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How To Draw A Realistic Christmas Tree

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Two: Getting The Form

How to Draw a Realistic Christmas tree with pencil | #Draw step by step

2. Now that the tiresome brainwork is out of the way, lets begin. Were going to start by drawing one big triangle. Im making mine an isosceles triangle since I think theyre swell.

3. Next, we can draw the trunk which can just be a small rectangle at the bottom.

4. Now is when we get crazy. Place a much smaller triangle at the top of the tree.

5. Add another similar triangle underneath that one.

6. Repeat until youve got triangles on top of triangles, son! Your tree should sort of look like this when youre done with it. Well be using these smaller triangles as our guides for each branch set.

And dont worry if yours looks lopsided or uneven! Christmas trees arent ever symmetrical anyways.

Add The Final Details

The last step in your palm tree drawing is to add details. You can do this by including more branches and leaves to your tree, or you can also draw character into the bark of your palm tree. For the latter, draw loose, letter S shaped lines around each part of your tree trunk.

Add details to your palm tree to make your drawing complete.

How To Draw A Real Tree

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Trees provide food and shade. They keep our air supply clean and help make our world look beautiful. This tutorial will show you how to draw your own beautiful tree.

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How To Draw A Christmas Tree Step By Step

Step 1: You have to draw a star for the top of the Christmas tree. You can refer image given below. Its a little tricky, thus, before starting to practice it a few times.

Step 2: Draw 2 lines under the star slopping downward, one is to the left and the other to right. Lines drawn should be of the same length, add few spikes for pine needles at the bottom.

Step 3: After step 2, Draw 2 more lines from the last drawn shape but a little bit longer and wider from them. In this formation again add some lines for pines.

Step 4: Below this second formation draw one more pair of slopping lines for the bottom portion. If you want to make your tree more long add few more such steps. By drawing a wide curved line close to the bottom of the tree.

Step 5: Now start decorating your tree, for this draw ribbons by using curved lines. It doesnt need to be perfect, refer image given below for guidance.

Step 6: Draw small circles as ornaments randomly on your tree, leave space for other decorations also.

Step 7: On the empty places draw ribbon bows . If you find it difficult add more round ornament or star shape to your tree.

Step 8: Suppose you have to draw a bigger Christmas tree for your self hang some candy canes. Draw upside down J shape for it.

Step 9: As I have a space on my tree adding a few more random circles, you can skip if your tree is getting crowded. Leave it neat and clean, a more clumsy look will spoil your Christmas tree.

How To Draw Christmas Tree Easily

How to Draw a Realistic Christmas tree – Tutorial

The easiest method to draw the Christmas tree is to use a printer to print the Christmas tree picture and then put the print on the paper on which you want to draw the Christmas tree. After that, use a pencil with a sharp tip and draw on the print with pressure. Now take that printout and follow the marks that will be made on your paper. Now draw the Christmas tree with the help of these marks. Download a Printable drawing of the Christmas tree from here.

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First Step Putting Up The Cartoon Christmas Tree

When you think Christmas tree what kind of shape do you first think of? A circle? A square? How about a triangle? Of course!

So, before you do anything else, draw a nice big triangle on the page in front of you. Be sure to draw it nice and tall too, but be sure you leave some space at the top and bottom of the page.

At the end of the lesson, youll need this space to draw something at the top. The space at the bottom is reserved for the trunk or tree stand.

The next step similar to some of the other lessons here on the site, is to draw out the shape of your cartoon Christmas tree using the triangle as your guide.

Start at the very top and working your way down the side, draw spikes just like Ive done in the example. The triangle helps to keep everything in place as you draw.

When one sides complete, go back up to the top of the tree and do the same thing to the other. Then, finish it off with a nice big swoop at the bottom.

The next step is to get rid of the triangle underneath your Christmas tree. Go ahead and erase the triangle before you continue.

The only other thing to do in terms of the actual tree, is to something on the bottom stump, tree stand, etc. I went with the stump as its nice and simple. If you plan on putting lots of presents under it, you may want to leave this area empty for now.

Well, now youre all finished the main part of your Christmas tree. So, what next then?

Third Step Cartoon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every Christmas trees got to have ornaments. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors but the most common ones are shaped like spheres.

Just as you did with the lights, check out the Christmas Tree Ornaments drawing lesson for a quick and easy how to lesson. Then, come on back and well continue.

Alright, now you know how to draw simple Christmas tree ornaments. So, go ahead now and draw them on and around your cartoon Christmas tree. Space them out for a nicer overall look.

Oh and make sure you get the hooks alternating as well some facing left, some facing right.

Alright, your cartoon Christmas tree is looking fantastic now. But, there are still a few more things to do. For example, why not sweeten it up a bit with some delicious cartoon candy canes!

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Fourth Step Candy Canes

Candy canes at Christmas time are a must! They make for excellent decorations and taste great too.

Can you guess what Im going to ask you to do now? Yes you guessed it check out the Candy Cane lesson to learn to draw simple candy canes for your Christmas tree. Then, cmon back and continue.

And, once youve got the hang of drawing them, go ahead and hang some candy canes on and around your tree. Similar to the ornaments, make sure some of them are facing left, while others face right. Draw them on angles too for a more realistic look.

Wow, this Christmas trees really looking great now isnt it! Thats what happens with a real Christmas tree too the more lights, ornaments, etc. you put on it the more spectacular it looks. But even still, theres one thing missing something that goes on top!

*** Christmas Recipes ***

Christmas Tree Drawing ð: How to Draw A Realistic Christmas Tree |SIMPLE| Super Easy Drawing

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Draw The Guideline For The Shape Of The Palm Tree

The process for creating a palm tree drawing is a bit different than that of other tree sketches. Palm tree trunks typically arent perfectly straight, so instead of starting with vertical lines, youll draw a long, curved line resembling a stretched-out letter S shape.

Start with the shape of your palm trees trunk.

Discover Online Classes In Drawing

Character Illustration, sketching tips, ink drawing, pencil portraits, and more.

Trees are one of natures most beautiful resources. From preserving air quality to providing a shady place to rest on a summer afternoon, theyre vitally important to our survival and our happiness.

With over 60,000 different documented species on planet Earth, trees are also excellent source materials for artists or anyone whos interested in learning how to draw a tree. In this guide, youll discover everything you need to know to create a tree drawingand hopefully gain new appreciation for our lush, leafy, life-givers along the way!

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Outline The Christmas Tree

The first step to drawing a Christmas tree is to draw the outline of the tree. Its easiest to start your Christmas tree by drawing the star at the top of the tree.

From the star, draw two lines downwards at a slant to either side and connect the two lines with a connecting line that is drawn with a series of up and down motions, creating a jagged edge. This bottom line helps represent the layers of branches on the Christmas tree.

After creating the top layer of the tree, draw two more lines slanting downwards from the bottom edges of the first section, then another connection line beneath them to form the bottom of the second tree layer. This should give you two distinct layers of branches in your Christmas tree.

Select From Artificial Tree Diverse Lighting Options And Other Helpful Features

How to draw a christmas Tree Real Easy

Treat our unlit trees like a blank canvas where you can mix and match baubles for your desired Christmas look. Or, you can also pick one of our festive pre-lit artificial trees. Choose clear lights to lend warmth to your space and highlight the hues of your baubles or multi-coloured lights for more enchanting displays. The Easy Plug® system of pre-lit trees also makes decorating hassle-free. With this feature, lights are automatically connected within the trunk.

Besides lighting options, youll find that Balsam Hill® trees have other useful features. For instance, many of our most realistic artificial Christmas trees are Pre-Fluffed. This reduces the amount of time and effort needed for shaping the tree. To make your decorating more convenient,choose fromourselection ofinnovativeFlip Trees®. Theseallow for easy setup, asall you need to doisflip the bottom section into place and attach the top section. Flip Trees® also come with a rolling tree stand for easy transport and storage.

For Christmas, bring home the beauty of evergreens without the high maintenance and other drawbacks that come with them. Shop our most realistic faux Christmas trees and other decorations at Balsam Hill® today.


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Add Detail To The Leaves

To fill out each leaf, youll add dozens of small, thin lines branching out from each of the center leaf lines. Here, you have the creative freedom to finish your palm tree leaves in a variety of ways. You can sketch them with your drawing pencil or colored pencil, you can bring in a pen or marker, or you can even fill them in with watercolor paint, as shown below.

Be sure to finish your palm tree leaves with pencil, markers, or even paint!

How To Draw Holiday Flamemallow Together Time With Youtube Kids

Hey, art friends! Today were helping YouTube Kids celebrate together time during the holidays. Follow along with us and learn how to draw holiday Flamemallow! Flamemallow is one of our favorite characters from the YouTube Kids app. If you havent already, check out Art Supplies This is a list of the supplies we used,

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How To Draw A Simple Tree

If youre new to tree art or just want to make tree drawing easy, its best to start with a simple drawing. All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, a pen, and an eraser. Your drawing doesnt need to be perfect or to have nuanced detailsit should simply be your starting point for learning or reacquainting yourself with how to draw a tree.

Simple, bushy trees by Skillshare student Denise Wolverton.

How To Draw A Pine Tree

How To Draw A Christmas Tree

Pine trees are a popular choice for artists who enjoy drawing trees because theyre fairly basic in shape but also easy to individualize. Most pine tree drawings begin with a triangular shape, representing the characteristic growth pattern of pine trees. From there, its up to you to decide what kind of details to add to make the pine tree unique

When it comes to pine tree drawings, options for creative expression abound!

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Christmas Tree Drawing: Base Sketch

Step 1: Draw the base tree shape

Here we go again, building our tree shape from triangles. This times there are four of them, just for fun. And they are not really triangles, as we have curved all the sides outer ones in, and bottom ones down.

Start at the top. Then feel free to build your tree as high or as short as you please. Notice that the shapes for the ring of branches are getting flatter and wider as you draw down the lower parts of your tree.

Step 2: Add the star, chains and trunk

This is the first step where we dress up our Christmas tree. We draw the star at the tree top as before. The trunk is also similar to the one above just a little curved at the bottom this time, to match the trees shape.

And now the new stuff a chain wrapped around our Christmas tree from top to bottom! Here we only sketch the lines and draw the two pearls small circles at each end. We will draw them all out once we get to outlining our drawing.

Step 3: Add more Christmas decorations

Part two of dressing up our Christmas tree here we add all the baubles to make our tree look pretty.

They are all just simple circles. We have made them all the same size, but feel free to dress up your tree with any size you want! And they do not need to be all just baubles either- add some stars or other shapes, if you want.

Step 4: Draw some presents

Here we keep adding details to our Christmas tree drawing to make it more interesting, and draw some presents.

Easy Christmas Tree Drawing: Outline

Step 1: Outline the Christmas tree

That is all the sketching done we can already tell this is a Christmas tree!

Lets draw out the outline of the tree. Then draw the baubles, star, and tree trunk.

Step 2: Add more decorations

Once you have the Christmas tree drawing outlined, clean up the sketch lines with an eraser.

Well, we thought our tree looked pretty bare, so here we have added few more of the decorations all over the tree.

The final trick is adding some short lines to suggest structure on the baubles and the trunk.

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What Are Additional Details You Can Add To A Christmas Tree Drawing

The tutorial above gives you the basic rundown on how to draw a Christmas tree, but you can add more details to make your drawing of a Christmas tree even more impressive. Try including string lines on your tree instead of plain garlands by adding small ovals sporadically along each of the garland lines to represent the string light bulbs.

Another way to accent your Christmas tree drawing is to add wrapped presents at the base. To make the drawing even more complex, try sketching some simple toys such as a teddy bear or a few candy canes stuck in the snow.

This easy drawing can be completed with a wide variety of different art supplies, from colored pencils to finger paints. Try experimenting with different mediums to showcase homemade Christmas trees all over your house this holiday season.

Artificial Christmas Trees Vs Real Ones Which Is Greener


If you invest in a real tree, which still has its roots, it can be replanted in your garden or in a larger pot. This means you can keep it all year round and even bring it back in for the next year. Real trees that have been cut down, and have lost their roots, are still recyclable and can be collected by your local council to be chipped and turned into compost.

There are also temporary recycling sites made available and certain garden centres will also accept trees if your council wont collect. Artificial trees tend to be non-recyclable and although you can continue to use the same tree to save on buying more plastic, real trees are generally the greener option.

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