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How To Draw A Side Braid

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Bohemian Side Braid Festival Hair Tutorial

Side Braid Hair Tutorial For Beginners

Hey Guys! Im Emily and I blog over at The Freckled Fox. Im eager to share this easy tutorial to achieve this beautiful and romantic side braid, because its absolutely perfect for this time of year especially and can be worn for so many different types of occasions. Its also one of those neat styles that looks way more complicated than it actually is while still being easy and effortless looking, so youre sure to get tons of compliments:) Lets get started!

Firstly the supplies you may want to have on hand are:

a hair-tie of course,

and then optional other things:

some hairspray some dry shampoo a teasing comb

Notes: If you already have texture in your hair then leave out the dry shampoo otherwise spray a bit on for some grip. If you want to tease your crown a bit for volume then use a teasing comb before you get started, and if you have silky or fine hair then youll want to include some hairspray to help the style hold in place longer.

Steps 1-3: begin by choosing a deep side part and sweeping the it around the back of your crown so the part doesnt continue down the back of your head. Separate a triangle at the top of your part, divide it into three sections, and begin a french braid by alternating each of the side sections over the middle section and under the one on the opposite side. When pulling from the back of your hair just keep taking hair from above your ear and back a bit, not from the vary back of your head:)

Steps 4-6:

How To Draw French Braid

It only needs to master in technique further, you can draw braid of all types. The possibilities are endless! single, double, fishtail, french, etc. A good draw braid always makes look your girl drawing sexy, and playful. And also its fun to draw.

In this manner, by following very simple and easy steps you can draw french braid drawing.

This is not only the correct way to draw a braid. Hence, there is no wrong or right way. You can draw it by your own experiences, as I always says, experience and observation are important skill in drawing.

There are many more easy ways to draw braid.

Easy Steps For Drawing Braids

Simplify your braid into basic shapes to streamline the process of drawing hair. While there are infinite ways to make this process your own, you can use these four steps as a framework to help you nail a great braid drawing, from outline to finishing details.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

Establish your line of action.

This is the basic line that shows the motion and shape of the braid. Even if the braid is static and falls straight down the back, you still need a line of action, says chibi artist Shiela Larson. For example, where the braid hits the shoulders, there will be a slight curve. Its important to not just have the braid go straight down. You want to give it some life. To start out, it can also be helpful to draw a simple head shape to work around.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

Start with a basic shape.

Braids are a pattern, so the next step is to find a basic repeating shape that will loosely represent your braid. Draw that shape over your line of action. Fashion illustrator Josefina Fernandez uses a repeating Y shape for her braids. With the Y method, you connect the ends of the Ys using a rounded, inverted C shape to achieve a natural flow. Larson opts for a zigzag shape as her centerline, and connects each point with the same curved C shape all the way through.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

Draw in details.

And dont forget to draw the end of the braid. The hair will be pinched where the hair tie is, and then it poofs out at the end, says Larson.

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How To Draw A Braidstep : Drawing A Specific Block

I continue “drawing through” the braid to make sure that each line of every lock of hair is continued after it is overlapped or intersected. I’m also looking for differences in each section of hair . Each one has different widths and angles, creating unique shapes. The more closely you look at and compare the sections of hair, the more clearly you will see that each one has its owncharacteristics. The more specifically you draw these variations, the more realistic and natural your drawing will eventually look.

Notice that closer to the bottom of the braid, it becomesmore loose. There are several small spaces between the locks of hair here. Towards the top we no longer see these because the braidtightens, and thickens. The narrowest part of the braid is approximately in the middle. From there it widens slightly towards the top and towards the bottom. These are the kinds of specifics that are necessary to pay attention to in order to draw a realistic braid.

To avoid getting lost in your drawing or your subject, as you look from one to the other, make mental notes of which curlyouâre working on â for example âleft side, third one downâ.

How To Draw A Braidstep : Drawing Through The Form

How to draw A Braid l Easy Tutorial

I continue “drawing through the forms” as though I can see through the braid, making sure each line flows into another line. You can see my “draw through” marks above, or more clearly in the illustration below.

If you’re overwhelmed by this line drawing of the braid, take a look at its simplified structure in the diagram below. Technically, you can draw a braid by creating a zig-zagging center line, and then drawing curved lines from each point of the zig-zag upwards . If you’re feeling like you could never draw a braid, give this a try! Though I don’t use this method for this tutorial, and certainly further steps are needed to draw a braid realistically, this is a valid starting point and I present it to you to convince you that you absolutely can draw a braid.

Once youâre finished the âfirst passâ of the block-in, as Iam here, itâs a good time to step back from your drawing. It’s easy to get caught up in detail and forget to view your drawing as a the whole, often missing important elements that form the bigger picture. Look at the overall gesture of the subject: Is it still present? Did it getlost? Itâs important tooscillate between âzooming inâ on certain areas of your subject and âzoomingoutâ of your subject throughout the entire drawing process.

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More Tips For Easy Drawing

If youre working with digital drawing tools, use separate layers for each step or color. That way, you can easily toggle between elements and make edits without worrying about tearing up your drawing paper with an eraser. Just scale back the opacity, draw over your preliminary lines on a new layer, and keep what you like.

Once youve got the basic steps ingrained, you can adapt them to experiment with other types of braids, such as a fishtail, French braid, or plaits. Dont be discouraged if your braids arent perfect on your first go. Keep refining your shapes and shading, and youll discover they come out more natural with each try.

How To Draw A Braidstep : Refining The Negative Space

I decide to work on the drawing starting from the bottom, or end of the braid. This is because:

  • The bottom right side of the braid has fairly distinct sections that will be easier to define, and
  • I want to refine the negative space within the curl of the braid early on in the drawing, since it’s important to the overall gesture of the subject.

I’m looking for the most obvious locks of hair here, and indicating where there are major angle changes or value changes.

Refining the Negative Space

To draw the negative space, I look at it ‘from general to specific’. For example, when I look generally at the negative space, I’m viewing its overall shape and tilt. I notice that itâstilted to the left, and it’s taller than it is wide.

As I get more specific, I look for the location of the widest point of this negative space, and for the distinct angle changes that occur. Notice how many more angle changes I see when looking specifically .

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Hair Tutorial: How To Do A Side Braid On Short Hair

Ever since I cut my hair short a year or two ago, there are only a few hairstyles I know how to do. My signature loose waves, or blown out straight. I wish I had more skills to do a bunch of cute top knots or whatever, but I just cant master much. In an attempt to start updating my hair routine, Ive become obsessed with wearing this little side braid.

I started working on my side braid when I was growing out my swoopy Justin Beiber bands in the mid-2010s. For those that have done it, growing out bangs is quite possibly the hardest thing on the planet, so having a few hairstyles that work to keep those too long but also too short front pieces at bay is essential.

By Step To Draw A Braid

Easy Side French Braid ( Step By Step )
  • First of all draw the circle which would form part of the head and under that draw the two curves shaped of the neck
  • Between the shape of neck draw a dot
  • You need to draw a curved line which would be starting from the dot and meeting the circle of the head
  • Then draw the other curved line next to the previous curve this line would also be meeting the dot and making the leaf shape
  • Next another curve line from the other side and form the same leaf shape
  • You need to draw the 4 shapes of leaf to fill the head with the root of the hair
  • Now you need to give the shape to the braid
  • The braid will have many such leafs
  • Make the braid by drawing such leafs to the down and give the braid a pointy shape.
  • Now you just need to shade the leafs and make the outlines darker, it will make it appealing more.

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Suggested Prerequisite Video Lessons

Because this is a more advanced drawing tutorial, I have some suggested prerequisite video lessons for you to watch in order to get the most out of this lesson:

Finally, at the bottom of this page so that you can follow along with the tutorial, or draw along with me.

How To Draw A Braid Step By Step

Hello Friends, welcome all of you to this blog post today. In this blog post, I have provided a braided drawing for all of you. In which you will be explained, How to draw a Braid. This drawing is very easy to make, the sketching done in it may take a little time. Hope you all like this article. You will be able to make this drawing very easily if you read the steps given below properly. Friends, as I have explained in the stepwise method in this article, I hope you all will like this explained method. So friends, if you want that you can make this drawing, then you must read this article and understand its steps in the manner.

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Lets Try To Actually Draw It

Now lets draw them onto a character.

Start out by sketching a character.

You can easily estimate the movement, direction, length, and thickness of the braids.

There are a lot this time, so I will simplify it.

Open up a new layer, and start by simply drawing the outlines of the hearts.

Fill out some detailed portions like with the flow of the hair to bring out the feeling of hair.

Color it to complete it.

It ended up a little long, but what did you think?

If you master the basic way to draw it, you can arrange various hairstyles.

If you get used to it, you will be able to draw it without having to sketch in the hearts, so be sure to try it out.

Your drawings will have a wider range!

Arrangement 1: Reverse braiding

How To Draw A Braidstep 1: Delving Into The Details

Side French Braid Tutorial – Ponytail Hairstyle

What I’ve done here:

  • Sharpened the sharpest edges and created more of a distinct difference between sharp and soft edges
  • Darkened the darkest accents now that I’m confident in their placement and clearly see that I can deepen them a little bit
  • Used a very sharp pencil to even out my values. View my entire shading process in my Realistic Drawing 101 Video Course!

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Beautiful Side Braid Hairstyles To Pair With Bohemian Wardrobes

Braids are no longer the exclusive domain of prairie women and little girls. These sophisticated side braid hairstyles offer a grown-up take on the classic technique. Weve got fat, glossy braids for fairytale looks. Weve also got bejeweled, headband braids that are special enough to wear to a wedding. Weve even got some wispy wild child side braids that are perfect for summer music festivals.

Effortless Side Braid Hairstyles To Make You Feel Special

Keeping your long hair beautiful and healthy is a lot of work, but styling it doesnt have to be. Our gallery of 25 side braid hairstyles offers over two dozen diverse looks that you can wear anywhere and with anything. Pair your favorite boho styles with lush, romantic hair. Or, make a classic t-shirt and jeans look special with an eye-catching side braid.

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How To Draw Box Braids

In this box braid style, the hair is divided into the shape of a box or the shape of a square.

This hairstyle may also be adopted by the help of the synthetic hair braiding which makes it very easy. First of all draw the hair and divide them into a section of four. Next part your hair within the first section of the hair.

Braid the entire section in the same way from the top to the bottom. In the same way part all the remaining sections, and then plait your hair from every section.

Way To Draw A Braid From Side


If you are drawing the side braid then there is no much difference between the straight or the side braid.

In the straight braid, the hair on the top of the head also become an integral part of the braid while in the side braid the hair on the top of the head doesnt form part of the braid.

So keep in mind this basic structure and start drawing the side braid. In the side, braid leave the top head hair in their simple form and then makes the leaf of the braid from the side of a neck and make it all long just like a basic straight braid.

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How To Draw A Braidstep 1: Completing The Second Pass Of Shading

This concludes the second pass of shading . The entire braid has been worked up to the same level of detail, though I am choosing to leave the end of the braid a little bit softer and more general so that it attracts less attention and appears to be farther back in space.

I’m confident that everything is in its place and can now focus on the delicious details!

How To Make A Side Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are nice because you’re only working with two sections of hair.

Take a section of hair from the top of the head. Divide it into two equal parts. Take a small amount from the outside of the right section.

Cross it over and combine it into the middle of the left section. Repeat on the other side: take a small amount from the left side, cross it over, and combine it into the middle of the right section.

…Like so. Work with the hair in your hands until you start getting some shape. Once the braid starts to take shape, then you can incorporate more loose hair as you go.

Repeat the cross-over process, tightening up as you go.

Take slightly thicker sections of hair from the side that you want the braid to sweep away from.

Take slightly thinner pieces of hair from the side that you want the braid to sweep to. See how the braid is starting to shape to the left side?

Continue fishtailing for the entire length of hair.

Braid all the way to the ends. This is a great braid for layered hair because the layers will poke out, giving it a lived-in feel.

Now pinch the outside of several plaits and pull out to give it a lived-in feel and make the hair look thicker. Pin loose sections in place, and spray it with hair spray as needed.

And here you have it. Side braids are really in for Fall right now, and a fishtail makes it look even more special. It’s great for showing off colored or layered hair.

  • Bobby pins

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The Finished Braid Drawing

And here is my finished braid drawing! Could you refine a drawing of a complex subject matter such as this indefinitely? Absolutely! That’s why it’s important to learn how to . I dedicate the last video of my free mini-course to this very question.

I am quite happy to call this drawing finished. I enjoy that it is very realistic in some areas, yet still looks like a drawing in others. I love the quality of a drawing, and don’t want to hide that that’s what it is! I also look for a balance of simplicity and complexity in my drawings, and feel that I have achieved this here: there are more detailed, complex areas, as well as simpler ones.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a braid! Don’t forget to below, and check out my other hair drawing tutorial here.

Happy Drawing!

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