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How To Draw A Realistic Eyeball

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How To Draw An Eye With Arteza Professional Colored Pencils

How to Draw a Realistic Eye

No matter if its a self-portrait or the main character of your graphic novel, the eyes are the most significant aspect of your subjects face. After all, they are thought to be the windows to the soul. So if you want your subject to look realistic, its essential to get the eyes right.

Thats why I wrote this tutorial on drawing the eye. I used Arteza Professional Colored Pencils for this project. I recommend using these pencils as they come in such a wide range of hues and I like how easy they blend.

In the initial four steps, Ill show you the details of the eye and how to draw them. The eye has so many more parts than you think, and putting in these specific details is how to make your eye look the most realistic. Once these basics are drawn, Ill show you how adding color, shading, and highlights are what really brings life to the eye. I suggest paying close attention to the reference pictures as you proceed to get the best result.

List of Supplies

The Difference Between Good And Great

When you look at a realist drawing of an eye, the difference between jaw-dropping realism and a reasonable likeness is the attention to detail, This happens both in the observation as well as the drawing.

If you are trying to achieve a very high degree of realism, you need a very large, clear reference photograph. It will also require a great deal of patience and accuracy in drawing every tiny change in light and dark. There’s no magic trick, just very careful attention.

Learn How To Draw A Realistic Eye Drawing Sketch In 8 Easy Steps

Looking for a method to draw a Realistic Eye drawing, you will get here with each described step.

Before drawing any things, we should have a little knowledge about it as it descended affects our artwork, therefore, the human;eye;is the specialized sense organ competent on receiving visible images, which carried to the brain, the two eyeball lies on the deep socket of the skull with the three major layers such as sclera, choroid and retina.

Lets begin!!

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Fill In The Second Half Of The Sclera

Fill this part with light pressure. Add a bit more shadow in the corner .

As you can see in our picture, lashes can cast shadows on the eyeball. Include them in your eye drawing by throwing in a few darker lines with a worn out pencil.

Start them at the upper edge of the eye outline. Make their length irregular, so the shadow looks realistic. Remembering the three-dimensional shape of the eye, curve these strokes slightly in line with the roundness of the eyeball

Make The Eye Look Wet

How to Draw a Realistic Eye: Narrated Sketch

To make the eye look wet, we can add water along the bottom of our eyeball.

Grab your pointy solid eraser or kneaded eraser, flatten it, and erase a thin space along the eyeball, where it meets with the bottom eyelid.

If the line of water doesnt show up well, shade around it slightly. The contrast will bring it out. Or you can use a white gel pen or correction fluid to introduce a bright white value.

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Learn The Basic Parts Of The Eye

Step 1. The eyeball is a sphere

Keeping this simple fact in mind while you draw the eye will help add volume and dimension. Begin with a big circle to represent the entire eyeball. Add a vertical line down the exact center. Intersect that line with a horizontal one at the exact center of the circles side. Next, place a smaller circle within the large one to serve as the eyes iris. Now, add a circle thats even smaller in the iris to indicate the pupil.

Step 2. Place the upper and lower eyelids

Since eyelids lie on top of the spherical eyeball, I used curved lines that somewhat match the curve of the eyeball. Place the line for the upper eyelid through and a little lower than the top of the iris. Add another line over that one to show the eyelids thickness. Next, go higher above the iris and add a curved line to indicate the upper eyelid crease.

Next, place a line to represent the lower eyelid through and a little lower than the bottom of the iris. Connect it to the upper eyelid line. Place another line right above that one to indicate the lower eyelids thickness. Next, go below the lower eyelid and use a curved line to indicate the lower eyelid crease. Create the tear duct in the eyes bottom right corner by shading in a small area.

TIP: Typically, the outer corners of most peoples eyes are situated higher than the inner ones, but this isnt always the case. Pay close attention to this detail when working from real life.

Step 3. Draw the eyelashes

How To Draw Realistic Eyes: My Process And Essential Tips

Follow*This post contains affiliate links. I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.;These commissions help me keep this site up and running, in order for me to keep providing helpful and inspiring art content. 🙂Do you find your eye drawings look slightly “off” and have trouble pinpointing areas of improvement? Have you wondered what you can do to make your drawings of facial elements look a bit more realistic? Would you like to take your portrait drawings a step further and give them more expression and life?arehugeIn this blog post, I’ll be sharing the method I go through when drawing realistic eyes, as well as the key components of eyes that should always be included in order to make them look believable. To finish up, I will also be sharing a few essential tips to have in mind whenever attempting to draw anything realistically.;Drawing portraits, or any individual facial element, is difficult and requires practice.We are used to seeing faces day-in-and-day-out, which makes us highly susceptive to noticing mistakes in a portrait drawing or painting.Even if a non-artist wasn’t able to decipher where the error is located specifically, he/she will most likely know that something doesn’t look quite right.

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This Concludes The Tutorial But Don’t Miss The Bonuses Below

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw realistic eyes!

What next?

The best way to improve your eye drawings is, unsurprisingly, to practice!

Why not from this tutorial, the infographic to remind you of the steps, and start learning how to draw realistic eyes today.

Also, don’t miss my guide to the 6 Most Common Eye Drawing Mistakes , and my tutorial on drawing eyebrows, where you’re sure to pick up more eye drawing tips.

Draw An Eye With Graphite And White Charcoal

How to Draw a Realistic Eye – Step by Step Eye Tutorial – You can draw this!

Now that we’ve had a look at the basics of drawing a realistic eye with graphite alone, let’s take a look at another example. In this second example, we’ll again draw an eye from a frontal view. The following examples come from the course, “Portrait Drawing the Smart Way”. Check out the course for instructional videos and ebooks that break down the drawings in more depth.

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Final Thoughts On Drawing Eyes

1. Look at;the eyes that you are trying to draw – I know – this tip seems pretty obvious. But many people try to draw what they think they see, rather than what they actually see.; Look at the shapes, lines and values and do your best to copy that info on your paper.; Don’t think about drawing eyes, think about drawing shapes, lines, and values.

2. Remember that every eye is different – No two eyes will ever look the same.

3. Eyes are their own unique shape – Eyes are NOT ovals and eyes are NOT football shapes.; They have their own unique shape that you must recognize.

4. Eyes have a full range of value – Most anything that you draw or paint should incorporate a full range of value.; Eyes are no different.; If you need to use a value scale to ensure that you have used a full range of value – then do;it.; The darkest darks and the lightest lights should all be there.

This lesson explored drawing a realistic eye with graphite pencils. And while many of the concepts that we covered here carry over to other drawing mediums, it may be helpful to see how this process is slightly different when a different drawing or painting medium is used.

How To Draw Realistic Eyesa Step By Step Tutorial

Interested in learning how to draw realistic eyes? I don’t blame you! The windows to the soul are a captivating subjectmatter. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the process of drawing a realistic eye, and illuminate some of the knowledge and skills that one mustacquire to draw this compelling subject matter convincingly.

After the lesson, don’t miss these eye-related pages …

I will be using Staedtler Mars Lumograph graphite pencils on Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper.

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Eyes From Different Angles

From other angles eyes might appear flat if drawn in a straight line. The front area of the face is a little bent and the eyes appear slanted.

The form of the eye changes when the pupil moves. Dont be afraid to break up the eye shape to make it dynamic. The pupil moves on a sphere, not on a straight plane.

Especially when drawing eyes from a ¾ view it is important to imagine the spherical space they move on. Keep the thickness of the eyelids in mind. Stylised approaches might leave out some anatomical details, but the shape should still act like the realistic eye in order to achieve a 3-dimensional result.

When the head is turned away in semi profile you might only see the tip of the eyebrow and eyelash. Turning it more reveals there is no space between eye and eye bridge. This indicates a strong change of direction to where the head is facing before it turns into a full profile.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye For Beginners

How To Draw A Realistic Eye – Drawing Eyes (Narrated)

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“To have beautiful lips, say beautiful things. To have beautiful eyes, look at people and see the good in them.” – Audrey Hepburn, American actress

The eyes are one of the most important aspects of a sketch or character. Eyes are extremely expressive of emotion. Even if the rest of the face is not visible, the shape of the eyes can convey happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, or anger.

Sleepless eyes can be red and bloodshot, or have dark “bags” underneath. Sad eyes may emit tears.

It is because of their expressive nature that eyes are considered the “windows to the soul” in poetry, literature, and modern Japanese animation.

This is one reason why anime eyes are so large, dominating the face. Dramatic closeups of the eyes are common in film and television.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to draw realistic cartoon eyes? This easy, step-by-step beginner’s cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. If you’re learning to draw realistic people, this tutorial can help you to master the important and challenging eye.

All you will need is a pencil, pen, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Tears, Anime Eyes, and Eyes.

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Determine The Eye Size

Using an HB pencil, draw 2 light ticks spaced well apart. This will determine the size of the first eye.

Use a ruler to draw a horizontal line through the ticks and extend it to the far right side of your sketchbook.

Measure the distance between the 2 ticks and triplicate it across the horizontal line so you end up with 3 equal spaces.

Not sure how to do this? Check out the video to watch me do it.

Apply More Skin Texture

As a final touch, lets add more skin texture.

Do it with a tip of a blending stump and a pen eraser . Just bump them into the surface of your eye drawing. This way youll create pores and tiny skin reflections. Just be gentle with the dark spots, if you make them too dark, the skin will end up looking dirty.

Et voilà! Your realistic eye drawing is done!

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Blend For The Last Time

Blend the skin on the forehead first. As you can see, I was a little too sloppy with my cross-hatching, and now the strokes are pretty visible. Feel free to do a better job than I did I managed to fix it later with a brush but why go to so much trouble.

Next, blend the eyebrow so that its smooth but still has some texture. Thats a trick I use to create enough thickness without having to draw every single hair.

If youre drawing a thinner or brighter eyebrow, your blending should be more gentle than the one I did on my eye drawing.

Placement Of The Eyes

How to Draw a Realistic Eye – With Pencil- Drawing Tutorial

Helen South/ DJ Jones

Pay careful attention to the;placement of the eyes. If drawing without any aids, refer to the key ‘landmarks’ of the face: check the angle and distance of the inner and outer points of the eyes in relation to the ears and nose.

When you sketch a straight line through the eyes, the base of the nose, the;mouth, and the brows, you’ll find that they are in correct perspective or parallel to one another.

When you begin drawing a portrait, sketch this structure. Use the construction lines to indicate the planes of the face, place the pupils, and draw the main lines of the lids and brows.

Including wrinkles and facial structure lines like the cheekbones at this point can help provide reference points as well.

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Key Facts About The Geometry Of The Eye

Start by getting a handle on the underlying shape behind the visible eye. Youre not drawing what you see, youre drawing behind the object, says illustrator and drawing instructor Lucas Elliott. Youre not just drawing the eye itself, but youre drawing the actual ocular orb and then everything on top of it: the eyelid, the eyelashes, the eyebrows.

Image by Jonathan Case

The eyeball is a sphere.

To perfect the look of an eye, visualize the sphere of the eyeball. This will help you understand how each aspect of the eye is connected spatially, regardless of what is actually visible once you add other elements of a characters face. The skin surrounding the eye, the eyelid, the eyelashes, the tear ducts, and more it all wraps around the ocular orb. What we typically think of as the eye shape is actually the shape of the upper and lower eyelid and how they cover the eye socket.

Drawing Eyes With Pencil

This lesson is focused on teaching you how to draw eyes with graphite pencils. Of course, the approach that you take is different according to the medium that you choose to use.

If you’d like to take a look at how this process is different using different mediums, then the following lessons may be helpful…

If realism is your goal, then patience must be practiced. Just like other art-making mediums like colored pencils or pen;and ink, graphite applications must be patiently layered and deliberately applied.

Textures develop through layered applications of graphite of varying hardness. Harder pencils, which produce lighter marks, are applied first. Softer pencils are applied on top, pushing values darker. If the softer pencils produce unwanted textures, then additional applications of harder graphite can be applied, working the material into the tooth or texture of the paper.

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Add More Details To The Outline

We add more details to the outline of the eye in this step. The boundary of the eyelid is marked in the picture below. Along with the details, the highlight on the pupil and iris is also marked using an HB pencil.

The curved rectangle indicates the area to highlight. The sides of the rectangle are not straight lines and its to make a bulge three-dimensional illusion of the eye. Otherwise, the eye might look flat.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye

How To Draw A Realistic Eye: Narrated Step by Step

Hi, welcome to RapidFireArt! My name is Darlene and in this tutorial Im going to teach you how to draw a realistic eye using;easy step by step instructions. This is my first tutorial, so;I hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE: For a while now, you guys have requested a tutorial on drawing a;pair of eyes. Here it is, along with a super in-depth tutorial as well!

For this tutorial on;drawing a realistic eye, I will be using the following tools: Mechanical Pencil with 0.5 mm HB and 4B Ain Leads

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Practicing Different Angles And Emotions

Once you have the basic structure figured out, try drawing eyes from different angles. As your character turns their head or looks up or down, the shape of the eye will change as the perspective shifts. For example, if a character is looking down, their eyes wont appear as round as if they are looking straight ahead. Think about your characters mood and behavior as well. Their eyes may be reacting to something else in the drawing, telling a deeper story.

The eyes are important to get right. Practice drawing them again and again, and dont be afraid to stop and start over. I do a lot of erasing of eyes, says Bigoni.;

Play with mood in the eyes.

There are several ways to alter the eyes in a drawing from more realistic portraits to caricatures to manga-style comics in order to convey the right mood. Try adjusting the position of eyelids, the dilation of pupils, or the direction a character is looking. Showing more or less of the white of the eye can convey emotion ask yourself what different effects might display. Are the eyes wide open? Are they partially closed? Are there circles under the eyes? Are they tired or weary? Are they drunk? asks Bigoni. If a character is downbeat, they may not be looking at anyone or anything else in the drawing. If theyre upbeat and enjoying themselves, they might be gazing upward.

Try tracing over a photo of an eye.

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