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How To Draw A Shopping Cart

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Make Checkout/add To Cart Buttons Obvious

How to Draw a Shopping Cart

When designing an e-commerce checkout and shopping cart, its important to include easily accessible links to guide the customer through the checkout process. Its best to use large obvious buttons.;Make sure that the buttons contain clearly legible and understandable text, such as Add To Cart or Continue to checkout.

The buttons below are well styled and well placed directly under the information of each product. If the customer cant find the checkout button, they cant buy your product!

Show The Number Of Items

The best shopping cart design should always show the number of items clearly. An accidental double tap or click can easily add another item without the customers knowledge. Most shoppers use a mobile device and they could easily miss this error.

Imagine a customer calling your hotline demanding to return a duplicate order. All the while telling you that no one orders two engagement rings at the same time.

Customers should be able to review and update order quantities from their shopping cart. They must never lose the option of modifying cart contents until the very last step of their buying process.

Development Of Nesting Carts By Orla Watson

Owing to its overwhelming success, many different manufacturers desired to produce shopping carts with the rear swinging door feature but were denied due to the exclusive license issued to Goldman. The federal government filed a lawsuit against Telescope Carts, Inc. in 1950 alleging the exclusive license granted to Goldman was invalid, and a Consent Decree was entered into where Telescope Carts, Inc. agreed to offer the same license to any manufacturer. Orla Watson and Telescope Carts, Inc. licensed their telescoping shopping cart design to several manufacturers throughout the 1950s and 1960s until the patent expired.

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View Cart: Continue Shopping On The Current Merchant Web Page

When buyers click View Cart buttons, the PayPal shopping cart page opens. Buyers can see the items in their carts, and they can begin checking out. In addition, buyers can click the Continue Shopping button to return to your website and add more items to their carts.

If your website has many product pages, browsers may have difficulty returning buyers to the same product pages that they leave when they click your View Cart buttons. Returning buyers to a different page, such as the home page of your website, degrades the shopping experience for buyers who want to add more items to their carts before checking out.

Use the shopping_url variable to allow PayPal to control which page buyers return to when they click the Continue Shopping button.

Development Of First Shopping Cart By Sylvan Goldman

How to make a shopping cart go 40mph

One of the first shopping carts was introduced on June 4, 1937, the invention of Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oklahoma. One night, in 1936, Goldman sat in his office wondering how customers might move more groceries. He found a wooden folding chair and put a basket on the seat and wheels on the legs. Goldman and one of his employees, a mechanic named Fred Young, began tinkering. Their first shopping cart was a metal frame that held two wire baskets. Since they were inspired by the folding chair, Goldman called his carts “folding basket carriers”. Another mechanic, Arthur Kosted, developed a method to mass-produce the carts by inventing an assembly line capable of forming and welding the wire. The cart was awarded patent number 2,196,914 on April 9, 1940 , titled, “Folding Basket Carriage for Self-Service Stores”. They advertised the invention as part of a new âNo Basket Carrying Plan.” Goldman had already pioneered self-serve stores and carts were part of the self-serve retail concept.

Another shopping cart innovator was Orla Watson, who invented the swinging rear door to allow for “nesting” in 1946.

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Use A Readable Table Based Layout

When designing a full shopping cart, its always best to use a table based structure.;The layout should efficiently display the information without interruption. Use standard fonts and avoid using complex backgrounds.

Always be sure to use strong borders to separate cells, but dont style the borders. Information in a shopping cart table should be easy to see without distraction from other elements, or complex styling.

This is a very clean cart. The table is easily readable and it contains all the necessary elements. More importantly, note the image. The image of the product gives the customer a good visual of what they are buying, which can help customers confirm that they are; indeed purchasing the product that they intended.

Proper Use Of Coupon Fields

Coupon code fields are those little form boxes that you find near the mini shopping cart. It is a portal for customers to input a product or store-specific coupon codes. These codes are normally for discounts or free items.

Put yourself in the customers shoes. You are idly shopping and when you are about to checkout you see this shiny and empty coupon code field. Unfortunately, you dont have a coupon code. You might say Surely this is a mistake, I SHOULD have a coupon code because the shopping cart page is asking for MY coupon code

This little misunderstanding might lead your almost paying customer to look for this elusive code. A search that might lead them to the waiting arms of another e-commerce site.

If you want to put a coupon code, here are 3 shopping cart UX best practices on how to avoid the coupon search exodus

  • You can place a clickable link for customers to search for an available coupon on the shopping cart page itself.
  • Hide the coupon code field from customers without a coupon code on hand.
  • Slightly hide or lessen the visibility of the coupon field. Users who have coupon codes will look for the form field and those without might not even know it is there.

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Continue Shopping On The Current Merchant Web Page

When a buyer clicks the Add to Cart button, the PayPal shopping cart page opens. The buyer can see the items in the cart and begin check out or click the Continue Shopping button to return to your website and add more items to the cart.

If your website has many product pages, browsers may have difficulty returning buyers to the same product pages that they leave when they click your Add to Cart buttons. Returning buyers to a different page, such as the home page of your website, degrades the shopping experience for buyers who want to add more items to their carts before checking out.

Use the shopping_url variable to specify which page PayPal returns buyers to when they click the Continue Shopping button. You can set the value of the shopping_url variable if you know the URL for the web page where the button appears. In the code below, the merchant wants to ensure that buyers who click an Add to Cart button for a birthday card return to the product page for birthday cards when they want to continue shopping.

With a more advanced coding technique, you can add JavaScript functions to your product pages that get the current URL for the web page from the browser and use it as the value of shopping_url. This technique makes your button code portable when copying a button to multiple pages.

This sample illustrates a basic Add to Cart button with the following features:

  • An item named “Birthday – Cake and Candle.”
  • An item price of $3.95 USD.
  • A $2.00 discount applies to the item.

How To Create A Shopping Cart

Learn How to Draw a Shopping Cart App Icon in Adobe Illustrator | Dansky

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 78,982 times.Learn more…

If you sell products online through a website, you need a shopping cart to make it easy for buyers to pay you. A shopping cart is a program that allows the buyer to select products; it also calculates tax and shipping charges, if appropriate, processes payment and records shipping and billing addresses. Shopping carts are so common that many buyers won’t bother dealing with a website that doesn’t have one.

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Link From Mini Cart To Full Cart With An Icon

When building a shopping cart, there are subtle features that impact the customers experience. and an icon should appear alongside the mini cart to draw the customers attention to the mini cart and this link.

The following website is a perfect example of this. These buttons are in a foreign language, but the shopping cart icon can easily be recognized by anyone.

Learn How To Draw A Shop With Big Block Letter Sign And A Colorful Awning It Just Needs Some Fun Things Added Inside That Empty Window

This How to Draw a Shop tutorial is great for younger elementary students as it starts out with some really basic shapes. And if students draw large and fill their paper, they should be left with a nice open window that they can decide how to complete. Is it a shop for food? Pets? Toys? Clothes? Who knows? Its up to them to decide.

If you have really young ones, like early kinder age, you could use a cardboard rectangle to trace to help them with step 1. There is a natural tendency to start off drawing small so a template will literally show them how large that first rectangle needs to be. Also, if you have a room full of wiggly six-year olds, a teacher who steps out for a bathroom break, and maybe missed your coffee that morning, it could be a life saver!

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Product Options With Prices

The sample shows a basic Add to Cart button with a drop-down menu of product options with prices. To set up product options with prices, you specify the prices for the drop-down menu that a buyer uses to select an option, and in hidden HTML variables that PayPal uses to charge the buyer.

To create drop-down menus with option prices, you use these variables:

  • currency_code ââ¬â Sets the currency.
  • item_index ââ¬â Identifies which product option drop-down menu has a price.
  • option_select* and option_amount ââ¬â Repeats the price for each option.

The Add to Cart button with options and prices drop-down menus:

Paste the code below an image or a text description of the item on your web page.

Relationship Between Customer And Order In A Shopping Cart


I’m making an ERD, so that I can build my shopping cart.

I am confused about the relationship between Order and Customer.

If im not mistaken, a customer can order many products,

an order can be placed by 1 customer

Create Table OrderProductCreate Table Orders

Am I correct, or is mu table structure wrong?

The Order table has a column orderProductId – which makes no sense; if you think about it that means an Order will have one OrderProduct.

The OrderProduct table should have a column, OrderId – a foreign key relating to the primary key of the Order table. That way you could have 10 OrderProduct records for the same order.

With these issues I find it helps to mock up some test data – you’d see pretty quick if it would work out.

  • 1Also worth recording the price of the order line – that way, when the underlying product changes price, you don’t end up with inconsistent data.;Neville KuytApr 11 ’11 at 14:33
  • 1Indeed – though I’d suggest differentiating between a “cart” and an “order” – the two are similar, but not identical. I reckon you want to make sure you have an immutable reflection of the order the customer placed, even if that included pricing errors.

Here is simple and slightly heretic suggestion for a shopping cart.

table cart  ,foreign key references customers on delete cascade);table cart_item  ,foreign key references cart on delete cascade  ,foreign key  references products on delete cascade);

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Buy One Get One Free Discount

The following HTML code uses the discount percentage variables to offer a “Buy one, get one free” discount. To receive the discount, the buyer must purchase two of the same item. The second one is free .

If the buyer purchases only one of the item, it is the full price. If the buyer purchases more than two, the second one is free and any additional items are full price.

Specify Call To Actions On Buttons

When your customer reaches the shopping cart page, they should only be presented with two Call to Actions . One is to Continue Shopping and the other is to Checkout.

Placing the CTAs on clickable buttons allow them to be distinct from the rest of the page. Below are basic guidelines to follow when designing shopping cart CTA buttons.

  • It needs to be colored. Preferably not white, gray, or black. It should be a color that stands out.
  • It needs to stand out from the background.
  • It must be placed where it is most visible.
  • It needs to grab a customers attention.

Preferably you would want them to click the Checkout CTA so this must be highlighted more than the Continue Shopping CTA. It must be the boldest and largest element on the shopping cart page.

This must be located at both the top right and the bottom right of the cart page. Depending on the shopping cart page design, it can also be placed on the left but most shopping cart examples place them on the right.

The Checkout CTA should clearly indicate what will happen when this button is clicked or activated. It must be clear to the user that they are about to buy and pay for the items. Dont use confusing labels however cool they may sound. Just go with a traditional and simple Pay Now or Proceed to Checkout.

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Notify The User When Item Is Added To Shopping Cart


Confirmation for adding an item to the shopping cart is typically just changing the number on the cart icon. There is a risk that most online buyers, especially new ones, will miss that small number. To draw the buyers attention, it is best to use a secondary and more noticeable indicator to confirm that a product has been added to the cart.

An animated pop-up showing the product being added to the cart is a cant miss indicator. User experience designers preach that online actions should mirror a real-world action. Adding an animated confirmation should generate an experience similar to a person getting an item from a grocery rack and placing it inside their shopping cart.

Include an image of the product and a list of corresponding options in the shoping cart design. Dont overuse pop-up animations. Small amounts of movement in a mostly static page will draw attention, but overdoing it will distract and possibly annoy your customers.

The shopping cart page design must consider real-time inventory. An order should not be placed if it is not in stock. Going through a buying process only to find out that the item wasnt in stock is not a good user experience.

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How To Draw A Shopping Cart

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Showcase Of Usable Carts And Checkouts

IconDock This site has a very usable and convenient cart. All you have to do is click and drag an item into the panel. It automatically calculates the total and is a very quick shopping solution.

MediaTemple Here is a very nice pricing table containing obvious checkout buttons with good placement.

Early Learning Centre This site has an excellent full cart, a mini cart, and a step by step checkout procedure illustrated with a timeline.

Roxy This is a simple cart, and it also has a helpful mini cart that shows the customer the running total.

Mia & Maggie This is a nicely styled cart that is easy to read and contains a large checkout button.

Mia & Maggie Here is another example from Mia & Maggie, this one of the checkout page. This checkout uses a step by step process on a single page, which is a very clever and usable layout.

Amazon Amazon is yet another popular e-commerce site that uses a step-by-step process.

Evel This is a very usable and quick checkout without too many input fields on the form. Also notice that the shopping cart is located above the form, which can be very convenient to some customers.

Design By Humans Another example of a perfect single page checkout. This one contains an order summary, which can be very helpful. There are numerous help elements throughout the form too.

Bridge55 A nice shopping cart with an image of the product.

Cosmic Soda A good e-commerce website using both a mini cart and a full cart.

Wunderbloc A lightbox shopping cart.

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