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How To Draw A Realistic Nose

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The Basics Of The Nose

How to draw nose for Beginners/ EASY WAY TO DRAW A REALISTIC NOSE

For some reason, when it comes to noses, people struggle. Perhaps this is because a nose is an irregular form – it’s not a simple shape like a circle and it’s not quite a triangle either. It’s not as hard to draw realistic noses as one may think. It’s actually rather simple. All it takes is four lines and then the rest is adding value. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that drawing noses is difficult.

Many people have incorrectly learned how to draw a nose. When you learn something incorrectly, it is even harder to learn how to do it correctly. This is true of anything, not just drawing. Many of us have been taught to draw that “L”shape or perhaps the “w” shape with an extra “u” when we draw a nose.

Drawing noses this way is so far from drawing them realistically. If you are going for a cartoon nose, then that may be a good direction to go. But for a realistic nose, you must really observe your subject.

Here’s a look at the finished drawing from the video above…

How To Draw A Nose Step By Step

Here’s the process that we outlined above, simplified and broken down into a step by step approach…

Begin your drawing of a nose by drawing four lines. Two lines are drawn for each nostril and then two more for each edge of the nose.

Now you can begin to add darker values where the nose is shaded. Start with the areas that are the darkest and slowly get darker with your pencil.

Continue with adding shading to the nose to create the illusion of a light source. Be careful not add more lines. Instead, just concentrate on light and dark areas.

The more value that you add, the more your nose will look realistic. Areas of the nose that are light will look like they protrude, while areas that are dark will look like they go back in space.

As long as you keep looking for the dark and light areas on the nose, and draw what you see, your nose will look realistic.

Once you have a basic idea of how to draw a nose from a frontal view, it’s time to look at drawing a nose from the side.

Drawing And Shading A Realistic Nose In 3/4 View In Pencil Or Graphite Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial for drawing realistic noses in 3/4 view with pencils / graphite pencils. 3/4 view or angle means that the face is turned slightly to the side, but not all the way. Shading is a vital part of making a nose look realistic, and this tutorial will show you step by step how to shade the nose properly. This drawing method is called The Loomis Method

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The Anatomy Of A Human Nose

The nose consists of three parts: bone, cartilage, and connective tissue. Its upper half is all made of bone, an integral part of the skull:

The lower half is more complex and consists of:

  • Alar cartilage
  • Lateral and
  • The ala
  • The nostrils
  • The philtrum
  • All these elements can be turned into a 3D form:

    Once you understand what this form looks like, you can rotate it and reshape it to create a nose from imagination.

    But it’s still not easy to remember! Let’s simplify it to something easier to draw:

  • The ball of the nose can be drawn as a sphere.
  • The wings can be drawn as two smaller spheres.
  • The can be drawn as a small sphere below the ball, behind it, and between the nostrils.
  • The bridge can be drawn in two parts, to symbolically separate the bone from the cartilage.
  • The tip of the nose is the upper part of the ball. You don’t always need to draw it, but it should be accentuated with shading. A great place to put some shine on!
  • The sides of the nose should blend with the rest of the face, but the shading should gently reveal their shape.
  • The root can be drawn as a “bent fan”.
  • Remembering The Main Parts Of The Nose

    How to Draw a Realistic Nose

    For the last part of this lesson on how to draw a nose, lets go back and take a second to memorize the basic parts of the nose. Understanding these key elements will help you draw any type of nose more easily, and youll be able to see the differences between various noses more clearly.

    The Main Parts of the Nose are:

  • The Bridge
  • The Ball
  • The Nostrils
  • In our next lesson on how to draw a nose, youre going to learn more about drawing different types of noses in different styles. And, because you now understand the basic construction of the nose thanks to this lesson, we hope youll soon be able to draw endless varieties of noses!

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    Break The Nose Down Into Its Most Basic Shapes

    Once youve familiarized yourself with the anatomy of a nose, take a look at the of the schnoz youd like to draw. For this lesson, it is beneficial to sketch several noses to really appreciate just how different this body part can be.

    Based on what you know about its featuresincluding the bridge, tip, and nostrilsbreak them down into basic shapes. Using an HB pencil, youll draw a long oval for the bridge and smaller circles for the tip of the nose as well as nostrils. While youre just getting into the basics of how the nose is shaped, make sure you pay attention to the width of its features.

    The Key Is Observation

    You must closely observe your subject when you draw anything. Drawing noses realistically involves studying the values. The values are what gives us the impression and illusion of the form. Make sure that you include a full range of value when you draw a nose.

    Drawing lines will help to establish the shape of the nose, but it’s the values that will lead to the illusion of form that you probably want in you drawing.

    Your drawing must include the darkest shades and the lightest tints and the grays in between. Keep in mind that no two noses will be the same. Observation is really the biggest secret when it comes to drawing.

    Try to pinpoint the locations on the nose where these values are located and notice the subtle changes that happen in the highlights , midtones , and the shadows .

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    Drawing A Nose From Observation

    Now that you’ve got the basic concept down, it’s time to take your skills to an actual subject. This might be a nose that you draw from life, or one that you draw from a photo reference. Either way, the process of drawing will heavily depend on observation.

    When you are observing a nose, look for the “planes” – or simple geometric shapes that represent how the nose exists in space.

    Take the following drawing for example…

    Now look at the planes that can be easily drawn to create the form of the nose…

    Here’s another look at the nose from the side view.

    Here is the same drawing with the planes highlighted…

    Certain angles of the nose can present challenges…

    But here again, if you break the nose down into geometric planes, this angle is made easier to draw…

    Beautiful How To Draw Sketch Of Human Nose For Sketch Art Girl

    How to Draw a Realistic Nose

    how to draw sketch of human nose If you prefer to draw the. Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line.

    How To Draw Sketch Of Human Nose, If you prefer to draw the. Draw another line across the middle of your egg from left to right. Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line.

    Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line. Draw another line across the middle of your egg from left to right. If you prefer to draw the.

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    Then Refine The Shape Of The Nose

    Polish up the form of the nose by erasing some parts of the circle outline that overlaps inside the nose.

    You dont necessarily have to get rid of the entire circle shape, just a few lines that mess up the structure of the nose.

    Keep in mind to leave out the bottom part of the circle as this serves as the tip of the nose, as shown in the illustration.

    Proportions According To Biological Sex And Genre

    Once the basic structure of the nose has been fully understood, let us concentrate on how to use the right type of nose for each character. Research and identify different individual features that allow you to see age or sex differences between characters. A typical male nose is different from a female nose in that it usually has a more noticeable septum and larger nostrils. A typical feminine nose would have a thinner septum and smaller nostrils. You can also round or sharpen the tip of the nose to make it a little thinner.

    Another aspect to consider is age. As their body is still growing, childrens noses are much smaller than those of adults. You can see the same pattern when comparing the nose of an adult to that of an older adult. Look at how an older mans nose is larger and drops down further compared to that of a middle-aged adult.

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    How Do You Draw A Nose

    After drawing the eyes, the nose will be next. The basic shapes of the nose mostly include triangles, rectangles, and circles. At first glance, the nose may seem to be pretty difficult to draw. Im here to tell you that its quite the opposite. The following images are just a few examples of different nose shapes.

    Three different variations of noses

    The first nose is more rounded at the tip and the wings with a narrow bridge. The second nose is more angular with flared nostrils and a flat bridge. The last nose is downturned and the nostrils are not visible.

    Anatomy of the nose

    Take a moment to study and examine the nose before proceeding with the next portion of the lesson.

    Below are two examples of how to draw the front of the nose. The first example is a round-shaped nose and the second example is more of a pointy, angular-shaped nose:

    Add Details And Textures On The Nose

    DO’S & DON’TS: How To Draw a Realistic Nose | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

    In this step, we will be adding details on the nose to add texture, making your drawing look a lot more realistic.

    Continue by drawing a slightly curved, thin vertical line down the length of the nose. Afterwards, add shade underneath each nostril to create an illusion of depth.

    As you can see, the nose has finally come together, now all its missing is a splash of colors to make the nose look naturalistic.

    Now that weve successfully drawn a nose, its time to put a color on it. This is the part where you can show off your artistic skills, especially your ability to mix and match various colors.

    To create a skin tone color, simply mix the colors white, brown, red, and yellow. Depending on the complexion youre trying to achieve, you may want to add more of a specific color.

    Keep in mind that skin tone colors are most attainable when youre using coloring materials that are easy to blend like a watercolor!

    Have fun playing with colors and watch as the nose in your drawing ultimately comes to life!

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    Yes You Can Draw A Realistic Nose

    How to draw a nose? While watching my favorite detective show, I understood all too well the frustration of the police artist trying to draw the suspects face from the witnesss description. He made several attempts to get the nose right until suddenly he adjusted a line which allowed the witness to shout definitively it was the man she saw. Although this was a fictional account, I often find if the nose isnt right, the person is unrecognizable. Therefore, its one of the most important elements in portraiture to master.

    To help you with noses, Ive developed these five steps. See what I did and learn how easy it is!

    Defining The Eye Sockets And The Bridge Of The Nose

    Defining the edges of the eye sockets helps your nose drawing look more realistic

    Youre now ready to start adding some lines to define the eye sockets and the bridge of the nose. Sketch these in lightly, just like in the illustration above. Do you notice how drawing these lines helps to define the shape of the nose and how it sits upon the face?

    Use light, diagonal strokes to indicate the line along the bridge of the nose. This will give it a nice, soft effect.

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    How To Draw A Nose Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

    Nose Guidelines Draw these basic shapes and lines lightly with a pencil.

    Step 1 : draw a straight vertical line.

    Step 2 : draw another vertical line parallel to the first.

    Step 3 : draw a third line, at the same distance and parallel to the second.

    Step 4 : draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the three lines.

    Step 5: at the bottom of those guide grid, in the middle , add a circle for the ball of the nose.

    Step 6: add another smaller circle overlapping to the left of the first. It will be the edges of the nostrils.

    Step 7: mirroring the one in step 6, add another small circle to the right side.

    Lets start drawing

    Step 8: at the bottom, trace the middle guide and draw a curved line right in between the space where the small circles meet the bigger one.

    Step 9: add the left nostril along the bottom of the left guide circle, draw a rounded triangle shape that connects to the curved line .

    Step 10: mirroring the nostril created in step 9, draw a second nostril to the right.

    Step 11: add the nose wings along the left circle guide and the left vertical line, draw a curved line.

    Step 12: mirroring the wing created in step 11, draw a second curved line for the right nose wing.

    Step 13: at the top of circle above the nose , draw a curved line to indicate the back of the nose.

    Step 14: mirroring the line added in step 13, draw a second curved line for the bridge of the nose.

    Step 15: erase the guidelines.

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    Happy drawing!

    How To Draw A Nose With Easy Steps

    DOs and DONâTs: How to Draw a Realistic Nose
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    Learn how to draw a nose easy! With a few simple pencil strokes, this tutorial and video will show you how to draw a realistic nose. Youll learn how to start your nose sketch with 3 basic guidelines and then continue nose drawing step by step.

    Drawing facial features can be tricky, but every face definitely needs a nose! I think that you will find this technique helpful in making nose drawing easy. If you are learning how to draw a face be sure to check out how to draw eyes. Practice makes perfect! Also, try your hand at these easy things to draw. I especially love the sunflower and rose, but my niece loves drawing the unicorn.

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    If You Prefer To Draw The

    Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line. Draw another line across the middle of your egg from left to right. Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line. If you prefer to draw the.

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    If you prefer to draw the. If you prefer to draw the. Draw another line across the middle of your egg from left to right. Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line. This Will Help With Drawing Noses And Getting The Human Nose Right And Realistic Cizim Eskiz Cizimler.

    If you prefer to draw the. Draw another line across the middle of your egg from left to right. If you prefer to draw the. Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line. How To Draw Person How To Draw Nose How To Draw Beginners Draw Easy Drawings Drawing Pictures Sketches Nose Drawing Art Drawings Sketches.

    If you prefer to draw the. Draw another line across the middle of your egg from left to right. If you prefer to draw the. Generally speaking the eyes should be along that middle equator line and the nose will start just above this line. Livin The Dream Nose Drawing Drawings Art Drawings Sketches.

    Begin Shading Around The Bridge Of The Nose And Erase The Ellipse

    Start adding soft shading on the sides of the bridge of the nose, as well as around the edge of the ellipse.

    Once you have defined some of the top of the nose using shadow, you can erase the ellipse.

    PRO TIP: The shading technique you can use for smooth shading of a nose is called grading or blending.

    Lower your pencil so that you are putting pressure on the side of the lead not directly on this tip.

    This means more of the lead touches the surface of the paper and you get a softer, larger mark on the page. This makes it easier to cover larger areas of shadow without irregular marks.

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