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How To Draw A Shark Easy

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Make An Easy Shark Drawing

How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark – Cute – Easy Pictures to Draw

Learning how to draw sharks is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages. And whether youre looking for a;great white shark drawing;or just want to learn how to draw a cute shark, youre in the right place!

Just download the step by step instructions pdf, print it and get your pencil and colored pencils or crayons.

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If you have young artists in your family, they can learn how to make cool drawings and turn any piece of paper into art! There are tons of free painting lessons and coloring printables for you and your little ones.

How To Draw A Shark: Step

By Hannah Worrall

From starfish to clownfish, dolphins to octopus our underwater world is brimming with creatures that are a joy to draw. And because marine life comes in an endless assortment of shapes, patterns and colours, even the most prolific young artists will never tire of putting pen to paper to recreate their favourite creatures from beneath the sea.

But of all the marine animals that kids like to draw, few make it to paper as often as the shark. With their sharp teeth and trademark dorsal fin, sharks make the ideal focal point for many a doodle but they are harder to get right than you might think.

If your youngster enjoys drawing fish and animals, our guide on how to draw a shark can help them perfect their interpretation of this apex predator. Below, weve put together a step-by-step guide to drawing sharks, perfect for rainy days with your little artist.

Or Follow These Step By Step Drawing Instructions

You can find our directed drawing printable template at the end of this drawing tutorial.

Lets do it! Start by drawing a curved line this line will turn into the back of your shark.

Next its time to draw the mouth. Start on the left end of the curve you drew in the previous step.

Draw a bit of a curve and finish it of with a upside down V shape. This completes the mouth. The hard part is now over.

Draw a fin at about the middle. No need to be super precise.

Draw a curve from the end of the mouth to the fin. Also draw a curve from the fin to the end of the first curve.Draw all the missing fins and a tail. One fin on top, one on bottom and a wiggly tail. Also draw a circle eye.

Only finishing touches left.

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What Is Flow Drawing

Flow Drawing is an art technique developed by us to encourage children to understand shapes and create illustrations, in a much freer way.;

You can think of the flow drawing technique as a how to draw guide with a difference children wont just draw a picture, theyll create a unique work of art, right from their soul.

Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make A Cartoon Shark Drawing Easy To Do:

How to Draw a Shark the Easy Way
  • First, lets draw the dorsal fin . Draw a straight line up in the top, middle of the paper. Then a curved line back down.
  • Next, draw the cartoon sharks body. Draw straight or slightly angled lines out from the top fin. Then from the tip of the left line draw a big curved line down and back, that comes close, but doesnt quite connect with the tip of the right line. The body should have a boat-like shape now.
  • Now lets draw the cartoon sharks tail. From the top line on the right draw a curved line up. Then from the line below it, draw a smaller line curving the other way. Connect those two lines to complete the tail, which should have a crescent shape.
  • Lets draw the sharks nose and eye. In the top left corner of the body draw a small circle for the sharks nose. Just to the right of the nose draw a larger circle for the sharks eye. Lets make our shark looking forward. To do this, add another small curved line on the left side of the eye for the pupil. Color the pupil in, leaving a little white space at the top for a shiny effect. Finally, add a curved line above the eye for an eyebrow.
  • Add a side fin to the shark. Just to the right of the mouth and down a little, draw an angled line out towards the back of the shark, and then sharply back in again to create the side fin.
  • Finally, draw the sharks gills. Draw three curved lines in a row to the right of the cheek, giving the cartoon shark some gills so it can breath easy underwater.
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    How To Draw A Cartoon Shark With Cute Eyes

    Drawing a cartoon shark: some fun facts before starting sketching!

    • Sharks were probably around even before dinosaurs!
    • Most humans that are attacked by sharks do survive.
    • During the course of its entire life, a shark can have up to 18 000 teeth!

    Step 1

    No one wants to go head-to-head with a great white shark… unless it’s a cartoon one! This animal is very well-known for its dark black eyes and numerous sharp teeth .;

    One thing you don’t want to see while swimming is the dorsal fin of a shark coming out of the water! Also, the shark has two pectoral fin , gill slits and caudal fin to help him move faster.

    Step 2

    The body of the shark is made of a long oval shape. All fins can be represented by triangles. Small lines can be drawn to form the gill slits. This animal can move very fast in the water so it’s important to draw a shark that will look both strong and agile.;

    The shark has also four small fins near the end of the body. You don’t really need to draw them in order to create a recognizable shark.

    Step 3

    This example is really easy. I tried to choose one with very few shapes so that you can draw your own shark in no time! First, draw the shape of the body. It should look like a circle that was cut in half.;

    Then, add the dorsal fin, the caudal fin and the pectoral fin. Add some details like the eye, the gill slits, the nostril and the mouth. Your shark should be colored in grey to add some realism.

    Step 4

    Learn How To Draw A Shark For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hello everybody! Our art team has prepared a simple tutorial for you, how to draw a shark for kids step by step. We tried to make the shark drawing guide so elementary that even a young artist with any level of knowledge can handle it, the main thing is to have a desire.

    Sharks belong to the order of cartilaginous fish and have distinctive features: an elongated body, a powerful tail fin, and a large number of sharp teeth. At the moment, more than 500 species of sharks are known. Also, sharks are one of the most ancient inhabitants of our planet, the most ancient representatives existed already about 400 million years ago.

    It is interesting to study, and even more interesting to draw sharks. Lets then move on to the drawing tutorial for drawing a shark step by step. The main thing is not to rush and follow all our advice and you will definitely succeed.

    Time needed:;15 minutes.

    How to Draw a Shark for Kids

  • Lets draw the base of the future shark.

    Shark is a fish and fish are generally oblong oval in shape.If we divide our shape into two parts, then the upper one is a curved arc, and the lower one will create a sharp end of the torso, where the tail will be located.

  • Add an eye.

    The eyes are the lightest, but very important detail. Since we see a shark from only one side, then we see only one eye. Therefore, we draw one circle and a point inside it. Done!

  • And you can also check out our other drawing tutorials. All the best!

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    How To Draw A Great White Shark

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    The great white shark, also known as the white shark or white pointer, is the largest extant species of mackerel shark. This animal can grow to a length of 20 feet and weigh up to 5,000 pounds . They may live 70 years or more in the wild.

    The great white shark is native to coastal areas around the world. The highest concentrations include areas such as California, USA, Australia, and South Africa. The sharks migrate immense distances each year. The need to migrate is one reason they are nearly impossible to keep in captivity.

    Did you know? The great white shark is not a bloodthirsty man-eater. While the species is responsible for a number of shark bites each year, it does not actively hunt humans. The shark may mistake a person for its normal prey, such as a seal or sea lion. Or, it may bite because it feels threatened or is curious about the strange creature in its environment. Divers often seek the opportunity to swim with sharks. Some dive operators “chum” the water with bait and use shark cages to protect the divers.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Would you like to draw a cartoon shark? This easy, step-by-step cartoon animal drawing tutorial is here to show you how.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Cartoon Shark, Whale, and Hammerhead Shark.

    Watch My Directed Drawing Video On How To Draw A Cartoon Shark

    How To Draw A Shark|Easy|Step By Step|Cartoon|For Beginners|Head|Attack

    Hello, today lets draw an easy cartoon shark . There are a couple details we will need to add to make sure it looks like a shark and not another fish or a whale. The trickier parts to draw can be the tail and the placement of the mouth, but lets take it slow and see if we can do it together. My goal was to make this directed drawing easy enough for preschoolers and kindergarteners, but also challenging for older kids and adults that are just getting started with drawing. Please go ahead and pause the shark video tutorial when you need to catch up. As far as supplies, you just need is a pencil, pen or marker and sheet of paper. And of course feel free to color it in afterwards if youd like. Enjoy! Patrick O.

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    Reel In Reference Material

    A hammerhead shark has a very different head shape from that of a tiger shark or a great white. Studying detailed examples of your preferred species will help you see its unique characteristics. To successfully capture distinct shapes, intricate skin details, and the exact shape of those razor sharp teeth, you have to examine them closely.

    With the exception of a local aquarium visit, observing these fish in person may not be a possibility. Thankfully, an endless supply of reference materials exists, like books, photos, models, or even toys. You can explore thousands of reference images with resources like Adobe Stock.

    Go Over The Drawing In Ink

    Finally, it is time to go over the final drawing in ink. Using your favorite pen, carefully trace your lines, taking care not to smear any ink. Once you’ve gone over the outline, consider employing some techniques like stippling or hatching to add texture and dimension to the shark.

    Afterward, you can either add color to your illustration or leave it as is for a striking black and white drawing of a great white shark!

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    Learn How To Draw A Shark With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial Some Careful Coloring Will Make Him Look Extra Real

    Theres a reason why these creatures get their own week on the Nature channel. They are fierce looking and have inspired many a movie and story in their day.

    Students that are learning more about sharks, or who just want to draw one, can make a pretty realistic version without this easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial. It will help them establish the basic shape, and then place the necessary fins in the right places.

    Afterwards, some careful coloring with black and gray crayons will leave no doubt as to who he is!

    How To Draw A Shark From The Basic Fish Shape: Outline The Drawing

    How to Draw a Shark – Easy Drawings

    Step 1: Trace the front half of the body

    Now for the tracing. Use a soft, thick pencil to go over the lines you want in the finished drawing. Start with the front of the shark.

    Step 2: Trace the rest of the body

    Now trace the back half of the shark. Notice that we left out some of the lines on the shark. This is because they were guidelines to draw from, not the actual shape. Using guidelines and then refining them is a great technique, and will especially be useful for when you need to draw something complicated, so you use a more basic shape as your base.

    Step 3: Finish the drawing with details

    Now we trace the final parts of the drawing. These are the back fin and the small details: the eye, the gills, and the teeth.

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    In This Drawing Lesson I Will Show You How To Draw A Shark One Of The Most Formidable Creatures Living In The Ocean

    There are many different sharks in the world, and using this lesson on how to draw a shark you can draw any kind .

    Earlier I showed you how to draw a fish. And in fact, the process of drawing a shark and a fish is very similar. When you start this lesson, you will be able to verify this.

    At the very end, you can try to improve your shark drawing by adding some additional elements. For example, you can paint the background light blue and depict different fish around the shark, making it look like the shark is in the water.

    If you are ready to start, then scroll down the page and start sketching!


    How to Draw a Shark

  • Sketch out the body of the shark.

    Draw this part of the sharks body in the form of an elongated oval with pointed corners.

  • Draw the fins of the shark.

    Use elongated triangular geometric shapes to outline the dorsal and pectoral fins.

  • Draw the tail fin.

    You can make the top and bottom of the fin the same, or make the top larger than the bottom.

  • Add some details.

    Draw the eye as a dot, the mouth as a curved line, and the fins as three curved lines.

  • Erase the guidelines.

    Try not to touch the important lines of the sketch. After that, you can darken the lines of the drawing.

  • Color the shark drawing.

    You can use blue-gray colors like in my example, or choose any other color palette.

  • How To Draw A Shark Easy For Kids

    May 22, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Sharks

    The largest of the sharks is the whale shark, which is 20m long and weighs 7000-8000kg, which is simply the king of fish.

    Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this shark, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages



    How to draw a shark

    1. Draw a curve to get the mouth, like the number “3” flipped left and right.

    2. Then draw the outline of your body, and draw a fin on your abdomen.

    3. Draw a fin on your back. Then draw the tail on the right side of the body.

    4.Draw some sharp teeth on your mouth. Then draw a black dot as the eye, and draw three lines on the right side of the eye to get the gills.

    5. Draw a curve above the belly fin. Then draw three fins near the tail.

    6. Finally, simply color it and the fierce shark is finished!

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    How To Draw Grey Reef Shark:

    Step 1: Start by drawing the body of the shark.

    Step 2: Add the bottom body with mouth formation.

    Step 3: Continue both upper and lower body line towards the tail.

    Step 4: By joining two arc shapes draw cute little tail.

    Step 5:Draw small mark for nose, e tiny circle for eyes and few lines for the gills.

    Step 6: On draw with V shape draw dorsal fin.

    Step 7: Add 2 pectoral fins on the lower body line.

    Step 8: Now, erase the outline inside the fins and draw water waves.

    Step 9: With the help of image below color your shark and outline it with marker

    Step by step Sharks simple drawing: Shark drawing will be easy for you and complete in 5 steps only by following the below picture.

    How To Draw A Shark From The Basic Fish Shape: Base Sketch

    How to draw a Shark- in easy steps for beginners

    Step 1: Sketch the basic fish shape

    We start our shark drawing with the same two arches as we did in our;how to draw a fish;tutorial.

    They both start in the same spot. Then we draw one crossing the other, which will give us a base for a tail.

    Just like this.

    Step 2: Add shark fins and tail

    Next, we add fins and tail. This is what turns our standard fish body into a shark the shape and placement of the fins.

    First is the top dorsal ;fin. That is the classic shark shape one. Draw it pointy and place it near the middle of the body.

    One;bottom fin will go across the body, roughly under the dorsal fin. The second one is hidden behind the body so draw just the part sticking out, a little bit forward from the first fin.

    Finally a tail. Shark has kind of a moon-shaped pointy tail so draw it using our crossed arches for just a reference start and end points.

    Step 3: Add the details

    A few final touch-ups;and details: Draw a simple triangle for a mouth. Add a small dot for an eye.

    Next few lines for the gills, just slightly in front of the bottom fin this is another very shark specific mark.

    Finally, you can sketch two slightly bent lines: one from under the nose to the start of the bottom fin, and a second one from the other side of the fin to the tail. This will help with colouring the shark that is the line that divides the dark top of the body from the sharks white belly.

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