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How To Draw A Realistic Eye For Beginners

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Colored Pencil Materials Used In This Demonstration

How To Draw A Realistic Eye For Beginners

As far as colored pencils go, there is great disparity among brands. The quality of the pencil depends greatly on the binder used and the concentration of pigment. The quality of the wood that encases the pencil also plays a role. To compare colored pencils brands and types, I suggest you check out the colored pencil comparison chart, which includes my recommendations.

My personal favorite among all brands and types are Prismacolor Premier pencils. They are a bit pricey, but well worth the investment. The quality of the pencil will always play a role in the overall success of your work.

Although some will argue that the quality of Prismacolor has declined in recent years, I haven’t found this to be the case. The pigment is still very rich and the binder is exceptional. Layering and burnishing are very easy to achieve, even for a beginner.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye: An Easy Step By Step Guide

There are many, many different types of eyes to draw.

Thus, there is no single eye tutorial that can show you how to draw the infinite types of eyes in this world.

Every little detail, every little difference is what makes each of our eyes unique to our own physical identity.

However, I hope that you can find some basic tips from this tutorial so that you can learn the basic knowledge of sketching an eye and carry it over to whatever type of eye you want to draw in the future.

Also, I wanted to disclose that I have not been professionally taught to draw and have not gone to an art school to learn how to draw. My anatomy is definitely not perfect, so I hope you can keep that in mind.

Learn from many people that is how you truly master a skill.

Shade The Lower Eyelid And The Area Below The Eye

Now, lets focus on the area below the eye. Begin by shading the upper edge of the lower eyelid. Even here, just as everywhere else in the drawing, you should be aware of variations between lighter and darker areas.

Then, shade the entire area below the eye. Use the guidelines from the line drawing to remember which areas should be darker, like under the inner corner, and which areas should be lighter, like under the right side of the eye.

Use a blending stump to blend the skin tones. Blend around the highlighted areas.

Place another layer of shading over the skin. Put extra shading under the inner corner. In the highlighted areas, use a kneaded eraser and graphite from your pencil or blending tool to create textured areas of skin, just like we did for above the eye.

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Easy Way To Draw A Realistic Eye For Beginners Step By Step

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How To Draw A Realistic Eye For Beginners

Easy way to draw a realistic eye for Beginners step by step (Using only 1 pencil)

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“To have beautiful lips, say beautiful things. To have beautiful eyes, look at people and see the good in them.” – Audrey Hepburn, American actress

The eyes are one of the most important aspects of a sketch or character. Eyes are extremely expressive of emotion. Even if the rest of the face is not visible, the shape of the eyes can convey happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, or anger.

Sleepless eyes can be red and bloodshot, or have dark “bags” underneath. Sad eyes may emit tears.

It is because of their expressive nature that eyes are considered the “windows to the soul” in poetry, literature, and modern Japanese animation.

This is one reason why anime eyes are so large, dominating the face. Dramatic closeups of the eyes are common in film and television.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to draw realistic cartoon eyes? This easy, step-by-step beginner’s cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. If you’re learning to draw realistic people, this tutorial can help you to master the important and challenging eye.

All you will need is a pencil, pen, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Tears, Anime Eyes, and Eyes.

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Fill In The Darker Half Of The Sclera

Good news were back to simpler things!The iris parts the eye in the middle. One of the halves is usually darker than the other, depending on the direction of light.

I like to draw whatevers on the left first because Im right-handed and I dont want to smudge my drawing. Thats why were starting with the darker, left part its not some important rule established by Da Vinci, no.

Tilt the pencil and fill in the sclera.

The light source is on the right, so the left corner will obviously be darker.

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Add Details To Your Realistic Eye Sketch

Draw the details of the sketch.

It will include drawing the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows.

The pencil that is the best for this sketch is 2B.

It is not yet too soft or too light.

Take your time with this part.

Make sure that the lashes are pointing in the right direction.

More time you spend preparing, the more beautiful it will be at the end, as well as realistic.

How To Draw Realistic Eyesstep : Analyzing & Establishing The Value Structure

How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eye | Tutorial for BEGINNERS

After I have lightly filled in my shadow shapes and adjustedmy proportions, I turn my attention to shading, or rendering. My first priorityis to establish my value structure: to determine where my light, half-tone anddark values are.

Determining the Value Extremes

Where are the darkest values in the scene?

The pupil and the upper eyelid area. Notice that where thepupil meets the upper eyelid, we cant distinctly see where one begins and theother ends. If I cant see a separation, Im not going to create it in mydrawing. In fact, separating them would only detract from the realism in this scenario.

Where are the lightest values in the scene?

The lightest values are the highlights that are found on theborder between the pupil and the iris, in the lacrimal caruncle , and in the far corner of the eye.

Notice that even the lightest part of the white of the eyeis darker than these highlights!!

Though the sclera is referred to as the white of the eye,because its a sphere it is rarely completely white. It usually has a gradation and a range of values hereespecially, since half of it is in shadow.

Once I have determined the lightest and darkest valuesin the eye, I begin establishing them in my drawing, knowing that the rest ofthe values are going to be somewhere between these two extremes.

Another important aspect of this step is placing the pupilof the eye.

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Paint In The Darker Parts Of The Iris

With a rinsed round brush dipped in green, proceed to add the color to the perimeter of the iris.

Take your brush and dip it in water . With your brush, go to the edge of the green stroke you just painted and using the brush tip, spread out the color bringing it toward the center of the eye. Repeat this for the other side of the pupil.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye With Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are a powerful medium for creating art. I definitely did not realize this when I first used them. I thought that they were great for sketching, but not really capable of producing rich and vivid colors.

But overtime, I have learned just the opposite. Colored pencils can be used to produce incredibly vivid imagery with strong colors. Clearly, they are much more than a medium reserved for sketching.

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How To Draw Eyes: Step By Step Realistic Eye Drawing Tutorial

by LuizaApr 8, 2019Pencil Drawings

Drawing eyes can be frustrating.

Theres a lot going on in there. After all, they are one of the most complex body parts.

Upper lid, lower lid, eyeball. Add skin, some texture, highlights, shadows Not to mention that muddle happening in the iris, right? Even if you finally master the skill of eye drawing, you still have to add eyelashes and eyebrows, and thats a whole nother kettle of fish.

Dont worry I am here to help you with all the issues you may encounter while creating a detailed eye sketch.

Heres How To Draw An Eye

How to Draw Realistic Eyes for BEGINNERS – Super Detailed Instructions!

First, make sure you have a reference photo, like I did:

Then to start your drawing, lightly sketch an outline of the eye. It always helps me to draw little markers on the left and right, where the drawing is going to start and endand I always resize my reference picture to be the exact size I want to draw, so I can be sure of getting the correct proportions.

Once the central part of the eye is drawn, I add in the rest of the outlines, including the tear duct, eyelid and eye bags.

Then I like to go in with a charcoal pencil and put charcoal only in the areas that I want to be the darkest: in the eyelid crease, the shadow under the eyelid, and the pupil and around the iris.

Make sure you only do this carefully, as it is very difficult to erase after youve put down the charcoal.

Then I shade the whites of the eyes. This part of the eye is never completely white they do have shadows and dimensionality to them.

For this particular eye, the area next to the tear duct is slightly darker and the opposite corner of the eye is even darker as they are looking slightly down and there is a shadow cast by the eyelashes.

NOTE: I also blended the charcoal and pencil using a small brush. When blending, you want to do it gently and not completely disrupt what youve put down, so just use a light hand and stay within the lines.

Then I lay down a base shade for the skin. Start light with a HB pencil.

Here Ive blended the shadows with a brush You could also use a tissue or cotton bud.

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Draw The Initial Eye Shape

Well start by drawing the initial outline of the eye with a 2H pencil. Begin by drawing a slanted line near the left side of the paper for the corner of the eye. From here, extend another line that curves up and back down to form the top of the white part of the eye . You may want to stop along the way to make tentative placement marks for each side of the iris.

Use imaginary reference points and temporary guidelines to help you shape the outline of the eye so it will be a close match to the reference photo. For example, the outer corner of the eye on our right side aligns roughly with the upper part of the inner corner on our left. Then, by sketching a horizontal guideline from the lower part of the inner corner, we know to form the lower curve of the eye below this guideline but not too far below it.

Finish drawing the corner of the eye by forming the base of the corner along the horizontal guideline. Draw two slightly curved, slightly diagonal lines at the corner from the top to the bottom. These two lines represent the pink tissue found at the inner corner. You should end up with somewhat of an almond-shape for your eye.

Tips To Remember The Next Time You Draw A Realistic Eye

The next time you are looking to draw a realistic eye, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a reference photo so you can include all of the little details about the eye that you might not think about if you were drawing from background knowledge alone.
  • While using a reference photo, still remember to allow yourself a little bit of flexibility. If you are only drawing the eye of a person and not the entire face, there is less of a need to capture an exact likeness that resembles a persons face. This means you can keep that eyebrow a little bit higher, you can include more or fewer eyelashes, or you can vary the amount and placement of moles or wrinkles on the skin.
  • Consider using both a color and a black-and-white version of your reference. You can use both photos together to give you information about light and dark values as well as changes in color, such as the variations found in the colorful design pattern of the iris.
  • Try drawing a variety of eyes in a realistic way. Try drawing eyes looking in different directions. Maybe you can draw an eye from the side view. To create even more meaningful artwork, try drawing eyes that convey different emotions, like surprise, sadness, or even anger.

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I Want To Move My Eyebrow

Heres where I decided to move the eyebrow down a little lower. I maintained the same shape and size as before, but I moved the position directly below the previous one. Again, if you are happy with the placement of the eyebrow in your drawing, you can skip this step and the next one.

Then I used a kneaded eraser to blot the dark area where the eyebrow was originally going to be. The purpose of this blotting was to lighten the tones so they have the same value as the surrounding skin.

Paint The Skin Highlights

How to draw a realistic eye step by step | tutorial for beginners

Mix unbleached titanium white with a bit of white and make sure to load your flat wash brush with a bit of paint . Proceed to lightly dry brush the color starting from above the tear duct to a bit halfway over the eye flap.

With the same color, switch over to your round brush and add several strokes along the upper portion of the eye as well as under the eye near the tear ducts.

Proceed to add more strokes at the rightmost eye corner as well as the waterline, bringing everything to a point.

Using your flat wash brush dipped in a bit of water, blend out the skin highlights following the same horizontal curved strokes.

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Begin Shading The Eyebrow

Begin drawing the hairs of the eyebrow. Starting on the left, make light pencil strokes from the base of the eyebrow going upward. Make these lines twist and curl in the same general direction as the hair growth.

Continue drawing the hairs of the eyebrow. Look at the reference photo to help you decide how the hairs are growing and which clusters of hair are thicker than others and require heavier graphite. Draw hairs jetting inward and to the right from the top and bottom edges. Leave some gaps between some of the hairs. Notice how the eyebrow gets a little thicker at the end and then tapers to a point near the right end.

Blend the tones of the eyebrow with a blending stump. Again, follow the direction of hair growth.

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