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How To Draw A Scarf On A Snowman

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How to Draw A Snowman Scarf

Draw a fireplace with a mantel next to the tree. And 5 buttons marching down the front. Add arms and buttons.

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Your Snowman Drawing Is Complete

With the colors and details finished on your snowman finished, that means you have reached the end of this guide on how to draw a snowman!

We hope that you had a lot of fun going through this guide with us. We wanted to show you that you can draw your own amazing snowman easily once you know what to do, so we hope it was fun and helpful for you!

Now that your image is complete, you can show us how creative you can be with it in several different ways.

Whether its with extra details, a fun background or even another snowman to go with this one, we cant wait to see what you do!

Be sure to check out our website for plenty of fun drawing guides like this one! We upload more all the time, so check in often to make sure you never miss out.

How To Draw A Christmas Snowman

September 09, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Christmas

This is a cute snowman, with a carrot as nose, branches as arms, and wearing a cute Christmas hat and scarf, as if it is happy for Christmas.

A step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this Christmas snowman is very simple. If kids likes it, let them follow these steps and try it!


Preschoolers and kids of all ages


How to draw a Christmas snowman

1. First draw a Christmas hat, as shown above.

2. Draw two curves at the bottom of the hat as the head. Then draw your eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Draw a scarf at the bottom of the head, and draw some curves on it as stripes.

4. Draw a big circle as the body of the snowman. Then draw the branch arms, and three small ovals as buttons.

5. Finally, simply color it. Apply red to your hat and scarf and orange to your nose. This Christmas snowman is done!

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How To Paint A Snowman At Night

Learn how to paint this adorable snowman painting with a night sky background!;

This painting is super easy and can be customized with different colors and decor such as a different color scarf or hat.

Itâs also a great painting you can do with the kids!

The background of this design utilizes the color âPayneâs Greyâ which is similar to black only itâs lighter. It reminds me of chalkboard color.

If you donât have Payneâs gray you can use Mars Black or Ivory Black or even mix a tiny bit of white in the black to create that lighter look in the black.;

If you have a painting youâve messed up on you can easily paint over it with the Payneâs Grey to do this snowman painting!

I also used a white Posca paint pen in this snowman painting. The designs on the scarf and some of the smaller snowflakes were easily done with this pen!;

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Second Step How To Draw A Snowman Step By Step

92: Kids Tutorial: How to draw cute snowman with scarf | Vivi Santoso

First up, give your character a unique snowpersonish shape. The centerline and cross if you need to use one can really help as you mirror and map things out. Have fun get creative lets see what kind of cool-looking version you can come up with!

Here are the steps

Alright pretty well done now, Id say. And coloring is a snap snow is white so just leave your paper blank in those snow-filled areas of the lines.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson see you again soon for another!

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Are You Ready To Learn How To Draw A Snowman That Looks A Bit More Real Here Are A Few Tips That Will Make All The Difference In The World

A basic flat snowmen is fine when you are just learning how to draw circles, but after that, why not try to make him look like he has some dimension? It just might be easier than you think.

This snowman uses two of the Elements of Art to add some realism to his body. First, the LINES of the scarf and hat show that they are wrapped around a round head, and not flat circle. Second, the edge of the body and hat have a VALUE change in that they are a bit darker and look like shadows. Together they add up to a snowman that looks like he could dance off the page.

How To Draw A Snowman Face

When drawing your snowmans face, think about what you would use when building a real snowman.

What you would use to make the eyes, nose, and mouth? How does that song go With a corncob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal.

Typically, when building an actual snowman, youd use whatever you had access to. Mostly it was whatever we could find around the yard so we didnt get our butts kicked by Mom.

Start by drawing your snowmans eyes. You can draw circles, buttons, or a more organic shape that looks like a rock or coal.

Next, draw the nose. Your typical snowman drawing will have a carrot for the nose. But dont limit yourself to that idea. Your nose can be whatever you want it to be.

For the mouth you can draw a smile or draw several circles to form the mouth. Or maybe your snowman has a stick for his mouth. Be creative.

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Scarf Drawing And Snowman Arms

Now its time to decorate your snowman and give him some arms.

I like adding a top hat to my snowman. But you could also draw a different type of hat, or go with no hat at all.

If you want your snowman to have a scarf, draw that in now too.

Most snowmen are drawn with sticks for the arms. But this is not your only choice. If you do use sticks as the arms, think about what a stick actually looks like. Most sticks are not perfectly straight.

This snowman is a pretty basic drawing that was done for our Snowman Crayon Resist Cool Colors Art Project. It was meant for younger artists or someone just starting out.

Lets take a look at some slightly more advanced drawings.

Here Are The Steps To Draw Cartoon Snowman Enjoy

How To Make Hypertufa Snowman With Crochet Scarf In Ga.

Step 1: Draw the head of the snowman with a hat on the top.

Step 2: Draw the body and the neck of the snowman.

Step 3: Draw two circles as the arms of the snowman.

Step 4: Draw a scarf and four buttons on the snowman.

Step 5: Draw a broom in the arm of the snowman.

Step 6: Color the hat and the scarf red.

Step 7: Color the broom yellow and a part of hat green.

Step 8: Spray some blue color on the body of the snowman.

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Now To Start Painting

First, use a thin rounded brush and paint an outline around the snowman in the background color.

I always dip my brushes in water the first time I use them to loosen them up and help the paint flow.

Blot the excess water off on to a paper towel and then dip in your background color.

Mine was black.

Paint around his hat, his face, nose, and scarf on both sides

and make sure to extend those lines around all the canvas edges too.

Then, go in with a larger brush and paint in the whole background well.

Depending on the color you chose, you may need a second coat, but let the first one dry a bit so you can tell where you really need it.

You may only need to just fill in a few places.

Next, repeat the steps of outlining on the hat in your color of choice and outline around the hat band too, leaving it white for now, and then paint in the top half and bottom rim of the hat.

You can probably go back now and finish up the background painting.

Be sure to check out all your edges and if youre using an easel, you can flip it upside down for a few minutes to paint it in if needed.

Let it dry for a few minutes. It is good to get up and give yourself a break for a few anyway, so this is a good time for that.

Choose your buttons now if you want to.

Once the background is pretty dry, go ahead and paint in his face in white. It may seem silly to paint it white when the canvas is white, but it helps the whole thing have the same finish and helps disguise pencil lines.

Now you are all done!

Draw The Snowman Arms

The base of the snowman is complete, lets add two twig arms.

Starting on the left side, Ill draw a straight diagonal line upwards and outwards of the snowman.

Then Ill draw three branches at the end of the twig. This sort of looks like a hand.

Your lines wont be straight and thats perfectly fine. In fact, its better if they are a little wobbly.; This makes the twigs look more realistic.

Draw another line from the hand, down towards the body.

Repeat this step on the right side of the snowman.

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When You Are Building A Real Snowman Your Snowballs Will Need To Flatten To Sit One On Top Of Each Other And To Hold Together

How to draw snowman. Start hat with sideways S. Step 4 Draw the Hat Snowman hat drawing. Use the quadrants formed by the guide lines to help you.

The hat can be painted black and red and the scarf in either yellow-red or any other color. Paint the snowmans body in light blue. We drew ours with a winter hat and twigs for hands but there are so many possibilities you can go with snow balls no hat cooking pot twigs for hair baseball hat.

Then begin to sketch the snowmans face. Draw the scarf ends. For drawing a snowman you need the following items.

We start our snowman drawing by sketching three circles a small medium and a large one one on the top of the other. Then draw a curved line on the right to close off the carrot shape. Under the nose draw a series of dots arranged in a curved pattern for the mouth.

In the very first step for how to draw a snowman you need to draw a circle at the mid of the paper. This design is excellent for adding to cards craft projects and painting onto winter scenes. Draw a circle for the head.

A snowman can not be built out just any type of snow. To make the snowmans drawing beautiful and clean trace all the necessary lines with a dark pencil or ink. Paint the snowman balls and add a very light gray to the bottom of the balls for shading.

I really hope this is helpful in. Start drawing your snowman by drawing the largest of your three circles at the bottom of your paper. Add a larger circle underneath.

Pin En Drawing

First Step Draw Your Cartoon Snowman Using A Three

How to Draw a Scarf on a Cartoon Snowman

If it all comes down to only three circles, then of course draw them! Lightly with your pencil, and beginning at the bottom sketch in three simple overlapping circles biggest at the bottom and smallest at the top.

Like this

If you like, change the size and number of the circles which compose your snowman. Thisll give yours a look thats uniquely yours.

Once youve got your circles in place, the next thing to do is sketch in the details in the form of a face, hat, buttons, nose, arms, etc. And if you like draw in the snow in the form of a few simple curvy lines just like I did in the third example above. This creates a neat effect where the snow on the ground seamlessly merges with your character.

Do all this BEFORE you sketch in the final circular lines which compose the body.

OK on to the last step

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How To Paint A Snowman

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We are back with another acrylic painting tutorial for beginners this time we are showing you how to paint a snowman.

This easy to follow step by step painting tutorial will teach you how to paint a festive and wonderful looking painting in no time.

*this post contains affiliate links*

Canvas painting is a very popular pastime at the holidays, and snowmen are easily one of the most popular things to paint.

They are festive, friendly, colorful and easy to paint, and everyone can create their own version since none really look the same anyway.

This canvas was designed to be a fairly simple one to paint with the scarf added so that it would be easy to customize and add a personal touch to by choosing your own color combination.

I will walk you through the directions from start to finish and you can change up any details of your own snowman that you may want to do differently.

The buttons are added last to just change up the standard painting project but they can easily be left off too.

You can also do multiples with your friends and make it a fun party, too!

Im A Little Snowman Song Lyrics For Kids

Im a little snowman, look at me. These are my buttons, 1 2 3. These are my eyes and this is my nose. I wear a hat and scarf. Brrrits cold! Im a little snowman, look at me.These are my buttons, 1 2 3.These are my eyes and this is my nose.I wear a hat and scarf. Brrrits cold!Im a little snowman, look at me.These are my buttons, 1 2 3.These are my eyes and this is my nose.I wear a hat and scarf. Brrrits cold!

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Now Draw The Nose And Stick Arms

Every great snowman has a great carrot nose, so lets add one in this step of your snowman drawing.

To draw this, simply use some straight lines coming off the face of the snowman.

Finally, you can use some thick lines coming off from the body of the snowman with more lines coming off of them for the hands.

How To Draw Better Snowmen

Draw Buttons & a Scarf to a Snowman

The only way to get better at drawing snowmen, or anything for that matter, is with practice. And lots of it. The more you draw, the better you will get.

I almost always do my drawings on artist trading cards. They are smaller, so they take less time. And I get the added enjoyment of trading them for other artists work. Its a win-win.

If youre not familiar with making and trading ATCs, take a look at How to Make Artist Trading Cards .

I have a hard time coming up with creative ideas for drawing snowmen. What ideas do you have that havent been mentioned here?

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How To Draw Snowman

During the Christmas and Holiday season, we encounter many winter characters such as Snowman. I used and still use art as a way to keep my kids busy. When their eczema was really bad during their younger years, I used to look up characters and cartoon figures for them to draw and color. I started to make my own versions for them because some of the versions online were too difficult for them to follow. They were geared for adults and older children. I hope this helps you and your family as I show you an easy way on how to draw Snowman step by step.

Learn How To Draw An Easy Snowman With This Simple Step By Step Tutorial It Offers A Different Point Of View Than The Regular Snowman Drawing

Snowman drawings dont have to always be saved as simple beginner projects. You know, the ones that start with three circles, are centered on the middle of the page, and have the usual arms, hat and face.

Who says you cant get closer to them? Like drawing just a close up of the head and face? And maybe not centered, but tilted a bit to give him or her more life?

This easy snowman tutorial does just that, and adds a little extra fun at the end with a cute bird too. It only takes a few changes to make a drawing that looks like it has much more of a story to it.

Note: Snowmen also make for great shadow practice. That grey crayon that Crayola makes often seemed useless to me for regular coloring, its just so light. BUT, I found that it is perfect for adding light shadows to things. Thanks Crayola!

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Now Add Some Final Details

In this sixth step of this guide on how to draw a snowman, we shall be adding some final elements and details.

First, use some curved lines coming down from the scarf around the neck for the end of the scarf trailing down. Then, you can draw three small circles going down the belly of the snowman for some buttons.

Finally, you can draw a straight line at the base of the snowman to give him some ground to be standing on.

Those are the details that we would add, but you should also feel free to let your creativity shine and run wild!

You could add a cool background to give this image even more of a Winter atmosphere or draw some patterns on the clothing that he is wearing.

You could even draw another snowman or even a snowwoman to go along with this snowman!

How will you finish off this snowman before moving on to the final step?

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