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How To Draw A Scarecrow Step By Step

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How To Draw A Giraffe: Base Sketch Step By Step

How to Draw a Scarecrow

Step 1: Draw base head, neck and body shapes

Let’s start our giraffe drawing by laying down the simple base body shapes. Start by drawing a narrow long oval, slightly tilted to the side, for the giraffe’s head.

Next, draw a “D” shape for the body -the flat line up, with the whole shape again tilted up at the front towards the head.

Join the head and the body with the giraffe’s trademark – the long neck.; Draw two parallel lines from the back of the head down to the front of the body. Draw the neck just a touch wider at the bottom where it joins the body than what it is at the top near the head.

Step 2: Draw the giraffe’s face and ears

Let’s sketch the features on the giraffe’s head next. Start with two large ovals for the eyes. These are large cartoony eyes, so the left eye sticking out of the head is fine. Draw two smaller ovals inside the eyes for the pupils.

Then draw the nostrils – again two small ovals at the lower end of the head, tilted out in a “V”. Add two larger ovals sticking out from the top of the head for the ears.

Finally, sketch the two small horns on the giraffe’s head – just short antennae with small circles at the end will do for now.

Step 3: Draw the giraffe’s legs

Now it is time to give the giraffe some legs. Draw the four hoofs first. These are simple triangles – two next to each other under the front of the body, and two more under the end of the body. Add a small split line to each hoof.

Step 4: Finish the giraffe’s hind legs

How To Draw A Cactus: Finished Drawing

How to draw a cactus: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed cactus drawing after we have erased the sketch lines.

How to draw a cactus: finished drawing coloured-in

Our usual final step is to colour in the drawing. The cactus body is coloured in shades of green, with dark “shading” along the body fold lines and a lighter green in between. The top of the cactus and arms, as well as the highlight on the side, have some yellow mixed in.

The sand dune is a golden yellow, with some darker yellow patches to add some structure to the sand.

Finally, add a nice blue sky. Here we are cheating, the sky is not drawn with coloured pencils, but with watercolours, which create interesting random “cloud” patches.

How To Draw A Cactus: Step By Step Sketch

Step 1: Draw the central column

Our cactus drawing starts as usual with a simple shape. Draw half of a long oval at the top. Then extend the sides of the oval with two straight lines and close the shape with a curve at the bottom.

Here we are drawing a fairly short and stubby cactus so that it fits the square space on the webpage. But since Saguaro cacti are usually narrow and tall, feel free to draw your cactus narrower and taller.

Step 2: Mark ovals for the “arms”

In the next step, we are marking out the ends of the two “arms” of the cactus. Draw a small oval left of the main cactus body, with a small circle on the body. We will join these shortly to make one “arm”.

Then draw another slightly larger oval on the other side. This one will not need the bottom end circle, as the arm will join from behind the cactus body.

Step 3: Sketch the cactus “arms” and some ground

As promised, it is time to connect the “arm” ends drawn above with simple curved lines. Join the left oval and circle on the sides to draw the smaller arm, that attaches from the front of the cactus.

Then draw two curves from the sides of the larger oval to form the other arm, that attaches from behind.

Again, our arms are quite short and stubby – if you have drawn a tall cactus body, feel free to draw these longer as well.

Finally, draw a sand dune for our cactus to stand on. That is a small hill behind the cactus and a random squiggle on the front.

Step 4: Mark the fold lines on the cactus body

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How To Draw A Scarecrow

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The scarecrow is a mannequin placed in a farming field to deter birds , deer, or other animals from eating the crops. The traditional scarecrow is made of old clothing stuffed with straw, supported on a wooden framework. When the wind blows the scarecrow’s movable parts, it is able to frighten animals that mistake it for a living human.

Scarecrows have been in use since antiquity. The bible book of Jeremiah, written more than 2500 years ago, mentions a scarecrow placed in a cucumber field. A Japanese book compiled in the year 712 mentions a scarecrow deity. Today, scarecrows are most often utilized as autumn decorations. An art installation in the village of Nagoro, Japan features lifelike scarecrows that have replaced residents who moved away to find work elsewhere.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

One of the most famous scarecrows in popular culture is the Scarecrow from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. He aids Dorothy in her quest and sings the song “If I Only Had a Brain.” Both Marvel Comics and DC Comics feature supervillains by the name of Scarecrow.

Would you like to draw your own friendly scarecrow? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You will need only a pencil, a sheet of paper, and an eraser. You may also wish to use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other materials to color your finished drawing.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Inspire Halloween Makeup

How To Draw a Scarecrow Step by Step

Do you want to draw a scarecrow for Halloween? Follow us today as we try to draw one step by step.

Its an easy step-by-step tutorial. And, if youre looking to make up a creepy scarecrow this Halloween, youll find that this drawing tutorial youre attempting can be a great inspiration and help.

Lets get started right away.

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By Step Instructions For Drawing A Scarecrow

1. Scarecrows are often supported by two pieces of wood arranged in the shape of a crossbeam. To draw this, begin by drawing a pair of straight, horizontal, parallel lines. Enclose the ends of the lines using short, curved lines. Then, draw another set of straight, parallel lines, perpendicular to the first. Enclose the top of these lines with a short line.

2. Draw a short, straight, diagonal line near the top of the crossbeam. Enclose the space beneath it using a curved line. Note how the figure curves inward just below the straight line. This outlines the scarecrow’s head.

Now You Can Add The Final Details And Elements

This part of our guide on how to draw a scarecrow will be all about adding some final details and elements before the final step.

First, use some straight lines coming don from the scarecrow for the pole that he is hanging on.

Then, you can add some crows onto his arms to show that this is maybe not the most effective scarecrow ever!

That will finish off the details of this guide, but before you move on you should feel free to add any details of your own that you may like!

One great addition would be to create a background for your picture. You could draw something like a cornfield or maybe a spooky haunted house for the background to create an even more Halloween-inspired image.

Hat background elements or extra details can you think of to put your own spin on this scarecrow drawing?

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Now You Can Draw The Other Arm

You successfully drew the first arm in the previous step of our guide on how to draw a scarecrow, and in this step you can draw the other.

This should be no challenge for you, as all you need to do is draw a mirror image of the arm that you drew in the previous step. You could always change up the details a bit if you wish, however!

Next Draw The Shirt And Coat Of The Scarecrow

How to Draw a Scarecrow

We will be extending the clothing of the scarecrow down from the head in this step. First, start off by drawing the collar at the base of the neck.

Then, use some curved lines for the sides of his coat drooping down. Finally, draw a line going down the center of his shirt, and then draw some small circles going down it for the buttons.

You can also add some small squares with lines at the edges for patches in his shirt.

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Easy Canvas Tutorial Step By Step Painting

Hello everyone! Im excited to present to you another Fall canvas painting tutorial! You will learn how to paint a scarecrow portrait!

This scarecrow painting can be a lot of fun because you can customize your colors and facial features! The beauty of these tutorials is that I present to you the steps and tools but you can let your imagination run wild after that!

I drew out the entire scarecrow first then painted it in like a coloring book . Enjoy and dont forget to share your results somewhere in social media land!;;

**Update: well call this scarecrow 2.0 You can see a video for how to paint this design on an 11 x 14 canvas with traceables! See this specific post here or scroll down in this same post for the video!

How To Draw A Cactus: Outline Step By Step

Step 1: Outline the cactus body and the ground

With the sketch complete, it is time to outline our cactus drawing. Start by outlining the small arm first. Then draw the cactus body, breaking the line where it is hidden behind the arm. Finish the cactus by outlining the thick arm.

Similarly for the ground, start with the dune line at the back, and break the line for the part hiding behind the cactus. Then outline the front squiggle. We have added another half-oval to suggest a small dip around the cactus base.

Step 2: Draw the fold lines on the cactus body

This is a simple step – we are just outlining the;fold lines on the cactus body, exactly following the sketched lines.

Step 3: Draw the cactus spikes

Finally, let’s add the most important feature of any cactus – it’s prickly spikes! Draw them as short straight lines.

Start by drawing the prickles around the outer shape of the cactus, and notice how the line direction changes following the shape. Then add a few more spikes onto the inner body.

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How To Draw A Scarecrow That Looks Cute And Terrifying

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a scarecrow using simple shapes, lines and colors. This iconic character has been around for centuries. It appeared in ancient literature as well as in recent movies like “The Wizard of Oz” or even “Batman” . Of course, scarecrows are also a simple mannequin used to scare birds and protect farms. Let’s proceed with this tutorial now. 🙂

Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

working on the silhouette of the cartoon scarecrow using shapes

First, we need to create a template using basic shapes like the one shown below. The brown shapes are used to illustrate the hat. The yellow shapes are representing the head, hands and legs. Blue shapes are used for the shirt while the red shape is match with the scarf. Notice how two shapes are needed to form the head of the cartoon scarecrow.

Let’s convert all shapes drawn in the previous step into gray areas. This will make it easier to read the current step. Now that we have a template to work with, let’s draw a few basic lines to illustrate the character. First, you can draw a hat with a long pointed top. The head is made of a bag, so keep this information in mind white drawing it. You can also draw the shirt and the scarf using more short irregular lines.

More simple shadows can be drawn on the scarf and the shirt. You can also create darker areas on the straws used to illustrate the hands. You can see all new additions below .

nice job learning how to draw a scarecrow like this one!

How To Draw A Giraffe: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

How to Draw a Scarecrow

Step 1: Draw the giraffe’s eyes

Let’s start outlining the giraffe drawing and improving on our sketch.

Draw out the eyes first. Outline the outer oval and fill in the inner pupils, leaving out a small white shine patch.

On these giraffe images, you will notice that giraffes can have lovely eyelashes. Let’s give those to our giraffe. Carve out a small moon-shaped lid at the top of each eye. Then add the eyelashes – just three short lines at the outer edge of the eyelid.

Step 2: Draw the giraffe’s ears and horns

Time to improve on the ears sketch next. Draw the upper edge of the ears as a small “roofline”, or a wide-open “V” shape, with a small point in the middle. The lower edge of the ear is a quarter of the oval. Double up the top edge line to suggest the inner ear texture.

Then draw the giraffe’s horns. This time draw the stalks with a proper double line smoothly transitioning to the top rounded ends. Finally, draw the short curve for the top of the head between ears.

Step 3: Draw the giraffe’s nose and mouth

Next, finish drawing the giraffe’s head by drawing the nose and mouth. Fill in the nostrils and the mouth. Outline the nose directly from the sketch.

When outlining the outer head shape, notice the small changes to the sketch: the left cheek line between the eye and nose does not follow the head oval, but curves slightly inward. Similarly, on the other side, the right cheek bumps out slightly around the eye.

Step 4: Draw the giraffe’s neck and back

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How To Draw A Giraffe: A Funny Cute Cartoon Giraffe Drawing

Today we will learn how to draw a giraffe. Starting from the usual simple base shapes, we draw giraffe’s body with the typical long neck. Although we draw a semi-realistic giraffe head – mouth, nostrils, ears, and horns – by adding large cartoony eyes with eyelashes our giraffe drawing turns definitely into an exaggerated cartoon. We dress the giraffe in a very typical patterned body coat.

How To Draw A Ufo: Outline Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Outline the UFO

It is time to outline our completed UFO sketch. Here we are outlining the flying saucer – all the lines are just a straightforward outline of the sketch. Notice how the jet at the bottom hides parts of the saucer – so do not draw those lines.

Step 2: Outline the astronaut

The next step is to outline our doggy astronaut. Again, mostly a straightforward outline of the sketch. The extra improvement here is the helmet added to the dog’s head: when outlining the head, draw the face line slightly in front of the large eye. Then add a “D” line for the visor, and a line from the muzzle to the back of the head to close the helmet at the bottom.

Step 3: Dress up the UFO with some final details

Our UFO drawing is almost done. Outline the row of positional lights – the small ovals on the flying saucer body. And then dress up the UFO with extra details.

Here we are adding an antenna to the top of the cabin. Then draw a;turbine rotor at the bottom – that is the bent lines going round, which surely is the device that powers our UFO and keeps it afloat. It also creates the mighty vortex of gases coming out of the jet. Well – that is what that spiral is, anyway.

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How To Draw A Ufo: Sketch Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Sketch the base UFO outline

Here is the basic shape of our UFO. Draw a small flat-lying oval, wider than it is tall. This will be the flying saucer base. Then add another half oval, this time standing tall, on the top. This will be the cabin.

By the way, if you would like to draw a dog rather than a UFO, you can start the drawing in the exact the same way. Seriously.

Step 2: Add a few ovals

In this step, we add two more flat ovals to build up the flying saucer base. The large one will mark the UFO body, and the small one will be the base for the jet.

Step 3: Add the UFO jet and lights

Next, add another flat oval, slightly lower than the saucer base. Join the sides of the oval with the smallest oval at the base to form the jet that powers our UFO.

Now draw a row of small circles around the UFO saucer for some positional lights.; That is our simple UFO sketching done.

Step 4: Draw an astronaut

Now, since our flying saucer is a bit bare, let’s add an astronaut to the cabin. Since this entire tutorial was inspired by the cartoon dog head shape, our astronaut will be a dog as well.

Here we draw a very simple dog in a side view: draw an oval for the head and a “D” shape for the muzzle. Then add two circles for the paws and two simple lines for the body.

Step 5: Add more details to the astronaut dog

These are all tricks from our how to draw a dog tutorial – so check that one out if you need more detailed instructions.

Step 6: Finish the UFO cabin

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