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How To Draw A Simple Ear

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How To Draw Anime And Manga Ears

How to draw an ear for kids easy

This quick tutorial illustrates how to draw anime and manga ears from the side, front and back views and explains where to place the ears in relation to the head.

Anime and manga ears vary in styles from more realistic to very simplified but there really is not one defining way to draw them.

It is also difficult to have clear guidelines for drawing ears in general because of their irregular shape. One good thing to do is to simply look at some examples as shown in this tutorial or at photos of real ears if you are going for a more realistic style.

When drawing anime ear from the side view it may be helpful to think of it as an oval or an egg that is tilted to one side.

The above example is for a more realistic/serious anime styles that tend to draw the ear closer to traditional art. Other styles can simplify the ear to to just a few lines.

Instructions: How To Draw An Ear

Find a reference image on the internet to observe the windings of the auditory organ closely. Having a reference point is very important with this motif, as the details are so intricate. On top of that you can better follow the shadow on the individual parts of the ear.

Now outline the ear with a HB pencil and a few faint lines. Be careful not to exert too much pressure on the pencil, as the preliminary drawing should not be visible later.

Next, you can start with basic shading. The areas that are deeper in the auricle will appear darker. The areas of the skin that reflect the light are brighter and should not be shaded with a pencil.

Once you are satisfied with the sketch and have marked the areas that should be drawn in a darker tone you can start to take the shading seriously.

Use a 2B pencil to mark the deeper areas of the ear. The ear canal, but also parts of the auricle will be shaded darker, depending on how the light shines on them.

Use your blending stump or a cotton swab to refine your drawing a little. Blur the hatching with the tool of your choice to soften the transitions a little.

Finally, you can use a dark pencil to trace the contours and shades once again. Only minor adjustments are needed to make the ear look really realistic. In this step you should not throw your whole concept overboard, you should only make corrections.

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Drawing The Inner Ear

Start off by drawing the flap in the middle of the ear that covers the hole where sound enters.

This flap continues downward and then curves back and up in the middle area of the ear. As this line curves towards the upper part of the ear it begins to fade off.

The next major line to draw curves from the just above and inside the flap that you just drew and continues upward, following the outer curve of the ear all the way down to the bottom of the ear.

As this line continues downward it will become lighter as it becomes less defined.

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Final Thoughts On Drawing Anime Ears

In this tutorial, went over the basic anatomy of the ear. We also went over some examples of ear drawings in anime, and finally, we went over my three-step process for drawing anime and manga ears.

However, one thing still missing from improving your drawings of anime ears is practice! Just practice!

Take the knowledge from this tutorial with you, and do not forget about the underlying anatomical structure. Then look at samples of your own favorite Anime and Magna art as reference, and then spend some time practicing your drawing.

Fill a few pages of your sketchbook with drawings of anime ears and you will see your drawings improved substantially.

If you are interested in a more detailed overview of drawing ears you can visit my ear drawing tutorial at this link.

As always, you can provide me with feedback here. I hope this tutorial improves your anime ear drawings!

Draw The Bumps And Folds

Tips to Drawing an Ear – Easy Pictures to Draw

Draw 2 curves to indicate the main folds within the ear. The first curve should line the middle to top part of the ear. You can make this curve as smooth or jagged as you want.

Remember to leave a small amount of room around the edge. The left side of the curve should curl slightly into the center of the ear.

The second curve should come out of the first one and have a tear-shaped bottom. Wrap the curve up to form a flap . Make sure you leave a good amount of space at the bottom for the ear lobe.

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Discover Online Classes In Figure Drawing

Proportions, expressive poses, facial features, and more.

Just like a characters eyes, mouth, and nose, the ears are a defining feature of the face, whether youre drawing a human, cartoon, or animal. Just think of dogs, for examplethe movement and positioning of their ears directly communicate what theyre thinking and feeling. Ears are essential to add personality and depth to your characters. Need some help drawing ears? We show you how to draw ears of every type in the tutorials below.

How To Draw An Ear: Front View

When you learned how to draw an ear just now, it was purely from a side view, and that is the easiest way to both draw and understand the ear. But the problem with this is that it is just a flat representation, and its easy to forget that the ear has thickness, or mass.

TIP: When learning to draw ears or any other subject, it is imperative that you understand not only what makes up the subject such as anatomy you must understand the 3D form of the object as well to capture it correctly.

In learning, how to draw ears from the front view, first you should understand the ear from the side view with some thickness to it, as if it fills up a box like in this image. If you turn the box in the previous step ninety degrees to the side you will now have a front facing ear, and the box that it is contained within is not very thick.

Your drawing of the ear is going to need to fit within this narrow box to have a convincing effect when you draw the ear from the front view.

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Add Mid Tones And Light Tones

Using an hb pencil, shade the rest of the ear, keeping in mind that the bumps should be lightest and valleys darkest. Use a blending stump to blend each area separately . Use a kneaded eraser to bring out the lightest areas of the ear if needed.

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Whats next? Click here to learn how to draw it on a face!

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Placement Of The Ears

How to Draw An ear for beginners – Step by Step / Easy way to draw

The ears lie in the middle third of the face. The top of the ear aligns with the brow ridge and the bottom aligns with the base of the nose. Horizontally its directly behind the jaw. From profile it sits conveniently on the bottom back quadrant of the loomis ball that I mentioned in the previous post.

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Drawing Anime And Manga Ears

In the first step of drawing anime ears, we are going to focus on the overall shape of the ear by drawing the helix.

When you draw the helix, which resembles the shape of an incomplete oval, focus on creating three sharp angles or turns.

One at the apex of the helix located at the top of the ear. Another as the helix begins to curve downward and towards the lobe. And another final curve as the lobe begins to move towards the face.

Think of drawing the shape like an oval with three angles. These angles are highlighted in the diagram above.

Summary For Drawing Anime Ears Review:

  • draw in the outline of the ear by drawing the helix, and indicate three angles as the helix slopes down into the earlobe
  • draw in the inner edge of the helix by drawing a line parallel to the ear outline
  • draw the details inside the ear bowl, focusing on the tragus and the antihelix and omitting the antitragus.
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    Learn To Draw A Human Ear In 6 Easy Steps

    We are back again with another anatomy drawing tutorial. This time we will focus o how to draw the human ear properly. The tutorial will be divided into 6 different steps. From creating the basic shapes that conform the ear to rendering and shading techniques that will add depth and volume to our drawing.

    Each step will be quiteeasy to follow, and it will come with an image and a written description of what you have to do in each step.

    Before we start, here you have a visual reference of the different parts of the external ear, in case you don´t know all the names.

    So, if you are ready, let´s begin with the tutorial:

    Step 1: drawing the ear outer line

    Draw 3 curved lines. One curve on top short, another one longer on the right, and one on the bottom even shorter than the one on top.

    Step 2: Drawing the ear inner bones

    At this stage we will draw the bones of the part of the external ear connecting to the cranium. As you can see we will draw first to curved lines that connecting the helix with the interior part of the ear. This part is called the crus of the helix. Bellow that we will draw two curved lines one concave and the other convex. The convex curve is called tragus.

    Step 3: Drawing the inner bones 2

    Also, we will draw the antihelix which is like a smaller version of the helix, inside the ear, that connects the antitragus with the upper part of the crus of the helix.

    Step 4: Adding some line thickness to the sketch

    Step 5: Adding some shading

    Drawing The Human Ear With Confidence

    How To Draw The Ear – Easy

    This tutorial by Pluralsight is a great one. You will learn the basic shapes and the outline of the ear by focusing on separate parts of the ear and then complete the drawing of the ear by putting these parts together into one. You will get a clear sense of the construction of the ear and you will learn to draw them at different angles.

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    How To Draw Vulcan Ears

    Want to take drawing realistic ears to the next level? Vulcan ears are an iconic symbol of the fictional extraterrestrial species from the Star Trek series. And once you know how to draw a realistic ear, learning how to draw Vulcan ones is easy.

    First, sketch the outline of a regular human ear. Typically, the helix of the ear curves around in a C shape. To achieve the classic Vulcan ear shape, simply extend that helix out to a point. Once you have that basic shape, shade in the rest of the ear like you would a regular human ear.

    Drawing Vulcan ears requires you to extend the helix out to a point.

    Two: Drawing The Inner Ear

    There are a lot of little shapes inside of the ear. The one we see here is the ear flap that covers the hole in our ear, the continued shape as the flap transitions up and around folding in on itself.

    The curved line above also wraps around, but this time it is much larger. Notice the way the top curved line interacts with the lower and inner line. It comes from the inside of the ear, passes by the flap as it draws upward. This is a feature that is mostly overlooked. Use this in your own work and youll be impressing viewers everywhere !

    As this line continues downward it will become lighter. This is because it becomes less defined as it wraps around the inner ear lobe.

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    Ear Drawing: Draw The Human Ear With Confidence

    Drawing the human ear can be tricky because of the contrasting forms that make up its surface anatomy. At first glance it can be difficult to decide where to begin drawing the ear because of the nature in which these forms interweave with one another. If you want to learn how to draw ears, the best approach is to break down the surface anatomy into simple outlines and shapes. This will allow you to begin thinking of how these shapes plug into one another. Using this method will provide you with a stronger sense of the ear’s surface construction and will improve your ability to draw the ear at various angles. Before you begin to break down the surface anatomy in this fashion it’s important to note that everyone’s ears are different just as everyone’s lips, noses and eyes are different. The overall construction will be the same but there will always be some variation between different people. It’s the variation of surface anatomy that makes us all unique and special.

    How To Draw Wolf Ears

    How to Draw the Ear – Easy Things to Draw

    Wolf ears are surprisingly similar to cat ears. To learn how to draw wolf ears, start with two triangle shapes with rounded, rather than sharp, tips. On the inner sides, draw a ridge similar to the helix of a human ear. Drawing the ridge only on the inner sides of the ears will help give the illusion that the ears are facing slightly outward from the wolfs head. Finally, add some fur inside the ears.

    Drawing wolf ears starts with two large, rounded triangles.

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    Two To Learning To Draw The Ear:

    Once you are familiar with the landmarks generally , it is time to look at reference and identify these landmarks on as many different ears as possible.

    Ears vary greatly by person. There are small ears and large, more curved and less curved, and each landmark will have different shapes from one person to another.

    However, in general all of the landmarks we will discuss will be present and are easily identifiable.

    In one way, ears are like chairs. There are many kinds of chairs, but all have the four legs and a place to rest on. Same with ears, each specific feature of an ear can change in shape and design, but each feature will still be there, waiting to be identified properly and indicated in your drawing.

    It is good to see the variation in reference. This process will help identify what resembles an ear generally, which in turn will help us draw the ear properly.

    After seeing variation in features, pay attention to the shape of each feature. We need to learn the actual physical masses of each landmark.

    Things like: what curves in, and what curves out, which section folds into which other section, what is located closer to the head, and what part is further out.

    All of this is important. The best way to learn is to observe in real life from different angles. Or take pictures from different angles and learn from that.

    As always, lets go over both of these steps together!

    Drawing The Ear: Step By Step

    This tutorial incorporates a three-step process of drawing an ear quickly and precisely. Firstly, you will learn to draw basic shapes and lines that will make a foundation of the ear. Then, you will learn to apply tones and finally, you will work on adding some shades that will make the painting seem more realistic.

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    Finishing The Ear Shading

    The last thing to finish off this drawing of an ear is to add in some additional shading and contour lines to help give some more depth and volume to the drawing.

    It may be a good idea here to look at some reference photos if you are not familiar with how these different parts overlap and cast shadows on each other.

    With this basic understanding of this simplified ear, you should practice drawing it several times to make sure that you have really grasped what needs to be drawn to complete an ear like this.

    Remember that its not enough to just know how to do this. You also need to apply this knowledge so that you can gain and eventually master the skill.

    Grab your pencil and some paper and draw five ears from the side view right now!

    We hope you learned a lot from this tutorial on how to draw an ear from the side. In the next lesson, youll take what you learned here, and learn how to draw an ear from the front view.

    Shape Placement And Angles:

    How to Draw the Ear – Easy Things To Draw

    It is great that anatomy is so perfect that it allows us to use various reference points to determine the position and size of other elements. In the case of ears, the eyebrows and the tip of the nose act as guidelines to draw them at a suitable height and size. You can also follow the jaw line as a guideline for the correct angle.

    If our character is looking looks up or down, we can still use the same guides. Just remember that in a three-dimensional approach, the head is a sphere and the location of the ears remains the same.

    What does change is the perspective from which you are looking at the image. Therefore, let us not forget how ears are viewed from other angles.

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