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How To Draw A Rose Bouquet

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Make Circles For The Base

How to Draw a Bouquet of Roses Bonus Feature

Make circles for as many roses as you are going to be drawing. Each circle will become the base of a rose. Put each circle on a thin stem, and be sure that the stems are not exactly straight let them curve a little so they have a natural appearance.

At this point in your drawing you should be keeping your pencil lines as light as possible. You will be erasing them later on, and lines that are too dark will be difficult to remove completely. The lines here are darker for demonstration purposes only.

Finish Off Your Flower Bouquet Drawing With Some Color

One thing that almost all flowers have in common is that they have beautiful colors to them, and thats why for the final part of your flower bouquet drawing we will finish off with some color.

We showed you some beautiful colors that you could use in our example image, but these colors are just a suggestion, and you should feel free to use any colors that you like for it!

You could also experiment with different art tools and mediums to achieve the colors that you want, and you have tons of options for what to use.

This is really your chance to show off how creative you can be, so be sure to have fun with it!

Drawing Of Rose For Kids

Kids love drawing. Drawing a rose for kids can be an enjoyable experience. All you need is a pencil, paper, and some patience. You could draw a rose that is still blooming and just have a few petals, with an easy side view. Especially with these layered shapes, kids can spend more time on their leaves adding details.

Gather all of the necessary supplies mentioned above and get started! We also recommend using clean hands or wiping them with soap and water before drawing so that the dirt doesnt transfer onto the paper.

Supplies You Need:

  • A piece of drawing paper
  • A black marker

Follow these easy steps below to create a rose for kids:

Steps to Follow:

  • Make a sketch of the large right petal.
  • In the reverse order, add the left petal after the right.
  • Create two more petals by drawing the tops.
  • Below the petals, add the stem.
  • The stem should start with the leaves on the left.
  • Draw the leaves at each end.
  • The stem should come first before the right leaves.
  • Draw leaves at both ends.
  • Using a marker, trace the outline then color it.
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    How To Draw A Bouquet Of Flowers

    If you are uneasy about the idea of drawing even one flower, I can understand how drawing a bouquet of flowers might be intimidating, even if it is something you wish you could draw.

    However, drawing a bouquet of flowers isnt really all that difficult. Like any other picture you draw, its just a matter of tackling it one piece at a time.

    This was my first full bouquet drawing. Admittedly, I didnt know what to expect, but I was pleased with the result. The aim of this tutorial is to bring you the same result.

    Now, although I can teach you how to draw flowers, I do not claim to know a lot about different types of flowers or bouquets in general. So, please forgive me in advance if I misidentify a particular flower or part of the bouquet during this tutorial!

    How To Draw A Sunflower

    How To Draw A Rose Bouquet! How To Draw Valentines Day Stuff!

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the sunflower. Draw one circle inside the other. That way it will be easier to draw the petals of this flower.

    Step 2: Next, make sure that petals are equal more or less on each side. The guiding lines in the form of a snowflake can help to guide you that the flower looks well and pretty realistic

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines. Draw in the leaves and other details that will make a big difference when it comes to having a beautiful drawing of sunflowers. See, flower drawing easy and not as hard as you thought!

    Without the guiding lines, it can be so so hard to actually create a drawing that you can love and be proud of.

    This is why this tutorial is absolutely great. It shows you exactly how to draw a sunflower from the side.

    This is how your sunflower drawings will look. You can even save this image, print it, and trace it in order to create a stunning piece.

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    Different Types Of Bouquets And Flower Arrangements

    Take a look at the different types of bouquets and flower arrangements that come in many forms and varieties and maybe even try your hand in arranging the flowers yourself.

    Fresh flowers always make the perfect gift. It is a simple way to speak the language of love and the world has acclaimed it for centuries. Be it a wedding ceremony, birthday party, anniversary or even a funeral service, presenting your loved one with a flower bouquet is a sure-fire way to bring a smile on their face.

    Given how they uplift the mood and aura of any place and person, flowers are indeed a priceless gift from nature itself.

    The flower industry in the US is blooming more than ever. With more than 60,000 small businesses serving in the floral field, its not too surprising that the industry is worth more than $100 billion today.

    Garden centers, retailers, importers and distributors of flowers are at the pinnacle of their business activities as more and more people are looking for the finest, freshest and most exclusive flower bouquets for their special ones and special occasions.

    But when it comes to finding the perfect bouquet for a friend or family member or selecting a floral arrangement for any other occasion, there are so many forms and varieties that you can be spoiled for choice.

    Picking a bouquet should be fun and exciting. And if you have some floral beauties growing in your backyard, you can even make one at home.

    Flower Drawing Step By Step

    Now you need to draw rose petals in detail. The contours of the petals do not have to be copied exactly from my drawing, they may have a different shape.

    To begin, draw a flower stalk with leaves. Draw the number of twigs and leaves arbitrarily. Most importantly, do not make the leaves too big. Note that rose leaves have streaks. For greater realism, they also need to be drawn. It remains to remove the extra contours and draw the petals in detail. In the correct image of the petals lies the whole beauty of the roses pattern. The upper contour of each petal is drawn by two lines connecting at the edge of the petal. This gives the impression that the edges of the petals are bent. This will also help us in the next step to create shadows in the bud, which will make the rose pattern voluminous.

    At this stage, you have already drawn a real rose, it remains only to add shadows to the flower drawing will become voluminous. Imagine which side the bright light source will be to determine which side of the rose will be more illuminated. Where there will be recesses between the petals, you need to draw the shadows thicker by pressing the pencil harder. Shadows should be at the junction of the petals. Using your finger, rub all areas shaded with a pencil. This method smooths out the sharp lines of the pencil, and the rose pattern will look softer.

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    Draw The Leaves Of The Bouquet

    Remember the two big leaves near the top? Lets go back and shade those now. Leave some thin highlights to represent the major veins of the leaves.

    At the very top of the bouquet, draw two more large leaves that are drooping over. Draw a few of the visible veins.

    Shade each leaf. Make the underside slightly darker. Leave a few highlights along the edges and some of the veins.

    Next, draw the outline of two big leaves in the bottom corner. I did this by lightly sketching the basic shape first. Then I went back with a sharp pencil to draw the jagged blades around the border of each leaf and the veins in the center.

    Each leaf is a very dark shade of green, so use lots of pressure to shade each leaf. To begin with, shade around the veins.

    Continue until the entire leaf is shaded but the veins are still highlighted.

    With a soft touch, shade inside the veins so they are a lighter value than their surroundings. After that, erase the rough sketch around the leaves that helped us with the initial shape.

    Draw Guidelines For The Main Flowers

    How To Draw A Bouquet Of Roses For Valentine’s Day

    Drawing a bouquet of flowers is simply a matter of focusing on one small part of the bouquet and drawing a few simple shapes at a time. Step by step, you allow these shapes to compose themselves into the finished bouquet.

    Let us begin by sketching eight circular shapes to represent the main flowers, which appear to be roses.

    These should not be perfect circles. Use the reference photo to shape each circle so it resembles the basic outline of each rose. As an example, the shape of the first rose on the bottom looks something like a capital D. Overlap your shapes as necessary.

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    How To Draw A Rose Using The Word R

    Video by Draw Cute

    This video tutorial uses the same basic elements as other letter based tutorial the lowercase letters r, o, s, and e. However, rather than layering the letters at unusual angles as in the other tutorials, this guide begins by writing the word rose on a piece of paper. Then, additional lines are added to connect the letters, forming both a rose flower and an unopened rose bud. The word itself is soon hidden in the drawing.

    Draw The Bottom Flowers Of The Bouquet

    Start drawing the petals of the first flower on the bottom row. Look at the reference photo and draw the shape of the first petal as you see it.

    Continue drawing the inner petals of the first flower. Some of these inner petals protrude from the outer petal from the previous step.

    Make another outer petal below and around the first one on the outside. Draw a few lines of detail on some petals.

    Now add some shading to the first flower. Use mostly midtones while leaving light areas white and darkening shadows.

    Begin sketching the outer petals of the second flower. Make some edges sharp and others curved.

    Work your way toward the center of the rose. Draw an inner ring of petals next to the outer ring.

    Finish drawing the innermost ring of petals to complete the center of the rose.

    This rose is lighter in color than the first one, so I mostly skipped midtones and left it mostly white, except for a few pockets of shadow I made with dark tones.

    Draw the outline of the third rose. This time, I drew the outer and inner petals as a single step.

    Shade the third rose. Make dark shadows on the inside and outer edge. Leave some petals light. Look for gradations from dark to light on some of the side petals.

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    How To Paint A Rose

    Video by Art & Craft

    If paints are your drawing medium of choice, this is the tutorial for you. The artist employs the same simple steps presented in previous tutorials. The difference lies in the fact that he crafts his rose using paints and water colors. Get out your brushes and pallet and you can, too.

    Finish Up By Drawing The Brides Hand

    How to Make a Rose Bouquet Floristry Tutorial

    The next brief, optional steps will cover how to draw the hand of the bride holding the bouquet. Sketch the basic shape of the fingers, hand, and wrist.

    Darken the outline of the hand and arm. Darken up the edges of the fingers and add details to give them form, as shown below.

    Lightly shade along the bottom of the arm and back of the hand. Shade the knuckles and fingers and inside of the fingers as they hold onto the bouquet.

    And that is how you draw a bouquet of flowers!

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    Finish Drawing The Bouquets Top Flowers

    Draw the outline of the next flower. Again, I am not an expert on flower types. Although it resembles a tulip, I am assuming it is the side view of another rose, so we will just go with that. Draw the outline of another leaf between this rose and the previous one.

    Shade the bottom part of this rose, which I believe could be referred to as the sepal leaves. This is a very dark shade of green on our reference photo, so use lots of pressure with your 2B pencil. Keep shading toward the center of the bouquet, under and around nearby flowers. Leave a rim of white value near the rose petals to represent the upturn of the green bottom.

    Next, shade the outer petals. These petals are a rich dark pink color, so I used a darker value of graphite here too.

    Add a little lighter shading to the rest of the petals. Leave some areas untouched to resemble these softer colors.

    Draw the outline of the last rose, which is partially hidden behind the two middle flowers of the top row.

    Shade the bottom portion of this rose, which is the same color as the last flower we did. Therefore, use dark tones.

    Just as before, soften your grip and pencil pressure as you mark lighter tones in the center petals of this last rose.

    Think About The Shapes

    Learning how to draw a rose, like anything else, is largely a matter of looking at the flower and trying to see the different shapes that make it up. When you break the flower down into a series of simple shapes, it becomes easy to draw a beautiful bouquet.

    Roses take on several forms during the period of blooming. In the bud stage, a rose is little more than an oval with a swirl at the top. As the rose begins to open, it becomes fuller and reveals the unique shape of each petal. The petals are not symmetrical and overlap at different places. Don’t try to make your rose look too perfect. Perfection does not occur in nature.

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    How To Draw A Bouquet Of Roses Video & Step

    Use the videos and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw a Bouquet of a Dozen Roses for Valentine’s Day. Stay tooned for more tutorials!

    Stay tooned for more free drawing lessons by:

    All of the free art lessons on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw fun cartoon characters step by step. Each cartoon character has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.

    To draw a Bouquet of Roses step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to go at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below. The new lines in each step are shown in red, and each step is explained in the text below the photo, so you’ll know exactly what to draw in each step. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods! Take your time and draw at your own pace.

    The step-by-step video tutorial:

    Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, dont press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

    Step 2: Above that, draw a row of three more circles for the tops of more roses. Place the circles close together and make them all around the same size.

    • Start

    Draw And Color Easy Rose

    Drawing a simple bouquet of roses | How to draw a bouquet of rose | Drawing for kids

    Video by Draw So Cute

    In this tutorial, the artist not only shows you how to draw a rose, but she talks you through the process as well. This tutorial is shown at a pace to allow you to draw along with the artist. Once the drawing is completed, the artist will show you how to shade, or color, the rose in a realistic fashion. Watch the side of the screen for interesting rose facts and quotes about roses as well.

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    How To Draw Camellia

    Learning how to draw a Camellia flower is easy when you are following the steps. They do have a lot of petals what can seem a little bit overwhelming.

    Step 1: To get it looking as realistic as possible, make sure to start with the basic outline of the flower. There will be approximately where the biggest petals will be.

    Draw the middle in the shape of a cylinder shape. From there, you will start placing other petals.

    Step 2: From the middle, start adding more petals. That way you will be able to build up such a complex flower with a lot of ease.

    Step 3: Erase the unccessary lines and add in the last few petals that will make your flower looking very epic and the flower drawing easy.

    There are different types of flowers that when you are drawing as a bouquet will look very well when put together.

    Wild And Cultivated Varieties

    We usually think of roses as expensive flowers, noble, classy, luxurious. Theyre pristine, striking and obvious.

    But theres also that other side of the coin, that we so often forget exists at all, the wild roses. Much less flashy, with fewer petals and more imperfections the dog rose and its relatives are the ancestors of the cultivated varieties.

    Theyre more traditional, actually, having been used as symbols long before todays super fancy, many-petalled roses were created.

    The Briar Wood by Sir Edward Burne Jones showing a scene from the Sleeping Beauty story, with the hero having to cut his way through a wall of wild roses and thorns.

    Of course, many wild varieties have also been cultivated these days, so its more exact to name them wild-looking.

    They were used frequently in coats of arms , in poems and fairy tales, or as religious symbols since the ancient Greeks.

    Either variety, wild, wild-looking or highly cultivated must be picked at the risk of stabbing oneself with their spiky thorns, that stand in stark contrast to their beautifully delicate petals. Not a dull moment with roses, in life as in art.

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