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How To Draw A Sea Monster

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How To Draw A Simple Sea Monster

Drawing a sea monster with Paolo Morrone

You are going to start with a few lumps, it doesn’t matter how many, but the last one needs to be inverted, like the one you see here.

Then you do the same thing, but the opposite side, however, the first one, you start half way from the very beginning.

You do an arc connecting the two lines at the front of the drawing.

So you are actually done here but…

Now, I’m done!

Hope you liked my guide!

How To Draw A Sea Serpent

In the legends of many countries of the world there are creatures resembling a sea dragon or a gigantic sea serpent. One of the most famous such creatures is the famous Loch Ness monster, a drawing lesson about which is already available on our website. So, lets start the lesson on how to draw a sea serpent.

How To Draw A Cartoon Monster

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The word “monster” is derived from a Latin word roughly translated “something wrong within nature.” Monsters are typically hideous, scary creatures that can cause harm to people.

Ancient mythologies hold tales of many and varied monsters. In Greek mythology, for example, the Gorgons and Medusa were women with snakes for hair, who could turn men into stone. A giant dog with multiple heads guarded the gates to the underworld. Mermaid-like Sirens lured sailors to their deaths, while the hideous cyclops had only one eye. It is speculated that the ideas for these monsters may have arisen from observing birth defects in humans and in animals.

In modern popular culture, monsters are at times depicted as frightful, at times as kind and helpful. This variable view of monsters is evident in such animated films and series as Aaahh!! Real Monsters , Monsters, Inc. , and Monsters University .

Would you like to draw your very own monster? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple drawing tutorial. All you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper. You may also wish to use an eraser to correct mistakes and remove guide lines, and colored pencils, markers, paints, or crayons to color your finished drawing.

In each step of this drawing guide, new lines drawn are highlighted in blue while previous lines fade to black. Will your monster be friendly or frightful? That is entirely up to you.

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Third Step: Develop Your Lights And Shadows

For this part just create another Clipping mask and start to work on your shadows defining them better. You can keep using the soft brush for painting but for some details maybe you will need a more hard edge brush, so all will depend on your needs. For example when I was painting the transition point between the fangs and the skin I used a more hard edge brush for create a clearer separation between both parts. You can also start to paint on your lights using the same method than with the shadows. Use the soft brush and add some brighter grey tones in the areas more exposed to our light source.

Start playing with the background

Remember your main focus area has to contrast clearly with the background and the other secondary areas of the body has to contrast less with the background. The higher the contrast the more the eye will be drawn to it, but don´t overkill and paint your main areas with pure white against pure black.

What you can see in the image below is the development of this same concept I was just explaining you moments ago. I´m starting to suggest some shapes on the background and see how they contrast with the different parts of the character. My goal for this background is to help me to drive the viewers attention to the areas I want. I will try to increase the contrast between character and background more in those areas than in others. In this phase Im experimenting with the background, painting simple shapes with blurry borders.

Keep the focus

How To Draw Cartoon Monsters

How to Draw Leviadon Sea Monster (art tutorial)

Learning how to draw cartoon monsters is a really great way to improve your drawing skills.

They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so theres really no end to the different ways that you can draw them.

Growing up, Halloween was always one of my favorite times of year .

Sure the candys great, but its the monsters associated with the holiday that I think are what make it especially cool.

Monsters like vampires, werewolves, skeletons, witches, Frankenstein, ghosts, zombies the list goes on and on.

Because of all these cool creatures, it was always quite inspiring with respect to drawing.

Much like with drawing dragons, you have a lot of creative drawing freedom when it comes to monsters.

What I mean is that theres no one “right” way to draw them.

Mix, match, or come up with something totally unique altogether!

Below is a growing list of different cartoon monster drawing lessons.

Most will probably be more familiar to you , but keep your eyes open as I plan on coming up with some completely new monsters as well.

Some food for thought

Use the lessons here to inspire you to come up with some weird and wonderful cartoon monsters of your own.

Have fun with your monstrous creations!

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Fourth Step: Adding Details And Playing With The Background

In this phase I will focus on 3 aspects of the image:

  • Increase the contrast
  • Play with the background

Increase the contrast

At this point the main shadows and lights are more or less set. As you can see in the image below I casted a shadow over the chest of the creature. The shadow will cover the neck area and it will be casted by the head.

I will be playing with the values a bit. Ways to do this are:

-I will darken some shadows for create more contrast with the lights. I can duplicate the layers with the shadows in them. Then I will play with the new layer opacity.

-Other way to do it will be to play with the contrast. You will create an Adjustment layer and pick the Brightness and Contrast

layer option. Remember to make your new Adjustment layer a Clipping Mask so it will only affect the correspondent part of the body. Play with the layer settings and try to find the right contrast. You can mask parts of the layer if you feel some areas affected by it are to contrast. Remember also to repeat the same process for the 3 parts of the character.

-If your image was too dark the first two options will be not viable. My advice will be to create an Adjustment layer and play with the Curves. You can increase the brightness in your character without killing the contrast using this way. Try to be subtile playing with the Curve layer. Again, remember to repeat the process in all 3 parts.

Adding details

Play with the background

How To Draw A Sea Creature

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Here’s a very easy lesson on how to draw a mythical sea creature. Check out the photo here to see one impression of the end result. Use your imagination and let your own creativity out to make an amazing sea creature drawing for your walls.

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I Can Draw Sea Monsters

Sea monsters are key characters in many tall tales and fables. In this innovative book, readers will learn about the role sea monsters play in mythology and learn how to draw them. Artists will practice drawing cartoon, manga, and more realistic styles of these spooky sea creatures by using simple lines and shapes that they already know how to draw. Step-by-step instructions make drawing these beautiful beasts a breeze, while colorful illustrations show the reader what they can look forward to seeing in their final product. Lessons range in difficulty, so artists of all levels can enjoy the projects this book has to offer.

Second Step Heres How It Takes Shape

How to Draw a Sea Monster – Drawing for Beginners

To begin, go ahead and sketch in the waves/ocean about the horizontal line from your guideline. Two layers of spikes will help to give your drawing a bit more of a 3Dish look.

Heres how things progress

Colored and all this is quite the sight! Of course any sea monster would be.

Well, hopefully now youve got a whole new perspective on just how simple drawing a cool-looking creature like this can be. Hope you enjoyed the lesson.

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Fifth Step: The Final Touches

Well this is the last step. More or less Im going to take further the same 3 actions I spoke in the Fourth Step .

As a final touch I will recommend you to merge all the layers in one and apply a Noise Filter. For this image I set the filter to a 14% with the grain in uniform mode. This trick will unify a little bit more the values on your image. Also will give to our painting a photography look to the image adding to it some grain.

Hope this tutorial was useful to you. If you like it please hit the like button and share it on your social media by clicking in one of the correspondent buttons below.


How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures That Look Frightening

Learning how to draw cartoon sea creatures can be a fun creative process. For this example, I have used the body of an octopus. The rest of the creature is purely made of imaginary parts. The goal of this tutorial is to show you that creating a monster requires imagination and creativity!

You can use any animal you want and turn it into something new and frightening. You can also start from scratch and draw anything you can think of. Possibilities are endless. Ready? Let’s see how this fun character can be drawn in just a few basic steps. 🙂

Using basic shapes to create a simple template

First, you can start this lesson by adding a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to form the character. The first shape you can draw is a large rectangle. This one will be used to form the body and the head of the monster.

Next, you can sketch tentacles below the body of the creature. Simply use a few curved lines. Don’t hesitate to work on the posture for this step. It’s the best moment to polish the position of the creature. I want to create a frightening character, so the tentacles will be drawn accordingly.

Polishing the silhouette using simple curved lines

Inside the head , you can draw the eyes and the mouth using irregular shapes. Notice how the mouth is large and made from more curved lines.

Cartoon sea creatures must be filled with colors to be menacing!

One last step and we are done!

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Luca: How Pixar Explored Secret Identities And Inclusion In Its Italian Sea Monster Bromance

For Pixar director Enrico Casarosa, Luca became an opportunity to explore the topical theme of inclusion in his 2D-inspired bromance between two sea monsters on the Italian Riviera. The 13-year-old Luca and best friend, Alberto , magically turn human on land and share an enchanting summer eating pasta, riding Vespa scooters, and diving off the rugged cliffs into the turquoise water, soaking up the beauty of the pastel-tinted seaside town. But they must hide their secret identities from the townspeople who believe sea monsters are dangerous creatures.

It was a wonderful journey finding that theme and how it related to friendship, Casarosa said. From day one, I could tell there was something interesting about having a kid that age with this secret the fact that he cant show himself.

More from IndieWire

Pixars chief creative officer, Pete Docter, even told Casarosa how much the theme personally resonated with him. He said he felt that way as a kid those years where you feel odd in your own body and you dont fit in for many different reasons, added Casarosa. So something felt right talking about that age with the setting of a changeling, someone actually hiding his true self naturally because he has to. And then we figured out how best to portray it. It does become this metaphor for the other, and everyone can be specific about how it relates to them.

First Step A Horizontal Line For The Sea And Then

How to Draw a Cartoon Sea Monster 014

Because it lives in the sea it makes sense to focus on only the top parts of this monster, those parts that are sort of looping out of the ocean.

Here, Ive used a simple horizontal line to allow us to focus more so on these parts

And yes the cross over the head circle helps to visualize the angle/look of the creatures head early on in the drawing.

Remember this is just my version. Add more humps, a longer neck a long crocodile like snout horns wingsturn it into a robot. Yes get creative!

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Second Step: Placing Your Main Lights And Shadows

Now you have your base layer set, is time to place your main lights and shadows. For that we will need to decide from where the light will be coming. In this case I opted for the upper left side of the image, but very close to the center of the upper side. This light will cast almost totally vertical shadows , little bit tilted to the right side.

The way we will set our main shadows will be to going group by group of the different parts of the character and create a Clipping mask on top of the sketch part and the base layer of mid gray behind it . This new layer will be set to Multiply mode.

Put you character into shadows

We will fill the layer with the Bucket tool using a darker grey tone. Something in the range of number 3 and 2 on the gray-scale at the beginning of the article. Be careful not to darken too much the character , play with the opacity of your Multiply layer. For this character which has a quite fair skin, I will darken it around a 20 to a 25% more over the mid-grey base tone leaving a dark grey tone right in between of the pure black and our mid-grey original tone.

Bring the character to the light

How to do it

A little trick for you

First Step: Blocking The Main Shapes

In this first step we are going to fill the sketch with a base tone of grey.

Divide and conquer

If you are working in digital you will create a new layer under the sketch layer. Pick a mid-tone of grey, something in the middle of the scale I showed you in the beginning of this tutorial. As a disclaimer I will say I like to paint this base layer of the character not as a unique layer. Instead of that I divided the character on parts and paint them separately in different layers and create groups of layers . In this case, I only divided the character in 3 groups and place them in folders.

The groups

-The main body with the head and almost all the arms.

-The big claw like arms on the back will be another.

The third one will be the forearm and hand on right side because its placed behind of the res of arms and the body.

You can fill the sketch painting inside with a round brush, but is not my preferred method.

My method to fill the parts

What I do is to take the Lasso Tool in freehand mode and start to draw following the contour lines. Im using the freehand Lasso Tool in this case because the character is purely organic , full of irregular shapes so the freehand mode it will be great.

Bezier vs Lasso

Cons of the Bezier Tool

Lasso or Bezier against Brush

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