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How To Draw A Simple Car

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How To Draw A Car With These Pictured Step By Step Tutorials

How to draw a car real easy | Step by Step with Easy, Spoken Instructions

A lot of us think that drawing a car is quite easy but for some of us, it can be a real challenge. Car designers, of course, can do a cool job because they practiced so much. Drawing cars requires a lot of inspiration and investment of time especially when you want to draw a cool one.

They are complicated machinery and they come in different models. The question of how to draw a car might be in your head now. For sure being able to do doing it is a good skill and with time and energy can be learned. The challenge here like in other drawings is to understand the proportions. Cars have their difficulties and understanding how to do it will require your patience.

Sketching A Cartoon Car

  • 1Draw a narrow rectangle as long as you want the car to be. Use a pencil so you can go back and erase lines as needed. Sketch lightly so you can add details as you go. Keep in mind that this large rectangle will make up the bulk of your cartoon car, so draw the rectangle as long and as wide as you want the car to be.XResearch source
  • Draw your car in pencil regardless of whether you color it or not, since you’ll need to erase some lines as you work. Then, you can go back and color in the car with colored pencils, crayons, or markers if you like.
  • 2Make a trapezoid or half-circle on top of the rectangle. If you’d like the cartoon car to appear somewhat realistic, make a trapezoid on top of the rectangle so it’s centered. To draw an exaggerated-looking car, make a dome or half-circle on top of the large rectangle instead. You can center the dome or place it to one end of the car.XResearch source
  • To draw a trapezoid, sketch a smaller rectangle on top of the large rectangle and erase the 2 short sides. Then, draw the short sides so they slope down at an angle to meet the top of the large rectangle.
  • 3Sketch 2 circles on the bottom of the large rectangle to make the wheels. To determine how much space to leave between the wheels, imagine 2 circles that are the same size as the wheels placed in between the wheels for your car.
  • The bottom line of the rectangle should run straight through the center of the wheels for your cartoon car.
  • 9
  • Outline The Body Of The Car

    Right above the bumper, structure the outline of the cars body by drawing downward curved lines extending all the way to the other end of the bumper.

    The outline consists of two downward curved lines: one small curved line for the hood connected to a relatively bigger curved line to form the roof of the car,

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    How To Draw A Simple Car

    In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a simple car. This guide is for those who want to draw a cool and realistic enough car in the simplest way.

    To make the drawing process as simple as possible, the team of removed the shadows and divided the tutorial into eleven very simple stages.

    For an illustrative example, we decided to take a BMW but using the stages below, you can of course depict any other car.

    If you complete all the stages and want to complicate the artwork, you can add shadows or colors, making the car drawing more voluminous.

    Drawing A Realistic Car

    How to Draw a Car Easy Step by Step
  • 1Sketch a thin rectangle as long as you want the car to be. Take a sharp pencil and lightly draw a long, narrow rectangle on your paper. You don’t need to make the rectangle 3-dimensional unless you’d like to draw the car in 2 point perspective.XResearch source
  • The width of the rectangle will depend on how big you want to make your car drawing.
  • Don’t press too hard while you make the main shapes for the car since you’ll need to go back and erase some of these lines.
  • Tip: If you’d like to draw the car in 2 point perspective, turn the rectangle at an angle so there are 2 vanishing points. For a simpler drawing, make the car in 1 point perspective as though you’re looking at it from the side.

  • 2Draw another rectangle on top of the long rectangle. Since this will be the cab of the car, you can make it any size you like. You can also decide if you’d like it to be centered, as if you’re drawing a standard sedan, or positioned near the rear of the car. The top rectangle should be touching the bottom rectangle.XResearch source
  • Pay attention to the overall shape of the car. Some mini or compact cars appear boxier, so make their top rectangles large. Most sports cars look aerodynamic, so draw a narrower rectangle that doesn’t stick out as much.
  • Smaller cars or hatchbacks often have the cabs placed closer to the rear.
  • For example, a hatchback will have a noticeable curve jutting from the back while a sports car will look sleek and low to the ground.
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    Easy Step By Step Car Drawing Tutorial

    Cars are really quite simple to draw. In this FREE step-by-step car drawing tutorial for beginners, you can learn how to draw any car you want.

    This fun tutorial will take you through the complete process of how to draw a car using simple, easy steps.

    Perfect for children, it is also a great fun way for car enthusiasts to express their passion for art.

    First, search to find some sample images and photos for inspiration.

    It can be a useful part of the tutorial to collect images of car parts such as tires, wheels, engines, etc. these can really help as you learn how to draw a car in detail.

      How To Draw Car Step By Step

      Step 1 We will begin by drawing a rectangle as the main outline for the car. Draw using light strokes only.

      Step 2 Draw a curved line on top of the rectangle for the windows or to form the cabin of the car. Then draw 2 circles intersecting the rectangle at the bottom to form the wheels.

      Step 3 Form the shape of the front bumper on the right side of the rectangle and then go for the trunk of the car on the left side of the rectangle by following the outline as shown in the figure.

      Step 4 Draw the front and back screens and glasses of the door.

      Step 5 Remove all the outlines and separate the wheels from the body by giving some gap. Draw the headlights and back lights.

      Step 6 Draw the doors of the car and also mark the division of the glasses.

      Step 7 Now complete the tire by drawing the rims.

      Step 8 At last give more details that you want in your car. Draw the door handles and part of the steering wheel on the front side. Then your car is ready to run on the road.

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      Tutorial On How To Draw A Race Car:

      Every little boy is a race car driver.

      Little boys often indulge in imaginative car-racing games. Here is one such car drawing for kids, a race car, based on the Ferrari 333 model.

      You Will Need:

      An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

      How To:

    • Take the scale ruler and draw a horizontal line on the paper. We will start the car bottom-up, which means we begin with the tires and take it from there. Draw two circles on the base line, a few centimeters apart as shown in the image. Notice that the rear wheel is slightly bigger than the front wheel. This gives the car a slight inclination towards the front. See figure 1.1.
    • Draw the rims of the wheels as seen in Figure 1.2.
    • Start drawing the body with a line joining the two wheels at the bottom this line should be just a few centimeters above the baseline to keep the ground clearance low. Extend this line from the front tire for the overhangs. We will keep the overhangs short for this race car. Draw the rear overhang and complete the rest of the body as shown in the figure. Observe that the rear end is higher than the front end. See figure 1.3.
    • Draw the windscreen in the front and a high airbox or engine air intake in the rear. It is high and is centered, just before the cockpit . See figure 1.4.
    • The final step is to add the drivers helmet. Draw a helmet-shaped sphere in the cockpit, with a small triangle that widens in the front. See Figure 1.5
    • How To Draw A Truck

      How to draw a sports car | EASY TO FOLLOW

      Just like the car, well also use basic shapes.

      1. Identify the big, medium, and small parts.

      2. For the body, draw a long rectangle.

      3. For the head or cab, draw a vertical rectangle with a small triangle on the upper right along the center of the body.

      4. For the wheels, draw two circles at the bottom of the body.

      5. Add the details.

      Let’s draw the bus now.

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      Tutorial On How To Draw A 3d Car:

      Learn how to draw a 3D car, which looks more realistic than a 2D car. The simplest way is to draw a 2D car first and convert it into a three-dimensional image.

      You Will Need:

      An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

      How To:

    • Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the sheet. This is the base. Draw two ovals on either end of the line, 3-4 centimeters apart from each other, for the wheels. See Figure 2.1.
    • Draw a line below the two wheels, and extend it for the overhangs. Use that line to draw a rectangle for the body, as shown in Figure 2.2.
    • Draw the cabin on the body it should be slightly curved but not too high. Slightly curve the hood and the trunk of the car use a pencil and an eraser to draw this part, until you get it right. The curve is what makes the car stylish, as shown in Figure 2.3
    • Extend the image by drawing lines as shown in Figure 2.4. Join the lines to create the windscreen, window, a bumper in the front, door, and the rear wind.
    • Add the finer details next. Draw the outline for the wheels add the rims of the wheels, door handle, number plate, the side-view mirror, head lights, indicators and the gas tank . Figure 2.5
    • Color the car to complete it.
    • Learn How To Draw A Police Car With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial It Has A Basic Car Shape But Needs The Separate Colors And Siren To Finish The Look

      When your students need to draw a police car, heres a little help in getting some of those details in place, so it most definitely looks different than just your average car.

      Every city seems to have their own variations these days, but the white section in the middle and the large block POLICE letters seem too pretty much always be a constant, along with the flashing light on top. This tutorial shows how to get the car shape in place first, and then add those important details at the end.

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      Importance Of Car Drawings For Car Designing Process

      Car manufacturers have dedicated artists who have just one job, drawing the body of a car. Various factors are considered while drawing a car. But in the end, artists do their best to make the best car drawing. You see beautiful and elegant cars just because of those artists who draw the concept cars first. Therefore, car drawing is a very high-paying profession. So, first, we will discuss some easy tips about car drawings.

      Tips for beginners on How To Draw a Car

      Before we start the drawing tutorial, there are some key points you need to understand.

      Draw one side at a time:

      As a beginner, you dont have to stress on a realistic or 3d car drawing. You just need to start with the simplest car drawings. Dont draw all sides of the car in the first attempt, practice only one side at a time. It will keep you stay focused when you are being creative.

      Repeat Drawings:

      You can practice one car drawing repeatedly until you produce your best car drawing.

      Cool car drawings:

      There are thousands of shapes of cars globally. You can think out of the box and draw a car by merging body parts of different car bodies into one. Or stretch parts a bit to look appealing.

      Enjoy your drawing:
      Use different mediums:

      Use a marker on the outline of the car drawing to make its anatomy visible. Moreover, you can use crayons and colored pencils on different parts of one car drawing. In this way, you make your cool car drawing.

      Add Patterns On The Car Windows

      PRESCHOOL: Drawing A Shape Car With Olivia (Rectangle & Circles)

      Car windows are typically reflective, thus resulting in visible diagonal patterns. Draw multiple parallel diagonal lines on each car window to create the illusion of a reflection.

      Now that you have successfully drawn a car, its time to the most exciting partcoloring your awesome car drawing! Go ahead and pick the colors to make your car vibrant and colorful!

      Cars come in a wide range of designs and exist in every color. So, if you have a favorite color, theres most probably a car with that color.

      This gives you a lot of color options to choose from when coloring your car.

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      How To Draw A Bus

      1. Identify the big, medium, and small parts.

      2. For the body, draw a big rectangle.

      3. For the engine compartment, draw a square on the body’s lower right side.

      4. For the wheels, draw one circle at the bottom of the body and one circle at the bottom of the engine compartment.

      5. For the windows, draw 10 small rectangles across the upper portion of the body.

      6. Add the details.

      Here comes the wee bus!

      It’s SO simple, right? Now you can draw another car, truck, or bus along with your kid!

      How To Draw A Cartoon Car

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      If youre looking to draw a cartoon car for a home-made card, some art to post on the fridge, or just for fun, dont worryits easy! Start by lightly sketching out the basic shape of either a rounded or boxy car with a pencil. Then, add details like windows and bumpers, darken the lines you want to keep, and erase the rest. After that, consider adding some color or even a face to your cartoon car!

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      Draw The Body Of The Car

      To make this part of the drawing simple, well break it down in three steps

    • First, from the left-hand side of the drawing paper, and from above the rectangle, draw a curved line that stops just above the end of the wheel on the right-hand side. The front portion of this curve will be the hood of your car.
    • Then, to connect the rear of the car, draw another curved line from the end of the rectangle on the right-hand side till the point where the first line stops. This part is the trunk of your car.
    • Now, draw a semi-circle on the top, starting from the point where the first two curved lines met till the end of the first wheel. Voila! You just drew the windshield and the roof of the car!
    • Draw The Car Door And The Headlight

      How to Draw a CAR – Easy Kids Drawings

      Now, lets add a car door and a headlight. For this step, you have to draw two slightly curved lines in the centre portion of the car, as shown in the figure below. Add a small rectangle near the second line for the handle. This completes your car door!

      Drawing the headlight of the car is even more simple! Just draw an oval on the hood of the car .

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      How To Draw A Realistic Sports Car

      If you like fast cars this tutorial is perfect to learn the concept of drawing cars. We are talking about the Ferrari model. LaFerrari model is the next model after the Enzo and is one of the highest cost cars that you can buy at the moment. Ready to learn how to draw a car that so many of us would want to have?

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