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How To Draw A Simple Hand

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How Do You Draw Hands For Beginners


Use hand poses reference photos to practice your hand drawing

Hands can make so many different poses and gestures, so no two hand drawings are ever the same. By following these step-by-step instructions for drawing hands, you should be able to replicate the process and draw great hands every time. 

Pro tip: Use a hands reference photo , especially when youre a beginner, which will help ensure your hands look realistic and proportionate. 

How To Draw A Hand Holding A Hammer Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

Today I’ll show you how to draw a hammer being held in a person’s hand. We will guide you step by step to drawing this hand and hammer.

drawing hands

Step 2 Analyzing The Proportions Of The Hand

Study the proportions of the fingers.

The fingers and the palm of the hand should be roughly the same length. The tip of the thumb if drawn at a 45 degree angle to the hand should reach to just slightly below the knuckle bone of the index finger.

The fingers consist of 3 parts with the distance from the tip of the fingers to the top joint being the shortest and the distance from the knuckles to the bottom join being the longest.

Way To Draw A Hand Holding Something

Step 1 First step is quite simple, we will start by drawing an outline looking similar to our fist.

Step 2 Draw 5 lines for the fingers, the distance should be equal and the line for the thumb will be different as shown. Draw small circles to mark the joints.

Step 3 Now we will draw the fingers using the outlines made in the earlier step, and bend the fingers at 2nd circle to mark that we are holding something. Keep in mind to draw some lines the palm also.

Step 4 Remove the outlines and darken the actual lines. Now draw the object above and below the hand to make it look that it is being held.

Step 5 Wow, it looks amazing. Now you can color appropriately or follow the colors we have used.

Six Steps To Realistic Hands


A step-by-step approach can help demystify the process of drawing hands, as well as make sure your illustrations look anatomically correct at every stage. Comic book artist Megan Levens uses a six-step process for hand drawing, starting with basic bone structure and building up to details like fingernails and shading.

Image by Megan Levens

Step 1: Start with bone structure.

Your first layer should be the bones of the hand, the carpals. Dont worry about making it pretty; this step is about laying the foundation for an anatomically correct hand. Just as the bones are the framework of the body, bones will also be the framework of your drawing. Each finger radiates out at a different angle, notes Levens. They shouldnt all point straight ahead together. Daviscourt also recommends starting from the wrist at this step because the wrist is where the lines of the hand start to intersect visually.

To make your hands look realistic, consider the height differences between your fingers. The middle finger should be the tallest, with the ring finger and index finger on the downward slope of the arch, and the little finger finishing out the line. The thumb is an outlier from the rest and should sit farther apart from the others.

Image by Megan Levens 

Step 2: Mark your knuckles.

Image by Megan Levens

Step 3: Draw 3D finger shapes.

Image by Megan Levens

Step 4: Go over your lines with a darker pencil.

Image by Megan Levens

Step 5: Fill in the details.

Image by Megan Levens

Step 4: Simplify Light & Shadow

The goal of this step is to understand and draw the basic light and shadow patterns of the hand. 

First, we need to understand where the light is coming from. We can see that the shadows tend to be on the left sides of the forms of the hand so we know the light is coming from the right.

Well focus on three kinds of shadows: the core shadow, reflected light, and the cast shadow. 

The core shadow is the dark band we see running along the length of the fingers . A core shadow occurs when curved forms turn away from the light and go into shadow. Its soft-edged on both sides. 

We see the reflected light to the left of the core shadow . The reflected light is light reflected back onto the subject from nearby surfaces. The reflected light is lighter than the core shadow, but not as bright as the parts of the hand hit with direct light. 

The thumb and fingers have similar light and shadow patterns.

Finally, we have the cast shadow. A cast shadow occurs when direct light from the light source is completely blocked. In this case, the index finger is blocking light from hitting the part of the palm directly to its left. The cast shadow is the darkest shadow.

We can also see a shadow cast by the ring finger onto the box of the palm and a shadow cast by the thumb onto the wrist. 

Step 4: Find The Joints For Each Finger

Now that we have all 4 fingers drawn, its time to locate each joint. Add 2 more ticks on the middle finger, each roughly 1 quarter of the way down. Using these ticks, draw 2 more curves. We now have reference points for joint placement! Wasnt so bad, was it? Please note that these are only loose measurements for simplicity sake.

Step 4 Finish The Peace Sign Hand Drawing

To finalize the drawing add the details such as the finger nails and the small lines/wrinkles of the hand. The nail on the thumb should be drawn narrower as its being viewed on an angle. The only other fully visible nail will be on the pinky. You can show just a hint of the nail on the ring finger.

In this view most of the lines on the palm will be hidden by the fingers but you can draw small hints of them on each side of the hand. You can also add a fairly large wrinkle in the middle bend of the thumb. The rest of the wrinkles will be around the finger joint areas.

How To Draw Hands Using Basic Shapes

How to draw a Hand Real Easy | Step by Step with Easy, Spoken Instructions

n addition to the face, a persons hands are the most expressive part of the human anatomy. Movements, positions and gestures help us to communicate and express emotion.

A dissatisfying quick sketch experience in a cafe sent me on a few days of study recently to recapture the joy and technique of drawing hands. Hands are not something you can ignore or be lazy about, both due to their complex structure and expressive nature. There is as much personality in a persons hands as there is in his or her face.

So being able to draw hands with some accuracy is important if we want to communicate well when drawing the human form and likenesses. The hand has a very complex structure, With all its joints, planes and landmarks, drawing them is as intimidating as drawing the entire body. It becomes easier if we look beyond all the details to the structure and basic shapes involved. The idea is to reduce complex elements to their simplest shapes. When you do this, you are able to draw even the most complex forms with ease.

Final Remarks On Drawing Hands

This is the end of this hands drawing tutorial. I hope you learned something and that it will show in your drawings!

I must tell you that there is one topic I purposely omitted from this hand drawing tutorial: function. Studying the functions of the muscles of the hand and the hand itself is an advanced topic that would move this tutorial well into category. I plan to visit this topic in the future in a separate tutorial. For now, watch your drawings of hands closely when developing a specific gesture and examine how the muscles move and what positions the fingers take when interacting with objects.

Finally, I compiled a checklist based on this tutorial that can be used to analyze your hand drawings. It is available to my newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe for free here and also get my artist trainer pdf workbook for free, as well as other downloads.

More Tips For Successful Hand Drawing

The sky is the limit for stylizing hands, says Daviscourt. Remember that realistic hand drawings are just one way to go. A hand drawn in the style of comic art, manga, anime characters, or cartoon hands will each bring its own flavor and personality to the table.

Image by Lui Ferreyra

Each pose or gesture you draw will present something new and unexpected. Every hand comes with its own set of challenges to master, and thats part of the fun. Repetition is the key ingredient to a successful hand drawing. Start drawing today and watch your hand come together a little more smoothly with each try.

Step 2 Hand Outline Drawing

After you have your initial proportions sketch you can start refining it into an outline drawing of the hand. Be sure to tweak any proportions that seem out of place. You can estimate these based on the guidelines below.

Above you can see a rough positioning of the joints of the fingers and thumb. Having an idea of where these are located can be very helpful when drawing. Note thing to note that may not be obvious to new artist sis that the fingers bend from the knuckles that are about a quarter way down into the actual palm and not from the edge of the palm of the hand.

The distance from the knuckles to the first joint of the finger is about the same as the distance from that joint to the tip.

The distance from the tip of the fingers to the join is shorter then the distance from that join to the next.

The base of the thumb actually starts around the base of the palm of the hand. The distance from the base is about equal to the distance from the first join to the tip of the thumb when thumb is slightly bent. Its slightly smaller if the thumb is straightened out but thats not a natural position for a thumb to be in therefore you can use the 1/2 measurement.

Just like the fingers the tip of the thumb to joint distance is shorter than from there to the next joint.

Foreshortening Practice By Bambs79 On Deviantart

How to Draw a Hand: Part 1 Basic Proportion

DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

The Basic Volumes Of The Hand

Another fundamental strategy of figure drawing is to simplify the body into its most basic volumes. Although there is no single way to do this , it is usually a combination of boxes, spheres and cylinders.

Work Largest to Smallest

When drawing, you should always try and start with the largest forms first and work your way down to smaller forms. The largest volume of the hand is the box-like form that the fingers and thumb connect to. You can think of this box as beginning at the wrist and ending at the knuckle line . Finding the placement, proportions and spatial orientation of this box is one of the most powerful ways to begin a hand drawing.

Establish Cylindrical Segments

The fingers and thumb can be simplified into a series of cylinders with the finger tips being rounded off at the ends. Each finger has three cylindrical segments while the thumb only has two. In the drawings below , I began with the gesture process described above before first drawing the large box of the hand and then drawing the fingers and thumb as a series of cylindrical segments. Ive paid particularly close attention to the ellipses of each cylinder because ellipses are what show the spatial orientation of the form.

How To Draw Anime And Manga Hands Step By Step

This tutorial illustrates how to draw anime and manga hands in various positions.

While Its difficult to have one clear guideline for how to draw hands as they can bend in so many different ways this tutorial provides some basic tips and examples.

For anime hands holding different kinds objects you can see 6 Ways to Draw Anime Hands Holding Something.

Hands a difficult body part to draw and the best way to learn is through a lot of practice.

Drawing anime hands can be a little easier then drawing realistic hands as a lot of the details are left out. But the overall structure and proportions are basically the same.

For drawing arms see:

How To Draw Hands Using Negative Space

Do you want to understand how to draw hands? If the answer is yes, this tutorial is a bit more complex because it brings a few difficult techniques that need more practice if you want to understand them. Use shapes to create the foundation of your drawing and in the end if you follow all the steps you will get it right for sure.

Tips For Drawing Hands

How to Draw a Realistic Hand


A good understanding of the hands anatomy for sure will help you when you want to draw them. Make sure you give attention also to these details and see what you can discover.


The muscles that control our hands are located in the forearm. Its really helpful to understand all the muscles that are involved in our hands movement because in this way it is going to be easier for you to draw one.


Our hands have 29 individual joints and each one is a point of articulation. This means that the moves a hand can do vary a lot. For an artist that wants to get the best hand drawings, this should be known and understood in order to create realistic gestures.

Negative spaces

It is easy to make mistakes when you draw fingers or the palm of the hands. This is why you need to pay attention to when the negative spaces are not accurately seen.

In conclusion, knowing how to draw hands is not that complicated and you shouldnt get scared about it. Any artist can manage to learn to draw this with some time and a lot of exercises. Just pay attention to the main steps that you need to apply and use the techniques presented in the tutorial to do a better job.

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The Secret To Drawing A Hand

Are you one of those people that absolutely loathes drawing hands?  Do you hide the hands in pockets or behind the behind the person’s back?  There’s no reason to approach drawing hands like that. It’s true that most people believe that hands are some of the hardest things to draw.  NOT SO! 

I’ll be honest, drawing hands is difficult when you don’t know what to look for.  But when you know how to look for specific shapes, they are a lot easier to draw.  Drawing hands, or anything else for that matter is as easy as drawing some simple shapes. I’m talking square and triangle simple.

Step 4: Practice With Hands In Different Poses

Learning how to draw a fist uses the same technique as other hand sketches.

Using the above process of sketching the main lines and shapes first and then filling in the curves and details, practice with different hand poses. Its a good idea to practice thumbs further, too, as these are different from the other fingers. Fists, palms, intertwined fingers, the victory pose , baby hands, and resting hands with slightly curled fingers are all important hand sketches to try out if you want to perfect the hand drawing technique.

How To Draw Hands: A Step

Heres the simple truth about drawing: how you think about your subject is how you will draw it. If you see the hand as an impossible mess of muscle, bone, tendon, and flesh, thats exactly how youll draw hands on your paper. 

Im going to teach you a step-by-step strategy that will help you simplify the forms of the hand. Youll begin by drawing the largest forms of the hand and work toward the smallest details.

This is the hand well be working with. Study it and refer back to it throughout the following six steps.

Study How Other Artists Draw Hands

How To Draw Hands (EASY tutorial) – Draw Cartoons!

Just as important as practicing how to draw, it is also important to learn from other artists who draw human anatomy well.

Art isnt all about drawing reality.

A great artist will be able to incorporate expression into their art, which wouldnt be visible in a drawing replicated from a photograph.

They may exaggerate certain angles, features, or values to bring out a certain feeling or intention in their work.

So study the works of other artists and their drawings.

See what aspects of art you enjoy in others, and see how you can bring those elements into your own drawings.

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