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How To Draw A Realistic Tiger

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Choosing The Right Paper

How To Draw A Realistic Tiger Head

The first thing to consider when drawing with charcoal iswhich paper to use. Charcoal works the best on a very fine toothed / fine grainpaper.

This is because the grain of the paper allows the charcoalto stick to the surface as you apply pressure with the charcoal stick. Theharder you press the darker the mark and the harder it is to erase.

I actually use a Smooth Bristol board for my pieces. As the name suggests it is a very smooth paper.

I strongly recommend using a paper with more tooth when you are starting out with charcoal drawings as it is much easier to work with and produce high quality finished results.

For beginners any dedicated charcoal paper from any brand isperfect. At these beginning stages you are not looking for high qualityarchival papers you are just looking to practice, and get a feel for themedium.

A good paper to use at this stage is newsprint. It is cheap, and comes in a variety of sizes.

It is a very thin paper which means it can tear and buckle under pressure. So this should be solely used for sketching and practicing rather than for pieces that you intend to sell or exhibit.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

The tutorial starts with explaining how to draw guidlines for your tiger sketch. Once this is done you will add more details to each part of your tiger with particaluar attention to each part of the tigers body and the tigers face in particular.

If you would like to learn more about a particular step, you can easily jump to the section that is most helpful for you. Just use the interactive table below:

We Will Be Drawing A Tiger Face Roaring Like A King Style

How to draw a realistic tiger roaring step by step. How to Draw a Tigers Stripes Step 1. Draw the first 2 pairs of legs on the back and front portion. Draw in its nose and start of the first front leg.

Draw the body using 2 curvy lines from below the mouth and bach of the ear. Its length can be defined by imagining it moving towards the upper jaw. The tiger featured in this lesson took a while to complete but during that process theres a step by step guide showing you how I created my realistic tiger drawing.

Step 1 Draw a large circle for the head. Finish drawing the front leg and sketch the rear tummy and back leg. Draw the main part of the skull.

I absolutely love big cats and tigers are just really fun to draw so heres a. Steps to Draw Tiger Face. Draw a mirror image on the opposite side.

This is a step by step proces s so you have to watch all video from start to end to get full understanding of this easy video tutorialYou should not be worried as this tutorial is prepared for beginners and kids. First sketch the pattern on the head. Step 4 Connect the top of the head by using a simple curved line including U shaped ears.

Draw a tail on the back of the tiger. Step 2 Draw fur on both the sides of the circle by continuing a pattern of short curved lines. And then form the fur of the chin below with short spiky lines.

If the sketch looks good darken it. Tiger Face drawing step 1. Step 3 Erase the circular outline.

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Optional: Draw A Background

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

If you’re putting in the effort of drawing a noble tiger, why not make it a complete illustration by giving it a background? It’s a great way to give your animal a story. In this example, the tiger is walking through a snowy forest, so I’ve added a sloping horizontal line and a variety of trees in the back. Depending on what species of tiger you’ve decided to draw, you might want to change the vegetation accordingly.

The Tiger Featured In This Lesson Took A While To Complete But During That Process Theres A Step By Step Guide Showing You How I Created My Realistic Tiger Drawing

How to Draw a Tiger – Realistic Pencil Drawing

How to draw a realistic tiger. I used a mixture of Polychrom. First make a circle and a square shape for the head and body. Drawing eyes is one of the most important tasks of any portrait.

You can use any drawing supplies to draw a tiger but here are the best tools for drawing. Article by Bonnie Porter. I have avoided this task for a while because I know how lengthy a process su.

DRAWING PAINTING COURSES on my Website. Learn how to draw a realistic tigers eye using colored pencil. In only 5 steps you will have an awesome realistic drawing of a tiger.

Tigers are large and beautiful big cats that are wildly popular in every dimension of artists.

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Sketch Guidelines For The Legs

The guidelines in this step will help you to get the right shape and positioning of your tiger. They need to be accurate, so we would definitely recommend that you use a ruler for these lines.

The first line starts at the centre of the thin long oval. From that point, draw a long, straight line through the oval and into the space beneath the bottom of the body. This should be quite a long line, as it will be used to create the tigers front left leg.

Next, draw a horizontal line towards the left starting from the bottom of your vertical line. The lengh of your horizontal line should be about half the length of the vertical line.

Now we will do something similar for the front legs . Draw a line that goes through the right oval and passes through the left hand side of the right small circle. The line should go through the point where the right small circle intersects with the tigers torso. Continue this line until it reaches the same point as the guidlines for the left leg.

Now add two horizontal lines. The first line should be positioned at the same point as the horizontal line at the bottom of the last vertical line. The second line should be slightly longer, and be positioned underneath the other horizontal line.

If you would like a bit of guidance on how these lines should look, check out the image below.

Draw The Nose And Mouth

Up until now we have focused on the guidelines and general structural of our tiger. In this step, we will start to focus on drawing the details, starting with the tigers nose.

Use the crescent shaped guideline, which you drew previously, to help you with this step.

The nose should be a similar shape, but with a slight indent for the nostrils. Now add two small curved lines inside the nose, which run parallel to the indent that you have created, as illustrated below.

Now we will draw a curved line to represent the tigers mouth. Please do this in a similar way than in the illustration below. Sketch a line that goes down below the central oval, form a point, and then create one smooth curve to bring the line back up to the oval. Continue the line to create the other side of the mouth, by drawing a mirror image of the left half of the mouth.

Then, add a small indent into the oval that you have drawn to represent the tigers upper jaw.

Add some light dots to the lower part of the oval that represents the tigers upper jaw. This is where the whiskers will be drawn.

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Draw A Circle For The Tigers Head

Next we draw a circle that marks the position for the tigers head.

Position this circle so that the lower half overlaps the guidelines that you have drawn for the tigers chest. The head should be roughly the same width as the large oval that you drew earlier on.

Try to ensure that this circle is drawn as smoothly and as equally proportioned as possible. Dont worry if this takes a few attempts.

Check your drawing against the image below, to check if the proportions of your tiger are roughly correct.

Draw Four Circles On The Tail

How To Draw a Realistic Tiger | Marker Coloured Pencil Drawing Tutorial- Step by Step

Now, well add a bit more detail to the tail.

We will do this by drawing four small circles at different points along the tail line. One of these should be at the very start of the tail, at the base of the tigers spine. The other three circles should be positioned toward the end of the tail, with a small gap in between each of them.

Here as well, these are only guidelines, and they will be erased before you finish your drawing.

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Draw Fur Around The Ears

In this step we will be adding softness to the tigers face, and sketching fur along the face and ears.

Firstly, we will finalize the tigers ears and the top of the head. Do this by drawing soft fur marks along the outside of the ears and along the base of the ears. Make sure you draw fur of a variety of different lengths to make it look realistic. Try not to keep the fur around the ears as one straight line instead, the outline of the ear should be made up with delicate fur markings.

Now add short fur across the top of the tigers head, as illustrated below.

Next, we will continue using the same practice of sketching fur to create an outline for your tiger face.

Next, well be adding fur to the lower section of the tigers face. Use the hexagon guideline to help you decide where to draw this fur.

Then, sketch some fur along the tigers mouth.

Finish the tigers mouth by adding shades to the inside of the tigers mouth. Shade the area in between the mouth line and the circle that you have drawn for the tigers nose. In your shading, create a slight indent into the circle, along the central line of the face.

For the final part of this step, add some fur to the top of the tigers mouth. Do this by sketching some fur lines along the outside of the circle guideline.

Start at a point slightly further down from the nose and eye guidelines, then continue drawing fur along the mouth until you reach the same point on the opposite side of the face.

From Tiger Heads To Massive Paws

Tigers are some of the most distinctive-looking cats on the planet. Their size, stripes, and mix of agility and strength have made them a compelling artistic subject for centuries. Tigers today still present an image of strength and speed. Theyre one of the most popular mascots for sports teams, and cartoon tigers like Shere Khan and Hobbes loom large in pop culture. This is how to give a tiger its stripes and so much more.

Draw a tiger, step by step.

Tigers look different from other cats because of their stripes, but thats not all that sets them apart. The biggest, such as Siberian tigers, can weigh in at several hundred pounds. Because they are the largest of the big cats, they tend to have slightly different bodily proportions than other felines. If you use a reference photo of another cat and add stripes, you wont get a drawing that truly captures the essence of a tiger. Even a baby tiger will be stockier than other kittens.

Theres more than one species of tiger. While all of them are large and striped, each type also looks subtly different. Bengal tigers tend to be smaller and deeper orange, and Siberian tigers are especially large and have lighter fur. Make sure youre using the proper type of reference photo when you begin your drawing of a tiger.

Image by Megan Levens

Tiger torsos and limbs.

How to draw tiger faces.

Stripes and shading.

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Go Over The Drawing In Ink

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

Finally, it’s time to go over our drawing in ink. Place a scrap of paper under your drawing hand and slowly go over the sketch with a pen. Once you’ve gone over all of the marks, you can begin filling in the stripes and other select areas with black. It’s important to leave this step until last, otherwise, you risk smearing the ink. Afterward, if you feel as though your drawing is still in need of more texture, add some stippling or hatching to certain areaslike beneath the tiger’s paws, around the nose, near the trees, etc.

After you’ve finished, you can either add color to the composition or leave it as is for a striking black and white illustration of a tiger!

Make A Construction Line Drawing Of The Overall Shape Of The Tigers Head

How to Draw a Tiger

Draw a highly simplified version of the major shapes of the the tigers head without any of the small details. The goal is to establish the general shape of a tigers head and face and to insure that the various proportions are of the correct size in relation to one another.

Be sure to keep the lines for this stage of the drawing very light as you will have to erase most of them in later steps. The lines in the examples have been made slightly darker so its easier for you to see them.

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Finish The Details Of The Nose And Mouth

In this step, we will add details to the top half of the nose and the mouth. First, draw a horizontal oval in the lower half of the hexagon. You should position this oval so that the three lower lines on the tigers face are included in the middle of it.

Consult the image below if youre uncertain of any of these points.

Then, we will be starting out on the tigers nose. This will be positioned within the middle of the oval that you have just drawn. Use the first and second guideline within the oval that you have just drawn.

Draw the nose by sketching a crescent shape in between these two lines. Start the nose at the left end of the top line, carry it down in a steep curve, and then finish up at the other end of the top line.

Draw a second curve to finish the crescent. This top line should start where the other curve started, and finish at the same point. It will be a less steep curve, but there should still be a slight gap between the top guideline and the top of the nose.

If you need, you can use the image below to help you with the shape of the nose.

Draw Lines For The Eyes Ears And Nose

Continue constructing your guidelines for the tigers face by marking lines where the eyes, ears and nose will go.

To do this we draw six horizontal lines. These will mark the top and bottom of the eyes, nose and mouth. See the drawing below to get a better sense of the positioning of these guidelines, and the distancing between them.

Then, draw a straight line at the very top of the circle which represents the tigers head. This will help you to position the ears further down this tutorial.

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Draw Outlines For The Paws

In this step we will be looking at sketching the tigers paws.

Roughly sketch these paws as illustrated in the picture below. Use the horizontal lines to help with their positioning.

Now add toes to each paw, and think about how they would be positioned on the ground if you were looking at a real tiger.

How To Draw A Tiger Child

How to Draw Realistic Tiger Fur

For a child, a tiger is a big cat. Therefore, in childrens art and drawings for children, he appears as a big, playful kitten with characteristic color and stripes.

The central place in the picture is taken by a snout radiating joy, curiosity, and kindness. The head with small triangles of ears is larger than the body the legs are soft, the strips are indicated schematically. The colors are chosen bright, nice looking.

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Give The Tiger More Definition

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

At this point, we’ve drawn all of the elements, so it’s time to give our tiger more definition. Starting from the top, find the shoulder blade of the tiger, and raise it up a bit to show that it is in movement. Add a long curling tail behind the rear legs and sketch the individual toes in the tiger’s paws.

Finish The Eyes And Nose

Start by adding more details to the nose. Try to create deep nostrils with a curved shape as illustrated below.

Then, add details to the eyes as illustrated below

At this stage, you can also add some small stripes around the eye.

Once you have completed the smaller stripes around the tigers eyes, you can move on to the rest of the stripes on the face.

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