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How To Draw A Realistic Kitten

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Simple Steps For Cat Drawings

How To Draw A Realistic Cat

1. Use reference photos.

You may have researched the anatomy of a cat, but youll still need to find some good reference photos. This helps you observe and mimic the body shape of a cat, even when its foreshortened. If you want to draw a realistic cat, use a photo for reference. But if you want to sketch a cartoon cat, look at art or illustrations to see how other artists have captured feline forms in a stylized way.

Image by Jade Merien

2. Sketch out the simple shapes.

After youve observed the reference images, draw the major shapes of the cat. Start with the cats head, and then move on to the body, front legs, hind legs, and tail. Its about breaking a subject matter down and building it back up in a meaningful way. And to achieve that, you need to simplify all that chaos, says Merien. For a cat, youre dealing with the fluffy fur and the perspective. So you need to build it back up in a way that your brain can understand.

When youve simplified the cats shape, you can get the gesture and positioning right without worrying about the complex details. Be sure to mark where the limbs and joints are, as well as the tail. Its not just about the individual shapes, its also about how those shapes connect to each other.

Image by Jade Merien

3. Finalize your line art.

Image by Jade Merien

4. Add detail and color.

Materials Used For This Drawing

Here is a list of the materials I am using for this drawing.

If you dont have some of these materials, thats okay. You can still make do with a regular pencil and eraser, as long as you just get started!

If you wish to purchase any of these materials, they can be found at your local art store, or you can buy them using the links below.

Affiliate Disclaimer: The links on this page are affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made through one of these links. Learn more here.

How To Draw A Kitten Face Video Tutorial

You can watch the time-lapse video version of this tutorial below. Watch it once all the way through to get a sense of the overall process. Then watch a second time and draw along with me, pausing as needed.

If you prefer, you can use one of the links directly below the video to access the complete version of this tutorial. It will show you my process for how to draw a kitten face step by step with video clips at normal speed.

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How To Draw A Realistic Cat Step

Have you ever wanted to draw a realistic-looking cat? Heres an easy step-by-step process to enhance your drawing skills.

This is what your finished drawing might look like.

  • Beginner Level

The ideal drawing course for beginners. Super easy pencil drawing method. Everything explained in detail. | By Cindy Wider

In this step-by-step tutorial, youll learn how to draw a cat in three stages.

  • First, you will sketch a vertical line then add some simple lines and shapes to use as a guide. This is called a construction drawing.
  • Next, you will draw your cat outline by adding curves and lines. Youll also use the shapes as a guide, drawing outside of them or within the inside.
  • Finally, youll complete your cat drawing by adding simple strokes around the outline for fur.

To go a step further, you can use a blending stump to add shading and form. Either way, your cat will look impressive almost like its come to life on the page!

How To Draw A Kitten

How to Draw a Cat

It is not easy to draw kittens. First of all, kittens are small, and secondly, they are very active. Drawing a kitten might take a lot of time, and to get a kitten to sit still for even a minute is impossible. Therefore, it is rare for kittens to be drawn from real life. When you draw a kitten, you should try to capture at least the general shape, and other details can be finished from memory. You can draw a kitten or draw a realistic Cat from real life in stages. At first, draw the general outline of a kitten sitting still, then focus on its head and feet. Finally, if your drawing looks pale, you might want to add color with crayons. The fur of a kitten can have many different shades, even the most unexpected colors. In this lesson we will learn how to draw a kitten in #2 pencil.

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One Way To Learn How To Draw A Kitten Is To Make A Cat With Slightly Larger Head It Happens To Also Be A Good Lesson In Proportion

Students that love to draw all things anime, may really enjoy this new kitten tutorial. The slightly larger head gives it a very kitten kind of look, and provides lots of room for some large cartoon-style eyes. The big black pupils and white shiny spots look just like lots of adorable animals seen in those Japanese style cartoons.

Also. just a reminder that this dark rich orange cat and lush green surroundings were colored with super expensive . crayons. Just kidding! Only with ordinary ones and lots of elbow grease. Its just making the case again that really colorful drawings can be made with the a simple Sharpie can box of Crayolas.

Kitten Coloring Page

How to Draw a Kitten

  • Draw the head shape shown.
  • Start the two large eyes.
  • Finish the eyes as shown.
  • Add the mouth, nose, whiskers.
  • Draw two ears.
  • Draw the two front legs.
  • Add the back legs and tail.
  • Erase lines, add background.
  • How To Draw A Cat: The Step By Step Guide You Need To Create A Realistic Cat Drawing

    1. First step: Draw a circle. This will later become your cats head.

    2. To help with face placement, draw a grid on the circle.

    3. Your eyeballs should rest on the horizontal plane .

    4. Next, draw your nose! On cats this is more of a triangleor if youre a musician, a guitar pick.

    5. Draw two circles on either side of your nose. This will later become your cats mouth/snout. Think Wilford Brimley.

    6. Lets form the bottom of that mouth. Draw a small curve underneath your snout.

    7. Next up, get those ears on your kitty.

    8. Now, we work on that thicc fur body. Start off with a neck circle. I have chosen a British Shorthair as my breed so there will be a lot more circles ahead. Hey, did you know that theyre one of the most ancient cat breeds that we know of? Interesting stuff!

    9. Next, lets get that big chest circle in there.

    10. After that, lets draw that nice lil feline booty. Kind of looks like a snowman, right? Thats a good way to think about it!

    11. Are you familiar with action figures? You know how some of them have balls where their joints are to help with their limb movability? This is exactly what were doing with this cat. Draw two circles where the front legs start .

    12. Now draw a couple thigh balls for their hind legs.

    13. Im drawing yet another hind leg ball. My cat is sitting down.

    14. Time for those paws! Draw four circles where you think they should be.

    16. Draw a skeleton line for your tail.

    19. Whiskers!

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    Refine The Facial Features

    Now is the time to draw with thicker, darker and more defined lines. If youre working traditionally, swap to a thicker pencil and use more pressure. If youre working digitally, switch to a new layer while keeping previous layers on a lower opacity.

    Refine the shapes of the eyes, mouth and nose . Add pupils to the eyes. Depending on the cat you may choose to sketch the eyes more narrow or more open. Don’t forget about the whiskers they make a huge difference!

    Draw Ovals For The 4 Cat Paws

    How to Draw a Kitten: Narrated Step by Step

    Now you will draw two larger ovals at the base of the circle for the two front leg paws.

    Tip: Note that these two ovals are positioned a little distance apart. They are also both positioned at the height of the bottom marker on the vertical line.

    Draw two smaller ovals a little bit higher up the page for the two back leg paws. This will make them look like they are a bit further back into the distance than the front ones.

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    Finishing Up And Planning Your Next Project

    Once you are happy with all your blending, your cat is complete. Great job!

    This is a process you can practice several times so that you can draw your cat from memory any time you like. If you would love to learn more about how to draw and shade using professional methods, see my course: Complete Drawing and Shading Course. Next, join me in learning how to draw a unicorn.

    How To Draw A Cat: The Whole Cat

    Theres a lot to consider, even when you narrow down your cat-drawing-tutorial-search to the whole cat. From cute cat cartoons to something more realistic to even how theyre sitting, standing, or laying down, your inspo cup runneth over, right? We found three really easy tutorials to walk you through drawing an entire feline nose to tail. Which of these drawings of fluffsters do you want to see pinned to your fridge?

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    Draw A Circle For The Cat Head

    Your cat head can begin with a circle. We will add angles and curves to refine the cat face and features later during the outline drawing stage.

    Begin the top of your circle just a bit down from the top of the center vertical guideline and end it as it crosses over and just below the top of the big oval body.

    Draw a horizontal guideline to help you create the width evenly on each side of the vertical line. I made my circle two inches long and two inches wide. You can also approximate the width of your cat head.

    Add The Final Touches

    How to Draw a Cat [Narrated Step-by-Step Tutorial]

    If the cat you’re drawing has characteristic patterns on their fur, add these on top. Erase the more prominent sketch lines or turn off the sketch layers .

    In this case I decided to draw stripes on my cat. Be careful how dark you draw features like stripes, as they can quickly overpower the whole drawing. Use subtle shading lines, and make sure to follow the forms of the cat’s body. Drawing fur patterns especially stripes can add a lot of depth to your sketch. However, if done incorrectly, it may unintentionally flatten the image.

    Try to vary the length, width and shapes of your cats stripes. They usually get thicker on the tail, body and upper limbs and thinner around the head and lower paws. Last but not least add a little shadow under your cat’s paws to indicate the ground and you are done!

    Read more:

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    Complete The Outline Of The Ears

    To draw the outline of the first ear, we already marked where along the head one edge begins. For the other edge of the ear, put a mark where the outer edge of the eye is located. For the tip, mark above the area of the inner corner of the eye. Now we can complete the ear outline by connecting the marks.

    Next, we need to find where the other side of the ear connects. The reference photograph reveals that the edge of the head is about two eye-widths away from the corner of the eye. The ear itself connects below the eye level. The top tip of this ear is slightly lower than the first one. Connect the ear at the base and finish the side of the head.

    We no longer need most of these guidelines, so we can start erasing them now. As you erase, take care to maintain the contours of the kittens face. Very carefully erase the remaining guidelines inside the outline of the kittens face. Try your best to not erase the outline of the facial features you drew up to this point.

    How To Draw A Realistic Cat:

    Step 1: Draw a circle and a oval for the body and head of a cat, then mark the center of the head with the help of a line.

    Step 2: With the soft hand draw a line for the neck, back and tail as a guideline.

    Step 3: Draw 4 lines as guidelines for the legs and muzzle feature ie, eyes, mouth and nose.

    Step 4: Give shape to the legs with the help of guideline draw and add 2 ears on the top of head.

    Step 5: In this step draw the cats eyes, tail, and shapeup the toes.

    Step 6: With help of some additional lines draw the cats ears and define its nose, pupil, and jaws at already marked places.

    Step 7: You definitely have seen a cat, thus paying attention to it draw the other details and give it an outline.

    Step 8: With help od shading give your cat a furry look. To give it a more realistic look draw ground and erase all the guidelines.

    Your cat is ready to rule the world.

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    Start With A Quick Stick

    A simple way to better understand the movement and curves of cat anatomy is to watch a real cat in motion while you sketch it rapidly. Only sketch it in the stick-figure style of drawing as you see here. Try to draw your whole cat in about 10-20 seconds. It doesnt have to look realistic.

    Scribble gesture drawing is the best place to start when you first learn how to draw. It can also be a great way to warm up before you do any drawing at all.

    Scribble gesture is all about capturing the major energy of and getting to know the subject. Its also about knowing the movement and angles of the cats legs, spine, and position of the cats head. You can also learn about the balance of weight, the center of gravity, and where the weight of the paws are.

    To complete this tutorial, you dont need much cat anatomy knowledge.

    Just look at the drawing and ask yourself where the line is vertical, horizontal, or on an angle. You will also need to ask yourself which direction a curve is traveling in. Either in or out.

    Then Draw The Kittens Tail

    How to draw a realistic kitten part 1: The sketch | Leontine van vliet

    On the lower bottom part of the kittens body, draw a long, fluffy tail. As you can see in the illustration, the tail is as simple as drawing a curved sausage.

    However, you can draw the tail any way you like. You can make it as furry as you want it to be by adding large chunks of fur poking out all over the tail.

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    Try The Extended Tutorial

    Need more help? In the extended version of this tutorial, I go over how to draw and shade the initial facial guidelines, the eyes, the fur and pattern outlines, and more in greater detail with more step-by-step images. I also have both color and black-and-white reference photos available. Plus, for each step in the extended version, you will see the real-time video demonstration from which all of these step-by-step images originated.

    You can get full access to the extended version of this and all of my other tutorials by becoming a member of the Lets Draw Today Club. So now that you know how to draw a kitten face step by step, you have nothing holding you back from filling up a sketchbook with as many cute kitten faces as possible! You might even consider snapping some pictures of your own kitty or the kittens of your family members and friends for practice. If people really like your work, you can give your kitten drawings away as a gift or even sell them!

    Final Step: The Finishing Touches

    Now that youve completed the flower, lets finalize this drawing by adding the stem and a few touches to perfect this rose. To create a stem, draw a jagged line, as Ive shown below. If youd like, you can also add thorns and leaves too.

    If you want, you can also add a light background effect, as seen below.

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    Draw A Large Oval For The Body

    Make sure that you sketch all your shapes lightly.

    The first shape to draw is a large oval for your cat body. Start the top of your oval at the beginning of the second tab down from the top and end it a little way up from the bottom.

    Tip: To draw a nice oval, find halfway between the top and bottom of the oval and draw a horizontal line as a guide for how wide you want your oval to be. Mine was about three inches. You can draw yours the same or by approximating if you like.

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