To Draw A Cat

You can bring your cat to life with anything from coloured pencils to watercolours, but in this guide, were keeping things nice and simple. All youll need are the following materials:

A sheet of plain, unlined A4 paper

One or two pencils 2B, HB or both will be fine for this drawing.

A pencil sharpener: the details will be much easier if you have nicely sharpened pencils.

An eraser, if you want to partially remove the guidelines in this drawing but its not essential.

If you want to get into drawing, take a look at our pencil drawing for beginners guide and stock up on art supplies with our best drawing pencils and best colouring pencils guides.

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Draw 4 Long Ovals For Legs

Now its time to complete the main shapes of your cat by adding two large ovals for the front legs and two smaller ovals for the back legs.

Tip: The two larger ovals in front come up to just below half of the large circle body. They are on a slight angle outwards. The smaller ovals for the back legs are lower and also on a slight angle outwards. The oval legs touch the ovals for your cat paws.

Why Do Cats Eyes Change Shape

How To Draw A Realistic Cat – Easy Step By Step Narrated | Animal Art Series #3

black cat eyes cat breed

A cat’s pupil

Depending on the light, the shape of a domestic cat’s pupil changes from vertical slit to alluring almond to almost fully round. Like opening or closing theatre curtains, muscles on either side of the cat’s pupil open the slit wide or cause it to narrow By contrast human pupils expand by a factor of 15.

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How To Draw Cats Eyes For Beginners

What you will need for this drawing tutorial:

  • Reference image

A Set of Tombow Mono Professional Drawing Pencils or your favorite graphite drawing pencils.

Pencil grades needed for this tutorial:

  • 2H

Blending tools are optional. The majority of my drawings are done with graphite and erasers. I create soft value changes by adding multiple layers of graphite on the drawing surfaces. I will, however, use blending tools for softening lines.


Can You Get Black Cats With Blue Eyes

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Yes! However, due to genetics, it is not common to see a completely black cat with blue eyes. It is, however, highly common to see a black and white cat having blue eyes. If one has a black cat, one will know that these midnight moggies often have green or yellow eyes.

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Can You Put Eyedrops In Cats Eyes

Can you put eye drops in cats eyes?

  • It’s not recommended, however, to use over-the-counter eye drops designed for humans in a cat’s eye, because these drops contain chemicals which can be harmful and cause additional problems. Cat’s eyes are designed a bit differently from ours, and there are eye drops on the market made especially for cats.

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Cats Eyes When Hunting

How To Draw a Realistic Cat with Pencil Step by Step : Drawing the Easy Way

Since cats are nocturnal and are most active at night, this gives them a huge advantage when they’re hunting. They can open their pupils super-wide, allowing even small amounts of light into their eyes so they can see on dark nights, while also being able to squeeze them down to a tiny slit during the day.

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  • Can cats get allergies in eyes?

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