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How To Draw A Simple Sunflower

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How to Draw a Sunflower Easy | Realistic

Are sunflowers always bright yellow? That was my question too before I noticed Ive seen tons of sunflowers in different colors I just didnt know they were sunflowers yet because they were not that signature bright yellow shade. Sunflower can actually come in many shades and even gradient tons of copper, red, brown, orange, and all of the above in between.

Do you have watercolors or color pencils handy? Heres my challenge for you! Draw a sunflower with a gradient of both yellow and red. Do you like the yellow sunflowers more or do you like the cool dual-colored sunflowers?

How To Draw A Sunflower Filled With Beautiful Effects

I will show you how to draw a sunflower using many small circular shapes, a few lines and bright colors. Of course, using a vector application to create this illustration is recommended. You can draw this flower using pencils and markers, but it will be much easier and quicker if you can do it in a digital format.

The illustration below represents the final version of this drawing tutorial. It’s true that this is a complex picture to illustrate. Even if the drawing seems filled with many small details, this one is really simple and can be duplicated in just a few minutes. Let’s give it a try!

Get a license to use this illustrationhere!

Step 1

First, you can draw the various shapes of the sunflower using a large circle in the center to start with. Then, you can add petals all around this shape like shown below. Don’t forget to add a leaf on the bottom.

Step 2

Next, you can add some details inside this illustration. A few lines are needed on each petal drawn around the main circle. Another thin curved line can also be added on the leaf.

Step 3

Great! You can now add plain colors on this cartoon sunflower. The center must be filled with a dark brown color while the petals are yellow. The bottom of the flower is colored in green.

Step 4

Step 5

The gradient tool is used to add a darker color on each petal. This darker color must be located near the middle of the sunflower. You can also add a second color on each yellow circle and on the leaf.

Step 6

Step 7

Lets Start A Sunflower Drawing

Guidelines Draw these lines lightly with a pencil. You will erase these guides when you are finished.

Step 1: draw a small circle little tip: think of the circles as the face of a clock.Step 2: draw a bigger circle around the first one.Step 3: draw a vertical line through both circles from 12 to 6 oclock.Step 4: draw a horizontal line across the middle of the circle from 9 to 3 oclock.Step 5: draw a diagonal line through both circles from 11:30 to 4:30.Step 6: draw another diagonal line through both circles -from 2:30 to 7:30.

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Whether You Are An Accomplished Artist Or Just A Beginner Drawing A Flower Does Not Have To Be A Complicated Task

Country living editors select each product featured. When they mature during the late summer and fall, you can also harvest their seeds for a tasty snack. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. The editors of publications international, ltd. People are everywhere, which makes them an obvious choice when it comes to creating art.

Draw In The Next Circle

How to Draw a Sunflower Easy Step by Step

Once you have your first little circle drawn in, you can draw in another circle around it. This one will be much bigger, and as you can see in the reference image its also not a perfect circle.

Its made up of many small curved lines in order to make the center of your sunflower drawing look more like the center of a real sunflower.

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Second Step Draw The Other Petals

Alright, youve got one petal down time to draw in the rest!

Just as you did with the first petal, do the same with all the others. Go all the way around the circle until you get back to the first petal. Go clockwise or counter-clockwise your choice.

As youre doing so, try your best to space the petals evenly. No, it doesnt need to look perfect, but symmetry is important in having a nice-looking flower! So do your best.

Alright looking good!

Take a look at your drawing. You might say it looks more like a “sun” at this point than an actual “sunflower”!

and thats exactly the way it should look. Next, youll draw in another layer of petals and itll start looking more like the sunflower its supposed to be. But hey, if you did happen to change your mind and wanted to draw a sun instead of a sunflower, then stop now! Youre finished!

Leaves Leaves A Magical Shoot

The first sunflower leaf in this tutorial looks a bit like a heart. Keeping that in mind, go ahead and sketch the first leaf with your pencil.

Then draw the veins of the leaf, and the shoot of the flower.

Now draw the second leaf behind the shoot, like so:

Just like we did with the center of the sunflower, go ahead and shade those leaves in with your pencil.

Now, using your black ink pen, outline the leaves and the stem of the flower.

Finally say it with me now lets stipple!

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Draw The Foreground Petals

Around the center part of the sunflower start adding the petals. You can make the shapes of these somewhat random but generally they should be narrower near the base, wider towards the middle and then again get narrower towards the tips. You can also draw some of them overlapping one another and a few some distance apart.

The easy thing about drawing this first set of petals is that you dont have to worry if the combined shape of these looks somewhat uneven. You can tweak things in the next step.

Paint The Rest Of The Petals With Cadmium Yellow Hue Double Loaded With Primary Yellow

How to draw a Sunflower Real Easy – Step By Step Instructions

Use a filbert brush.

Double load the filbert in both cadmium yellow hue and primary yellow .

Paint the petals in with your strokes going in the direction of the petals. Those two yellows will blend to create an uneven yellow on the petals.

Try to get that darker part to blend with the yellows as well so it has a nice sooth transition from dark to light.

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Go Over The Drawing In Ink

At last, it’s time to complete our illustration by going over it in ink. So, place a scrap of paper under your drawing hand, and carefully go over the pencil lines with your favorite pen. Once you’ve gone over all of the linework, feel free to add some texture to key areas like the stem, leaves, and petals. Stippling and hatching are two great techniques you can use. After you’re done inking, make sure you wait a considerable amount of time for the ink to dry, before erasing any remaining pencil marks. You can either fill the drawing in with color or leave it as is for a striking black and white illustration of a sunflower!

By Step Acrylic Painting

I started by transferring the sketch to the canvas using transfer paper. Then I picked out the colors: blues, greens, white, and yellows.

I started with the background. Using a wide flat brush, I mixed the paint right on the canvas as I was painting.

I go more carefully when I paint the background next to the flowers and leaves and such. I mixed in light green with the blue and white.

In the photo above, my background is done. This is the first layer, because later on I decided the background is much too light and added some dark greens and browns on the bottom. It would have been easier if I did it right away.

I used a watery yellow paint and filled in the petals. Same thing with brown paint and centers.

Then I darkened the background, as mentioned above, and did the leaves using a dark and a light green.

For leaves and stems. I start by filling them with a darker green, like in the photo above.

Then use lighter green/brown/white to create highlights.

For each leaf, both the big leaves and the bud leaves, first I did each leaf in dark green, and then added highlights with lighter colors.

Here is the full bud and stem, finished.

For the petals, it is the same idea as for the leaves. First fill in with yellow, and then add highlights with a white, and shadows with a bit of reddish brown. You just need a tiny bit of the darker color, as most of your petal should come through as yellow. Look below for the step by step instructions for the petals I circled with red.

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Draw The Remaining Petals

Now fill up the entire circle with petals.

Dont forget that some petals will be at the back, while other petals will be in front.

You want each petal to be roughly the same size and shape.

So to prevent your last petal from being awkwardly big or small, roughly estimate how many petals will fit in total and adjust the size of the petals accordingly.

Use A #8 Round Brush To Draw The Petals All Out With Cadmium Yellow Hue

How to draw a sunflower EASY

For the petals I used a #8 round brush and the color cadmium yellow hue.

I started each petal at the base where the circle is and overlapped it slightly over the circle.

Then I drew each petal out. The tip of all the petals went almost all the way to the edge of the canvas.

The petals themselves are wider in the middle and come to a point.

Because that burnt umber is not dry yet, you may end up dragging it with the yellow.

That is okay and actually I purposely let it do that so my yellow would look more like a sunflower yellow.

Each petal is slightly different, none of them are exactly uniform.

Also, I didnt really worry about overlapping at this point. I just painted them as if they were all side by side.

Also remember that the petals on the left will go off the canvas so we dont see the tips. Youll need to just estimate how they would look.

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How To Paint A Sunflower Step By Step

Before you start, find a good sample. It is better to use a real sunflower. Examine it carefully, hold it in your hands and then leave your impression on a sheet of paper. If it is off-season, choose some photos of these sunny plants depicted at different angles and different stages of blossom.

Also, you can use my drawing of a sunflower as an example. You should get a similarly painted sunflower at the end of this lesson:

How To Color With Markers

Now comes the fun part. This is where your sunflower artwork really comes to life. I love how bright and colorful markers are, so thats what Ill be using here. But you can use whatever medium you prefer.

My marker of choice these days is Bic Intensity markers. You can read all about why in our article, Bic Intensity Marker Review Fine Point.

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Learn How To Draw A Sunflower With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial Their Bright Yellow Colors Always Look Amazing Against A Bright Blue Sky

Learning how to draw a flower doesnt mean that you have to have just one centered in the middle of the paper, all by its lonesome. That doesnt make for a very exciting composition.

Take a clue from Van Gogh, who made many lovely arrangements for his famous sunflower paintings. Instead of arranging them in a vase though, encourage students to make their own balanced layout with a simple large, medium and small one. Drawing flowers that peek in from the sides will help create some interesting layouts.

Begin With The Center Of The Sunflower

How to Draw a Sunflower – Easy Pictures to Draw

The first element of the sunflower youll want to start with is the center. Begin by drawing an organic, loose circle about an inch and a half in diameter with a pencil.

Next, draw a smaller circle within the first circle.

Begin adding little circles to represent the seeds in the sunflowers center. I found that a more oblong shape gives the center the look of starburst-like seed structure.

Once the true center of the sunflower is filled with seeds, add some shading to the circle that you drew in the first step.

Add some dashed lines in the outer ring and then shade them with your finger to smudge the graphite!

Add some larger seeds extending to the outermost circle.

Pencil in some of that empty space in the center to create more shadow and depth in the center! Sunflowers have rich, dark centers and the shaded graphite around the seeds gives us that effect.

Next trace over most but not all! of those seeds with your black ink pen.

Add stippling to the areas we previously shaded with pencil. This adds even more dimension to the darker areas!

Then, add some little lines extending out from the border of the larger circle for a little extra detail!

And youve done it! You should take a moment to congratulate yourself because the sunflowers center is the most intricate part of the tutorial. Its all gravy from here!

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Draw A Sunflower Method

  • 1
Step- 1

Basically, all we have to do is draw a circle to start. It will allow us to place the drawing wherever we want it.

Step- 2

Afterward, you just need to draw kind of circles going inwards. I just wanted to show you a representation of where the concentric circles are in terms of spirals.

Step- 3

Then were going to zigzag our way all around the outside.

Step- 4

Lets take a ring and then we need to draw several sunflower seeds arranged in a circular pattern. Its probably best to get them sort of close together, but theres no need to make them perfectly straight. Were going to mess it up a bit at the end, adding bits to it and jumbling components over the top. In the middle, we want them to be smaller, so that the bees pollinate them from the middle. There are a lot of flowery bits and stamens on the outside while in the middle there arent many of them. Almost all of them have dropped and theyve all become darker and harder.

Step- 5

In this section we just wanna keep the thing going and fill in the circles. Youll see a dome-like effect around here, a semi-shaded kind of effect. In addition, on the inside area a bit longer is added just around the bottom to add a bit of curve.

Step- 6

Lets draw the petals now. Lets begin here and create a curve going out like that. It doesnt matter how wavy or straight they are. Finally, draw another one that comes out the opposite way. Then another one going sideways like that

Step- 7
Step- 8
Step- 9
Step- 10
Step- 11

Paint The Background Ultramarine Blue Using A 1/4 Flat Brush

The flat brush really helps to cut in on those petals especially when you turn it on its side to use the straight edge of the tip.

The background was painted in a solid two coats of ultramarine blue. I ended up having to do two coats because the paint I was using was a bit translucent.

To get into some of the tight corners, use that 5/0 round brush or the smallest brush you have.

Wait for the blue to dry if you are going to do the white spiral designs in the background.

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How To Draw Sunflowers

Learning how to draw sunflowers is a pretty simple task. Its only a few minor steps, but just to make sure you know exactly how to do it, Ive broken it down for you even more.

Sunflowers especially are not only easy to draw, but fun to draw as well! Theyre big bright and yellow and they always put a smile on peoples faces. Surely thats because they resemble the sun and who doesnt love a bright sunny day?

Another thing too once you learn how to draw one sunflower, I can almost guarantee youre going to want to draw more. A field full of sunflowers is pretty nice looking site! So, once you get the basic idea down, I recommend drawing a whole bunch over a nice green field!

OK lets get going with the sunflower!

How To Draw A Sunflower Coloring Pages

How to Draw a Sunflower Easy Step by Step

I love flowers, especially happy ones like sunflowers! They are so bright and cheerful, and they remind me of beautiful spring. Thats why today were learning how to draw a sunflower.

Learning how to draw a sunflower for kids is so easy, and so much fun too. Our sketch how to draw a sunflower tutorial includes three pages with detailed steps on how to draw a sunflower step by step with a pencil. So lets get started!

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Third Step Second Layer Of Petals

Its time to give your sunflower a second layer of petals. This layer sits behind the first one and so youll only be able to see the very tips of the petals. This makes drawing the second layer pretty simple!

Just for the sake of comparison, I drew the first petal of the second layer, directly over the drawing. This gives you a better idea of whats going on here.

Try to picture only the very tip of the petal the part that peaks out from between the two petals in the first layer. Thats all youll be doing for each of the other petals of the second layer.

Once youve got the first petal drawn , go ahead and do the same thing all the way around the flower.

When youre finished, itll look really cool a lot more like the sunflower youre trying to create!

Alright almost finished now. All thats left is to add a few minor details to show that this flower is in fact a “sunflower,” and not some other type of flower. And this can be easily done with circles

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