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How To Draw A Realistic Ear

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How To Draw An Ear: Drawing The Earring

How to Draw a Realistic Ear

When rendering a texture that seems challenging, overwhelming or busy, I suggest that you look for patterns of values. For example:

I notice that a certain value pattern repeats regularly throughout the form: in several places, one of the earring bands has a highlight, followed by a shadow, followed by reflected light towards the edge . Finding such patterns can greatly reduce the intimidation of a complex texture.

Where else on the earring can you see this pattern? And what other value patterns can you spot?

Notice also that one of the interlacing bands of the earring is textured, and one is smooth: this contributes to the slightly different looks of the two bands.

As I focus on the earring, I start by indicating the value patterns where they are most obvious to me. I spend most of my time looking at the subject, and a fraction of the time drawing. Don’t underestimate attentive observation! Give yourself time to simply observe and become familiar with your subject.

Because of the high contrast in the earring, very little of the half-tone paper will show through. It will really only be visible where there is reflected light on the earring.

Here I’m experimenting with refining the earring where it’s closer to the ear itself, and leaving it more loosely drawn towards the bottom.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye

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Do you have trouble when trying to draw a realistic eye? It is important in any drawing of a person that you want to look realistic that they have realistic looking eyes. This wikiHow will help you draw a realistic eye if you are having trouble.

Add Mid Tones And Light Tones

Using an hb pencil, shade the rest of the ear, keeping in mind that the bumps should be lightest and valleys darkest. Use;a blending stump;to blend each area separately . Use a kneaded eraser to bring out the lightest areas of the ear if needed.

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Whats next? Click here to learn how to draw it on;a;face!

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How To Draw An Ear On Toned Paper

Intimidated by the prospect of learning how to draw an ear? Don’t be! The ear may look complicated at first, but becoming familiar with its basic structure should simplify it considerably.

The ear is one of the easier features to draw because its structure is quite evident for us to observe. That isn’t the case with all anatomy! The structure of the nose, for example, is often very subtle and takes more study to draw convincingly.

Fortunately, the portion of the ear that can be seen by casual inspection is mostly all we need to study in order to draw it convincingly. Once I point out what to look for on this ear, you should be able to identify the same structural components on other ears fairly easily .

How To Draw An Ear: Drawing On Toned Paper

How to Draw a Realistic Ear

In this tutorial I’ll be using a combination of regular charcoal pencils and white charcoal pencils.

I’ll use a technique in which light values are drawn using white charcoal, dark values are drawn using regular charcoal, and half-tone values are left as the value of the paper. As you can see in the drawn gradation below, the light and dark values stay separate, and middle values are made by either leaving the toned paper untouched, or by very slightly lightening or darkening it.

Because it takes some extra planning to keep the light and dark values separate, this is a more advanced drawing technique.

My strategy when working with this technique will be to:

1) Begin with the dark values

2) Jump to the light values

3) Once the two value extremes are established, I will carefully gradate the light and dark values into the middle value of the paper.

I approach the drawing this way because it will take some care to leave the paper showing through in the right places!

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How To Draw An Ear: The Finished Drawing

Having toned down the contrast in the earring, I am much happier with the balance of values in my drawing. Though the earring still draws attention from the ear, my eye now moves around it and back up to the ear itself. We can curate a viewer’s experience of observing a drawing through composition, value, gesture, and edge… but we’ll leave that for another lesson!

If you try out this drawing , remember that there are many challenges in this scenario! Besides learning how to draw an ear, this toned paper technique and the earring texture are just a few of the elements that make this drawing more advanced than some of the other tutorials on the site. Be patient with yourself and take it one step at a time.

You could also study these elements separately first, by:

How To Draw A Cartoon Ear

If you want to learn to draw in cartoon style, then you should totally follow this tutorial. It will teach you how to draw an ear in cartoon style. It is different from a regular style for drawing ears.

To draw an accurate cartoon style ear, you need to be able to draw some basic lines and follow some basic rules to make sure that the ear looks as accurate as possible. Follow this tutorial to do that.

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How To Draw Ears For Beginners Step By Step

by Tara | Nov 3, 2019 | Art Kick Sunday, Blog

In this drawing tutorial, we show beginner artists how to draw ears in a really simple way. We start by showing some quick and easy ear sketches using a pen and a water brush. This gives a nice soft shading effect to the ear sketches. In the next drawing, we draw a more detailed ear using hatching for shading.

When you are drawing ears or anything else for that matter, try and forget what it is you are drawing and instead concentrate on only the shapes and shadows. Use reference photos to help you draw ears accurately.

You might also want to check out our other video tutorials on how to draw faces and facial features

How To Draw Baby Yoda For Painting/drawing/sketching Step By Step Quick/easy/simple

How to Draw Ears | Side View

Drawing Baby Yoda can be hard unless you follow this simple tutorial on how to draw Baby Yoda step by step. Drawing realistic Star Wars characters can be made super simple by following Barnett Gallery drawing tutorials.


Draw a circle/oval for the head. Use the bean technique here.

Add triangles for ears to create Baby Yoda from season 1 of The Mandalorian.


Now quickly and efficiently add eye balls and nostrils to the oval/circle.


Now add lines to indicate where you need to shade the head of yoda in baby form.


Fill in the head with shadow and darken the eyes to black but leave white spot showing to indicate life.


Now indicate where the clothing will lie and draw small hands for yoda.


Now begin to shade the drawing and filling in the body of the space alien charcoal drawing.


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Instructions: How To Draw An Ear

Find a reference image on the internet to observe the windings of the auditory organ closely. Having a reference point is very important with this motif, as the details are so intricate. On top of that you can better follow the shadow on the individual parts of the ear.

Now outline the ear with a HB pencil and a few faint lines. Be careful not to exert too much pressure on the pencil, as the preliminary drawing should not be visible later.

Next, you can start with basic shading. The areas that are deeper in the auricle will appear darker. The areas of the skin that reflect the light are brighter and should not be shaded with a pencil.

Once you are satisfied with the sketch and have marked the areas that should be drawn in a darker tone you can start to take the shading seriously.

Use a 2B pencil to mark the deeper areas of the ear. The ear canal, but also parts of the auricle will be shaded darker, depending on how the light shines on them.

Use your blending stump or a cotton swab to refine your drawing a little. Blur the hatching with the tool of your choice to soften the transitions a little.

Finally, you can use a dark pencil to trace the contours and shades once again. Only minor adjustments are needed to make the ear look really realistic. In this step you should not throw your whole concept overboard, you should only make corrections.

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Laying Out The Shape Of The Ear

To begin, we outline the shape of the ear with the 4B drawing pencil. Take care to use light lines here, as many of them will be erased later on. In this first step, we are not looking for much detail but the proportions we lay out here will guide the rest of the drawing, so it is important to really use your reference photo for this. These guidelines, also called principle lines, will become the blueprint for your drawing.

When sketching the shape of the ear, it is important to keep basic anatomy in mind, to aid in the realism of the piece. The top of the ear, also known as the helix, is curved and angled slightly away from the subjects head. The lobe, the fleshy part of the bottom of the ear, can be free hanging or connected to the subjects face.

Additionally, it may be helpful to make guidelines horizontal to the length of the ear to split the image into thirds. This will help keep the proportions correct as we begin to add detail the top third has the helix, the middle third has the opening to the ear canal, and the final third has the earlobe.

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Create A Realistic Texture

The process of drawing a realistic skin texture is very simple. From the panel Brush sets select brush a piece of chalk . If you like to experiment, I recommend to choose something from this grunge set.

Draw a dark tan over the entire surface of the ear. Soften sharp areas with Eraser .

Create New layer with mode Overlap and draw a warm texture over zones that look redder due to blood circulation.

Now create a third layer and use a white brush. This will help draw the pores.

Guide To Drawing Ears

How to Draw a Realistic Ear – Front and Side View – Step by Step Tutorial

Learn ear drawing tips and tricks to make your character illustrations more realistic! Eridey explains in detail how to draw ears from different angles and how to apply the basics to fantasy characters like fairies.

Ears are unique and, even if they come by pairs, there arent two cut from the same mold. Lets see a bit of their common basic structure before we start with their diversities:

In general terms, all ears follow the same basic structure. A magic formula! Practice a couple of times to learn it by heart. You can use the sketch above to go through the following steps.

  • The contour of the ear is created from the helix; and the lobe, as you can see, consists of a single stroke. The helix has the shape of a hook and the lobe is a smaller curve at the end of the ear .
  • The antihelix spreads out starting from the lobe and creates two paths which meet the internal edge of the helix.
  • The final strokes are the tragus and the antitragus. You can also close the inner part of the helix curve a little more.
  • In the following examples, we will observe that some features are more pronounced or more subtle than others, but it is easy to identify each part of the ear, so if you draw from your imagination, bear in mind that your purpose is to create comprehensible shapes:

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    Watch In The Following Video

    So, friends, this is a video tutorial of this drawing, which is very important for you to watch if you make this Baby Yoda drawing. And if you are watching this article only for entertainment, it is not necessary for them to understand. Thusly, associates, this is a video instructional exercise of this drawing. On the off chance that you dont see any explanations behind this article, by then you can remark by remarking or you can message me on the get in touch with us page of my blog. Thusly, people, this is a video instructional exercise of this Baby Yoda drawing, which I was lighting up you with respect to for a long time. I acknowledge that you have seen every single point in this article. I believe you appreciated the experience of this article truly. In like way, endeavour to allow the notice of our blog so every latest drawing post interfaces with you first.

    Placing The Ears From The Side View

    Start off by the next par of this lesson on how to draw a realistic ear by drawing the silhouette of the face from the side view.

    To do this, create an oval to represent the spherical part of the skull, and then draw a line coming down from the front of the oval to establish the front of the face and the jaw.

    Lastly, draw the jaw bone curving back and upward into the oval.

    Divide the skull in half vertically just like you did in the previous example to establish the eye line. Then take half of the distance between the eye line and the chin to create the nose line.

    Draw in the ear between the lines of the eye and nose. In the front view because we were dealing with some perspective the ear was placed slightly higher, however in this example the ear is placed almost exactly between the two guide lines.

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    Now You Have To Draw Ears

    The way in which you got to see in this image that now we have to draw baby Yodas ears, in the same way, you have to draw it is not very difficult to make this drawing. Now you have to draw with a very light pencil because now we have started, if some mistake happens, the pencil will be erased very easily but if you run your dark pencil then it will be very difficult for you all. If you have understood this step, then you will be able to easily understand all the steps given below.

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    How To Draw An Ear From The Back

    How to Draw Ears: Step by Step

    Because the silhouette is the same from the back view, the main difference is what you will be drawing inside that silhouette.

    While you are watching the lesson and thinking about the ear, make sure to take your fingers and feel the shape of your own ear to help with your understanding of the forms before you dive into drawing.

    The first thing to draw here is the line that defines the outer rim of the ear. You can think of this outer rim as kind of rolling up and over the skin that attaches the ear to the head.

    Heres a close up view of what the finished ear drawing from the back view looks like.

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    Ways To Draw Baby Yoda From The Mandalorian

    When I was choosing these Star Wars art tutorials, I opted for different levels and styles. Notice how this one doesnt have a lot of detail. I thought the broad strokes of the outline would work well for beginners.

    I loved the way the ears and eyes looked on this Baby Yoda drawing. And that little heart! This Star Wars tutorial just won me over.

    Can I just say that I personally relate to the excessive bags under the eyes here? Thats all. Grab a marker and give this one a go.

    If you wanted a harder art tutorial for how to draw Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian you just found it! I couldnt include all EASY options.

    This sketch looks intense for someone who isnt much of an artist, but perhaps your children are much more advanced.

    I mean Baby Yoda holding a chicken nugget. Need I say more? I am not sure I need to. LOL!

    Again, trying to include all different types of levels and abilities here is a simple pencil drawing with some light shading techniques around the ears.

    As a Mandalorian fan, I can say with 100% certainty that I want to steal this child.

    Very alienesque.

    I would say this is the most famous meme pose of The Mandalorian to date. Wouldnt you? A great Star Wars art tutorial to try out.

    Why do I think that this looks like my third child?

    This drawing has a bit of a nod to the original Yoda, dont you think? I like it.

    I wish I had a pod to fly around in all day long. Pretty sweet.

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