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How To Draw A Skull 3 4 View

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Why Should You Learn To Draw A Skull

How to Draw Skulls: 3/4 View

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One of the biggest advantages to drawing a skull is that youre getting to the bare bones of whats underneath our skin. By studying how the nose looks when its not covered by the epidermis and how the teeth appear without lips, its easier to get an understanding of their proportions as well as how all of these things interact.

Easy Ways To Draw A Skull In Procreate

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a skull from the front, the side, and ¾.

Iâll be guiding you through the whole process step by step.

Understanding how to draw a skull is a vital part of understanding how to draw realistic portraits.

This is because the skull is the framework of the head, and all the features of the face are related to the bones, not the skin and flesh around them.

Hereâs a quick overview of this tutorial.

  • Tools needed
  • How to draw a skull from the front – step by step
  • How to draw a skull from the side – step by step
  • How to draw a skull from a ¾ view – step by step
  • Extra tips

So, without any further delay, letâs jump right into it.

Refine The Fundamental Shapes With Contour Lines

The basic shapes are a good starting point for your sketching, but to make your skull drawing appear realistic, you need to refine your composition with contour lines. Observe the nuances of the skull while following the guidelines that you set. Notice what’s contained above and below the horizontal and vertical lines of the face.;The nasal cavity, for instance, will intersect with the vertical line you drew.

This is the most important stage of your entire drawing. Its worth it to take extra time to really look at the features of the skull. Ask yourself questions along the way. How big is the nose compared to the eye sockets? How many teeth are there? What is the curve of the mouth, and where do the teeth fit into that?

Remember, its a challenge to draw a skull. But if you take the time to observe and to double-check your proportions, youll eventually have an accurate sketch.

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How To Draw A Skull Step By Step

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Step 1 – We are going to start drawing the skull with an oval shape for the upper part of the head and a rounded rectangle for the jaw line.
Step 2 – Draw a vertical line close to the right side and a horizontal line at the lower part of the oval.
Step 3 – Add two circles for the eyes and a rounded triangle for the nose, close to the right eye. Keep drawing the mouth with a horizontal line and a curved line on the left.
Step 4 – You can now start drawing with a marker or a darker pencil, draw the eys and the nose, notice that the eyes are not totally round and the nose looks like an upside down “V” shape.
Step 5 – Draw a small curved line next to the right eye and keep drawing the outline of the skull, then draw a wavy line the same height as the nose on the left side.
Step 6 – Add more details to the skull on the right for the chick, on the nose and next to the eye on the left.
Step 7 – Draw the skull’s jaw shape, notice that lines are not connecting on the right side.
Step 8 – Add the teeth, start with one tooth and follow the guideline we drew before, the shape and size of the teeth doesn’t need to be exactly the same.
Step 9 – Time to add some shading, you can use the pencil softly and put more pressure for the darker parts.
Step 10 – Continue with the shading, now you can make the eyes and nose darker and refine the skull’s features.

      Drawing The Front View

      How to Draw a SKULL (3/4 view)

      The horizontal guidelines for drawing the skull are:

      • The top of the skull
      • The lowest point of the skull oval shape
      • The lowest point of the jaw bone

      To draw the skull from the front, start off by drawing a circle. In the video, youll notice how this circle isnt squished like the oval shape you drew for the side view.

      After drawing the circle, draw some lines going down to indicate where the jaw will be.

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      These Are The Basics Of A Face Seen From A Straight

      When you look at the face, it is generally wider at the top and tapers at the bottom of the chin. These are a few things to keep in mind, with the width of an eye as being a standard for measurement;.

      • You can divide the face into four sections. The eyes are placed on the horizontal axis and the nose constitutes the vertical middle of the face.
      • The space between the eyes is typically the width of one eye.
      • The space between the midline of the eye and the bottom of the nose is a distance of one eye.
      • The entire width of a face is about five eyes wide.

      Stock Photos from pattang/Shutterstock

      Once youre ready to begin drawing, find a source photo for a skull. Another alternative is to buy a replica skull and sketch from that to improve your direct observation skills.

      Solution: Draw A Skull From Three Views

      – So I wanted to share with you some of my solution drawings for drawing the skull. So from the frontal view, I worked up this skull drawing. I noticed the high points from the sides, from the top, from the bottom. Worked into the angle of the eye sockets and the nasal aperture, and really tried to focus on the three-dimensional structure of the skull. And I really encourage you to keep that in mind as you’re working with it. So playing with, also, some of the negative shapes around it, you could even draw what it’s resting on, the table it’s resting on. If you happen to have your own skull to work with, or some of the images that we’ll be providing you, you might try to work into some of the background to give it a little bit more weight. So the frontal view is super useful, and this is my version of it. The 3/4 view, remember that the 3/4 view, we’re also looking for some of the high points of

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      Drawing The Curve Of The Cranium

      In this step were simply marking the location and curve of the lower part of the cranium. Although it might be hidden by long hair or a tall collar, we draw it anyway, to help us build the shape of the head before drawing the features on top.

      Just imagine that the head is transparent, in the meantime.

      Later on, we will connect the neck muscles to this part of the skull, so knowing where it is will be very helpful.

      Reasons For Skull Drawing

      How to Draw Skull – For Artists 3/4 view

      For many reasons, human skull drawings and skull sketches have been the muse for many artists. It might seem strange to you, but the skull holds much symbolism and attracts those that least expect it. It can teach you a lot about shading, where you can create contours and contrast without drawing actual lines. By the time you have completed your work, you will deeply appreciate the subject matter for the amount of time your eyes have looked over its surface for any missing details.

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      How To Draw A Skull Filled With Beautiful Patterns

      In this unique tutorial, I will show you how to draw a skull filled with depth and volume using only solid shapes filled with plain colors. Indeed, unlike other similar tutorials from the site , all effects are created from three different grey colors added in various solid shapes. The result is quite unique and visually appealing. Ready? Let’s see how we can create the skull below using this simple technique.

      step 1 – drawing a few basic shapes to get started

      Before sketching the final lines for this cartoon illustration, it can be a good idea to sketch a few basic shapes to help us locate the subject inside the working space. You can use a different color for the outlines to separate these elements from lines to come.

      First, draw a large circle to form the head of the cartoon skull. Then, draw two more circles to illustrate the holes near the eyes. A single oval shape is used for the nose. The jaw is created from a rectangle and a circle while the cheeks are made from tiny squares.

      step 2 – Let’s draw our skull!

      Using mostly long and short curved lines, it’s now time to draw this basic skull. Pay close attention to the particular shape of the nose, the irregular lines used to represent the cheeks and the numerous lines added to create all teeth. Once you are comfortable with your drawing, you can erase all blue shapes created in the previous step. Lines added here were colored in orange , but they should be black.

      step 3 – adding colors inside the nose and eye holes.

      How To Draw A Face From The Front

      We’ll first discuss Loomis’ approach, which is more complex, but more accurate. If you find that this approach is a bit difficult for you, you can skip to the simpler approach further down the page. Remember, either way, the goal is to create a convincing drawing of a face so either approach you take is fine.

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      Before You Begin Drawing:

      I would suggest getting a model or drawing a self-portrait looking in a mirror. Its always easier to draw accurately from life, rather than from your memory or imagination.

      Analyze the head and choose a viewing angle. Fix your paper to a drawing board and get your pencil sharpenedyoure now ready to begin.

      Its All About The Skull

      Drawing The Skull In A 3/4 Angle

      The skull provides the framework of the head and face, and when looking at a persons face we can clearly see the skulls influence everywhere, from the forehead, the temple and the brow ridge down to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the jaw. If you want to draw the figure realistically, youll want to develop a sound understanding of the most important aspects of the skull.

      Illustration 1; shows front and side views of the skull with dots indicating important points. A few of the most important are :

      • The highest point of the head
      • The brow ridge
      • The orbits
      • The angle of the jawbone
      • The point of the chin

      You can use these points as anchors to help construct the head. Memorize where they are located on the skull, and then look for them when drawing from a real person. You can make a light indication of these points on your drawing or just make a mental note of them. Either way, having these points properly in place will give your drawing a solid foundation.

      Illustration 1: The Skull

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      Clean Up Your Drawing

      When youre done with the shading, now is the time to look over your work. How does your drawing compare to the source image? Are there areas that need to be redrawn? If so, thats okit happens to everyone, even professionals.

      Once youre happy with your drawing, erase any stray marks or smudges. Youre officially done!

      Stock Photos from Eric Jennings/Shutterstock

      Were rarely looking straight ahead in pictures, so its beneficial to learn how to draw a skull from a three-quarters point of view.

      The process of drawing a skull from an off-center view is the same as if you were sketching it straight-on. The main thing youll want to observe, however, is foreshortening thats taking place. The eye that is closest to the viewer will appear larger than the other, and the nose will obscure part of the eye thats farther away from you.

      To make sure these proportions look right, be sure to establish the guiding lines before you place where the eye sockets and nose cavities are. They will be drawn at an angle, but as long as you follow those lines, you will be able to render it from an off-center view.

      The Human Skull: Weve All Got One

      Skulls are the original memento mori and have been used as decor for thousands of years. However, it can be difficult to illustrate them well without some research. Learn about the basic anatomy of the human head by starting with a reference photo and an outline. Once you have the proportions down, you can decide how cartoonish or natural you want your skull to look. Develop your own style and then take on any type of skull tough-looking skull and crossbones, spooky Halloween decorations, colorful sugar skulls for Day of the Dead, and more.

      The skulls perfect combination of simple and complex geometric shapes can teach useful lessons about illustration and the human form. With practice, youll understand how each shape and line relates to the next. One of my favorite things about skulls is you get to see how everything flows into one another, says illustrator Lucas Elliott. You have the eye sockets, then the ridge where the eyebrows rest, and then you have your temple, which curtsies right into the cheekbones.

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    • BeverlyPosted May 17, 2009 at 4:01 pm

      Great idea to show skull & line drawing comparisonI found this useful in understanding the underlying form & volumes.

    • BeverlyPosted June 1, 2009 at 3:13 am

      OK, this is extremely clear and direct. I read the tutorial and then I sketched and took notes from the tutorial in my sketch book, this helped a great deal as it confirmed areas I did or did not understand.Next I invented angles to confirm the knowledge. Stan, you did great, the tutorial brought me furthest along than any other reading of this subject to date. Your skill and clarity in communicating this is exceptional.

    • Posted August 5, 2009 at 12:30 pm

      Wow bev, thanks for the warm compliments.

      I like how you took notes and then actually applied the information. Very important to retain what youve learned.

    • RochellePosted September 12, 2009 at 3:23 am

      Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have many drawing books, including those by Loomis, but none of them explained a clear method for drawing the head at various angles. Without this tutorial I would still be struggling so thanks again for the explanation.

    • tharindu sampathPosted September 20, 2009 at 10:06 pm

      nice work

    • Posted October 13, 2009 at 9:29 am

      I agree with Rochelle ideas,although reading many books which has no assistance to me.

      Your explaination is very concise and easy to learn.

      Good jobs.

    • Posted October 13, 2009 at 10:12 am

      Thanks guys! Keep studying those Loomis books though. Theyre filled with great information.

    • What You Will Need For Your Human Skull Drawing

      How to Draw the SKULL (3/4 view): TIME-LAPSE

      Depending on whether you are painting, drawing, or working on a graphics tablet, the tools you will need for your skull drawing may differ. This tutorial will focus on using pencils and paper/canvas, although all instructions can be translated to be used with a graphics drawing tablet as well. You will require the following:

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      Dividing The Face Into Three Parts

      The next step requires some knowledge of the universal proportion of the faceall adult faces can be divided into three equal parts:

      From the hair line to the eyebrow line From the eyebrow line to the base of the nose From the base of the nose to the bottom of the chin.

      Observe on the model where the hair line is and mark this line on the drawing. Divide the distance from that line to the bottom of the head into three equal parts by eye or using a pencil as a measuring stick.

      Do this as accurate as you canprecise location of these three lines will help you to place each facial feature correctly.

      As you may notice, if the models head is at the same level as yours, each of those lines will be exactly horizontal. When the models head is located higher than yours, those lines will curve upward. The opposite is also truethose lines will curve downward when a models head is located lower. The curvature depends on your viewing angle.

      To keep things simple for this exercise, try to draw your portrait at eye-level so the lines are all exactly horizontal.

      How To Draw The Skull: The Oval

      There are several different methods you can use to draw the skull, but this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn. Itll also give you a pretty accurate base to start from in your drawing.

      Begin drawing the skull by sketching an oval shape for the head. This will represent the cranium. The oval shape will help us draw a more accurate skull, because it is not perfectly round, it is a little squished.

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      Improve Your Drawing Skills

      The major advantage here is that you will be getting a better understanding of how the body looks and works beneath that which is visible our skin. You will see how the bones of your nose look in relation to your eye sockets, or your teeth when they are not being covered by your lips.

      Being able to visualize the proportions of these elements and how they interact will improve your skills as an artist.

      Without the knowledge of our anatomical foundations, you will find it very difficult to create a human face or head realistically. By learning how to draw a skull, not only will you find the act of sketching any part of the human face much easier, but the overall look of your art will also improve.

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