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How To Draw A Realistic Cow

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How To Draw A Realistic Cow

HOW TO DRAW A COW IN PASTELS // Realistic drawing tutorial lesson

Today we have a new lessons from general themes cattle drawing.

Let`s learn how to draw a cow. Cow is one of the most ordinary and common farm animals, like horse, sheep and pig.

Cows were domesticated thousands years ago for the sake of meat milk and partly skin. It is a fact of lifewe valuethe cattlefrom a purelyutilitarian standpoint.

But now lets try to appreciate the appearance of the cows and learn to draw them.

Painting The Base Color Coat

Our cow drawing has a range of different shades throughout its body, and we are going to build these up in layers. We begin with our base coat which is an even shade of a darkish gray tone.

Regardless of your chosen color medium, make sure that this base coat is even and smooth throughout the entire body of the cow.

Easy Cow Drawings That Are Moo

Cow fans will love these easy cow drawing ideas. Whether you want to learn how to draw a cartoon cow or a realistic looking cow, there are lots of different drawing styles to inspire you.

If youre new to drawing, use these photos for reference and youll be drawing like a pro in no time. Drawing is about observation and lots of practice until your hand gets used to doing what you want it to do.

I might add that everyone has their own style bear that in mind when practicing. Your work doesnt have to look exactly like someone elses. Add your own style to your art!

If you find it easier to follow video instruction, make sure you keep reading to discover easy step-by-step cow drawing video tutorials for all skill levels.

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Go Over The Drawing In Ink

Art & Photo: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

Finally, it’s time to go over our drawing in ink. Place a scrap of paper under your drawing hand and slowly go over the sketch with a pen. Once you’ve gone over all of the marks, you can begin filling in the hooves, nose, and other select areas with black. It’s important to leave this step until last, otherwise, you risk smearing the ink. Afterward, if you feel as though your drawing is still in need of more contrast, you can add more black areaslike the lake or trees.

When you’re satisfied with how your composition turned out, you can make it official by signing and dating your art. Good job!

The Tail And The Rump

How to Draw Realistic Cows

Your drawing of a cow will now be almost complete, leaving only its rear and tail to be added. For this step, two sections must be completed. We will begin by making the rump and the tail of the cow in the next step. Each of these sections can be completed using one continuous line.

Beginning at the top of the body oval, draw a line that is comparable to a square with rounded edges, crossing over the back of the main body oval. The lines must be curved at a 90-degree angle, and once that is done, you can create the effect of a curly tail. The line can be taken back up to a point and then brought down to meet the main bodys back point.

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Constructing The Cows Udders

In this step, we are going to use an incomplete circle to lay the foundation for the cows udder. We will be adding more details in later steps, but for now, simply draw an incomplete circle underneath the main body oval shape towards the back.

Remember not to make the udder too far back because we still need to lay down the foundations for the back legs.

How To Draw A Cow: A Step

Of the all the animals that can be found on a farm the cow is not the most difficult species of animal to draw. And, with our tutorial, cow drawing becomes even easier, since we have simplified each step into something manageable even for beginners. Creating your drawing of a cow begins with laying down construction lines and shapes. Once those have been laid down, we can move on to adding details with shading and coloring. Here is a summary of each step in this cow drawing tutorial.

It does not matter what kind of art medium you use for this tutorial. You can use any of your favorite drawing tools. Once you have gathered all the sketching equipment you might need not forgetting your snacks and a refreshing beverage you can begin to work on sketching your cow.

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Adding Patterns And Textural Details

This step may appear to be an intimidating step up from the last, but it is actually much more simple than you think. We are going to use different lines and markings to create the color pattern on the cows body and creating a realistic coat texture.

Begin at the neck, adding a series of quite heavy lines curving down the neck to give the impression of creased skin. You can then add some short lines and dots to the face of the cow drawing, using them to contour around some of the facial features like the eye and nose.

For the patterns and textures near the drawing outline, you can give them a slight curve to make them appear wrapped around the body, creating more three-dimensionality.

Finish this step by using squiggly lines to create some cow-like color patterns throughout the body. You can follow our example, or let your imagination run. Once you have your pattern laid out, use some final lines and markings to create texture throughout the rest of the cows body.

Drawing In The Shape Of The Rear Legs

How to draw a cow

The same process can be followed for the front legs and the rear ones. Notice how the rear legs of the cow are very large and slightly curvier, and they also angle forwards. Begin with the very last leg of the board, the one closest to our point of view. As you cannot see the rest of the leg we suggest drawing the foot only, and you should angle the second leg slightly.

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Sketching The Realistic Cow Drawings

While there are many ways to start a gesture sketch, I think the best part to start on is the body of the cow. That is, draw a rectangle to where you will attach the head and the limbs to.

The limbs are very straight forward as well. The main thing to look out for is to make it fairly vertical. You want to emphasize the tall figure of the cow. Do not forget about the joints of the limbs. You can suggest these by circular shapes.

Some other noticeable parts of the cow are the flaps of skin hanging from the neck and the teats protruding from the belly. As for the head, you may want to create a crescent shape to emphasize the snout of the cow and the pointy cranium section of the skull.

Just remember that a lot of work is done at this step so it’s OK to spend some time getting the proportions correct. When you are satisfied, move on to the next step of filling out the sketch with a base background color.

+ Baby Cow Drawing Realistic Pictures

prints are made at a premier professional printing company. Through ancient times, we depend on cattle for a lot of our dietary means. In this step for how to draw a baby chick step by step, you need to refine your work and make it better than the picture tutorial. Next draw the face in the thin oval with ears on each side of the head, making sure to erase the parts of the oval by the ears. Then, use a second curved line to enclose the lower portion of the mouth. Set of 6 watercolor farm animal fine art prints created from my original watercolor paintings:

First, draw the head with the horns and ears at the top. In the first step draw a circle for the baby cheek body. Click image for bigger version. First, draw the head with the horns and ears at the top. Then draw in the front legs and chest. prints are made at a premier professional printing company.

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How To Draw A Cow For Kids

In this drawing instruction about drawing animals, I will show you how to draw a cow for kids.

If you often visit the pages of, then most likely you know that I show how to draw different animals, people, characters in the simplest possible way.

And this animal will also be depicted in the simplest possible way. I decided to choose the classic black and white cow, which is often seen in various cartoons and chocolate candy covers.

Foundations For The Head

How to Draw a Cow

The second step of your easy cow drawing is to lay down the foundation for the head. This is done by drawing another oval on the left-hand side of the main oval for the body. Leave a little space between the large and small ovals for the neck. Also, tilt this smaller oval downwards on the farthest side from the body, so that the cows nose will be pointing down towards the grass shes planning on eating.

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Add Shadows And Highlights

The second last step in making your cow sketch involves creating shadows and highlights. By using a small brush and a little black paint or a fine black colored drawing medium, you can define the contours of the cows body, especially in areas where the light would not naturally fall. Then do the opposite using white adding small highlights between shaded areas to provide contrast between these and the raised areas. If you are applying shadows and highlights with a dry brush or a smudging technique, you will achieve a much more natural result.

Refine The Body Of The Cow

Art & Photo: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

At this point, we’ve drawn all of the elements of the cow’s body, so it’s time to give it more definition. Starting at the head, add some more wrinkles and folds around the cow’s neck and chest. As you work your way down, continue adding folds where the cow has extra skinthe joints and bellywhile also refining the shape of the hooves and legs. I recommend looking at some reference photos as you work on this step.

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For Conveying The Emotions Of Dog Carefully Draw Its Eyes

Realistic cute cow drawing. Hb pencil, 4b pencil eraser drawing paper drawing surface as with all my tutorials, the first step is the Cow is one of the most ordinary and common farm animals, like horse, sheep and pig. If you want to draw a realistic cow then click here.

Sketch the circular eyes rounded rectangular snout and curved ears on the square and draw circles on each side of the body for the base of the cows limbs. Outline the whole cow by a softer pencil line as you see on this picture. Next draw the face in the thin oval with ears on each side of the head, making sure to erase the parts of the oval by the ears.

See more ideas about cow, cow drawing, cow art. 66,089 cow clip art images on gograph. If you want then add a slight shadow so that it can be realistic pencil drawings of animals.

For the drawing of a dog, first, start drawing the basic structure. Realistic cow ears and horns, cow ears,cow horns headband,cow ear and tail, furry animal ears,cosplay furry headband, 169 ktcatvintage 5 out of 5 stars sale price. Beef and milk farm framed retro badge or logo template.

You can stop right here if you want or you can continue to color it. Color the cow easy sketch, outline with the sketch pen with the help of step 10 image. See more ideas about cow, cow painting, cow drawing.

See more ideas about cow drawing, cow, cow art. Let`s learn how to draw a cow. Download 13,000+ royalty free cow drawings vector images.

Quick drawing of a cow, donated to a charity to raise

The Outline For The Shape Of The Horns

How to Draw Realistic Cow

Creating the horns of your cow drawing is yet another simple step because all you need to do is make sure that the horns are curved and tilted slightly on either side of the cows head. Angle the horns slightly downward on both sides. If the horn closest to us is directly above the horn that is furthest from us, we will obtain the correct perspective.

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Faq: How To Draw A Realistic Fruit

If youd like the fruit to look realistic,take a blending stump and gently rub it over the fruit to blur your pencil marks. Think about how a light source hits your fruit basket so you know where to place shadows and highlights. To create shadows, sketch over the fruit again to add extra graphite.

Adding The Finishing Touches

If you are happy with your drawing of a cow, then you are more than welcome to leave it as it is. If, however, you desire a more seamless appearance, you can use the corresponding color at each point of the outline to erase it. Simply use these shades to trace over the outlines to create a beautifully smooth and realistic cow sketch.

It is now time to stand back and admire your realistic and easy cow drawing. We have covered everything that you need to know about how to draw a cow, and we are sure that you have produced a stunning drawing of a cow. Happy drawing, and we hope to see you soon with one of our other animal drawing tutorials!

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Quick Drawing Of A Cow Donated To A Charity To Raise

produced to the highest

Baby Cow Drawing Realistic – How to draw a donkey donkey drawing cute donkey drawings. Then draw in the front legs and chest. First, draw the head with the horns and ears at the top. The body is directly an oval, which according to the shape you want to give it can be up to a circle, in such a way that it is lower. See more ideas about cow, cow painting, cow drawing. Please select the size preference from the dropdown menu.

Drawing The Shape Of The Front Legs

How to Draw a Cow

If you take a look at the final drawing at the end of this tutorial, you will see that the cow has a slight square bump on its chest just in front of the front legs. As such, we need to leave some space just after the neck joins the main body oval to allow for this before we draw the front legs. For the first front leg, the one that is closest to us, use two straight lines that angle towards each other to create the cows thigh. Use a short curved line to create the joint, and then create the bottom of the leg with two parallel lines. Finish this leg by drawing a hoof shape.

The second leg is further away from us, so it will appear slightly shorter and thinner. You can simply repeat the process for this leg, just making it a little smaller.

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Go Out And Find A Real Cow

If you want to learn how to draw cows, youve got to go see them in person. A short trip into the country will usually turn up a few real cows. Bring something to sit on and your sketchbook and some pencils and start blocking out the cows. Notice the typical poses that cows hold draw them as they are lying down, or as they are grazing. Try to draw that classic look theyll give you as they chew their cud and watch you, with their blasé expression. Can you draw them well enough to show that they are chewing in your drawing?

The best thing about drawing cows from real life is you will be able to study them from different angles, and you will able to see how they move, and what their behaviors are. This is more the territory of the realistic artist, not the cartoonist, but cartoonists need to be able to draw groups of cows, too. It is also helpful to see cows in high grass, though you may want to step a bit closer to them so you can get a good look at your feet. Just dont get too close bulls frequently graze a bit off from the rest of the herd, and bulls can get quite protective if they think you are trying to make a move on their cows.

A Quick Preview Of All Steps

Trying to picture the finished result can be difficult when the first few steps tell you to draw a few randomly placed lines, shapes, or circles, but these will form the basic shape that acts as guidelines for your cow drawing.

Thats why we thought it may be useful for you to see a brief overview of the entire cow drawing process, so you can see how the initial steps will lead you to your desired drawing.

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Drawing The Head Foundation

In the second step, we are going to continue with our construction shapes and use a diagonally angled oval shape to represent the base of the cows head. Draw this head oval to the left of the main body oval.

There should be a fair amount of distance between the head and main body ovals to leave space for the neck.

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