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How To Draw A Simple Palm Tree

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Add Detail To The Leaves

How To Draw A Palm Tree ð´

To fill out each leaf, youll add dozens of small, thin lines branching out from each of the center leaf lines. Here, you have the creative freedom to finish your palm tree leaves in a variety of ways. You can sketch them with your drawing pencil or colored pencil, you can bring in a pen or marker, or you can even fill them in with watercolor paint, as shown below.;

Be sure to finish your palm tree leaves with pencil, markers, or even paint!

Now You Can Draw In Some Coconuts And Details

For this step of our guide on how to draw a palm tree, simply draw in some circular shapes between the leaves near the center of the top of the trunk.

They will fill in the spaces between the trunk and the leaves that were left in the previous step.

Then, draw in some horizontal lines long the width of the palm tree trunk to give it some texture.

Add The Final Details

The last step in your palm tree drawing is to add details. You can do this by including more branches and leaves to your tree, or you can also draw character into the bark of your palm tree. For the latter, draw loose, letter S shaped lines around each part of your tree trunk.;

Add details to your palm tree to make your drawing complete.

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Now Draw In More Of The Leaves

Using the lines you drew for the leaves in the previous step, you can now draw in more of the leaves of your palm tree drawing.

Starting at the end of each line, draw another line towards the center. The picture will show you which lines should be smooth and which should be jagged.

Once the leaves look good to you, we can move on to step 6!

Darken The Bottom Of Your Trunk

How to draw a palm tree

You can now darken the bottom of the trunk to add further tone. Again, use the picture below as a guide of how to shade the base of the trunk using upward strokes of the pencil.

The overall effect should be a subtle gradient, starting dark at the bottom getting lighter as it goes up the trunk just as pictured

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Final Step Repeat Add A Trunk And Your Drawing Is Complete

By repeat of course, I mean to sketch in the remaining branches of your palm tree drawing. Itll take some time, but with a some patience and persistence in the end youll have a really nice-looking palm tree top, similar to the one below.

In three steps, heres how the remainder of the drawing plays out

As you can clearly see, once the top of your palm trees in place the rest is a snap. Simply follow along the curved line to draw the trunk and then, add any details you feel necessary.

Now one things for sure a palm tree just isnt a palm tree without its bright, tropical greenish/yellowish colors! Get out those pencil crayons and make it happen.

And thats that! You now know how to create beautiful tropical palm tree drawings!

Outline Your Drawing With A Pen

Again, youll want to outline your pencil tree sketch with a pen to preserve your work. This helps make the journey of tree drawing simple: Create and add this tree to a reference catalog to use when you want to draw specific types of trees, or to simply measure and reflect upon your progress.;

Outline your pine tree drawing to complete your work.

Palm trees, synonymous with tropical locations and warm ocean waters, make fun subjects for a tree drawing. From their tall, curved trunks to their big, bushy leaves, palm tree drawings can be created by using basic shapes and techniques.;

Palm tree drawings by Skillshare instructor Katrin Graff.

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Add More Details To The Texture Of The Trunk

Remember that in one of the first steps of this guide, we added the basic outline for the texture of our trunk, in the form of simple horizontal lines showing some of the grooves of the trunk. Thanks to these lines, we can look at our trunk as a combination of little pieces split by each of those grooves.;

Now we will darken the vertical lines in each of the pieces of our trunk. We give each of the pieces a slightly different texture and tone, as illustrated in the picture below.

Keep going with these light, upward strokes until you are happy with the overall effect. As always, it is best to start light and slow and build the darkness up as you go.;

Your Palm Tree Drawing Is Complete

How to Draw a Palm Tree

Well done, your palm tree drawing is finished now!

If you want to add a few extra details to your palm tree drawing, there are plenty of possibilities. You could start by adding some coconuts under your leaves or expand on your palm tree drawing is by setting your palm tree on a sandy white beach or a tropical rainforest. All this will be covered in one of our next articles.

Of course, you can also color in your palm tree as youve drawn it in pencil, it might be best to start your coloring with pencils too.

Thats the end of this step-by-step palm tree drawing guide, we hope you enjoyed drawing your palm tree as much as we did!

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Round The Base Of The Palm Tree Trunk

The next step is to draw a slightly rounded base for the bottom of the trunk. Follow the below picture for guidance, notice how the palm trees base uses a slightly curved line rather than a straight one.

Once you have drawn the base of the trunk, you should be able to see how the overall shape of your trunk looks. Take a moment to compare yours to the picture above and use the eraser to correct and amend if needed.

Dont forget, a wobbly trunk outline is fine as this adds to the overall effect. If your trunk seems a little too straight and perfect, try lightly sketching over the outline so it is more like the picture above.

Palm Tree: Shadow Drawing

We will start with our palm drawings, with a few drawings in which it seems to be in shadow. This type of image can be used to modify and color it as you like, since if you work with Photoshop, with the magic wand tool you select everything black, and then paint it as you want.

Among the drawings of shade-style palm trees, I started with this potted palm tree. In this case it is not a purely shadow drawing, but you can appreciate some brightness. It is as if it were in a very dark place, but there is a light from the left. It could be a focus, or sunrise or sunset. With this technique you can make very beautiful drawings.

From here you can see some shadow drawings. You will find different forms of palm trees, totally in black. In this type of drawings is that you can apply what I explained before to color the drawings to your liking. You can get very nice images. Even when the drawing is so black, you can print it and then trace it on a new paper, to have your own drawing palm.

This new drawing has a very attractive shape. They are that trunk so winding, the image looks very pretty.

Here we have one of the typical scenes of a good summer. It is a drawing of a small island with a pair of palm trees. These drawings are the ones that can be applied to holiday type logos.

Here is another potted palm tree, in a very nice design to use on any element. Designs of this type are good for example to place on vinyl on a shirt.

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Next Draw In The Trunk Of The Tree

A palm tree wouldnt be a palm tree if it didnt have the distinctive long trunk they are well known for.

Because of this, we should probably add a trunk to your palm tree drawing! Draw in two long and curvy lines up from the jagged grass lines to form the trunk as it appears in our reference picture.

Once youre happy with the look of the trunk, we can move on to the next step.

Darken The Stems And The Leaflets

How to Draw a Palm Tree (Easy!)

Make the stems of your palm leaves darker and more defined. Once you have darkened the leaf stems you can start adding a stronger outline to the leaf edges, too.

Remember to add more depth towards the center of the leaves by making it darker near the trunk, and to make sure the tone gets lighter as the leaves fan out to their edges. The leaves should be thin with a long triangular shape as illustrated in the picture below.

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How To Draw Palm Tree Leaves

To make the leaves, draw a line that starts at the top of the left side of the trunk, going away from the trunk to a point, and then back toward the middle.

Dont draw the line all the way to the middle. You want to leave some space to draw the coconuts.

Continue making the in and out lines up and around the top until you get to the right side.

How To Draw A Palm Tree: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the palm tree trunk and leaf base shapes

Let’s start our palm tree drawing by laying down the base shapes: The trunk is drawn as two bent lines slightly wider apart at the base than at the top.

Then draw the centrelines for the palm leaves. Now, you can have as many palm leaves as you like, but six as shown here is about the right amount to have a nice, full palm tree crown without making the drawing too complicated. Spread the lines so they cover the space nicely and bend each of them slightly differently for some variety.

Step 2: Draw the palm leaves

Next, add the outer edges to your palm leaves. These roughly follow the direction laid out by the centre line. The palm leaf shape again starts out narrow near the trunk and widens out, with the widest part being around three quarters down the length of the leaf. Then it narrows back into a pointy tip.

Again, add some variety, since the leaves are all bent differently. Also notice that usually, the lower part of the leaf is wider and the upper part narrower – this adds a perspective to the leaf drawing.

Step 3: Add final details

While our base palm tree sketch is complete, let’s finish the drawing with some extra details. Split the palm trunk into sections with simple curved lines – these mark the growth layers on the tree.

Add three coconuts hanging just under the tree crown – these are small ovals with pointy ends, overlapping each other.

Finally, draw a small island beach for your palm to grow on.

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How To Draw A Coconut Palm Tree

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Coconut Palm Tree in 4 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Coconut Palm Tree.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

Discover Online Classes In Drawing

How to draw a Palm tree | Palm tree Easy Draw Tutorial

Character Illustration, sketching tips, ink drawing, pencil portraits, and more.

Trees are one of natures most beautiful resources. From preserving air quality to providing a shady place to rest on a summer afternoon, theyre vitally important to our survival and our happiness.;

With over 60,000 different documented species on planet Earth, trees are also excellent source materials for artists or anyone whos interested in learning how to draw a tree. In this guide, youll discover everything you need to know to create a tree drawingand hopefully gain new appreciation for our lush, leafy, life-givers along the way!

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Learn How To Draw A Palm Tree And Its Famous Notched Leaves This Tutorial Shows How To Draw Them From Several Points Of View

Palm trees are shaped like no other, which is probably why they are so often used to symbolize everything connected to beach life. All you need to see is just their outline and a breezy ocean comes to mind.

This tutorial will help students draw a palm tree, and make those signature leaves look as real as possible. The easiest way to draw all those notches is to start with the overall shape first, and then add the cut outs second. A little careful erasing afterwards and voila, a tree with lots of beautiful palm leaves.

Add More Leaves To Your Palm Tree Drawing

Now the leaves on your tree are fully shaded and toned, its time to draw in the outline of some more leaves to make your palm tree look full and healthy. You can choose the places where you would like to add more leaves, there are no rules for this so you can play around and trust your judgment. Drawing the extra leaves follow the same steps as before.

In our tree we add one extra leave in the middle as illustrated below.

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How Do You Draw A Simple Palm Tree

Just follow the easy steps!

  • One curvy line will work as guide for the bark of the tree.
  • Draw the shapes of the leaves.
  • Add a couple of extra leaves in between the main 5.
  • Draw the basic shape for the bark.
  • Make the bark by repeating the shape in the image.
  • Add some detail to the leaves.
  • Finished!
  • Keeping this in consideration, how do you draw a picture of a palm tree?

    Just follow the easy steps!

  • One curvy line will work as guide for the bark of the tree.
  • Draw the shapes of the leaves.
  • Add a couple of extra leaves in between the main 5.
  • Draw the basic shape for the bark.
  • Make the bark by repeating the shape in the image.
  • Add some detail to the leaves.
  • Finished!
  • Also, how do you draw a sunflower? How to Draw a Sunflower

  • Draw the Center. Start off by drawing the round bunch that represents the sunflower seeds.
  • Add Details to the Center. Give the center a more realistic look.
  • Add Depth.
  • Draw the Next Petal Layer.
  • Draw the Stem.
  • Likewise, how do you draw a hand?

  • How to Draw a Hand Step by Step.
  • Step 1: Shape the palm.
  • Step 2: Draw five circles.
  • Step 3: Measure and draw the fingers.
  • Step 4: Find the joints for each finger.
  • Step 5: Draw circles at each joint.
  • Step 6: Draw the thumb.
  • Step 7: Make outlines around the hand.
  • How do you draw a waterfall?


  • Draw a curved line on the bottom of the scene, this will be the outline of the pond.
  • Draw rounded cornered rectangles for the first tier.
  • Draw another couple of rectangles.
  • Add a third tier.
  • drawleaf

    Danika Tophoven

    How Deep Are The Roots Of A Palm Tree

    How to Draw a Palm Tree Easy Step by Step


    Quilen Golosenko

    ?Step by Step Instructions for Drawing? Cherries

  • Begin by drawing two narrowly spaced, curved, parallel lines.
  • Draw a second set of curved parallel lines extending from the first.
  • Draw a wide “U” shaped line at the bottom of each stem, enclosing the stem.
  • Use a long, curved line to form the cherry itself.
  • Christi Schenetten

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    What You Will Learn In This Guide

    This palm tree guide is suitable for people of different levels and abilities whether you need full step-by-step guidance or simply want to skip ahead to specific sections and hone your skills.

    Use this interactive table of contents to get to the sections you want to read.

    Outline The Palm Tree Trunk In Your Drawing

    Now its time to add in your palm tree trunk. To do this, use the vertical line you drew in the first step of the previous section and draw a thin trunk around it.;

    As with most tree trunks, the widest part should be at the bottom getting thinner as it goes up towards the outline for the leaves. The trunk should not be too thin or too thick, use the picture above as a guide and dont be afraid to erase and re-sketch the outline again if you need to.

    Notice how the trunk in the above picture is not perfectly straight, but slightly wobbly, this is to imitate a real palm tree trunk.

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    Draw Palm Trees Step By Step

    Now, lets have a closer look on this palm tree and observe a couple of important points:

    • the stem : it is curved
    • ground: a slight slope
    • branches: especially directions they are growing out of single trunk

    Palm trees are great objects for drawing. I would say, to draw palm trees requires almost no skill. They are very simple in shapes if you are comparing them to other trees.Think of a palm tree as only a giant piece of grass a kind of prehistoric. I made this palm tree drawing as detailed as possible. However, you can draw a palm tree much quicker and have it finished in less than 5 minutes.

    I would suggest starting to draw with a standard HB pencil. Begin from the ground. Sketch the stem . Hold your pencil tilted or loose grip. Always remember, in the beginning draw only weak and gentle pencil lines so that you can erase them anytime later during the process.First pencil lines are always only the guidelines. These basic rules or techniques apply not only when you draw palm trees but virtually for anything.

    When you have the trunk ready outline the branches. Try to sketch the branches possibly by one single pencil line each if you can. Itll be a great exercise.Observe carefully how each branch grows out from the top of the stem. This is a wild palm growing somewhere on a beach – not a palm in arboretum.

    Notice that I made the stem slightly curved right under the top. Now, the coloring.I used 3 different green color pencils, each with different color tone:

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