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How To Draw A Robot Step By Step

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How To Draw A Robot: Square Robot Outline

How to Draw a Robot Arm Step by Step ( Narrated )

Step 1: Outline the robots arms and hands

Lets start outlining and improving our robot sketch, starting with the arms.

There are two subtle changes here: notice the first ring at the shoulder is extended out a bit, to form a kind of socket for the hose that makes up the rest of the arm. And when outlining the arm, we have curved the arm segments into some arms.

The hands then are a straight simple outline of the sketch.

Step 2: Draw the robots head and body

An easy step simply outline whats on your sketch. Start with the antenna. Then outline the head box. Then draw the neck.

Next, you can finish by outlining the body, leaving out the lines covered by the neck and arm.

Step 3: Outline the legs and feet

Its time to draw our robots legs and feet. We are using the same trick as with the arms drawing the legs out as individual puffed up segments.

Then simply outline the feet.

Step 4: Outline the dials

Here we are outlining the gauges on our robots eyes and chest and the two grilles.

Step 5: Add some extra details

OK, this is definitely an optional step, but we can never resist adding yet a few more details. So here they are:

Similar to our train drawing, you can add some riveted panels to your robot: just draw a line of dots around any of the robots sides. Here we have riveted feet, neck and shoulders.

We have also added tiny riveted sides to both grilles something that holds them in place and makes them more interesting.

Start With A Humanshaped Figure Onhe Parts Of The Body Wh


You are free to choose the size, shape and balance of the parts.

Drawing squarish parts will make it look more like a robot, i.e., man-made.

Draw joints in a way that makes it look like there are mechanical parts inside.

Small, evenly spaced circles resemble rivets.

Representation of metallic finish

Draw Robot-like Figures Using Only Basic Parts. Draw big, bold joints.

Give the surface a strong metallic contrast.

Example of finished block. Apply tone and plane.

Cut diagonally.

Robot without corners cut off

Full Body

A square part becomes a metallic looking cube wher the corners are rounded off.

Cut diagonally.

Robots Comprint of Parts wrtti Straight Lines

Robot without corners cut off

be close together. This helps represent the shine of a smooth metallic edge.

Example of finished block. Apply tone and plane.

i» ‘”>vas drawn by selectively removing :ia using dual contour lines. Tones icc rd to accent the metallic feel of the s to apply it :r , about 50% I surxe. leaving *aif wtiite, I a shining s to apply it :r , about 50% I surxe. leaving *aif wtiite, I a shining


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  • Step 3 Now Draw A Body For Your Robot

    We shall draw the body for your picture in this third step of our guide on how to draw a robot. First, draw a small, flat rectangle to form the neck of your robot.

    Then, you can draw a square for the body.

    Once you have the outline for the body, you can draw some fun details to it. You can do this by drawing a rectangle inside the body with some lines inside of it with some circles as well.

    These kinds of details will make it look like your robot is covered in lights and buttons!

    Basic Facts About The Robot

    A robot is a machine that can move and perform specific tasks. A computer program or electronic circuitry controls robots. Humans may directly control them. They may be designed to look like people, in which case their behaviour may suggest knowledge, but they do not have emotions. Most robots do a particular job, and they behave not always look like humans. They can come in many structures. However, in fiction, robots usually look like people and seem to have a life of their own. There are many books, videos, movies, and games with robots in them.

    The several successful robot designs in the 20th century. Robots have many uses. Many industries use robots to do challenging work quickly and without any mistakes. They do not look like people because these types of robots are made to arrange things. These robots are known as industrial robots. Some small robots are made for performing everyday tasks such as home cleaning and controlling the electrical switch. Nowadays, almost every robot looks very cute. 

    How To Draw Robot : Step By Step Guide

    #AdArt – Learn how to draw a robot step-by-step.

    Robots!!! What an invention? Do you know all about robots, read these interesting facts before we continue this tutorial on drawing robot. The word robot comes from the Czech word robota. The first humanoid robot was developed in 1939 called Elektro. The smallest robot is called nanobot. The first known robot was developed in 5th century BC which created mechanical doves. The field of robotics has developed very much. There are vacuum cleaning robots and many other bots which helps human beings in many ways. In 2017, a robot called Sofia was announced officially whose behaviour at par with a human being. Some people also fear that robots will take control over the world and become a new species.

    Step 4 Next Draw The First Arm

    Your robot drawing needs some limbs, so we shall start to draw some in this step. As you can see in the reference image, the arm will be made from several different shapes.

    For your robot drawing, you can also add or remove details to or from the arm to suit the design that you would like.

    Otherwise, if you do follow the guide then the arm will be made up of lots of straight, square lines with some pincer shapes for the hands.

    How To Draw A Clockwork Robot Step By Step

    October 23, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Toys

    This is a cute clockwork robot. Its hands are a pair of tongs, just like crabs. Learning to draw such a cartoon robot toy is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages. You can try to draw it on the card as a gift to your friends.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this clockwork robot, very simple. You can choose its color, or even add some parts to it. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow these steps!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages



    How to draw a cute clockwork robot

    1.Draw a big oval first, leave a gap at the bottom. Then draw a line at the gap.

    2.Draw the head of the robot in a similar way.

    3. Draw two circles on your body and one small circle inside each. Then draw three rectangles.

    4.Draw the robot’s round eyes. Then draw the rectangular mouth.

    5. Draw your arms at your sides.

    6. Draw rectangular legs at the bottom of your body, and draw some horizontal lines on each leg.

    7. At the end of arms, draw tongs.

    8.At the top of your head, draw a clockwork.

    9.Finally, simply color it. This cute clockwork robot toy is finished!

    Step 8 Now Finish Off Your Robot With Some Color

    Youve successfully drawn your robot, so now you can have some fun coloring it in! This is a step where you can really get imaginative with your color choices.

    Weve shown you how we would color in this cute robot, but this is your chance to show off all of your favorite colors to finish off your drawing.

    I think that the wilder and wackier the colors are the better it will be for your robot drawing! If I were coloring this in, I would use lots of colored pens and markers for some amazing color brightness to this image.

    Which art mediums and bright colors will you use to finish off your amazing artwork?

    How To Draw A Robot: Round Robot Step By Step Outline

    How to Draw a Robot | Simple Drawing Lesson for Kids | Step By Step

    Step 1: Outline the robots arms

    With our sketch done, it is time to outline our robot drawing, starting with the arms.

    Here we use the same trick as before, curving the outline of each segment to form a nice articulated tube.

    Step 2: Draw the robots face

    This step is a straightforward outline of the already sketched parts. Start at the top with the three antennas.

    Then move down to the eyes. here is a little trick we have left out the middle line in the eye we want to draw those in colour later. If that is not your plan, draw those in as well.

    Finally, outline the two grilles we are using the thick line for the outer shape, and a lighter liner for the cross-hatching on the grid.

    Step 3: Outline the body and tracks

    Another simple step. Draw the rest of the robot, leaving out the lines hidden behind the parts of the body.

    How To Draw A Robot Filled With Basic Patterns

    Squares, rectangles and circles are needed to learn how to draw a robot that does look like a realistic machine! Indeed, drawing a cartoon robot is an easy task if you already know how to draw a few basic shapes. However, drawing a “cool” robot is more difficult if you don’t have much experience with cartoon characters. Using this drawing lesson, I will show you how beginners can achieve something great using only a few simple techniques. Let’s start now!

    Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

    A simple video version to begin with

    First, you can start working on your character using the simple step-by-step video lesson found below. Once you are done, you can learn more about this character by following all steps described below. 🙂

    Step 1

    Cool! Let’s begin this drawing lesson with the creation of a large oval shape to illustrate the head. Below the head, draw a tiny rectangle to form the neck. Finally, draw a small square to illustrate the body. 

    Step 2

    Below the body, sketch two small rectangles to represent the legs. The feet are made from circular shapes cut in half. See the illustration below if you need an image to help you figure out how to create this part of the tutorial. 

    Step 3

    On the head of the robot, draw a small antenna using a thin rectangle and a small circle. The arms are made with long curved lines and the hands are created from small circular shapes with a missing piece .

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    How To Draw A Robot Step By Step For Kids

    Kids, learn how to draw the Robot by following the steps below.


    Draw a big rectangle at the center of the page.


    Inside the rectangle, draw 2 circles . Then draw 3 small rectangles near the circles.


    On top of the first big rectangle, draw a square.


    Inside the square, draw 2 circle and a dot inside it. Also, draw a tiny rectangle below the circles.


    Below the big rectangle, draw 2 lengthy rectangles.


    Inside the rectangles, draw tiny horizontal lines.


    Then draw a oval shape below the lengthy rectangles.


    On left and right side of the big rectangles, draw 2 more lengthy rectangles.


    Draw tiny vertical lines inside the rectangles.


    At the end of the rectangle, draw a half moon shape. Here we have completed a cute robot drawing.

    Robots are the machines fed with instructions.Now, let us learn how to draw a robot with the below simple step by step tutorial.

    How To Draw A Robot

    “Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children.” – Marvin Minsky, American computer scientist

    A robot is defined as “any automatically operated machine that replaces human effort.” The term robot is derived from a Czech word that means “forced labor,” “serf,” or “slave.”

    When people picture robots, they often think of androids – human-shaped robots. But most robots are not in human form. They may be rectangular, disc-shaped, spiderlike, doglike, or just a set of arms. Robots build cars, work in factories, perform search and rescue operations, explore distant places, and clean our homes.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Fiction holds many loveable robots. Famous names include R2-D2 and BB-8 from Star Wars, Optimus Prime from Transformers, and Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6. Other stories involve the fear of robots taking over the world and replacing humanity.

    Would you like to draw a futuristic cartoon robot? You can use the step-by-step instructions in this easy cartoon character drawing tutorial to learn how. You’ll begin by tracing simple geometric shapes, and add the details as you go along. You’ll need only a pencil and an eraser.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Boat, Monster Truck, and Train.

    Finish The Arms And Claws

    HOW TO DRAW A ROBOT | Step by Step Easy Drawing for Kids

    Connect two horseshoe-shaped figures with a circle to form the hand on your left. Use two ovals and two horseshoe-shaped figures for the hand on your right. Draw zigzag lines in the arms. Between the arms, attach four rectangles.

    Outline part of the tires with curved lines. Place a thin oval in the wheel on your right. Use straight lines to form teeth and the grille at the bottom. Add comma-shaped eyebrows.

    Here Are Three Fun And Easy Ideas For How To Draw A Robot All Those Simple Shapes Are Great For Beginner Artists

    There are many, many different ways to draw a robot, and lots of childrens books written about them. In fact, if you need to pick a project that starts with a story, a robot theme is a good place to start.

    What makes them so perfect for early elementary students, is their tendency to be based on very geometric shapes. A square head, rectangular body, and half circle hands are all familiar shapes and good ones to practice when in kinder or first grade or so. They make for a good solid start of a drawing, and are easy to decorate. You can even add in a little body proportion talk if you want, as in the arms need to be long enough to touch the legs, and so on.

    Thats not to say that older students cant get in on the fun though too. They can use their imagination to draw robots with a lot more detail, and perhaps give some more thought about how they actually works. A very detailed robot with perhaps a bit of shading in a few corners can make an amazing drawing!

    Robot Coloring Page

    How to Draw a Robot

  • Draw a rectangle body.
  • D Robot Drawing Using Forms

    This is a lesson I did with my 4th grade students. It was part of a unit on drawing in perspective and was a follow up to the basic cube drawing lesson. However, when learning how to draw robots, we went more in-depth with shading.

    There are so many different ways to draw robots. Use robot reference photos for ideas.

    This project uses toned paper with white and black colored pencils to complete the drawings. Because some students have a limited amount of exposure to different supplies,  its always a good idea to expose them to as many different techniques and supplies as possible with the lessons.

    Using the black and white pencils on the toned paper is such a rewarding process, and a great way to teach students about value. And this lesson could easily be used for any level of student or adult, for that matter.

    * Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

    Free 3D Guide at the bottom of the page

    These Robot Drawings Are Just Simple Shapes

    My favorite things about these robot drawings is that theyre complex looking drawings but each one is just a collection of super simple shapes added together.

    These guided robot drawings are a great way to focus on shapes, names of shapes, and their relationships to each other.

    Guided drawings are also one of my favorite ways to build confidence in young artists. Your kids will be so proud of their drawings!

    Extra Pro Tips To Improve The Drawing Of The Robot

    How to Draw a Robot (Robotboy) Step by Step – Drawing for Kids

    • Use a sharp pencil whenever you are drawing.
    • If you want, you can also use glitter colours to give an excellent look to your drawing.
    • Whenever you are drawing, do it with a pencil so that if there is a mistake, you can rectify it immediately.
    • Always draw on white paper because the picture on white paper looks excellent compared to other papers.
    • Use Only A4 Size paper.

    How To Draw Robots Using Forms

    To draw the robot, begin by making a square somewhere near the center of the paper. In the next step, well be turning it into a cube to represent the robots body.

    Remind your students to draw big enough to fill the paper when their robot drawings are finished. We dont want tiny little robots on our paper when the drawings are done.

    Part 1: The Pencil Sketch

    Step 1: Start by drawing the main part of the robot the head. This is just one giant bullet.

    Step 2: Add in some overgrown sunglasses and the front legs

    Step 3: Now draw another pair of legs behind the front legs similar in shape, but with their bottoms pointing outwards

    Draw another pair of legs at the back of the robot these should be pointing inwards.

    Once youve drawn six robot legs, give them a bit of extra length by adding in some cute little toothpicks for the lower legs!

    Step 4: At the moment, the robots legs arent connected to the body, so now add in some little random cogs, wheels and metal bits around the legs and bottom of the head.

    Underneath each little toothpick leg, draw in a little ovals to help it keep some grip on the D floor!

    Step 5: Lets now start drawing in the headphones. Theres no science to this at all, just smoosh together a whole bunch of geometric shapes at each side of the robots head.

    Step 6: Now connect the head phones with a long semi circular arc going from ear to ear.

    At the top point of the head, draw in a circle for the cockpit and pop in a little ducky!

    Step 7: Okay! We have done all the hard bits! Now its time to add in random details around each shape. Compare the legs in step 6 with the legs in step 7. They have gone from flat looking beans to super stylish contoured 3D objects! Just with a few simple curves. So in this stage, simply add in some curvy contour lines inside the head and the legs

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