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How To Draw A Realistic Rose Step By Step

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Drawing The Rose Blossoms Exterior Petals

How to draw a Realistic Rose Step by Step | Daily Drawing Tutorial

9. Draw the outermost back petal.

10. Then, add another petal, swooping the front of your egg and touching the wider heart at its bottom point.

11. Now draw the second back petal.

12. Draw the next petal that swoops down the front of the rose diagonally. Think of this as the v petal.

13. Complete the v by adding the petal which connects to it.

14. Feel free to add another petal peaking out the back. Nature is sometimes asymmetrical!

15. Clean things up by erasing the skeleton lines. Below is your image with skeleton lines.

Below is your image;without;skeleton lines.

Voila The Finished Rose Drawing

Please note that your rose pencil drawing can get easily smudged at this point, so try to keep it in a protected place. If you’d like to keep it for awhile, spray it with a final sealant. This will prevent smudging and fading. It will also protect the drawing from UV rays and moisture. The sealant that I use for my drawings is called Krylon Crystal Clear .

Here is a quick re-cap of all the steps on how to draw a rose:

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Ready For Another Tutorial How To Draw A Flower Step By Step

  • Start by drawing an oval shape and a line for the stem.
  • Add two small curved line in the upper part of the bud.
  • Keep adding those small curved lines. Those will be the small petals in the middle of the flower bud.
  • As you keep adding curved lines they need to get bigger as you are getting close to the outer lines of the bud.
  • Now it is time to add the outer petals, which descend to the lower part of the bud.
  • Have a look at the photo tutorial for steps 1 to 5 for reference

    6. Time to sketch out the sepals at the bottom of the bud.

    7. Add another vertical line for the stem, as well as a few leaves.

    8. Thicken the oulines of the bud and sepals.

    9. Do the same for the stem and circle the leaves with uneven lines.

    10. Add the veins on the leaves.

    Steps 6 to 10 in pictures

    The final step is to add some shading to add depth to the rose drawing

    If you are into watercolor you can try this gorgeous rose painting

    Now a few more tutorials you can try

    How to draw a rose step by step

    This realistic rose drawing is simply breathtaking

    More simple tutorials on how to draw a rose

    Beauty and the Beast;inspired drawing

    Roses are just so gorgeous you can never make them look ugly

    Beautiful in any color

    Now that you know how to draw a rose step by step you can try recreating all these drawings

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    Lightly Draw A Slightly Angled Line

    This line will be the stem of the rose and defines the angle of the final bloom.

    Note: It looks like we drew the line pretty heavy here, but we are just making it easy to see. We will be highlighting each step to make it easier to see what changed. Make sure you sketch your lines light enough to erase!

    Lets Establish The Basic Form Of The Rose

    How to draw a realistic rose step by step | Pencil

    We will start by using our HB pencil and draw a simple circle in the middle of our paper. The circle doesn´t have to be perfectly round.

    Keep the lines light as we will erase them later on.

    Next up draw a straight line, that is going through the circle. This line will establish the orientation of the rose.

    At the top of the straight line, we will now add two ellipses a smaller one which is going to be the core part of the rose and another bigger ellipse that is defining the width of the rose.

    Then we will draw two lines that connect to the circle that we drew before.

    Next up, we will define the stem of the rose and we will add the green base of the rose. Don´t make the lines of the stem too straight.

    This is an organic form so make it look organic by curving the lines slightly.

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    How To Draw Roses: Detailed Step By Step Directions

    I drew three roses, the first one is facing the viewer, the second one is a bit sideways, and the last one is facing half way away from the viewer.

    Start by drawing a small oval shape. That will be the center of the rose. Add a few lines for the inside of the center;and the outside of the center. Then begin adding petals.

    Keep adding rose petals radiating from the center. They are just slightly curved lines going around in the circle when you think about it.

    Keep adding more and more petals as you go. I like to make some of the petals a bit pointy toward the center.

    For the rose that is facing the viewer, just keep working in a circle, adding anywhere between 3 to 5 petals for each layer.

    Try to make sure that the flower looks somewhat balanced. For the photo on the right, I put dots to indicate which petals were drawn first.

    Add a few more petals going all around the circle. All done with the first flower!

    Dont forget to add a stem and a few leaves.

    Here is the first rose completely done, and the beginnings of the second rose.

    Time to do the second flower!

    For the second flower, start with a tube with a slight opening, like the photo on the left. Then, change the opening by adding a few curved lines to indicate petals.

    To make a slight opening, draw two curved lines going from the back of the rose . ;The lines should form a heart like shape in the front of the rose. ;Then add a few more indications that the petals are bent and curved .

    Drawing The Rose Blossom

    2. Draw an oval thats more narrow on the top. It should look like an egg and this will serve as your skeleton.

    3. Next, draw a short curve at the very top of the egg that resembles a smile.

    4. Draw another smaller upside-down curve within the eye-shaped space at the top of the egg.

    5. Draw a spiral shape within the small eye-shaped space at the top of the egg.

    6. Draw lines from the spiral shape starting at four distinct points that meet the smiley faced curve right beneath the spiral. These are your innermost petals.

    7. Draw some heart-shaped petals bordering your innermost petals. Use your smiley-faced curve as the bottom of your heart and make it so that the two humps of your heart meet in a point at the top of the egg.

    8. Draw two more petals, like a heart fully encircling the inner petals. Then add a line from the lefthand petal to the outer egg.

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    Rose Drawing From The Top

    Out of the three versions, this is the more realistic rose drawing. But it does not have much detail because we are not really going for a fully realistic look. This time, we are approaching a top view of the flower and I added a small rose bulb to make the illustration drawing a little fuller.

    1 For the final rose, we will start with a circle and draw a moon-like shape tilted towards one side. then from the center draw a V-like shape having one side bigger than the other. Then draw a petal on one side, continue with another on the upper edge, almost divided in 3, but instead of drawing them next to each other, the last two will intertwine.

    2 Now add the upper and lower petals to finish the outer shape. For the inside, add an outer-round shape to the lower part of our moon and to one of the sides as shown below. This will be the guideline for the head of the Rose. Use the technique we learned in the first rose to create the very center portion.

    3 To make the rose as organic and realistic as possible, use uneven lines on the edge while making the final lines, as we did with the previous rose, make little indents in the center-top of the outer petals. Follow the example below to finish up the drawing of the head of the flower.

    Further Define The Form Of The Rose

    How to Draw a Realistic Rose in Coloured Pencil | Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

    Use the kneadable eraser to lighten the guidelines and use the HB-Pencil to further establish the more detailed forms of the Rose.

    You can also use a regular eraser but use it carefully and go over your lines with very little pressure to ensure, that you don´t damage your paper.

    You already defined the generall shapes of the rose in the step before so you only have to follow the already established lines and just add a few details to them.

    Keep in mind, that you don´t have to press down too hard. It is enough that you draw the lines with the weight of the pencil itself.

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    Draw Curved Lines Of The Flower

    In the second step, I will work on how to draw rose flowers. I will make the shape of the body of the rose flower. Now, to make the shape of the rose flower and as well to make the curved line to make the shape of the rose flower.

    I will make different curved lines to make the other shape of the rose flower as well.

    How To Draw A Rose Step By Step Easy 7 Step Tutorial

  • Start by drawing a cone with a circular bottom as if you are looking at the rose from an angle, so you can see the top as well as the side of the rose.
  • In the center draw petals in circular shapes as shown in the photo bellow.
  • Keep adding petals but as you near the outwards corners of the rose the petals should be rounding out more. You can see in the photos below how the petals need to look and how to layer them.
  • Outline the outer side of the body of the rose so it fits well with the petals.
  • Now it is time to draw the bulb. Keep in mind, however, that we only see a small part of it, because of the angle in which we have drawn the rose.
  • Add two vertical lines for the stem.
  • Add the leaf and add a bit of shading to add depth to your drawing.
  • This is such an easy tutorial

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    Start Drawing In The Center

    I find that it’s easiest the way to get started with a rose drawing is to identify the center of the rose. Find the innermost petal, and start your drawing there. Be sure to start drawing in the center of your paper, because you will be working outwards.

    Make sure that you start out small when you draw the inner petals, so that by the time you draw the outer petals, they’re not falling off the page!

    Here’s an example of what you should look for in terms of identifying the center of the rose:

    The arrows point to the innermost petal, which is where I started my drawing.

    Draw one petal at a time, checking where they are in relation to one another. Don’t worry about adding shadows at this point. The main thing is to draw a light pencil outline of the entire flower.

    Be sure to use a light touch, because that makes it easier to erase if you need to make changes.

    You will draw something like this:

    Once you’ve drawn the entire outline of the rose, you are ready to start shading. Again, I find it easier to keep track of “where I’m at” in the drawing if I start with the innermost petal and work my way outwards.

    There are two ways you can go about shading:

  • Dark to light: Identify the areas that are darkest, and shade them in first, gradually working towards the lighter sections.

  • Light to dark: Start with the light areas, and shade them in gently. Gradually increase your pencil pressure as you move towards the darker areas.

  • Check out the picture below to see what I mean!

    Drawing Leaves Stems And Hips

    How to Draw Realistic Portraits with Pencil Step by Step: Drawing Rosé

    The leaves of most roses are toothed and quite waxy. That means that light will reflect off of them and water droplets form on them quite readily.

    This is something you can use to your advantage for your composition. You might spray the leaves with some water or direct them towards the light source to add interest.

    The leaves are usually lighter on the underside, and quite a few varieties have a very thin darker edge along the margins, often slightly reddish.

    The best way to draw the leaves is to follow what you probably did as a child. Draw the little stem first on which the leaves are located, then the middle vein of the individual leaves, and only then should you start outlining the actual leaf margins and drawing the other veins, shadows and reflections.

    While most roses have thorns on their stems, that is not the case for all of them. However, if they do, they can come in different colours, shapes and sizes, sometimes on the same stem.

    The stems themselves are round and can be matte or shiny. They tend to have a slightly visible vertical margin, if you look closely, which is something you can use in your drawings to make it look less flat and more realistic.

    The degree of woodiness depends on the age of the stem, so your average cut rose will have a flexible, succulent stem, but the shrub in your garden will also sport some older, rigid, brownish ones.

    Quick sketch of stem, thorns and leaves of a rose.

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    How Do You Shade A Flower With A Pencil

    There are two ways you can go about shading:

    • Dark to light: Identify the areas that are darkest, and shade them in first, gradually working towards the lighter sections.
    • Light to dark: Start with the light areas, and shade them in gently. Gradually increase your pencil pressure as you move towards the darker areas.

    How To Draw A Rose

    Roses are very popular flowers, commonly seen as a symbol of love. They’re very difficult to draw, thoughthey’re made of many layers of petals. You need to add them carefully one by one, and then shade the whole construction. In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to do it if you want to learn how to draw a rose with a pencil, without relying on a reference. But if you want, feel free to check out any of these Envato Elements references to help you:

    To get started with this realistic rose drawing tutorial, you’ll need a few things:

    • Hard pencil
    • Medium soft pencil
    • Soft pencil
    • Sheet of paper

    Do you have everything together? Then let’s get going and start our rose pencil drawing.

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    Sketch Two Lines Coming Off The Intersection Of The Spiral And The Oval

    The two lines should continue the shape of the start of the spiral. Almost as if the spiral is springing open. The first line should go all the way across the rose. The second should go halfway across and end in the center of the circle.

    These lines are defining the inner petals that are just starting to peel away from the main bud.

    Different Kinds Of Roses To Draw

    How to draw a Rose In 10 Minutes step by step Real Time

    As previously mentioned, there are many kinds of roses. Those long-stemmed roses you get on Valentines Day look nothing like the ones that grow on the bushes along your driveway. And even as the rose progresses through its life, it takes on many different looks. From the tiny, almost sneaky rosebud to the fluffed out and wide-open look a rose takes in its final stage, each version of the rose is worth artistic study.

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    Easy To Draw Rose From The Side

    This rose looks a little more realistic than the first one, but it’s still easy enough for beginners, If you follow each step I share for how to draw this cute rose, you should be able to get similar results and with practice, your rose not only will look better but eventually, you will not need guides to draw them.

    1 We are going to start by drawing a small and wide heart shape. This will be the center of the bulb of the rose. After that, we will draw another heart, but this time longer and less wide. We will also place the top center of the heart off to the side, this way it will have a more organic look to the center instead of a perfectly symmetrical one.

    2 Now we will define the center petals, starting from the center of the bigger heart. We will follow the side edge of the heart. For the opposite side, we will start a little above the center point and mirror the first stroke. After that, we will draw lines from the small heart down as shown below and another across the heart in a curve motion.

    3 Next we will draw an elongated ellipse and continue the line from the bottom of the bigger heart until it touches the bottom ellipse line. And just like on the first round rose, we will make lines for the center of the rose. After that, we will start with the outer petals, for the first one, we will start at the bottom point of the oval and draw an uneven line, make sure you go below the top of the bigger heart to give it a more fluid look.

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