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How To Draw A Santa Hat

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How To Draw Anime Christmas Santa Hat Girl

How to Draw a Santa Hat – Christmas Drawings

This tutorial shows how to draw an anime girl wearing a Santa hat. It consists of twelve steps with detailed examples for the different stages of the drawing process.

The girl in the example will also be wearing a Christmas outfit and will have a happy/joyful expression that can be appropriate for the holidays.

As this tutorial offers such a detailed breakdown of the drawing process its fairly long but hopefully that will also make it easier for you to follow along.

Please note that while the proportions used in this tutorial follow most of the general guides here on AnimeOutline they are still somewhat tweaked to this particular character and may be slightly different than those in other similar tutorials.

Also be aware that you will need to erase some of the outlines as you move between the different steps. If you are going to be drawing using pencil and paper be sure to make light lines so that its easier to do so. You can darken them later on once you feel that everything is in the right place.

Assemble And Cut Out The Original Santa Hat Sewing Pattern

There are multiple are multiple sizes to this Santa Hat.;; Fleece there is a little give to the fabric.Print up the pattern Cut out 2 of the main hat .; For the brim place on end on fold and cut to proper length you should have one long strip.Cut two of the topper out of the same material as the brim.

How To Draw Santa: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Sketch the base shape

OK, here we go. Remember that bowling pin from our;easy Santa? Here it is again!

Draw an oval for the face. Then add the bowl pin body two curved sides widening out and a curved baseline to close the shape.

Step 2: Add moustache and beard

This step is again similar to our easy Santa drawing. Draw a C shaped curve for the nose. We want a nice round nose.

For the moustache, we just sketch two simple ovals. We will be improving on those when we draw the outline. Similarly for the beard draw a heart shape sketch and we will draw it out in more detail in our outline.

Step 3: Sketch the face

Now add Santas face. We will draw nice round eyes, with simple round pupils. Then add two thick moon-shaped eyebrows again slightly tilted, to give our Santa a happy expression. Finally, add a simple short curved mouth.

Step 4: Draw Santas hat

Let’s draw Santas hat. Start with the bottom rim draw the curved sides and join them on top. Then add the pompom where you want it to be a simple oval.

For the top of the hat, the left side has a nice swoop from the rim of the head all the way to the pompom. The right side just a short line up to suggest the fold in the hat. Then add the last line in to close the tip of the hat.

Step 5: Draw Santas legs and boots

Hey, finally we are getting to giving our Santa some legs!

Step 6: Sketch the arms

Step 7: Add the mittens

Next the mittens. .

Step 8: How to draw Santas present bag

Step 9: Add coat details

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Add The Blush & Shading

Draw the blush with a series of striped lines as well as a blend of some light red around them.

For more on drawing blush see:

Finally to finish the drawing you can add some some fairly generic shading. The shadows will be added in places where they are likely to occur if the character is outside during daytime on in a well lit room indoors.

Place the shadows as following:

  • On the bottom of the rim part of the hat and on the bottom of the pom pom
  • On the hair cast by the rim of the hat as well as the hair itself
  • On the forehead
  • At the upper parts of the eyes as well as the upper part of the irises
  • Around the eyelids
  • To one side of the nose
  • On the neck
  • Below the bow tie of the ribbon as well as well on its inner side
  • On the bottom portion of the collar of the clothes as well as below it

Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make A Cartoon Santa Claus Drawing Easy To Do:

How to Make a Santa Hat
  • Lets start by drawing Santa Claus nose and beard. Draw a small circle for Santa Claus nose, and then two curved lines up from each side. Then connect the ends of each curved line with a big curved line to complete Santas beard. Another little curved line under the nose makes a smiling mouth.
  • Next, draw Santa Claus hat. Start by drawing a long rectangle on the top of the beard. On top of the rectangle to the left side, draw a long curved line over to the right and down, and then a smaller curved line from the right side that connects to it. Draw a small circle where the two lines intersect to complete Santas hat.
  • Now lets draw Santas smiling eyes. Under the hat, draw two small rectangles on each side for Santa Claus bushy, white eyebrows. Under each eyebrow draw an upward curving line to create Santas eyes.
  • Then its time to draw Santa Claus warm winter jacket. From the sides of Santas beard draw two curved lines out and down, then connect the ends with a straight line across to create Santas jacket. Near the bottom of the jacket, draw one more straight line across.
  • Next up are Santas arms and mittens. Draw two half circles under the line inside Santas jacket to create Santas mittens. Finish with a line up on each side to make short little arms.
  • Finally, lets draw Santas boots. Start with two small lines down from under the jacket, and then a line out from each. Finish each boot with a diagonal line up and back to the bottom of the jacket, and fill them in.
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    First Step Draw A Circle & Cross Framework For Your Santa Head

    Begin your drawing by creating a simple circle on the paper in front of you. Unlike with other lessons here were drawing only the head. So, feel free to use more of the paper.

    Next, with your circle drawn go ahead and draw a simple cross dividing your framework into quadrants. Thisll make mapping out the facial components of your Santa head, all the more easy. One last thing here and only if you likedraw two more horizontal lines one to mark off the position where Santas hat will begin the other to mark off the position of where his mustache will meet with the perimeter of your circle.

    Heres how mine looks

    Again, this circle framework is just that only a guideline. If you want to continue without it, then by all means keep on going right away with the next step. I always like to include some sort of guideline as it does a great job in helping maintain proportion and symmetry in your work especially if youre not as familiar with drawing.

    So then, got your circle framework set up? Great on to the next step!

    Crafts To Make With Santa Claus Hats

    I keep talking about digital drawings because they are so versatile. The nice thing about digital drawings is that they can be easily transformed into physical templates and used for lots of craft projects.;

    Not only can you use this tutorial for making santa hats, but you can also draw santa faces and make masks out of the finished drawing.

    You can watch my santa face drawing tutorial for the step by step instructions. Its really easy to draw.

    In the meantime, here are some crafts that you can make with your Santa Claus hat drawing:

    Source: Jennifers Bows

    Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Check out my post for other ideas for beginner crafts.

    If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine and a heat press, you can use it to make iron-on templates for caps, socks and even a napkin for Santa to wipe the cookie crumbs from his mouth.

    How easy would it be to make DIY crafts at home with this drawing?! Try using heat transfer vinyl or adhesive vinyl to apply your drawing to hard and soft surfaces.;

    As you can see, you can take your drawing and transfer it to lots of physical crafts!

    This is just one of the ways that you can draw for fun or start a home-based craft business that makes money.

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    Heres How To Draw Santas Face With A Simple Step By Step Tutorial Its A Pretty Symmetrical Drawing To Keep It Easy For Young Artists

    One way to draw Santa with a lot of impact, is to just concentrate of drawing his face. If you follow my tutorial that you can download below, youll see that its made of some pretty simple shapes, they just need to look symmetrical, like any face does. The exception is the floppy top of his hat, which of course needs to drape down over the side of his head.

    Draw The Small Details

    How To Make A Paper Santa Hat

    Next draw the inner details of the eyes as well as the eyelashes.

    For a detailed breakdown of drawing female anime eyes see:

    Be sure to also add a hint of the eyelids above them.

    You can also add a tiny hint of the ear folds to the visible part of each ear .

    Once done with this step you can trace over your lines with a more solid stroke to darken them.

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    How To Draw A Santa Claus Hat To Colour In

    Christmas is coming and one of the most iconic characters of this holiday is Santa Claus, the jolly old man who brings goodies on the night of December 24th. In this article, we’ll show you how to draw a Santa Claus hat that’s perfect for colouring in, step-by-step. You’ll see that it’s very easy. For a variation, you can also draw a Christmas minion or Micky Mouse dressed as Santa Claus.

    Start drawing the Santa hat with some very simple geometric elements, a circle at the top that’s leaning a bit to the side, and a rectangle at the bottom. Then connect the lines, but make sure they don’t form a square.

    Follow the drawing, giving some shape to the bottom of the hat, which is the white area made of wool. The drawing should give the impression of a warm hat suitable for winter. The middle part of the hat is red felt, while the rectangular part at the bottom and the pom-pom are white wool.

    Continue drawing the pom-pom at the top, using a round shape to make it look like wool.

    You’re almost finished! To give a greater sense of realism, draw the pom-pom at a slight angle. You’re all done making the hat.

    That’s it! As you can see, the Santa Claus hat for colouring in is all finished. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Paper Santa Hat Craft To Make And Wear

    This 3D Santa hat craft is so fun! Not only is it an adorable Christmas hat but it has an attached beard and moustache as well! Youll be glad to know that its really easy to make a Santa hat out of construction paper with our the PRINTABLE SANTA HAT CRAFT TEMPLATE.

    Get festive this Christmas making and wearing a cute Paper Santa Hat! Great for fun loving kids and grown-ups! Scroll on down to see how easy it is to make and to get your printable.;

    Why not team these paper Santa hats up with some of our other printable Christmas hat crafts? Our Reindeer Hats are; so adorable with their sparkly noses, our Elf Hats are super fun with their pointed ears and our Penguin Hats are simply the cutest! We also love this Paper Plate Christmas Tree Hat from The Imagination Tree.

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    Assemble And Cut Out The Free Santa Hat Pattern

    Print up and assemble the pattern

    There are multiple are multiple sizes to this Santa Hat.;;

    You will need to find the color coordinating line to the size you want to make.; Cut the pattern down to that size.

    Cut out 1 of the main hat on the fold of doubled fabric.;

    For the brim piece cut 1 you should have one long strip.Cut 1 of the topper out of the same material as the brim. Tip:; When cutting on faux fur its easier to place the pattern on the WRONG side of the material and cut out.

    How To Draw Santa: Step By Step Drawing

    How to Draw Santa Hat

    This tutorial is part of the “Christmas drawings” collection.

    Here is another way how to draw Santa. This version improves on our easy Santa drawing by adding a full body, an interesting pose and many fancy details. We end up with a much better looking Santa complete with a sack full of Christmas presents.

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    Learn How To Draw Santa Claus For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Ho ho ho! Friends, hello everyone! Probably for each of us one of the main family holidays is Christmas. Therefore, the artists of our team have prepared a simple lesson on how to draw Santa Claus step by step. After all, it is Santa

    Claus who is the most important character in the Christmas atmosphere.This Santa Claus drawing tutorial is primarily intended for children. That is why we tried to make a very simple description and understandable drawing steps.

    Kids, have you been good this year? After all, Santa Claus gives Christmas presents only to those children who obeyed their parents and behaved well all year. Of course, no one will be left out, we behaved well! And in order to speed up the time and create a festive, warm home atmosphere, we suggest you teach how to draw Santa Claus in stages. Be careful and follow our steps and you will easily get a drawing of Santa Claus.

    What do we need?

    • colored pencils and markers;
    • good mood and desire.

    And we will try to provide as simple and understandable as possible an easy instruction on how to draw Santa Claus step by step.

    Time needed:;20 minutes.

    How to Draw a Cow for Kids

  • Draw Santas head.

    The first thing to do is to draw the head. The head must be made in the shape of a slightly flattened circle.

  • Draw the nose and pompom of the hat.

    Its easy enough! Draw a circle at the bottom of the face, and a smaller circle at the end of the hat.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    How To Draw A Santa Claus Hat An Easy Tutorial And Video

    You know that Christmas is near when you start to see Santa Claus hats everywhere. It adds an extra touch of holiday cheer to everything. Ill show you my method for how to draw a santa claus hat.;

    This beginner drawing project is adapted from my video on how to draw Santa Claus.

    If you want to know how to draw a complete version of Santa, then I suggest you watch that video and tutorial.

    The instructions below will guide you through the steps to draw the hat using digital drawing techniques. But you can also use these steps if you want to draw with a pencil and paper.

    To make a festive holiday drawing, you can add this hat to other winter theme images. Use my snowman drawing tutorial to help you with that.

    If youre into making DIY crafts, youll be able to transfer the digital drawing to your cutting machine. I have a post on how to upload to Cricut;that exclaims how to do it.;

    Either way, you can print the instructions and the template below. And if youre looking for a short cut or just a printable, get the free santa hat coloring page.

    The digital method, allows you to make a whole set of drawings very quickly. After you draw your first santa claus hat, you can make moreby copying and pasting or just by duplicating the first hat.;

    If you want to learn how to make more digital drawings, youll love my So Simple SVG course.

    In the meantime, you can follow this tutorial to learn how to draw a santa claus hat.

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    Clean Up The Clothes Drawing

    Again clean up the drawing this time by erasing all of the parts of the body covered by the clothes. You can then add the folds to the ribbon as well as the fluff to the pom pom as shown in the example above.

    Draw the fluff in several clumps over top of the circle using it as a guide to help maintain the round shape of the pom pom. You can then erase the circle once done.

    Second Step Drawing Santas Face

    how to draw a Santa hat

    The face you see in the finished Santa head up top, is actually a bit of a standard when it comes to Christmas-time art, crafts, decorations, etc. Take a look at all sorts of different Christmasy things place mats, ornaments, cards, wrapping paper and youre bound to see a similar setup to this one at some point.

    For drawing your Santa head, tackle it in the following order: Nose>Eyes>Mustache>Mouth

    Now you can better appreciate the extra horizontal lines to help with mapping out Santas hat and mustache. Still though, you can change things up to suit your taste. Have his hat set lower or higher its up to you. And same goes with the mustache change the look altogether if you like! Oh and dont forget to draw his cheeks.

    Alright in the next step, well finish things off by drawing his beard, and then finishing the rest of his hat.

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