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How To Draw A Simple Pig

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Add The Shoulders And Hips

How to Draw Pig (Super Simple) – Step by Step Tutorial

Next, draw a long, thin oval overlapping with about one-fifth of the front of the pigs body. This should be a bit taller than your first oval, but only a little. This is going to help you shape the pigs front legs later.

Next, draw a rough circle overlapping at the back of your pigs body. This should be just under half the size of the body itself, and about half of it should overlap with the body . This is going to help with the pigs rear legs as you continue drawing.

Next We Will Draw In The Legs And Tail

In the next step of our guide on how to draw a pig, we will be adding in some legs and a tail. This pig will have some cute, stubby little legs, so when you add them in they will be really short and stout.

The reference image will show you how you could make them.

Once the legs are drawn in, you can add a little corkscrew tail using some simple curved lines like the one in the picture.

Coloring Out Baby Pig Drawing

Whenever I am coloring a drawing I usually choose the colors before I start.

For this drawing, I chose a very light pink color for the main body of the pig. I also chose a reddish color for the cheeks and a slightly darker pink color for the shadow areas.

And finally, I picked an almost black color for the eyes of our pig.

I started by coloring in the main body of our pig with a light pink color.

I chose the darker pink color to color in the nose of the pig and I also colored in the eyes.

Finally, I used the darker pink color to draw some basic shadows just to give the pig a little more depth.

And you are done. Hopefully, you ended up with a great illustration of a baby pig, that you can be proud of.

If you are struggling with the drawing just keep calm and try to trace back, where your mistake was and then just correct it. And if you keep on doing this without getting frustrated then you will be able to draw this very fast!

If you have any questions then just drop a comment below and I will try to answer them as soon as possible!

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How To Draw A Baby Pig Step By Step Guide

Contrary to popular belief pigs aren´t actually dirty, they are very clean compared to most other animals, that live in the wild. In this guide, we will learn how to draw a baby pig in easy to follow steps.

The drawing in this guide is going to be more cartoonish than realistic.

Drawing a pig is quite easy when you break the more complicated forms down to simple geometric forms. In this guide, I will show you how to do that and if you follow the steps one after another I will guarantee you, that you will end up with an amazing drawing!

So let´s get started with the first part of this guide. The Materials, that you will need to draw a baby pig.

Next Draw In The Pigs Head

How to Draw a Pig Step by Step Easy Cartoon Drawing Tutorial

Once you have your pencil shapes drawn in, you can start to draw the outline of your pig drawing.

Using the ovals you drew previously as a guide, you can carefully draw in the head and ears. The ovals you drew will help to keep the pigs head in the correct shape.

I would recommend not rubbing out the pencil lines until after the next step, as we will be using the other oval you drew as a guide for the body.

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Let’s Learn How To Draw A Pig

The first step is always to observe well the object you are going to draw, observe every detail very carefully. Fortunately this piggy is a super simple drawing, I would say it is rather a sketch than a drawing, so you can make it very quickly.

Draw one larger ellipse and one circle approximately in the same or similar position as you see on this picture.The oval or ellipse is the pigs body and the circle will be the pigs head.Enlarge the picture and see that both ellipse and the circle are made of many pencil strokes.

Sketch the outline of upper part of all the four legs as you see on the picture.Do not draw the whole length of the legs or feet yet because you dont yet know the total balance of the body.

Here, we can join the large ellipse and the circle together and get an approximate shape of the pigs body.Draw similar joint lines to connect the large ellipse and the circle the head. See, this is only the third step and you are already getting the idea of how to draw a pig. In fact we are only a few pencil strokes away from the completion.

Now, please draw this part in the following order:

  • snout
  • lower part of all four legs
  • tail
  • The reason is, that if you first outline the snout then you can get the idea how big the ears should be.
  • Then you will better understand how to sketch the lower part of the legs, the feet. Finally, the tail will serve as an accent to complete the total balance of the body.

    Sketch Two Ovals For Pigs Head And Snout

    To draw a pig first draw an oval for the body a circle for the head and a. Make the bottom jaw line twice as long as the top of the snout. Up next define the shape of Pig Pens head like so and draw in his ears too. How to Draw a Pig – Step-by-Step Tutorial. In the first step of our sketch we have to make the shape of the pigs nose of how to draw a pig. Start by drawing an oval.

    For each leg extend two parallel curved lines downward from the body. We will start with a sketch add inks move onto color flats drop in our shadows. Sketch three legs one far back leg is hidden by the near one using a series of curved lines. Then I have to make the shape of the nose of the pig. This will form the pigs head.

    Our pig drawing starts as usual with a few simple base shapes to build the character. Join both circles and ovals forming the neck extend a line from the circle to form a snout depict mark for the ear. Sketch three legs one far back leg is hidden by the near one using a series of curved lines. Firstly draw a circle and then an oval following it. How to draw a Pig with a celebration cap.

    Connect the lines on the bottom. Start by drawing an oval. 1 getting your pen and paper. Start by drawing a cone-shaped snout. Firstly draw a circle and then an oval following it.

    Sketch in the facial guidelines too. At the tip of the snout draw a tiny nose. Start by drawing an oval. Here is how to draw a pig face. Draw a curved line from the top of the.

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    Interesting Facts About Pigs

    Domestic pigs belong to the Suidae family along with the other wild pigs, including the warthog and wild boar, with hoof-covered feet and even toes.

    The oldest fossils of Suids were found in Asia and they date back 34 million years.

    There are about 1 billion domesticated pigs around the world at any given time! Some are kept as pets, such as the pot-bellied pig, and others are raised for meat, such as ham, pork and bacon. Their course, bristle-like coats are used for brushes and their hides can be turned into leather.

    Did you know?

    • While pigs have four toes on their feet, they only walk on the two middle toes.
    • As omnivores, pigs in the wild eat both plants and animals.
    • Because of their excellent sense of smell, pigs are used in European countries to sniff-out truffles mushrooms of great popularity.
    • Domestic pigs can weigh as little as 110 pounds to as much as 770 pounds.
    • Pigs are very smart and can be trained to perform many tasks and tricks.
    • Pigs, especially in the wild, can be dangerous and have attacked people and caused injuries.

    Pigs have been a popular animal across cultures, being symbolized in religions, folklore, and mythology. They have been especially famous as fictional characters in books, nursery rhymes, cartoons, movies, television and art.

    Now Finish It Off With Some Color

    How to Draw a Baby Pig Easy | Beanie Boos

    At this point, you have successfully managed to draw a cute pig picture! This is an accomplishment already, but your pig drawing isnt quite finished yet.

    Theres still one more step you need to do, but its also the most fun of all the steps!

    Your pig drawing needs some beautiful colors, and the reason this is such a fun step is that here you get to show off your creativity.

    Weve shown one way that you can color in your pig in our reference image, but for this part you should feel free to let your imagination run wild!

    Will you stick to a similar color scheme as our image or do you think you would like to use your own favorite colors?

    You could even draw in a fun background for your pig that you can color in as well. Maybe your pig could be sitting on a pretty farm or maybe it could be ready to dig into a delicious dinner!

    You can also have some fun experimenting with different art mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, colored pens and pencils for some wonderful and unique color looks.

    The possibilities are endless, and we cant wait to see how you finish off your pig drawing!

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    How To Draw A Pig: Happy Cartoon Pig Drawing

    Today we will learn how to draw a pig. We will start with easy oval shapes for the body and head. Step by step we draw a pig from the ovals by adding the trademark features oval snout, floppy ears and a curled pigtail. The cartoon parts of the pig drawing are the simplified body shape, large googly eyes and a happy smiling mouth.

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    How To Draw A Pig: Base Sketch Step By Step

    Step 1: Sketch two ovals for pigs head and snout

    Our pig drawing starts as usual with a few simple base shapes to build the character.

    Draw a larger oval this will be our pigs head. Then add a smaller oval inside, about one third from the bottom this will be the pigs trademark snout.

    Step 2: Add an oval for the pigs body

    Next, add another large oval for the pigs body. As you can see in the picture, the body crosses over the head shape in the top-right quarter.

    Feel free to play with the size of the body oval you can make your pig fatter or thinner, taller or smaller, depending on how you stretch the body oval.

    Step 3: Sketch the pigs legs

    Here we give our pig some legs. They are made from two parts the rectangle for the leg, and a small rhombus for the hoof. If you want to draw really simple shapes, these can be regular rectangles.

    But as you can see in the picture, the legs will look much better if you will make the leg slightly wider at the top and draw the tops of the hooves at an angle.

    We have added a helping ground line to keep the legs the same length and immediately broke the rule with the front leg hoof sticking down.

    How To Draw A Simple Pig

    How To Draw A Pig | Simple Drawing Lesson for Kids | Step By Step

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 83,267 times.Learn more…

    Are you looking for an easy drawing tutorial? Did you look for guides that are demonstrated step-by-step with easy-to-follow photos? Well, you’ve came to the right place! Continue reading this article to learn draw the easiest way to draw a simple pig!

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    Learn How To Draw A Pig For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hello everyone! In this drawing lesson, we will teach you how to draw a pig for kids step by step. On our site, there is already a pig drawing lesson, but in a more complex version. After you draw a light pig, you can move on to more complex work.

    Lets get to know our character a little. Such a pink and cute creature is familiar to absolutely everyone. Usually, pigs can be found on farms. And you can often see how pigs get along well with chickens. They have a rather interesting appearance: a large round penny, small eyes and a rounded tail. Pigs make rather unusual intermittent sounds, which are called grunts. Pigs are very smart and clean animals, and if they are lying in a puddle, it is only because there is no other suitable reservoir nearby to wash.

    Basically, the pig has a rounded body shape and there are quite a few additional elements in the external appearance. Everyone can draw a pig. Step-by-step instructions will help you not to get confused and make this drawing as high quality as possible. It is best to work on a drawing with a pencil. And after that, when the sketch is ready, you can color in the pigs drawing with bright pencils or felt-tip pens.

    Thanks to our tutorials, you will accurately draw a pig with a pencil step by step. Our lessons are simple so they are suitable for beginners. All you need is paper and a pencil.

    Time needed: 20 minutes.

    Now We Will Draw In A Face For Your Pig

    Your pig drawing is almost finished now, and it needs a cute face!

    The reference image we provided has a happy face for your little pig, so you can try to replicate it using some ovals, circles and curved lines.

    For this step, you could also change some elements for a unique look to it. For example, you could change the facial expression of your pig by changing details such as the eyes, eyebrows and mouth.

    Theres definitely a lot of room for you to be creative with it!

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    In This Lesson You Can Draw A Cute Pig For Kindergarten This Guide Is Very Simple And Consists Of Only Five Steps Lets Start Drawing

    In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a pig for kindergarten. The tutorial is very simple, so you can definitely follow it with ease and enjoy the drawing process.

    Pigs are in vain considered unclean as you know, pigs love to be in the mud, but they do this not at all because of slovenliness. In fact, mud baths are necessary for the health of the pig. Firstly, when it dries on the pigs skin, the dirt falls off along with the parasites that lived on the animal, and secondly, the mud helps to naturally cool the pigs body in hot weather.

    Pigs are very cute and good-natured animals, domestic pigs never show aggression towards humans. In agriculture, this animal is one of the most popular.


    How to Draw a Pig for Kindergarten

  • Draw the head and body of the pig.

    To do this, draw a circle and an oval as shown in the picture.

  • Depict the paws.

    From the bottom of the pigs body, draw four identical legs using curved lines.

  • Add details.

    At this stage, draw the pigs nose, eyes, and nostrils.

  • Add more details.

    Draw the ears in the form of two angular petals, and the tail should resemble a curl or hook.

  • Color the drawing.

    Use any shade of pink and paint the whole pig with it, and paint the eyes black.

  • So your drawing of a pig is ready. Are you satisfied with the result of your work? Leave your comments, ask questions, and suggest new lesson ideas. Which other characters would you like to portray? Also, share your impressions of the lesson with your friends.

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    Beginners how to draw a cartoon pig – very easy

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    How To Draw A Pig Sketch. Then add a smaller oval inside about one third from the bottom this will be the pigs trademark snout. Add face guideline and two parallel line. How to Draw a Pig – Step-by-Step Tutorial. This will form the.

    For each leg extend two parallel curved lines downward from the body. Make the bottom jaw line twice as long as the top of the snout. Well look at drawing an easy pig face a cute one a realistic one and a cartoon one all step by step. In the first step of our sketch we have to make the shape of the pigs nose of how to draw a pig. Connect the lines on the bottom. To draw a pig first draw an oval for the body a circle for the head and a.

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