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How To Draw A Robot For Kids

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Root Rt1 Irobot Coding Robot

How To Draw A Cartoon Robot

Bringing a kids imaginations to life via art neednt be a daunting task. ROOT rt1 iRobot Coding Robot will do all the work on your behalf.

Yes, you read that right, iRobot, as in the company behind some of the most advanced robot vacuums on the market also making cool gadgets for kids.

This product translates real-world images to paperwork. It is full of possibilities. For starters, it is responsive to light, touch, colour, obstacles, and sound. The device can draw, erase, turn, play music, light-up, climb vertical whiteboards, and more!

It boasts three different learning levels. The first one is graphical coding followed by hybrid coding, and finally, full-text coding. Folks love the versatility of this product as it is suitable for all skill and age levels. Your kid will also be accommodated!

It has a free Root-Coding application and an activity database that controls, explores, and plays with Root. The kit includes a 1x Root, 1x vinyl cling stickers, 1x Charging cable, 1x fold-out whiteboard, 2x erase markers, and a 1x dry erase cloth. This app is compatible with iOS.

Comparing all it offers, the price of this model is very affordable. Though optional, you can join the Root Academy to get regular updates on premium learning content.

  • Excellent packaging

These Robot Drawings Are Just Simple Shapes

My favorite things about these robot drawings is that theyre complex looking drawings but each one is just a collection of super simple shapes added together.

These guided robot drawings are a great way to focus on shapes, names of shapes, and their relationships to each other.

Guided drawings are also one of my favorite ways to build confidence in young artists. Your kids will be so proud of their drawings!

How To Draw Robot Step By Step

Just by drawing a few very basic shapes and geometrical shapes you can draw your robot excellently. Use rectangle for stomach, hands, legs, draw circle for head, eyes, fingers, use curves and semicircle for more features according to your perception and observation. Drawing a robot is an easy task as they dont have any specific shape and size. Below we are presenting a few illustrations to help you in your drawing. Always keep practicing adding your observations to be skilled.

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How To Draw A Simple And Easy Robot:

Step 1: Draw 2 geometrical shapes, mainly 2 squares above each other.

Step 2: Draw hands using other geometrical shapes and 2 curvy shapes at the end. Draw a square shape in the middle of it. Below draw parallel legs and an oval below it.

Step 3: Draw 2 ovals for eyes connected with horizontal and verticle lines. Draw fine lines in the hand, leg, and stomach. Draw many small ovals above the stomach.

Step 4: Color your drawing with your choice, you can use a combination of grey and black for it.

Pool Noodle Art Bots: Simple Drawing Robots For Stem

How To Draw A Robot Using Shapes

Like doodling? Then why not see if you can create your pool noodle robot to draw for you! There are tonnes of fun things to do with pool noodles, now use your engineering skills to come up with a cool pool bot that can do art too! All you need are a few simple supplies, an electric toothbrush and a pool noodle for this fun robot art activity.

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How To Draw A Robot For Kids:

Step 1: Draw the outline of the body for the robot, just draw a round for the head and depict the rest body with lines.

Step 2: Start finishing your drawing, firstly shape the head, draw the arms and shoulder with round finishing. Draw legs with curvy lines having a joint pad in the middle.

Step 3: Shape the helmet and draw a square portion depicting the mirror in front.

Step 4: Depict the cloth of the robot as shown in the below illustrations.

Step 5: Finish the other details including hand, fingers, and back of it.

Step 6: In the junction of the upper body and legs draw depict as spring joint.

Step 7: Use the hatching technique to shade your robot.

Step 8: Outline all the borders and delete the extra lines to bring your drawing neat and clean.

How To Make A Noodle Bot

STEP 1. Insert the electric toothbrush into the middle of the pool noodle.

STEP 2. Using glue dots, attach the wiggly eyes.

STEP 3. Attach the markers using the rubber bands. Do not glue the markers to the pool noodle as they may need to be adjusted from time to time to keep the robot moving.

STEP 4. Twist, curl, and/or cut the chenille stems to decorate the robot.

STEP 5. Uncap the markers and turn on the toothbrush. Place the robot on the paper. Adjust the markers if needed to get the robot moving. We found that keeping the length short and having one leg longer helped.

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How To Draw A Robot Step By Step For Kids

Kids, learn how to draw the Robot by following the steps below.


Draw a big rectangle at the center of the page.


Inside the rectangle, draw 2 circles . Then draw 3 small rectangles near the circles.


On top of the first big rectangle, draw a square.


Inside the square, draw 2 circle and a dot inside it. Also, draw a tiny rectangle below the circles.


Below the big rectangle, draw 2 lengthy rectangles.


Inside the rectangles, draw tiny horizontal lines.


Then draw a oval shape below the lengthy rectangles.


On left and right side of the big rectangles, draw 2 more lengthy rectangles.


Draw tiny vertical lines inside the rectangles.


At the end of the rectangle, draw a half moon shape. Here we have completed a cute robot drawing.

Robots are the machines fed with instructions.Now, let us learn how to draw a robot with the below simple step by step tutorial.

Now Finish Off Your Robot With Some Color

How to draw a ROBOT easy for kids

Youve successfully drawn your robot, so now you can have some fun coloring it in! This is a step where you can really get imaginative with your color choices.

Weve shown you how we would color in this cute robot, but this is your chance to show off all of your favorite colors to finish off your drawing.

I think that the wilder and wackier the colors are the better it will be for your robot drawing! If I were coloring this in, I would use lots of colored pens and markers for some amazing color brightness to this image.

Which art mediums and bright colors will you use to finish off your amazing artwork?

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Learn How To Draw A Robot For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Beginners Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hello everyone! In this step-by-step drawing instruction, you will learn how to draw a robot for kids. A robot is a developed mechanical creature that is capable of doing any commands thanks to a pre-programmed mechanism and processor. Thanks to robots, you can do a lot of operations and greatly simplify your life.

We decided to depict a typical version of the robot, which is extremely easy to draw for both beginners and children of school and preschool age. Anyone can draw a robot subject to all the steps outlined in our instructions. We hope this guide helps you portray this mechanical friend of humans. Enjoy drawing, friends!

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Robot for Kids

  • Shape the head.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the robots head, which consists of a straight horizontal line and a curved semicircular top.

  • Draw the eyes and antenna.

    Draw two squares with small pupils inside. Draw a line above the head with a small circle at the end.

  • Draw the mouth.

    Draw a large semicircle at the bottom of the robots face. Inside, add some vertical lines to texture the robots mouth.

  • Shape the body.

    Sketch a large vertical rectangle for the shape of the body.

  • Add a screen.

    Inside, draw a small horizontal rectangle that is the screen on the robots body.

  • Add buttons.

    Under the screen on the body, add buttons that turn on the robot and control its functions.

  • Start drawing the hands.

    Now draw the main parts of the robot arms as shown in the example.

  • Here Are Three Fun And Easy Ideas For How To Draw A Robot All Those Simple Shapes Are Great For Beginner Artists

    There are many, many different ways to draw a robot, and lots of childrens books written about them. In fact, if you need to pick a project that starts with a story, a robot theme is a good place to start.

    What makes them so perfect for early elementary students, is their tendency to be based on very geometric shapes. A square head, rectangular body, and half circle hands are all familiar shapes and good ones to practice when in kinder or first grade or so. They make for a good solid start of a drawing, and are easy to decorate. You can even add in a little body proportion talk if you want, as in the arms need to be long enough to touch the legs, and so on.

    Thats not to say that older students cant get in on the fun though too. They can use their imagination to draw robots with a lot more detail, and perhaps give some more thought about how they actually works. A very detailed robot with perhaps a bit of shading in a few corners can make an amazing drawing!

    Robot Coloring Page

    How to Draw a Robot

  • Draw a rectangle body.
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    Do You Want These Robot Drawing Prompts For Your Students

    Would you like to use these how to draw a robot printable pages with your students? These pages are free for you as a Kitchen Table Classroom subscriber.

    Just use the form below to become a KTC subscriber. Head to your email and confirm that you really meant to subscribe. Upon confirmation youll receive the PDF immediately. Its easy!

    As a subscriber youll also begin receiving my weekly newsletter. All of my best fun ideas and free printable downloads will be delivered right to your inbox!

    Next Draw The Other Leg

    How to Draw a Robot | KidsDraw4Fun | Drawing Lessons for Kids

    Youve drawn one leg, so now you can draw the other one in this step of this guide on how to draw a robot. Simply replicate the design of the other foot to have the robot standing on its own two feet.

    With all the limbs drawn, you can move on to the final step. Before you do, be sure to draw any final details that you think would suit your robot drawing.

    What fun details do you think would look good for your robot?

    You could really use your imagination and totally change the design of the leg if you wanted to!

    Perhaps this robot uses a giant spring or hovering technology instead of legs. How do you think that this robot would get around if it existed in real life?

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    Buyers Guide Key Points For Consideration Before Buying

    For a drawing robot to be amazingly creative, itll need some specific elements. The robots should have particular features which are necessary to its functionality. The market floods with thousands of such products in all price ranges.

    Weve scoured the internet and created a list of the crucial aspects that an education robot should have. So, before you empty your bank account with one swipe and buy an inferior quality product, consider our buying guide.

    Siwo Steam Educational Drawing Robot Kit

    The Siwo Steam educational drawing robot kit will quickly become one of your kids favorite companions. This kit is very affordable and doesnt compromise on the build quality. The cute robot will draw almost all the shapes.

    So, if youre wondering if robots can make art, Siwo will shock you!

    Kids as young as four can have an introduction to drawing through Siwo. This set includes multiple Functions-CARD, which include numbers, pictures, and letters. Other than drawing, this robot kit ensures your kid can spell, calculate and carry out programming.

    The cards material is PET plastic which is a sturdy, cleanable and east-to-store material. To use the robot, place the drawing card on the eyes of the toy, read it, and follow the step-by-step drawing program. Teachers can also use this kit as a teaching assistant.

    Worried that your child will spend too much time on the toy? Be rest assured that this kit has no apps. So, whether or not your young kid is tech-savvy, this kit will do him/her no wrong.

    • Versatile teaches how to draw, spell, number, code, and calculate.
    • Easy to use

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    Learn To Draw Lessons

    With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you can’t learn to draw? Don’t give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons. 😀

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    Next Draw A Face For Your Robot

    How to draw a robot for kids

    In this step of your robot drawing, we shall design a face for your robot. For the mouth, simply draw a rounded rectangle, then draw a line grid within it to make teeth that look like rows of lights or buttons.

    Then, draw a rectangle above this to surround the eyes, which you can draw with some circles. You can also add some extra circles above the eye area for some extra details to really finish off this step.

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    Robots That Can Teach Kids Drawing

    Kids can be fickle! They tend to get bored with new toys in no time. Anything that can capture your childs attention for an extended period of time can be a blessing. If they are teaching something at the same time . . . even better!

    Why not look for an ever-evolving drawing robot for your tiny friend?

    The robots I want to introduce you to 3 robots that can teach kids drawing to not only entertain your kids but also introduce help them to develop cognitive skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.

    For each of the following three robots I have included a quick review, along with a buying guide to help you in choosing the best drawing robot for your little one.

    Take a look!

    *The product links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase after following one, I make a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to yourself. Please see our disclosure page for more information.

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    If you are already a Kitchen Table Classroom subscriber- thank you! I love that youre here with me! You can still go through this same process to grab these printable how to draw robots downloads. Its a quick and easy way to get your free download! You wont be sent duplicate emails- I promise.

    As a KTC subscriber youll also receive a password to my Free Resource Library where you can find these robot drawing guides and browse all the free printables in one easy place!

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    How To Draw A Robot

    Teach your kids how to draw a robot and use fun metallic paints and pastels to add polish and shine. No doubt using shapes to draw you robots allows for a great connection with math but thats not my motivation. For me, its all about the imagination.

    I have two robot books that I love:

    I place these books on the ledge of the whiteboard as I demonstrate the lesson. As I talk about the basic part of the robot, Ill pick up the tin toy book and show a few ideas for heads, bodies, etc.

    If you are doing a robot lesson that demonstrates shading like my Value Robots, the photographs are particularly good as they show great contrast.

    Heres What Youll Need:

    • 12 x 18 colored drawing paper
    • black oil pastel for drawing
    • Metallic oil pastels or metallic tempera paint
    • Regular oil pastels

    Drawing the Robot

    • Start with the head. Leaf through the book to show the head shape possibilities.
    • Show the kids how to start near the top of the page. They need to leave a bit of room for antenna, etc. For very small kids you may even want to control their first shape by using a template. It could be a playing card or any rectangular shape. This helps establish the size of the drawing so that the rest of the body remains large. This is just a suggestion.
    • Draw the body next: an oval, square, rectangle, trapezoid, etc. Many kids looked through the book to see the different shape of a robots body. Most often it is larger than the head but it doesnt have to be.

    Coloring the Robot

    Watch My Directed Drawing Video On How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Robot

    How to DRAW and COLOR a ROBOT for KIDS

    Today I thought it might be fun to do an easy directed drawing of a cute cartoon robot . Lets give it an antenna and some wiggly arms with pinchers to grab stuff. Then we can give it a robot heart to make it look really cute! I tried to keep the directed drawing fun for older kids and adults, but also easy enough for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Go for it! Patrick O.

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    Final Thoughts On Drawing Robots For Kids

    A drawing robot is the one companion on planet earth that your kid will always love. ROOT rt1 iRobot Coding Robot takes the top position in our top 3 list of drawing robots. Unlike the other two, this one comes loaded with unique personality and compatibility with iOS. It offers lots of fun. The toy will take the burden off your shoulders, especially during this COVID-19 quarantine period. Things will get a lot calmer when youre confident that your little one is creatively taking advantage of the advancement in technology.

    Happy drawing, folks!

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