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How To Draw A Shopping Bag

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Set The Mood Of Your Painting

How to draw a Shopping Bag

You can skip this step if you feel it is too complicated or professional, but it would be a pity. This ground tone is the first layer of paint you apply over the gesso. It will set the tone and mood of your entire artwork.

  • If you want a moody, expressive painting, the white plain canvas may not suggest emotion to the intensity you desire. However, a light coat of gray can offer a moody surface so you can create your desired image. Similarly, a vibrant green ground tone is perfect for a summery landscape creation, while a faded dusty pink ground allows you to achieve dreamy abstracts or moon-and-stars type of art.

Let the ground tone dry and start from there with your painting!

Easy To Sew With A Flat Bottom

What is it about bags and girls? Can we ever have enough bags? Even the least fashion conscious person like me would jump with joy at the prospect of getting a new bag. And I decided to make one today. A girl has gotta do what a girl has got to do. If you want a bag, go make it yourself.

While all the other types of bags are more than alright for other purposes, for shopping you need a different kind of bag one which is sturdy but lightweight enough to tuck into the other bags you carry, to be taken out when you want it one which will stand on its own when kept some where, with a flat bottom which you can wash and maintain easily and is still presentable enough to be taken anywhere.

Making this kind of bag is super easy otherwise, I would not even go there. So here is the pattern if it could even be called that.

If you are up to a little bit more sewing you can check out this grocery tote bag sewing tutorial with expanding gussets on the sides and a flat bottom just as easy to sew.

How To Make A T

There are lots of ways to make a t-shirt into a bag or backpack. Ill show you eight great ways to do it, and you dont even need to know how to sew for some!

In the last year, here in Spain, a ban has been implemented on giving out free plastic shopping bags at supermarkets. Despite being a person who composts, and recycles, and tries to minimize waste, I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about the ban at first.

Here in Spain, it is very unusual to see any alternative bag types being offered at the stores. I guess now that the stores are charging for plastic bags, there is no incentive for them to offer alternatives to those who need bags. I wish that stores would offer paper bags, or other compostable alternatives, rather than just charge a few cents for a plastic one, especially since I love using/recycling the brown paper for so many things. It would be great to have free brown bags for things like wrapping presents and a weed control/compost layer in the garden. Heck, that brown paper would be great for making origami planting pots for starting seeds in the garden.

Hopefully people are using less plastic, rather than just paying more for the bags they use. Im not so sure thats the case, but hope it is.

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How To Bag Groceries

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Bagging groceries is an essential skill to have whether youre a cashier or a shopper. Knowing what kind of bags you want to use, how to bag heavy items, soft food, glass, and chemicals will allow you to get your groceries home in one piece. If youre sick of squashed loaves of bread, broken eggs, or leaking liquids, then mastering the art of bagging groceries will put an end to this.

How To Make The Pouch From The Sleeve

How to Make Reusable Shopping Bags

Since you have to cut the sleeves off when making your bag, why not put them to great use and make a pouch from them?

This is a super quick and easy project because sleeves have a hemmed bottom that can be used as a pre-made drawstring closure. My full tutorial for how to make a drawstring bag from a sleeve can be found in the link, but Ill give you a general gist, as to how it pertains to making it fit this project, here:

First, you want to flip the sleep inside out. Youll then want to sew across the bottom. Whether or not you need to sew down the sides depends on the type of sleeve you are using and if you need to shape the sleeve to get a nicer looking pouch.

For this bag, you dont need another cord for your drawstring closure, but will instead use the cord that you sewed into the bottom seam of your bag. Flip your pouch right side out and then cut slits into the top layer of the hem enclosure. Run the cord all the way through the hem, having it come out of the same hole you started at.

Leave enough cord to easily open the pouch, and then tie the end to the cord at the point where the bag can comfortably open. You are finished!

You can now stuff your bag into the pouch, leaving the extra cord out as a handle for easy carrying. When you are ready to use your bag, take it out of the pouch and keep the pouch in the bag while its in use.

I hope you like these t-shirt bags as much as I do. Now you are free to decorate them as you like!

Which is your favorite?

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There Are A Couple Of Things You Should Keep In Mind If You Try The Accordion Fold Method

1. Any cut that you make will actually be twice as long when you unfold it. I hadnt counted on the stretchy nature of the t-shirt material making the holes even bigger, so I made my slits way too big. While Im able to use the bag for bringing my sons sand toys to the beach, I have to make sure to put smaller toys into a pail or something so they dont fall out.

2. When you try to accordion fold the entire bag, it gets a bit too thick to be able to cut all of the slits at once.

To deal with this problem, I partially accordion folded the shirt before beginning to make my slits. Then, I pulled back the end side and folded down the next section, making slits right where the other cut slits from other folded sections already were. I kept doing that until I had finished making slits throughout the whole bag. I know that might not make a lot of sense, but I think you will see what I mean if you actually try to do it yourself. Ill work on getting a video up soon!

How To Sew A Shopping Bag

Step 1 Cut Fabric

Mainfabric for the shopping bag body: Choose your bag fabric. You can choose any type of fabric for this bag. If it is too thin, you may want to cut two layers and treat as one as I have done. If you have canvas, duck cloth etc you can use a single layer and it will be good enough. Medium thin fabrics are easier to embroider.

The dimension of the Shopping bag

Cut out the fabric as per the pattern given below ie. 32 inch long and 15 inch wide fabric piece. A bigger fabric piece will yield a bigger shopping bag. Increase the dimensions for a bigger bag. Another dimension I like is 40 inches by 15 inches this makes an 18 inch long bag.

Cut two of these if you are using a thin fabric like dressmaking cotton etc

Straps / handles for the bag: Cut out two strap pieces of length 30 inches length and 4 inches wide. The strap should be made of tough fabric it needs to handle all the weight you will carry. You can use interfacing to give strength to the fabric, if it is thin. Or use webbing if you cannot bother to make the straps.

Fasteners: You will also need a magnetic snap set if you do not have this you may want to use a 2-inch velcro strip to keep the bag top edge closed. Skip this if you want a simpler one and do not bother about closing

Interfacing : If you are doing embroidery you may need a small piece of paper thin interfacing behind your work to give stability and strength and to avoid sagging.

Step 2 Embroidery

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If Youve Fancy Owning This Embroidered Bag Then Here Are The Step

This eye-catching bag uses chunky wool knitting yarns to create the oversized daisy flowers. Worked in contrasting, bright colours of magenta, lilac and sable on the sumptuous deep red wool fabric, the design is highlighted with smaller fuchsia-coloured flowers and finished off with bright, olive-toned leaves and lavender sprigs.A rich chocolate brown velvet trim, button flower centres and an extra-large central button detail complete the look.

Create The Cardboard Pocket

Easy Step For Kids How To Draw a Shopping Bag
  • Find the two 9 x 14 pieces of base fabric.
  • Place them right sides together, pin, and stitch together, using a ½seam allowance, along both sides and across the bottom.
  • Clip the corners and turn right side out.
  • Create a simple hem along the top raw edge. To do this, fold the raw edge back ½ and press, then fold back an additional ½ and press again.
  • Topstitch close to the folded edge.
  • Press what is now a finished pocket and slip in the cardboard . Place this insert down into the bottom of the bag to help form and stabilize the base.NOTE: The reason the insert is an open pocket is so you can easily remove the cardboard and wash both the bag and the pocket itself. You can also replace the insert if it gets wet or damaged. Or, as mentioned above, use a different type of insert, such as a plastic panel or even thin wood.
  • Project Concept: Alicia ThommasSample Creation: Liz Johnson

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    My Drawstring Backpack From A Baby Shirt:

    I made this cute little backpack out of a boys long-sleeved shirt that was given to me by another local mother. I was offered a lot of her clothes when her son had outgrown them. The fabric of the shirt was rather stiff, and, while I thought it was cute, I found it a bit too busy to wear as a t-shirt. Instead, I envisioned it being a much cuter little backpack.

    To make it, I first cut off the sleeves and the collar, cutting it straight across as high up as I could to maintain as much fabric as possible. In the case of this backpack, to keep the little monster right side up, I couldnt use the bottom hem as my drawstring enclosure. But if you dont have any pictures on the front of your shirt, you can save yourself lots of time by flipping the shirt and using the bottom hem for your drawstring.

    To make a new drawstring enclosure at the top of the backpack, I hemmed down the fabric, sewing it just over a centimeter down from the fold, to create a small tube for the straps to go through. I only had the sleeves fabric to use for the straps, so I had to piece together several strips that I cut from the sleeves in order to make them long enough. To make things simpler, though, you can use some cord for the straps and drawstring instead. .

    I closed up the backpack, and gave it better shape, by flipping it inside out and sewing up the sleeve holes just up to the hem at the top, but not across the hem!

    Fabric And Other Supplies

    • ½ yard of 44+ wide heavyweight fabric for the main body of the bag and the main straps we recommend a bold printed motif
    • ¾ yard of 44 + wide heavyweight fabric for the base of the bag, bottom insert and strap accents we recommend a coordinating solid color
    • Sturdy cardboard, plastic, thin wood or similar for bag bottom insert approximately 8 x 12
    • All purpose thread to match fabric
    • See-through ruler
    • Fabric pen, pencil or chalk
    • Seam gauge
    • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Pressing cloth if working with outdoor fabric
    • Straight pins

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    How To Sew A Drawstring Bag

    Basic drawstring bags are easy to sew and are usually constructed with two rectangles that are seamed together and have a casing at the top to thread a drawstring through.

    You can also make lined drawstring bags, which are nearly as easy, but they do use more fabric.

    This tutorial is a bit of a spin on those classic designs. Here, Ill show you how to sew a drawstring bag with beautiful enclosed French seams. No lining needed. Its easyI promise! Youll save fabric, learn a new skill, and create a bag that looks beautifulperfect for reusable gift wrapping!

    How To Draw Anime Or Manga Hand Holding A Knife

    How to make a shopping bag | Sewing tutorial

    Start drawing by getting the overall proportions of the major parts of the hand. When the fingers are together you can draw them as one big shape before drawing each finger individually.

    Draw the base of the thumb and then the thumb itself. The different shapes can overlap each other but you can erase the overlapping lines as you continue drawing so that your sketch wont get too cluttered.

    Your finished proportions sketch should look like the hand is wearing a glove.

    After you have the rough shape of the hand draw in the actual object that the hand will be holding .

    Clean up your drawing by erasing any guidelines.

    Draw in the details of the hand and knife. You can also go over the drawing with darker cleaner lines.

    You can also apply the same view of the hand and the same steps when drawing it holding other type of of objects and you can flip the object to point upwards instead of downwards. For example you can also draw a club or a sword. You can also rotate the hand and draw it holding on to something like a handrail.

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    How To Draw A Collection Of Bags And Containers In Adobe Illustrator

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create a set of packages!

    If you’d like to skip the tutorial and just use this vector in your work, you can go ahead and purchase the Collection of Shopping Bags and Gift Boxes from GraphicRiver!

    How To Make A Bag: What Youll Will Need

    • 40 x 50 cm of rich red wool fabric for bag
    • 40 x 50cm of heavyweight, woven interlining for bag
    • 34 x 40cm of chocolate brown velvet for top and facing
    • 35 x 12cm of rich red wool fabric for handles
    • 35 x 12cm of medium-weight, sew-in interfacing for handles
    • 34 x 40cm of heavyweight, sew-in interfacing for facing
    • 40 x 50cm of chocolate brown satin lining
    • Strong sewing thread in deep red
    • Sewing threads to match rich red wool fabric, chocolate brown velvet and lining fabrics
    • Magnetic clasp
    • Oversized button in corn yellow

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    How To Draw Anime Or Manga Hand Holding A Phone

    Although later on most of the hand will be covered b the phone you should again draw the major shapes of the hand same as in previous examples to avoid making mistakes later on.

    Draw a rough shape to indicate the outer shape of the fingers . Next draw the thumb.

    Draw in the phone very lightly so that you can still see the hand.

    Clean up your drawing. For the purposes of the tutorial the phone is left as âsee throughâ in this step but you can go ahead and eras the hidden parts of the hand.

    You can erase the invisible part of the hand if you have not done so in the previous step and draw in the details.

    What Are French Seams

    DIY REUSABLE GROCERY BAG // How to Make Foldable Shopping Bag // Step by Step Tutorial

    French seams are a simple method of making enclosed seams. You divide your seam allowance amount and stitch each seam twice. You can check out my French seams tutorial for step-by-step instructions thatll help you learn this technique for future projects too!

    This is what the finished bag looks like in the inside:

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    Twisted Tank Top Tote:

    Once again, there are numerous tutorials all over the internet on how to make a tank top tote. The link above goes to one of my favorites. Instead of just sewing the bottom shut while the tank is open as in the first example, you turn the tank on its side, and line up the straps at the top. When you sew across the bottom, you have a much more credible tote.

    The thing to keep in mind here, if you want to keep the finished edges from the top of your tank top, is that you should have a tank top that is as close to symmetrical between the front and the back as possible or it will look a bit off. When youre actually wearing the bag, though, you dont really notice it.

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