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How To Draw A Realistic Smile

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Different Shapes Of Mouths And Lips

HOW TO DRAW realistic lips and teeth | drawing a smile in photoshop

Making different lips and mouths is a matter of trying variations in the thickness of the lower or upper lips. We can mark the Cupids bow, widen or narrow the mouth, etc. It is interesting to keep trying and see what works best for our character.

A small mouth is usually related to a small or shy character, and a large mouth is for more expressive characters. Thin lips may define a masculine character and thick lips a feminine one, although there can always be exceptions.

Check some examples of lips and mouth variations below.

How To Draw A Mouth: An Overview

Lets see how all of these shapes come together in a mouth drawing.

You can easily make a mouth sketch using some basic shapes.

First off, the heart-shaped form at the center creates an upward curve at the top and bottom of the upper lip.

The upper lip line is known as the Cupids bow.

At the top, the lines curve down before leveling out and connecting to the nodes at the bottom. The shape of this line at the top is what gives the Cupids bow its name.

Add some slight curves to the crease between the lips for a more realistic look.

At the bottom of the top lip, the lines will go straight across, slope down slightly, and then level out again to connect to the corners.

The Vermilion border fades towards the corners of the mouth.

The lower lip will have a slight downward curve at the middle before rounding up to connect to the upper lip. Notice how the lines fade out as they approach the corners and dont actually make contact. As we mentioned earlier, the Vermilion Border in this area is less well-defined. When you are drawing lips, you will mostly be using tone rather than line.

How To Draw A Semi Realistic Portrait

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Semi realism is an art form that seeks to combine realistic and stylized depictions of a living being or scene. In this article, you’ll learn how to draw a semi realistic portrait using a computer program. The example in this tutorial uses Photoshop CS5 but you can most likely apply the same principles to a similar program.

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How Male Lips Differ From Female Lips

When drawing male lips, theres a fine line that youll have to walk where you depict the shape of the lips, but you dont allow them to dominate a portrait. When drawing a man, the lips should be depicted, but they shouldnt be as prominent as when you are drawing a woman. Male lips, like most other male features, tend to have a slightly more square appearance than their female counterparts. This isnt to say that this is true with all men, but its true with most of them. When youre trying to draw a realistic portrait, its essential that you accurately depict your subjects features and proportions. But, when youre drawing the lips on a man, its okay to use a little artistic license to make them appear more masculine when necessary.

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How To Draw A Sketch Heart, Now draw a square artboard having width 128px and height 128px. Draw a heart for someone you care about – you can call it a labor of love. Watch Video Tutorials About Professional Drawing Techniques Every Fine Artist Must Know.

Now draw a square artboard having width 128px and height 128px. Watch Video Tutorials About Professional Drawing Techniques Every Fine Artist Must Know. Draw a heart for someone you care about – you can call it a labor of love.

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Shading The Oral Cavity

Once you have drawn your lips, teeth and gums, you can begin shading the mouth with a dark 4B pencil. Vary the pressure on the pencil depending on how deep the area lies in the mouth. You should press harder on the deep areas at the corners of the mouth and in the central area between the teeth.

If you want to imply a tongue, press softer and draw the surface in a lighter grey.

Practice Sketching The Shapes Of The Lips

The shape of each persons lips is going to be a little different. Some will be fatter, some thinner, some longer, some shorter. While the shapes are going to differ, the basic shape remains the same. The upper lip usually is smaller, it has an indentation in the middle, and its usually in shadow because its angled slightly downward. As an artist, the best thing you can do to master the shape of lips is to sketch them frequently. You dont have to go into great detail, in fact, you shouldnt go into detail. Focus on the shape, indicate highlights and shadows, and then move onto the next practice sketch.

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How To Draw Lips And Smile Easily

If you want to know how to draw smiling lips, then read this article. This article will guide you on the art of capturing and expressing your smile with art. How to draw a smile is not an easy task, especially for beginners. It is actually one of the most complicated drawing art that you can do but it can be learned with patience and practice.

Pencil drawing Dos and donts to follow. How to draw smiling lips step by step illustrated tutorial. Drawing mouth using pen and graphite with step by step tutorial. Tips to draw sexy shiny, pouty and goofy lips. Learn to develop, maintain and blend different types of shades to make your lips look more appealing.

Step by step tutorial on how to draw lips and nose. Is it the same as drawing lips? Are they two different things? There is a difference between drawing lips and nose. Learn how to bring out individual features of your face like nose and chin to make them look sexy and appealing.

Learn how to make your lips look younger and sexier. How to draw smiling lips with tips and tricks to make them look really good. You will learn about shading, lines and color. How to get the best out of your pencil drawing, you can now do this at getdrawings com free for personal use.

How To Apply Tone To The Top Lips

Smile lips sketch for Beginners/ EASY WAY TO DRAW SMILE LIPS

When drawing a mouth, its important to remember that under most lighting conditions, the upper lip has more shadow. That is because the space of the lip causes a shadow to be cast over it. The bottom lip usually has much more light on it, probably contrary to what your instincts would tell you. However, once you spend enough time looking at different faces, you should notice that the upper lip is almost always darker than the bottom lip. Make sure that you shade the upper lip, and make sure that the darkest part of the upper lip is the bottom where it meets the bottom lip. In most situations, this should be a very dark area on the face. Read my post How to Draw Shadows on the Face.

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Drawing A Nose: Profile View

1. Create a Line Drawing

Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of a nose from a side view.

2. Develop the Lights and Darks

When you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser then develop the patterns of light and dark with a pencil. Once again, be sure to refer to the sphere exercise to render the tonal value variations of light shining.

3. Blend

Blend the tones smooth with a stump or tortillion. Use the dark tones behind the nose to make the edges stand out.

Lighting is crucial. The dark background makes this example look very different from the previous one.

Anatomical Understanding And Sketching

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the anatomy of your teeth and gums. Since teeth come in many shapes, sizes and positions, it is important to note that they should all be drawn slightly differently. Understanding the general shape of teeth and gums will help you draw a stunning smile with teeth.

In this tutorial we will examine the smile from a frontal perspective. If you want to draw the motif in a sideways position, see our Lip Drawing Guide for an overview of how the dental arch, teeth and lips change when you change perspective.

There you will also learn how to draw lips like those used in this tutorial. Just pay attention to the most important guidelines and the curves of the lips and leave enough space to show the teeth in their full glory.

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Start The Outline Sketch With Two Consecutive Circles

Watch Video Tutorials About Professional Drawing Techniques Every Fine Artist Must Know. Draw a heart for someone you care about – you can call it a labor of love. All the best Heart Sketch Drawing 37 collected on this page. Sketch – How to create Heart in Sketch. Now draw a square artboard having width 128px and height 128px. To create a heart we will.

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Begin drawing the actual line on the left cheek of the heart. Now draw a square artboard having width 128px and height 128px. Draw a heart for someone you care about – you can call it a labor of love. Watch Video Tutorials About Professional Drawing Techniques Every Fine Artist Must Know. Start the outline sketch with two consecutive circles. Drawings Of Roses And Hearts How To Draw A Heart Lock Heart Lock Tattoo Step By Step Tattoos Lock Tattoo Heart Drawing Key Drawings.

Now draw a square artboard having width 128px and height 128px. Start the outline sketch with two consecutive circles. Now draw a square artboard having width 128px and height 128px. Begin drawing the actual line on the left cheek of the heart. To create a heart we will. Simple Heart Drawing Cool Pencil Drawings Drawings Abstract Drawings.

How To Draw Mouths


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Like the eyes, the mouth can convey a lot of emotion, like happiness, sadness, excitement, and displeasure. Drawing mouths can be tricky since everyones mouth is different, the right shapes to use depend on the facial expression, and the shading can change based on the lighting. Fortunately, once you learn how to draw a basic mouth, either closed or open with teeth showing, youll be able to make adjustments depending on who youre drawing or what expression you want to convey.

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Outline The Organic Shape Of The Lips

You can now create a more organic outline of the mouth based on the construction drawing.

Begin by outlining the lips and adding their smaller curves. You can make these lines darker than the construction lines but dont make them dark to the point where they are too difficult to erase. As you may still need to make some corrections.

You can erase the construction lines for that part of the drawing once done.

Finish The Shading Of The Gums

Take the 2B or 4B pen and shade the gums a little more. Make sure that the areas where the teeth reach into the gums are slightly arched forward and should therefore be drawn lighter. In the gaps , draw the shade a little darker to achieve dimensionality.

Tip: Small dark accents on the edges of the gums and in the gaps give the smile a more realistic look.

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Drawing And Sketching The Teeth

How to Draw Smile Lips and Nose for Beginners | Realistic Drawing Tutorial

Teeth are a significant part of the mouth, and they are something that many artists struggle with. Should you draw each individual tooth? Or, would it be better to draw a basic indication of teeth by taking a more straightforward approach. The approach that you take depends on what type of portrait you are doing. Obviously, more realistic portraits should have more realistic depictions of teeth, and more abstract portraits should have simpler depictions of teeth. When drawing teeth, you must pay close attention to their size, shape, and relation. If you arent careful when drawing teeth, they can dominate a portrait, and not in a good way.

One key point to remember is that the amount of a persons visible teeth at any given time is going to vary a great deal. When a person has a broad smile, youll see most or all of their teeth, including the bottom of their teeth. Remember that when youre drawing teeth, they arent flat. They also arent perfectly shaped in most cases. Even people that have very nice teeth will have some imperfection in them in most cases. Make sure that you spot these imperfections and portray them. You dont want to focus on them because that would be highlighting a negative flaw, but if theyre there, you need to show them.

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Uncover The Bright Spots On The Teeth

Take out your kneaded erase and carefully remove the highlight areas that are directly exposed to the light source.

It is easier to expose these brightest areas on the teeth with the eraser than to leave them completely white in advance. The soft transitions created by the eraser also look more realistic.

Outline The Shape Of The Lips

Based on the guide lines in the previous step sketch the outer shape of the mouth . At this point leave out any of the smaller curves of the lips. Draw their upper part with just straight liens that look like a flattened letter M. Draw bottom portion with a curve that then transitions into a straight line on each of the sides that goes up to the horizontal line .

The reason for starting with a simplified sketch like this is that its very easy to make and quickly allows you to see if you have the shape you want. If not you can erase it and start again.

The more details you add the more backtracking you will have to do in case you dont get the shape you want. So start with the bare minimum.

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Outline The Combined Shape Of The Teeth

Inside the mouth add the outline of the upper row of teeth as well as a hint of the bottom row.

Generally the teeth in the front will be longer and the ones in the back shorter. This will further be emphasized by perspective as it will make the back teeth appear smaller.

For more on perspective see:

Due to the angle the mouth is drawn from and the shape of the jaw the rows of each row of teeth will also have a curve to it. Take this into account as well when drawing them.

How To Draw Lips Step By Step


A good way to start learning to draw lips is by doing your own. Just take a picture and use the steps that are shown in this tutorial to reach a complete drawing. Recheck the steps if you want to review some particular points and keep practicing.

To summarize, learning to draw lips can be done by any artist that is ready to dedicate some time to it. There are a lot of resources that can be used and for sure your portrait drawings will get better if you study this.

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